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As I tried to make it Jedburgh Sheriff Court sent a team of 5 WITH A WARRANT to break into my home (AND CUT OFF MY ENERGY SUPPLY) . 2 of them were coppers from DUNS 4 hours of my day wasted and £15 of electricity left. 4 days on from the amicable settlement that all our 5 figure savings would be shared.  DECISION ALSO RELEASED BY JED SHERIFF Court LIKE THE WARRANT the day I wrote to the queen & Jed Sheriff Court).

SO who runs the MINT IN ROME (which has 1 million people even before they faked the Jesus story). I discovered the link through searching for the ARRIAN master race and I found GREYHOUNDS that used to sit on the mantlepiece of all the indentured labour (Hiring fair 1 yr contract).....So I find Lucius Calpurnius Piso Frugi through the links to the Townley Collection at THE BRITISH MUSEUM.   Piso Frugi just happens to be the busy bee boss at Rome's mint.....I now understand the BRASS NECK phrase. Note he was the boss first century BC...coins were hand made with a hammer and there were many poor brass coins and fewer silver gold products were required for the 1M people.  (I have an allowance of £25 on my new meter BUT HAVE NO DEVICE TO PAY IT YET).  The BRONZE coins for the poor are ASSES (The Jesus joke on palm Sunday).  Frugi was tracked back to ART TREASURES IN the British MUSEUM and the icon on one side is the KELPIE/the Dragon in the Lake/LOCH NESS monster joke.  They are two cautious to release the picture on the other side of the coin 100BC to Bethlehem?   The ASS for the elites is the ROTHSCHILD ZEBRA....the black bull joke that all the WW1 victims shared as they were led to their squalid DEATHS.  So The Irish Wolfhound TIMES & the WALLY DUGS.....is a joke about HARE COURSING and the HARE WITH THE AMBER EYES is a novel about the HOLOCAUST of the POOR JEWISH in WW1. See Warner Bros from Krasnosielc near Treblinka videos.  So this is the ARTY FARTY Arrian master races' joke that and the VATICAN and the ELITE HUBS IN ITALY for the Antonine NERVA offshoot that launches Marcus Aurelius  into EMPIRE and Cluny Paisley Ireland then the YMCA http://www.irishwolfhoundtimes.com/arrian.htm  The links to Hamilton Rudolph Hess are in that classy link....FRUGI the new keyword (is Tutsi Frutsi for the Maarks Bros & Ali G laughs at the dogs in many his videos even in his bed).  I speculate on re-incarnation elites as Horses and the poor are cats and dugs....the Ducks are not talked about by the Duke of Roxburgh either. The BORDER control plots are in the papers.  So do you see the diaspora, pilgrimage quest for the promised land, is the HARE coursing joke through all false biblical text. Even public schoolboys have donkeys tails and ears and they are the victims of the super elites whos statues are now in the British museum.....The Villa Appia, APPS jokes and the adoption of working animals who get old and the POOR who used to have them on the matelpiece AT THEIR EXPENSE.  The DONKEYS for the Borders are next to Daid Murray (legless profiteer from the poor Rangers-Aberdeen Assett management) golf course THAT IS THE ASSESS that follow and fundraise for @JESUS and run the culls of the pagans everywhere. LUCIUS MEANS LOOK RIGHT and FRUGI IS FRUGAL or in LATIN THRIFTY.  That explains every central bank on our globe now.  The other translations SPANISH mean Flat, SOUL FLOORING (the Duke of Roxburgh  Guy JESUS KER lives at FLOORS). EARTH, Global terrestrial, STORY, Historia, Novela, Deck Deck Chairs (Galipolli/Crimean storiries about Dukes in Britain and Germany).   So THE BIBLE AND THE KORAN ARE WRITTEN BY THE SAME FAMILES that were the Emperors, Popes, Media Men (MAGNUSSONS come in later) SENATORS, Kings, PMs, Patersons.  and BANKSTERS through biological time.  Other translations are PIKE (predators) & LUPUS and that becomes medical conditions.  So the zebra is in the PISO & ROTHSCHILD menagerie and all the upper ranks are in the Hannah Barbera/Warner brother cartoon jokes about all our war dead with their ribs showing in the death camps. Then after WW2 & the Hess Hamilton links we get ISRAE and Shimon Perez whos family are art treasures launderers globally THE COW IN PALESTINE BEING WORTH MORE THAN ALL THE JEWS.  & the Scribd web site is on my Timeline of history on the web site that Jed Sheriff Court lodged as evidence of my bad behaviours in" my HOUSE".  The treason familicides, murders and perpetual wars are the only truth in the gladiator film.   The Colonists are laughed at Frugi & Matilda, Faust and Scipio the General becomes SKIPPY THE BUSH KANGAROO.  Marcus Aurelius (played by HARRIS the covers for Nuremburg) is a Joke about King Arthur (written by popes), Christianity in Paris (hunchback), & the Dream that was ROME & CHRISTIANITY.  So this fills in the gap between the defections from NAPLES in 140 BC & the NERVA ANTONINE DYNASTY builds the wall in Scotland right along ms Jean Brodies' fascist Almond Valley where one of the EVICTION men came from.  Camerinus is in the plot predictably and that becomes the PM and the Camerons of Lochiel in Scottish legend.The Christians also go East to Constantinople (Joke about Emperor Constantine who begins to condone CHRISTIANS & Crucify the SLAVES & THE JEWS.  The Patersons in the Judiciary and my videos are in the PISO-NERVA family tree.   Titus and HADRIAN (Arian in it) & the whole fraud writes the ISLAM story and launches the Five Arrows out of these massive projects that become the UN, NATO, ISLAM, the Louvre, the G20 Capitals GLOBAL Government, Counclils POLICING and my job to reveal it is nearly done . Eventually I find Frugi Camerinus and the HSBC links.  The governmental & ENERGY company PAN EUROPEAN GOVERNMENT FRAUDS are massive.   The Clause Moser stats tell us inflation is 1%  but the energy bills rise 40% year on year & even Ms Thom  admires me for confronting one of her most expensive family commitments. 

But back to GORDIAN the contender for child emperor.  (like King James I & VI of ENGLISH speaking BIBLE FAME sectarian, covenanter Irish Wars).  So in both cases the corrupted advisors who likely executed the last incumbent get to take over again (and several contenders in the British history get their heads lopped of in DIVORCE to take over as head of the church & the CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY in your country. The regimes are full of for profit traitors and QUINTUS who tried to have GLADIATOR executed in the wood s is Quintus Camerinus and all of it is done from behind……..BUT GOD ENSURES THAT THE BLADE STICKS.  But MAXIMUS is a joke too and because the history is covered up by folk like TACITUS and “Shakespeare” & Beaverbrooks Genocidal DAILY EXPRESS, MURDOCH’s SUN. I explain the family tree links to lake ALBA in rome and gaelic in Scottish rugby commentary. That is where POPE BENEDICT IS STILL LIVING IN LUXURY & ALBA is fondly thought of as SCOTLAND (its flag is the CLUNY ABBEY Cross Keys JOKE)  SO just watch for Pi, NILE, PISHON,  PESO et al and all of world ownership  …….we end again in the dogs & puppies in the managerie (101 dalmations).  FURIUS & the Fur Coats at Mandella’s  funeral are also a laugh at the PISO FRUGI CAMERINUS Jokes.   I forgot to mention that the Rapallus joke mentioned in the video IS A FISHING BAIT with three hooks like cristianity, the Holy Trinity & Islam (from Mecca/Tel Aviv same authors) scams as the subsiduarised into California,, through Constaninople and eventually through JAPAn & into Matildas Australia.

Nearly done but we are way over the YouTube word limit. I explain the ancient SS protocols we still adhere to & it makes it the whole world chaotic.  But the lightning strike issues with a selfie stick are likely to be acts of GOD (one of the unlucky victims worked for the Princes Trust in WALES where the prince has vast tracks of land and IMMUNITY FROM PUBLICATION in hansard or Murdoch’s press. Philip the ARAB comes in and marries the gentile arrians (FURRIUS fur coat family PISO joke).  The murder of AlexanderSeverus for power is covered in ABELAR REUCHLINS disclosure on the writing of the bible & the encoding of it in a brilliant numerical code (continued into Bletchley in profiteering genocide in WW2).  SO the lack of trust in Rome (the child figurehead) murder, familicide in the launch of child emperor Gordian.  BUT THE TAKE HOME MESSAGE IS THE PISO- FRUGI BANKING /MINT fraud BEFORE CHRIST and ROTHSCHILD.  So the story ends on the false news and Maximinus THRAX (soundalike) actually invades Rome but he like Balbinus and Pupinus were killed by the Praetorean  Guard.  We end on Marcus Licinius Crassus  & links in marriage to THE SALLY/MAGNUS  MAGNUSSON  lineage…media quislings for two generations songs of praise presenter and literary PISO PISH/Urine author.  But I forgot to mention that WHEN MAXIMINUS was defeated several LEGIONS Desserted him and that included PARTHICA II Legio who eventually EXECUTED HIM . THAT scared me shitless cos my wifes Canadian (former Council lawyer opposite the donkeys) divorce solicitor is named PATRICIA (& Thom is the THOMSON (who has a monument overlooking my wifes new rental home)  link to Rule Brittania’s composer….it is written in ENGLISH so even the families of the war dead can understand it).  Patricia Thom claims that her fees have not been paid but will be taken out of my dismembered family’s SAVINGS.  I know there is a god (S) & justice will be delivered in the end.

But the video closes on these themes with the PISOS intermarried with the FRUGIs and the Magnus families.  Lucius Piso launched the DEVIL (he coded the DEVIL as his dad THE MAN ARIUS CALPURNIUS PISO so he died young & the DEVIL MASTERS now train the people in law.  So the same families launch every sector of life for 2000 bloody years and the OLD TESTAMENT was written by JEWISH authors intertwined as deserters to the poor jews to Herod in the Roman court.  SO BANKING, MINTING, MEDIA, MILLITIAS, THE EMPERORS, THE POPES, THE PMs, NAPOLIan, the POLIS, IT IS ALL THE SAME PEOPLE and in the Kings Speech it is the W W W Warner brothers out of TREBLINKA region and into the muppet sector like every world leader now. THE QUEEN HAS NOT YET REPLIED TO MY THIRD LETTER but she has access to all of this website. If you are a courtier? Might you ask her if she needs a new poet laureate who will be quite happy with a roof over his head (and an occasional loaf)but will work towards making civilization possible,prosperous and SAFE.  CAN I ask her under the data protection at WHAT WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THOSE ROMAN COINS before JESUS was BORN.  ANYWAY LETS GET IT UPLOADED WHILE I STILL HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!!!

Professor George the HONEST  PAUPER.