Open Letter to HRH Elizabeth II in 2015 on corruption globally & how to resolve the GLOBAL ECONOMY

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OPEN Letter

HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Prime Minister David Cameron

John Lamont MSP

Calum Kerr MP

Ms Patricia Thom

Jedburgh Sheriff Court

Lothian & Borders Police

Michael Ancram The Marquess of Lothian

His Grace Guy-Innes Ker Duke of Roxburghe

Mrs Valerie Jane Lees 

cced by Email to over 1000 global bystanders for our mutual safety


31 July 2015,

RE The British Constitutional Monarchy, the GLOBAL SOVEREIGN DEBT Crisis and taking the World (for the first time) to Peace and Prosperity

 Your Royal Highness, 

As you may be aware from my previous correspondence, I am a Professor of Neuroscience & Pharmacology deeply committed to resolving these issues which are beyond the scope of simple and busy people. The issues I am about to raise as a series of bullet points need to be confronted by civilized figureheads which is why I am writing to you again. Ours is the only generation in British history which has not been committed to war thousands of miles from home & I thank PM David Cameron for withdrawing from war zones created by earlier regimes in Iraq Afghanistan & Kurdistan.

So I want to join you, and inform you on how simple it would be to restore every nation state to SOLVENCY and for your reign to be remembered as the pivotal factor in taking the whole world to CIVILIZATION. None of us can change the events of the past but our future can be secured from learning from them rather than RELENTLESSLY COVERING UP THE DARKEST SECRETS IN WORLD HISTORY……so the key issues SIMPLEST at the top!

· The Sovereign debt issue is a scam (no balance sheet can feature only Debtors but Globally ours does)

· Every Democracy across the globe has lost the governance of its own central bank to private interests often linked to fabulously-wealthy people some of which are CEOs at virtual products frauds. It is 200 years this year since the Bank of England was stolen following Waterloo (thousands of miles from home)

· Now all the sovereign nations on the globe have lost access to the issuance of money for their people (our public sector pay freeze & the closure of Law Courts) Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan & the Lebannon the last to go VIOLENTLY under NATO initiatives

· The treasonous scams of the recent past to divert the people from the truth that our current government and Law Enforcement are scams that is Moira Anderson child murder, Sir Stephen House, Malcolm Rifkind (Iraqi profiteer interlocked to Chilcot G4S Aberdeen Assett Management), Arnott Manderson, the Chipping Norton Diversions, TRIDENT THREE & TRIDENT 4 nuclear extinction threat run by mercenaries out of Ecclestone Square London and now since my exposures to Justice Secretaries in Scotland and Lord Wallace of Tankerness relocated to the TOWER OF LONDON where the Ravens have the wings clipped.

· Trident 3 & 4 have now moved nearer to the Tower where so many monarchs clerics and courtiers from the less ruthless dynasties (and all sectarian christian denominations) have sadly lost their heads or their wives heads TRIDENT 3 LIMITED 04186733 Registered Address: 1 London Bridge, London, SE1 9BG
Read more at:

· Your family’s legitimacy since queen Victoria has been questioned (I live in the region where 4 generations of the Dukes of Cumbria and Teviotdale were deeply involved) ALL OF THAT (and the Georgian Hanoverian regimes leading to the W W Windsor name change in 1917) IS IN THE PAST and will remain there if you allow me to take a neutral hand as an HONEST & OPEN advisor to the constitutional monarchy & the Government.

· PM Cameron is deeply implicated in the Chipping Norton Set with the Murdochs (who were educated at GEELONG school like Prince Charles)which takes us into the deployment of INTEL and the surveillance issues that allow our history to be covered up at GREAT EXPENSE).

· Your Family lead these sectors as unelected figureheads with no accountability: and our armed forces too. I have published all the narcotics scandals that involve the NAVY, the RAF and the Dutch Royals who launder the cocaine in your husband PHILIP’s light tubes and our treasonous media cover it up for most of your reign (as Mountbatten is murdered in name the sectarian tool that is Ireland & Islam despite the fact that the Bible and the Koran was written by the same families & published in TEL AVIV).

· The war profiteering led by the Flemings (registered with the Dukes of Norfolk in Bond street, Sir David steel who determine the Syrian problems and defrauded the Scottish democracy with PPP scams), the Blunts, Canaris, the man from Uncle Desmond Morton & Winston Churchill, Beaverbrook & Stalin (trained in Tavistock with Hitler). This is the 2012 London Olympics Joke at the war dead with you, HRH parodied in the parachute, and all the ANZACS culled by Churchill in 8 months. I revealed that Mr Bean was the war correspondent for Galipoli & within 6 weeks Australian Governor General Bryce resigned for shame. · The links of the current regime to LONGSHANKS (and the plantagenets) with his legendary succesors the Dukes of Norfolk bedding/siring children of the Middletons, the Percys, the Balfours, Marquesses of Lothian, Kers, Montagues (Buccleughs), Scotts, De Mowbrays, King Edward II & Edward IV, Thomas Boleyn, Catherine Brockholes, Astons, Astors, Leveson-Gowers, Fitz-Allans, Davidsons, Mary BERTIE and many other LETHAL REGAL marital relationships to be found in the four poster HERE <>

· The biggest issue CHRISTIANITY & ALL FALSE RELIGIONS launched by the PISO family out of the Villa Papyrii in Naples when VESUVIUS erupted in 79AD. The pisos, government, ruling elites and the Rothschilds now deploy vast resources to cover THE WORLDS BIGGEST SECRET. I know your family are deeply implicated but I can find you the safe route out and make the current regimes the most popular in world history. That is the CHRISTIAN Oath that Longshanks, Charles and Dianna and your Parents swore to LOVE THEIR GLOBAL NEIGHBOURS.

· The cover ups involve the entire FREE PRESS run by Murdoch & the ruling elites out of Washington (IMF, World Bank, white house where every president has been a freemason like the traitors in Kensington Palace in your bloodline), Cluny in France where Christianity built its biggest abbey before the Vatican (now the cross Keys ICON is the Scottish Saltire Flag that Salmond used to sell Scotlands’ freedom to YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY) and the issuance of money from the privately owned model in the B of E CHEAPSIDE or THE ISLE OF MAN…..where the NAZI internment camp was when Tiny Rowlands was being groomed as a global mafia leader ( like the Warner brothers from Treblinka). All world leaders become cartoon characters from that point on and that was the first massacre in the holocaust in WW2 Krasnosielc POLAND

· Kalpurnius Arius Piso (the man on the golf course) initials are KP/CP (Kenyon products, KPnuts, Supermarket terror, Pistorius Trial, Kevin Peterson with Cowdrey (see LONGSHANKS family tree) & the LORDS cricket ground, Arian Master race myths throughout history, Katy Perry. PI wins all the Oscars since National Velvet, Life of PI, Warhorse (PISO is HIPPOS in Greek) CP on the shoulders of Dads Army in WW2 profiteering jokes. Arrius Pso first and last letters ALPHA-OMEGA and the EASTER egg ROLLING STONES jokes used to laugh at the Paint it Black album which is the vietnames war…see narcotics motives below! Loaves and Fishes Human Penis Sex on a Friday jokes. XMAS camels are the three ships for Columbus and Magellan sailing by in the missions with the ICON for JESUS El Ninho (now the Global warming scam).

· Sectarian Violence and wars for 1000 years since Longshanks visited the HOLY LANDS & the preplanned IRISH troubles to divide and conquer involving ian Paisley (the PIESLEY Paisley Abbey PISO Joke) Like Princess Fergie’s 9/11 little red doll Terror issues, the PISO toe sucking jokes & Britain’s Imperialist wars 6000 miles from London that is Khartoum at the Head of the NILE (Piso translation) which was called the PISHON and ran close to the Garden of Eden (that is the BP plant in ADEN which we went to war for in the 1960s) …now the Ye YE YE men for the Beatles like the Yellow Submarine from the river Spree joke with Eva Braun wearing her little Royal Blue dress.

· All of these crimes against the people are driven by ruthless LETHAL MURDEROUS & GENOCIDAL peer pressure and compared to molecular neuroscience it IS REALLY EASY TO UNDERSTAND! I want to help you lead the world to freedom and, until you decline my offer, I will remain your loyal servant. ….but will keep telling the truth about GLOBAL GOVERNANCE which is now entirely chaotic and really dangerous in an extinction context.

· I am frustrated by the incapacity to contact you electronically on the web but my phone calls are FREE and I persistently request to contact David Cameron on SKYPE (which your courtiers might introduce you to so we can talk). I prompted your unique meeting with the cabinet when Ken Clarke was loosed without portfolio and you PANICKED and engineered the Tottenham riots and the UN protest killings

· I was born on the BALFOURS farm and my destiny is to bust it all open and you, Your Highness, are ICON for the ENGLISH speaking world and I would appreciate your CONSTRUCTIVE INPUT so David Cameron can continue with his conciliatory policy making and everybody, really quickly, can have a life, a salary and a decent pension

· I know you and your family have a finely tuned sense of humour since the Ernestine and Albertine (Bertie Jokes ) were stammered out to the world and there is a place for this in Civilisation but only when the Armies come home and the politicians are not picked by coercion BY THE MONEY LENDERS THAT “JESUS” warned us about.

· I am in Divorce proceedings like King Henry VIII but mine is not nearly as dangerous to the female gender as his was! He is also on the LONGSHANKS family tree and I can help you FREE THE WORLD REALLY QUICKLY

· I have a Scottish accent and a gift for explaining things to all classes in society which is why this has been CC’ed to my Feudal Landlord the Duke of Roxburgh Guy Innes Ker (who also has his babies in the LINDO WING) at Imperialist College London (where my wife trained with Ms Manningham Buller & Stella Rimington in your INTEL). That is ITU Imperial College where I used to work trying to save the lives of people like AIREY NEAVE and I now have a lot of stories to tell. You can get me a global audience and I can make the whole world HAPPY & you will be popular in the ANNALS of history & I can have my family back.

· So your Royal Highness I understand all the jokes of the world leaders that include the Tannenbaum Christmas Tree/Red Socialist flag X(no christ) MAS jokes and the Red SOCIALIST flag for Tony Blair and his fundraiser-in-chief Tony Robinson from the time team (WAR DEAD JOKERS ALL & operating out of CHRISTS’ COLLEGE Cambridge) That is University town Cambridge which like Oxford Heidelberg and Gottinghen (which means NO GOD, NEAR HANOVER like your bloodline)were immune from bombing like Herts & Beds where DeGaulle lived safely through WW2 in Berkhamsted.

· I am Soon to be rendered homeless & pennyless by my Disloyal wife and her treason team (led by the Canadian Solicitor like “OUR” central banking boss) so please respond quickly. I have made a video on this correspondence which I will share with the world TODAY before I commit it to VINCE CABLES POST OFFICE…..that is VINCE CABLE at the DTI who runs the profiteering scam to STEAL £50,000 from every ENGLISH student for an HONS degree that David Cameron and I got for free. THAT IS THE STUDENT LOANS scam that is run by the ROTHSCHILD BANK…..closely related to the funding for ALL WARS & ALL SIDES which are for the ownership CENTRAL BANKS JOB DONE….the LOOT is in the hands of SOTHEBY’s who are run by LONGSHANKs’ surviving relatives (The Dukes of Norfolk and you should see how they make money from nothing by issuing SHARES in their massive cathedral and in the St BARNABUS Society….that is the religious fraud again out of ARUNDEL & it becomes the EMPIRE UPON WHICH THE SUN GOD NEVER GETS UPSET BY. THE CLOUDS ARE GATHERING LIKE THEY DID IN THE BIBLICAL FLOODS & before we needed Baroness Blackstones Channel Tunnel scams with the Anglo-French Chamber of commerce. SO PLEASE REPLY QUICKLY BUT I WOULD PREFER TO TALK ONE ON ONE Like that guy who invaded your bedroom. THINGS TURNED OUT OK, in that incident unlike the ROTHSCHILD interventions in VICTORIA’s PERSECUTED LOVE LIFE IN RAPE FOR PROFIT….that leads to both Great WARS. So as GODS’ rep in England, I know how busy you must be but I can only pray for a speedy and constructive reply


Professor George Lees

The Video below gives a fuller account of the letter.  Prince Charles' girls school is under ST Paul's Cathedral in London.........Arnot-Manderson is right next to St Giles in Parliament Square Edinburgh

YouTube Video