Pleading with the Royal Household Feb 2013

I am told by Her Majesty's aides that I am now directly in touch (I have shared the contents of this website: see correspondence below) with Queen Elizabeth II .
On 31st January I wrote to the Queen on the issue of 
THREATS TO THE GLOBAL ECONOMY, WORLD-PEACE AND EVERYTHING WE HAVE TAKEN FOR GRANTED FOR 60 glorious Years (full text below). Unfortunately her Majesty thinks I should correspond with the Prime Minister.  In modern constitutional monarchies it is really difficult to discern who actually holds the power base as HEAD of STATE.  I know that the British Prime Minister meets her Majesty the Queen weekly (and that recently she was invited to a Cabinet meeting as a historic first).  One can only assume that the queen is unaware of the criminality in Government, on an unprecedented scale, that this website exposes.  The Queen would prefer to stay in her Traditional role of being an iconic figurehead for a once Great Britain without direct involvement in the governance of the country (which logically should be in the hands of elected representatives who work for their constituents and the welfare of the country as a whole).  I correspond regularly with the Papacy (change imminent), the White House (who have not up to this point articulated their stance to me) but I now know that Buckingham Palace have access to the facts.  When it sinks in that all the Prime Ministers and Presidents in 60 years have been implicated in the chaotic profiteering that now threatens the whole globe then one hopes that Her Majesty will awaken from her dignified and Regal slumber.  She ,but first her aides who have the URL for this site, needs to see the risks in leaving the leadership to hopelessly corrupted war criminals who run the G8 and sit on the UN Security Council (and meet her weekly over 60 years of peace but only in the refugee ridden UK) her Commonwealth and the Developing World can have what so many died for in two needless World Wars.  The Queen has the "Street Cred" , the respect and the contacts to ensure that Governments work for their citizens and their countries NOT FOR THEMSELVES, The POWER or THE CASH.

My Letter:

                                                                                                Professor George Lees

                                                                                                40 Pinnaclehill Park




31st January 2013


Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA  

Topic: THREATS TO THE GLOBAL ECONOMY, WORLD-PEACE AND EVERYTHING WE HAVE TAKEN FOR GRANTED FOR 60 glorious Years (making it safe to live in your home country all around “the peace-loving world”).

Dear Queen Elizabeth,

I am an unemployed University Professor (a loyal citizen of the UK and a returning resident with 6 years Academic Service in New Zealand).  Every move I have made in my career has been in pursuit of funding for research.  Since I returned from exile to the UK in Dec 2009, I now recognize that it is much more important to understand the threats to civilization and funding for Global Society.  For two years I have probed the causes of the global economic collapse and I now understand it completely. I want you to grasp and absorb the risks to your Realm, your Commonwealth and, most of all, our helpless International neighbours everywhere.

As one might expect, it is very difficult to express this in a letter.  I have prompted the UK Cabinet and the Prime Minister to grasp these issues and to engage you, indirectly, in seeking insight and affecting a solution but to no avail.  I have been lobbying world leaders, national politicians (along with THEIR media) all over the Globe and educated citizens everywhere to take on these URGENT issues. I send Emails/open letters to 500 people at a time for my own safety.  The economic collapse is no accident it has been engineered by G8 politicians and banking- , audit- and financial-services personnel who will take lives without hesitation to hide their shame and escalate their obscenely greedy (internally regulated) personal income streams.

The governance of the world is now hopelessly corrupted (on a Babylonian scale) and the gods are venting their biblical anger with wild-fires, quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis and floods wherever the human condition prevails over 7Bn innocents).  The greed and UN-/NATO- sponsored violence is threatening the reputation of your REALM and your 60 year reign (near the end of a blessed period where UK citizens have lived safely, prosperously and in their own homes without fear for their lives).  During all of those 60 years the G8 and NATO have brutalized all of the developing world and now this is escalating alarmingly in Africa and the Middle East.  I know you can command the attention and respect of all world leaders and Monarchs: PLEASE PLEASE tell your aides to take you (and your grandchildren) to a computer and onto my website. I have built up my knowledge base on International corruption, unjustified wars (ALL WARS) peaking under the Bush/Blair regimes (but bubbling ever so close to the turbulent surface always) following 3 years of intensive research (unremunerated: with no conflicts of interest).  My website reveals how International violence, corporate- and monetary-/economic- crimes have emptied national coffers everywhere.  Politicians, monetary institutions, global corporate leaders and the privately owned global media are just doing what their PEERS and forebears have been schooled-in since the beginning of biological time- 1945 (when the war to end all wars ended unsuccessfully). Since the turn of the millennium our G8 leadership teams can only be described as evil and tyrannical.   My website can be absorbed in about 2 hours.  It is essential to tell this story without recourse to jargon or technical mumbo jumbo.  The NEW MONEY men in the city of London (and stock markets all around the world) with the Banking gurus and traditional greedy politicians are robbing taxpayers blind.  The Banking sector is now akin to the mafia (with assassinations being conducted in the sector if a whistleblower tries to do the decent thing).  Some of the brave whistleblowers I work with (who have served courageously in Britain’s Army and Navy) have had to flee from England for their own safety.  In contrast, CEOs, current and former politicians, (party)PEERS and bankers are paid obscene salaries to retain the right to steal from the world for personal gain (under the title of diplomat, media leader, trust, IMF, ECB, BofE) and send innocent kids to their deaths in uniforms (to keep the attention off their economic, corporate and NATO/UN sponsored war crimes).

My concerns are not for your reputation as a ruling dynasty or for the UK alone.  Greedy, Violent Imperialist Nations have always failed to make that one simple step to global civilization (and I believe that some male members of your family may have interests in another kind of  New World Order with fewer “thinking commoners” and with an ancient goal: to keep the democratic world in chaos and let tyranny/wealth-divide prevail).   I know you have a conscience, revel in hard work for your people, and are surrounded by expert advisors who are just doing what their peers have done since the New World came under our Jurisdiction, our Religious Missions and the rule of our Laws.  My website can be found here   

PLEASE INSIST ON READING IT YOURSELF…..and please get in touch personally (do not rely entirely on the ambitious, expert advisors, for all of our sakes).  Like you, I enjoy country sports (and have set aside my scientific career which is unimportant in this time of crisis) and just being able to wander this beautiful country that you/we have created over 60 years.  Don’t let those thugs in the New Money sector take away everything that you have worked for and enjoyed/shared with your people throughout all of those 60 years.

I am making this plea to the Head of State in the UK, God’s representative in England and highly respected and INFLUENTIAL Global Icon but I hope to tap your decency, maternal instincts and concern for ALL our children’s welfare GLOBALLY.

I have the honesty (and the facts) to be, Madam, Your Majesty’s peoples’ informed and determined servant.  When I have you aware, on our “side” and working hard for your people the world can be united peacefully and prosperously before 2013 ends.  If not, then we are in the hands of the gods themselves. They have watched the evolution of the human condition, the suppression, mass slaughter and execution of their representatives (and worshippers across every denomination or religion/sect) on earth and have long PEER-reviewed the mortal belief that crucifixion, firing squad (or hanging drawing and quartering) is a sacrifice made by gods representatives on earth to save human souls and provide access to eternal life in heaven (without any human efforts or good work).  You have the power and the heart to remove anger (from the worlds that both mortals and gods oversee) and to work towards a better future.  I earnestly want to work with you to secure that happy ending and ensure that all 7Bn International neighbours get a fair share of the love and the commons’ WEALTH that Imperialist superpowers COVET so much (everywhere they go).  Most of all, I want you (as head of state) to provide access to safety in everybody’s “own country “ all around the persecuted globe (and to let all those refugees return home wherever they fled from).  It is much more difficult to know what the gods want but I firmly believe that the Sun would never set on a United-, Peaceful-, Democratic-World like this (and it is well within your grasp)!



 Professor George Lees (please confirm receipt

Her Royal Highnesses Reply from a well meaning and courteous Aide Below:

ALL The DANGERS of Corresponding with Prime Ministers (which I did on Dec 15th 2012 to his Whitney Office) are highlighted here Writing to reach Queen Elizabeth IIbut at least POPE BENEDICT has a conscience ( he has released his butler from jail for just being a loyal aide and wants to make his last few years of honest writing count).

The Dangers of the Monarchy passing all its executive decisions to aides and expert advisors are illustrated in the file below (it was written in the middle of Queen Elizabeth's glorious reign) and shows the reputational damage that might result from just passing the power base to PMs and ambitious elite family members who take a strategic interest in Assassinating Heads of State who might just become an honest threat to what the corrupted Globalised World has become. 

The File BELOW is over 30 years old (and 160 pages long)  but it explains how President JF Kennedy was assassinated by a company called Permindex (with very strong links to Winston Churchill, Lord Beaverbrook, and European Elites). The allegations that British Aristorcrats, Banking Elites and Prime Ministers work for financial gain ruthlessly needs to be addressed before the World can be civilised and peaceful (it cannot be delegated to Stewards/Politicians/Presidents or Monarchs who are prepared to kill, assassinate and commit state-sponsored genocide). The Queen's staff have acknowledged that they dont see a role for the Queen in fixing this. I believe it is an imperative that she intervenes and that it is well within HRH's scope to turn this around and shame the current leaders for continuing what PEER pressure has created over the centuries.

Centuries of Chaotic Leadership for Profit can be stopped in its tracks by GOOD KINGS and QUEENS who take a deep interest in

 what their politicians (and expert advisors) are doing (and why).

DopeInc2: Leading a world of Drug/Alcohol induced Chaos, Assassination and Violence