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When the two oldest video pages were made I have made only  200 videos on what the British Press, Fox News, the BBC and the Sky Fraud empire dare not reveal....because it exposes their fraud and TREASON. BUT IF YOU GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE OLDER PAGES YOU FIND THE 2015=2017 ARCHIVE now over 700 Videos SOME OF WHICH Have BEEN CENSORED TO SILENCE ME.  The SEQUENCING OF THE VIDEOS IS POOR (MY FAULT AND POSTING THEM, at different times) on these pages makes the film making date inacurate). There is no licence fee but if every one of you shares the insight with 10 friends then we get exponential growth and the world can be free/CIVILIZED & PEACEFUL in just a couple of years.  SO LET IT OUT and we can have our prosperity back.  My you Tube Channel is pompously called Smithsonian Kelsonian https://www.youtube.com/user/KelsonianSmithsonian/videos but browse through it. The political classes and their pupeteers (the money lenders, banksters and assassination bureaus) are stealing from taxpayers everywhere.  The massive war-crimes-jokes, Frauds that bust pensions and salaries & the 2000 year old religion,massacres & genocides for power/wealth are now leading to spates of resignations & abdications.  So please just roll your sleeves up, talk about it and give the children & grand-kids a future that our generation got for free.  The date of posting these here was 20 December 2014.....and the number of visits is grossly inaccurate.  PLEASE GET THE TRUTH OUT GLOBALLY
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