PICTURE of the week

My sister is called Caroline Cook (and early in Aug 2015 she signed an affidavit supporting my wife in accusing me of being a bad man as belated grounds for my divorce lodged 3 days before the final hearing) her husbands name is John Cook. Michael Pinder ran the local paper and john Dawson edited the Kelso Chronicle.  John Robertson Wright  is a legend at the borders College, the arab british Chambers of Commerce and lives in EDNAM & IRELAND in no particular WORLD ORDER.  I do not know JRW (he worships at the church of Scotland) but he has massive billion pound holdings as a LOCAL WORTHY. Fred Goodwin has a really bad reputation now BUT ON THIS LIST only John Cook' s does not publish his adress VERY UNUSUAL ON THE BRITISH BUSINESS REGISTER.
Frederick Anderson Goodwin has another huge set of directorial interlocks using his KNIGHTHOOD as an alias...BUT THE BORDERS LOCALS ARE ON THIS long long list..dozens of local names but yes it could be a co-incidence!!! http://companycheck.co.uk/director/905681292/MR-FREDERICK-ANDERSON-GOODWIN/directors-secretaries