Religious & Bank Frauds 2000 yrs coins & Jesus were ASSES WW1&2, SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL, UK/G8 Govt NHS HRH Hitler ROTHSCHILD David Murray FASCIST War Dead & Jesus the DONKEY

WW1 War Dead Postcards Home Durham Light Infantry & British Museum Jesus the ASSES Piso BIBLE FRAUD Baron Rothschild Zebra Wild Ass ALL WARS Genocides Holocaust NHS Borders Borders Council DONKEYS.JPG

2000yr Religious Bank Frauds and the ASSES WW1&2, SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL, UK/G8 Govt NHS HRH Hitler ROTHSCHILD Murray FASCIST War Dead & Jesus the DONKEY Joke.  CLICK ON THE YOU TUBE VIDEO BELOW (and the Full CENSORED You Tube DESCRIPTOR is below the video.

2000 Yrs old THE WORLDS BIGGEST SECRETS and all the War Holocaust DEAD JOKES JESUS& PISO coinage are THE ASSES

In the PISO BIBLE story the ASS  is JESUS.  In the mint in Rome that they(the PISO FRUGI cousins)  run it is THE COINS they  issue .  THE WILD ASS for the ARRIAN ELITES that own the world is the ZEBRA.  For the ROTHSCHILDS who fund all wars all sides at massive rates of interest & now with around 5000 elite families they own the issuance of money to EVERY GOVT on the globe through the central banks that they use NATOs armies to conquer.   Because I know all these secrets THE SCOTTISH GOVT & THE SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL (every vehicle they run including the massive truck PARKED outside my house at 8am the morning I edit this video IS ROTHSCHILD YELLOW) are sectioning me.  That is the BORDERS COUNCIL that have DONKEYS/ASSES in the field across the road which is opposite DAvid Murrays' golf course (which used to be a seminary for the  church of Rome) .  The story I am about to tell re the WW1 & WW2 jokes is the same THE ROTHSCHILDS plant their first family members into GOVT and the 2nd Baron Rothschild is a NATURALIST who gets towed through TRING (where I was married) by 2-4 WILD ASSESS (ZEBRAS).  Hitler (son of Alois) was the Rothschilds cousin and all the war dead before they die get to laugh at the BIG BLACK FASCIST Bull ripping the pyjamas off the ZEBRA and being shown its ASS for sex JUST BEFORE THEY BECOME THE WAR DEAD poppy joke (poppea was NEROS wife).  So two yellow trucks and a tractor outside as the working men celebrate their 7 yr pay freeze.   SO my Email with the TITLE WAR CRIMES Joke is blocked (but John Paterson confirmed receipt).  The WW1 Postcard was appended and on my web site the councillors who are the leaders of NHS BORDERS are sectioning me to keep the vicious war dead jokes secret.  Every week the N power subsiduaries send me a threat to shut down my energy AGAIN (as if the could they shut it months ago in high summary).  I go to 3-4 different denominations every Sunday but none of those worshipers will initial my letters from the SECTIONING team on their massive frauds against the patients which they confessed to in 2011 when my wife first tried to section me WITH Dr FINGLAND the copper turned medic.  So the email went to Church of Scotland, Catholic Mental Health experts, Jehovahs X2,  Episcoplian (former Cleric).  ANYWAY back to the MINT IN ROME. Run by Lucius Calpurnius Piso-Frugi.  His coins are beaten out in strips of 3 asses at a time. That is the MINT in Rome 90 years before the same families launch "JESUS" (who is still the ASS for the inner circle who can read & write in Latin and Greek).    Even though HEROD was in the false bible team (Arius Calpurnius Piso Great Granpa) the manipulation of JEWISH Christian hatred then becomes Holocausts all through human history.

 I pick some vicious political war crimes I then show the pics of  the MITFORD sisters from Redesdale , Mrs Simpson the Abdicated King all friends & admirers of Hitler; the massive fascist rallies at Earl's court London, all the Max Clifford F1 Fascist orgies which are co-incident with the LEVESON.  Guy Couper the social worker uniquely follows my case closely....he knows Jed Sheriff court have imposed the transfer of my frozen assetts into Ms Patricia's accounts, shut down my energy, issued the warrants. Then we get to the WW1 postcards JOKE from the DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY Museum  which I visited as an Hon Prof at Durham University.  THE POSTCARD laughs at the dysentry, the need for clean underpants, being able to tick boxes AFTER DEATH or burial.  That is WW1 with the GERMAN cousins running both sides, as Saxe Coburgs or Windsors....My exposure of Halletts work on the Royals ROTHSCHILD Batards for 163 yrs, The links to Teviotdale  & blind Prince George of Cumbria who wed Victoria as a teenager were in my letter to HRH in July and in return I get the death threat by NHS personnel.  We touch on Mosely (who run Burkes peerage up to 2014), the war office,  MARRIED to the REDESDALES/Mitfords.  Then we show the BORDERS COUNCIL LOGO (only 1 lorry outside now),  the Ian Fingland invasion of his privacy THAT IS MY LIFELONG SECTIONING for covering these massive secrets....THE VIDEO on his invasion of my home had over 1000 visits NOW CENSORED as an invasion of finglands and Basil Swizers (now fled the country within 5 days) PRIVACY.  THEN the PICS of the whole JOKE....DONKEYS in the FIELD opposite the BORDERS COUNCIL BUILDING & David Murrays Golf Course, The BofEngland Private owners, HRH, Chipping Norton, Council Debt, Murdoch's Free Press. TRACY LOGAN the head of the  BORDERS COUNCIL boss all the execs get pay rises but all the workers have their pay frozen for seven yrs until las yr when my campaign got them 1%.  Cameron gives the orders from Chipping NORTON (Rebekah Brooks has joined me on LINKEDIN)....There are no Photos of KIRI HYSLOP at HOMELESSNESS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BORDERS COUNCIL.....who wrote many letters like Guy Couper now dose.  The ABBOTSFORD TRUST and Rabbie Burns clubs are MILLIONS in profit but all the COUNCILS Globally are in the DEBT POOL.  That is Alisdair Hutton, Lord Sanderson of Bowden, links to busted banks Abbotsford in Gala (the Walter Scott cull the returning troops), the PPP infrastructure scams & DIERDRE HUTTON running the HEALTH BOARD before she became QUEEN OF THE QUANGOS in England.   So all they do is bust society, the political structures they are paid to render effete and be SLAVES TO THE TYRANNICAL WORLD OWNERS for 2000yrs.   I have just cancelled my appointment with Dr Oostven the new shrink & NHS Borders have conceded that BASIL SWITZER has left the PAYROLL and have learned about the POLYPHARMACY fraud I reported in 2011 and is now COMMON KNOWLEDGE to hundreds of GLOBAL citizens…..NONE of the GIRLS in ADMIN would GIVE their name but THEY HAVE HEARD of Professor George Lees but neither the junior or senior ADMINISTRATOR would reveal the context or THEIR SURNAMES.  They both agreed to relay my thanks to Guy Couper MSc for conceding that Jed Sheriff Court have imposed my (circa £50K savings) ASSETT freeze and the shutting down of my ENERGY.  THAT is THE CROWN OFFICE in Jedburgh (and Ms Thom former Council lawyer who has been OFFSHORE for over 2 weeks) and I have explained to the ANON NHs admin team that that case is my first priority on behalf of my kids and THEIR heritable assets AS IS MEETING my MPs to effect the DEFAMATION of treason Fraud team UK and the local persecution experts.  The YELLOW trucks have all disappeared and they were repairing the drive for the Church of Scotland IT man who had all the KIRKs gear stolen at XMAS (that news was in the local paper when the disgraced Susan Windram was still the editor BEFORE I exposed her links to the Prince and the THOMS of Melrose Gala & Darnick VERY NEAR THE ASYLUM).

Anyway back to Ms Thoms former colleague KIri Hislop…HOMELESSNESS DOMESTIC Violence who I was refered to by Ms Thom’s (STILL A DIRECTOR) citizens advice bureau (when I had booked a meeting 1 month ahead on how to defend myself in Hawick).  She has no photos but Ian HISLOP of “Have I got some hilarious false news for you” was ONE OF THE FIRST to leave my lobbying mailing list WITH SANDY MORRIS the self-confessed drug prescribing profiteer in 2011 with ALL THE KELSO & UK practices. Ms Thom is now worth £800K (for breaking innocent marriages up) but is out of the country for over two weeks SINCE I was SECTIONED behind locked doors.     Peter Marks was the man who crashed the Anglo Irish & Coop banks, COuncillor Hutton runs Las Vegas Millitary Tatoo, Walter Scott Club, SRU & is the Church of Scotland Charity scams, XMAS charities, food bank & remembrance Sunday Islam demonization speeches.

BUT BACK to the WAR which you must not talk about since the MITFORD SISTERS of REDESDALEwere revealed as friends of the NAZIS & the demonization of the JEWS, Mrs Simpson, Oswald Mosely’s wifes and profiteering in the war office.

THEN THE 2nd Baron Rothschild first MP for Aylesbury ZEBRA /ASSES Jokes….Chaim Weissman, the Partitioning of Palestine….and the rugby club I played for next to the Hosptial where Saville gets his paedophile victims.  Woodrow Wilsons’ coercion became the demonise German Goods Anti-semitic AMERICAN hatred by appointing 2 jews to the supreme court in the USA.  The post card from the Millitary War Museums are an intellectual for profit speaking GIGS all over the country.  1937: the TRING Rothschild being pulled by JESUS the wild assess pulling the Baron Rothschild’s chariot.  World of Truth Episode 3 can no longer be opened.  Greg Hallett’s episode that covers the BASTARD Children of the Rothschilds and Lionel Nathan ROTHSCHILD sired Hitlers GRANPA & HITLER  was a first cousin of the ROTHSCHILDS.  Hallett’s citations are only on my website now: the murder of Gelli Rabal, the Black Bull Shagging the ASSESS once the zebras pyjamas are off and the SEXUAL ASS is in the air….ARSE FUCKING as Greg Hallett describes it AS A KIWI born & raised.  2nd Baron roth the naturalist was murdered by the powers that run all wars. THE PEERESS joke is the up the ASS Public schoolboy habits that still blight the world and allow Saville’s activities to cover up the pan continental genocides.

THE POSTCARDS from the trenches are SHAMEFUL but we finish with LILLY ALLEN (deformed Kids) singing  the AIR BALOON get up to heaven in our ZEPELLINS made in BEDFORD where Glen Miller, bing Crosby et al run the war bonds scandals.  Lilly Allen is like Mary Magdelene in the PISO BIBLE & she sleeps in the Wet Patch and Gives head to her partners & UNDERSTANDS how jesus on the cross never quite made it back home to heaven…..ALL OF THE VIDEO is the PISO BIBLE joke but I dare not play the music incase I upset any CLERICS that were on the CENSORED email list.  Jesus circulates the sinful earth NAILED to his cross and maybe feeling homesick like I was in NZ.  Sheryl Crow (Mastectomy victim) sings about the humans going to heaven by air balloon and the masons help her sing SUN (god) comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard music.   Then the Mik De Fish IRISH sectarian exposures.  The cluny Abbey Cross Keys Icon being the Scottish SNP SALTIRE FLAG ….the Joke about the Non Existent St Andrew Joke which 19 country’s are now the victims of.  

Irish Troubles IRA HRH McGuiness Gerry Adams Peter WilliamsQC PISOBible Life of Pi Paisley Ch Norton £Bn Bank Energy Sec Fraud Cluny Scot Flag X Keys Sorrell Cluny Abbey Ashdown Gordon Brown Braveheart.JPG

Lydia is near tel aviv and that is St George & the dragon venue but I know a Lydia who is very RELIGIOUS who refused to witness the 2011 Healthcare frauds that are getting me SECTIONED on behalf of the World owners who operate out of CHIPPING NORTON where my wife took me to see the ROLLRIGHT FASCIST Stones on one of our first dates (when I met the BAKER St Dentist her Bro & employer Dr Stephen “Andrew” Hancocks OBE).  The PISO jokes are relentless & lead to all the Windsor Piso Bush FDR bloodline stories….in the INNER CIRCLE of those who can read & Write in Greek & Latin…. This bizarrely takes into Thurn & Taxi, Robin Lane Fox (and his interests in Classical Greek Roman Literature AND FRS (the Royal Society Classicist & GARDEN Jewish Cemetery SHRUBBERY jokes by the MONTY PYTHON TEAM).  I will close with the SHOCKING revelation that John Major’s hyphenated grandparents LAUNCHED the GARDEN GNOMES Masonic jokes about the GARDEN GNOMES which becomes THE HOLY F’in GRAIL & the Goblins on every church roof.  Lane Fox is the GARDENING CORRESPONDENT in THE FINANCIAL TIMES.  & advisor to Oliver Stone in the making the ALENDER EPIC ot of Hollywood ….that is the launch of the PISO WINDSOR Bloodlines & Churchill’s Vsign that creates a laugh for warmongers through all of biological time THAT IS LAGOS the rabbit of Alexander’s MACEDONIA & Churchills Vsign THE RABBIT EARS Winnie the pooh JOKE.  Allout of the no bombing war graves/shrubbery jokes that are graveyards and every country on the globe’s central banks STOLEN BY THE ARSE FUCKERS IN THE PINSTRIPE SUIT…….the dangerous game that ETON JOHN sings about with Elizabeth Taylor (who rode the PI) & he buries the Princesses and the President’s lovers.