Changing the Brutal Greedy World in a Fortnight

Many of my readers say the issues on the web site are too complex to grasp......this is not the case. Political and Banking elites are stealing from 7Bn global citizens and it is underpinned by violence, perpetual war and corruption on an unprecedented scale.  IT IS SIMPLE. Many of the abused and impoverished people are now working towards a better future and here is a discussion in plain and simple English that demonstrates that people all around the globe are becoming aware that world leaders perpetually take their people to war for profit (and are now committing unprecedented financial/economic/lethal crimes against their own electorates).. JUST WATCH THIS AND SEE WHY YOUR KIDS HAVE NO FUTURE (and where the criminals are). 

Robbing Your kids of their future (THE PLAIN ENGLISH VERSION)

PANIC and a FINANCIAL CRASH/ECONOMIC DEPRESSION is persistently used throughout history to enhance profiteering from Bonds, munitions and money lending to politicians, monarchs, dictators, juntas & to sequester gold from ordinary citizens/conquered nations.  The run on the banks in Cyprus illustrates (on a pilot scale) how this can impoverish the middle classes, close legitimate businesses and create division amongst nations.  Unlike 1914 and 1939 you need to know where the enemy are and that your allies number 7 BnWhat to do when the ITM/Bank defaults or they declare WW3  

Professor George Lees interviewed on American Freedom Radio on Monday 11th March
Why are most Academics complete boneheads?  or SCIENTIFIC REBELS?

THANKS to Kevin Barrett and his colleagues  for exposing that the twin towers were brought down by the smiling assassins Bush, Blair and the G8 leaders of the Noughties (and the good news of the citizens of America's preparedness for constructive change)PSYOPS: Keeping the world in perpetual fear and poverty.    Apologies for the harsh Scottish accent and the memory lapses on assassinated presidents (who died to try and fund honest democracy by taking control of the issuance of money from the private money lending dynasties, monarchies and even for- profit "religious" figureheads). The questions on the US Presidents who have been assassinated because the tried to let democracy fund itself (rather than be perpetually in debt to privately owned central banks is explained in the video below).  The UK Prime Minister who died for the same cause was indeed Spencer Perceval in 1812Salmond-Gate: opening it all up for your Nation. Please take President Kennedy's advice and make the ruthless and corrupt world leaders & lenders pay for centuries of tyranny. 

Lifting the Fear: Funding the democratic world and all its people

The shocking videos referred to in the American Freedom Radio interview are below: they depict the motives, proceeds and human cost of unprecedented war crimes.

GAZA/Palestine brutally partitioned for gas and cash

If you are sqeamish (sit down).....if you are decent: make a fuss!

Weapons of mutual destruction all across the World