Elite Universities: Tragic Roles in GLOBAL CONFLICT

This is what the powers have replace my 90minute video on the NO BOMBING ZONES IN GERMANY & BRITAIN that has had its soundtrack removed & and its content trivialized, the latter change has bee seen through only the last fornight SEE MY FACEBACK WALL FOR SAME CENSORSHIP SCAM

I have been an academic for over 20 years and when I left the Pharmaceutical Industry to Join Imperial College London, in 1992, I thought I was joining a scholarly sector with no sordid politics ( I had been made redundant following a merger between my company the Wellcome Foundation and Roussel-Uclaf).  I, like most of the Wellcome workforce, was traumatised by tension and uncertainty about the future. What I have learned about elite universities in the last few weeks is shocking and LETHAL on an International stage and I sent this letter to my MP Michael Moore (and hundreds of politicians/academics and students) last week (this letter was written in 2013 before Michael Moore was booted out of the UK Westminster cabinet).  As we are now aware both the axis super-powers and the allies engage in war for personal gain .....this page explains part of the INTELLECTUAL MASTERPLAN but please see Operation Paperclip & the CIA. This page illustrates the profiteering/genocide in more detail Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes (open this and search for Professor Woodrow Wilson, Princeton University & Professor Barroso GeorgeTown University and understand how dangerous peer pressure can be). Now, in the UK, students are  being robbed by their own professors/vice chancellors & rectors...in a scam "funded" jointly by the DTI (Vince Cable and the Secretary of State for Scotland ....see my MP Michael Moore who held this office when I wrote to him and should, in Scottish law, get access to fatal accident enquiry evidence before it is locked away for 70-100 years) and the Rothschild Bank. The criminal side of the student loans scam is exposed here Student Fees: the frightening truth and here Student Loans Company "non profit organisation"Students up to 1995 were entirely funded by National Government but in WW1 and WW2 they paid  by giving their lives for their Nation.  PLEASE READ TO THE BOTTOM and also read this page to see how elites LAUGH AT LOYALTY and SACRIFICE.Paedophilia Inc. Gov.UK (Scroll down till you see Mr Bean/Blackadder then watch Australian's Governor General Quentin Bryce explain the Mr Bean joke on ANZAC sacrifice to the long suffering world). Anyway on this page we look at WW2 and the role of Universities in Global Conflict strictly for profit and power.....then in this day and age (in the Noughties)  I expose how University leaders earn huge six figure salaries as TRAITORS TO THEIR COUNTRY (SO PLEASE READ RIGHT TO THE BOTTOM this page was updated to shame Professor Christopher Patten, mug shot below, on 4th Feb 2014).

The safe zone near LEADING UNIVERSITIES (1940-1945)

George Lees <profgeorgelees@gmail.com>
25th January 2013
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Open letter to MICHAEL MOORE my MP, Secretary of State for Scotland, UK Cabinet member. REFERENCING added for sources and a broader perspective.

Dear  Michael (please confirm receipt: as requested constitutionally in my last letter), 
I need to draw your attention to these horrific issues.
Dresden Feb 1945 (with the war drawing to a close).JPG
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Gottinghen University.JPG (below)           Cambridge University.JPG (below)
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Heidelberg University (Below) Immune from bombing with Cambridge, Gottinghen & Oxford Unis.JPG  
Oxford University (Below) Image removed by the current fascist powers that be.JPG
Nearly untouched by Allied bombing in World War II.   The informal understanding during the war was that Germany would not bomb Cambridge and Oxford and the Allies would not bombHeidelberg and Göttingen), the inner city of Göttingen is now an attractive place to live with many shops, cafes and bars.   THIS IS PLAGIARISED from wikipedia which is busted for funds like most of the formerly great Universities. 

These Instutions have provided dozens of UK Prime Ministers, and German Chancellors, umpteen religious figureheads including popes/reformists/protestants and Islamists (who led the partitioning of India and Pakistan).  They teach the world how to capitalise on technology (in peacetime and unfortunately, in global conflicts which strangle the last simple step to global civilization) but when they vented their feelings on capitalism in the 1970s they were violently suppressed by German police and when students vent their feeling on UN policy (anywhere in the world where summits are being held) they (or all the adult protesters) have no immunity from violent law enforcement.

Winston Churchill (lived in a really big safe house in the same zone adjacent to Oxford....Blenheim Palace was gifted to his family, by the crown, for service in war since the 1700s) Pictured below.
Winston Randolph Curchill & William and Mary's Blenheim Palace near David Cameron's Witney constituency.JPG   
Winston Churchill, the Queen of England and Bill Clinton's biological parent BY CIGAR TUBE insemination led a long, healthy and prosperous life despite his habits (of smoking, drinking and inspiring jingoistic oratory: see Dresden speech below).  He and his wife celebrated their GOLDEN wedding anniversary in a grandiose safe house on the Cote D'azurBEAVERBROOK FOUNDATION (proud of his legacy) which was owned by his business partner Lord Beaverbrook (a Canadian munitions magnate, minister for aircraft production, and UK propaganda/War Office minister in both WW1 and WW2).  Beaverbrook has safe houses and museums full of art treasures all over the former Colonial Empire) MAXING the power of Propaganda for Profit (two world wars). Most of the footage of International leaders (WARLORDS) partying in the Monaco region have been air brushed from the archive but here is one of Beaverbrook's luxury homesHEAVY LOSSES GLOBALLY for a home near Monte Carlo.

Churchill was a ruthless leader Winston Churchill (Honorary Citizen of the United States) (but some contemporary historians have him in the archives as Britain's greatest man).  In 1945 (with the war almost over and many German troops discharged including the current pope) he wanted DRESDEN out of the way.  So that allied troops could advance rapidly and safely through a town which had been full of civilian refugees and seemed like a safe haven as a centre for culture and the arts.  Despite its treasures (which are no longer to be found for public display in Dresden) the allies fire bombed the cityDRESDEN: Raized to the ground (25,000-500,000 lives lost depending upon which propogandist or historian provides the statistics) with this justification:
"It seems to me that the moment has come when the question of bombing of German cities simply for the sake of increasing the terror, though under other pretexts, should be reviewed... I feel the need for more precise concentration upon military objectives such as oil and communications behind the immediate battle-zone, rather than on mere acts of terror and wanton destruction, however impressive"   He was impressed by the fire bombing (it reduces the risk of cholera for the advancing troops or of eye witnesses to the devastation or the fate of the treasures of one of Germany's richest and cultured cities). His chiefs of staff insisted that he tone down the barbarity of the speech when it was publishedwinston's unstinting ambition on wiki.  The statistics on deaths and casualties are ever so difficult to interpret (as in the "terrorist" incident in New York on 9/11 the cadavers were not identifiable or detectable)minimum impact:historian not even born (breaking news 2008)The historian in the noughties,  

Inline images 1
Dresden Firebombed by churchill to remove the Loot and art treasures from the WORLD HERITAGE CITY, Corpses on Roasters.JPG

Attempts to explain the horrific impact on 80 million conscripts or civilians (of not having access to a safe no-bombing zone) in major cities around the globe are made here:
https://sites.google.com/site/profgeorgeleesrevelations/who-needs-the-media-and-who-pays/beaverbrook-churchill-roosevelt-and-stalin-the-men-who-sold-the-world-wars   PAY particular attention to fascism, Lord Haw-Haw, Execution for treason, The GERMAN propoganda machine (out of the UK Conservative Party).
https://sites.google.com/site/profgeorgeleesrevelations/right-at-the-top-of-that-one-government-pyramid-painting-it-black  Pay Particular attention to Lloyd-George, Oswald Mosely, Winston Churchill, and the now disbanded MINISTRY OF MUNITIONS and the CANADIAN and AMERICAN allies.  STRATEGIC PAUSES for industrial production or pacifist politics until Presidents were elected (to adopt RUTHLESS MILLITARY SALES FOR PERSONAL PROFIT all around the loyal colonial world....where we now tour wargraves on vacation. 

So both Britain and Germany were fond of their educational roots and the literary treasures that are still housed in these wonderful architectural & learned Institutions.  Sponsors of the German Universities (in 1931 when the New Heidelberg campus  was built) included Goldman, Sachs, Morgan, Chrysler and Ford families.  The fundraising campaign wasco-ordinated by one Jacob Gould Schurman, an alumnus of Heidelberg University and former United States Ambassador to Germany. As noted on wikipedia, Heidelberg alumni and faculty notably founded, co-founded or presided over ABB GroupAstor corporate enterprisesBASFBDADaimler AGDeutsche BankEADSKrupp AGSiemens AG; and Thyssen AG (heavyweights in arming/funding WW1 & WW2). 

Gottingen was ever so productive in the production of tools, leaders, and scientists to end warsRocket scientists, Folk Lore and Impact across the Atlantic and in the South Pacific....that were supposed to end all wars.

This is still very difficult to absorb but the world wars were planned and executed by leaders (across 3-8 nations: usual suspects who regularly met and still meet at summits and NATO meetings on all corners of this theatre of war) and faculty from these August Institutions (with "for profit" encouragement from the USA, and support to expand the theatre of conflict when the timing was right between pacifist electioneering campaigns).  The intellectually astute leaders flitted between propaganda and munitions governance and the wealthy families in these G8 countries funded much of the technology, then and now, to keep the world in perpetual conflict. In return Germany sent rocket scientists and nuclear physicists to the United States of America so that University towns in Japan could be raized to the groundRAIZING your academic impact
Hiroshima &Nagasaki raised to the ground by President Truman in the Land of the rising Sun God.JPG
.........with fallout all over the South Pacific.  Britain provided safe houses for "leaders in exile" of nation states all over Europe who opted like the rocket scientists, newspaper magnates and millitary-industrial profiteers for SENSIBLE NON-VIOLENT location because they had a better education than manyFree France abdicates into the safe zone..

The carnage under the hopelessly corrupted United Nations continues today 

NATO: wandering the globe (worried about ISLAM)

In the early twentieth century two academics from Heidelberg won the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.  One worked  for the Permanent International Peace bureau and the other (who  was, for a time, the Belgian prime minister) worked at the Permanent Court of Arbitration and represented Belgium at the Hague Convention.  This year the EU, en masse, awarded itself the peace prize.

Michael Moore MP and Secretary of State for Scotland REFUSED to meet and locked me out of his constituency office in GALASHIELS to AVOID discussing  this and all the more recent scams ECONOMIC-War Crimes.   

and the ongoing corruption I have flagged for you recently which goes right to the top of the UK political tree and suggests that even Australia and the BRICS are being drawn into this now and that your regimes are just as ruthless as those that sponsored armed and profiteered from mass slaughter between 1914 and 1945: All those ongoing crimes can be found all over my website and (if you are a student leader or reader) Michael is Secretary of State for Scotland and some of the crimes he and his educated colleagues in the UK parliament (and second chamber) are depicted here https://sites.google.com/site/profgeorgeleesrevelations/home 


Educated humans and their leaders can easily reverse what the human condition has become.  It is particularly important to youth all over the world to absorb this lesson and not to go to war because experienced people and faculty want you to take risks they were unprepared to take....SHARE IT (YOUR KNOWLEDGE) PEACEFULLY.

The last thing I want is to have the University Sector as my enemy.....IT IS REALLY DANGEROUS AGAIN.  We have no rubble in Europe now and those ancient SCHISMS  and unstable empires/civilisations can be consigned to history without the need for manipulation. 
Constructive REGARDS all
Professor in Two Hemispheres (in Neuropharmacology, Pure Neuroscience and Drug Discovery:a complete waste of 30 years of ACADEMIC Time).

Michael Moore did NOT confirm receipt.
This segment was added in Feb 2014:

On the Executive Board of the Royal British Legion we still have Britains richest person: The Duke of Westminster (Godfather for Prince George, one of seven God Parents,...he got 2 O Levels but owns vast tracts of land as a birthright) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_Grosvenor,_6th_Duke_of_Westminster....there is still a Duke of Wellington here and they have a £7m insurance fund to ensure that nobody is  found guilty of anything......http://www.britishlegion.org.uk/media/2955583/annualreport2012.pdf  Cant find the balance sheet for the Wooton Basset fully decorated funeral package but the cannon fodder leaders are processed at relatively down to earth universities all over "GREAT BRITAIN"  (training centres and financial costs for the educational aspects alone portrayed beside the BBC/Oxford's elite highly paid Commander in Chief in the no shame sector who also chaired the Conservative party and sat on the Lonrho/BP boards).

The vast majority of educated officers are not immune from bombing or catching a bullet for your country but they have no insurance fund to protect them........many are relatively ARMLESS when they return from active duty and the conflict now is effectively treason for cash (all the central banks have been taken for the world's wealthy babies) and they now want Islam to take the fall for WW3 and state-sponsored terror against their own people.  The students get to be OFFICERS as volunteers in risk but pay heavily for the privilege of the education from PATTEN and his PEERS.

Look up 
LORD CHRIS PATTEN, George Entwistle BBC pay off Thatcher & Jimmy Saville 10 downing St Student Debt Graph Tony Blair Murdochs SUN.JPG
Maningham-Buller (Boss at Imperial College London, MI5 and on the board at M&S for a time) on this list and know that even British commuters get taken
for a lethal ride by these evil people who are entrusted with educating your children TO STEAL & TAKE LIFE for personal gain and ruthless power.  Please be aware that Manningham Buller is a traitor and terrorist but that she is relatively innocent http://www.abeldanger.net/2012/08/abel-danger-mischief-makers-mistress-of_2.html> compared to the people below (and their partners in the global political, law enforcement, terror mafias).
Cressida Dick Head Met Police Sarah Ferguson Theresa May Peter Mandelson Lord McAlpine Piso papal bloodline Lord G Robertson Kauffman Hardy Portillo Brown Laud Blair Heath Britain.JPG
 for out 
FULL OFFICER TRAINING GIVEN HERE  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Officer_Training_Corps

Individual units[edit]

Recruits FromExternal Website
Aberdeen UOTCAberdeen University, Robert Gordon University and Aberdeen College[1]
Queen's UOTCQueen's University Belfast and the University of Ulster[2]
Birmingham UOTCUniversity of Birmingham, Birmingham City University, University College Birmingham, Warwick, Aston, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Keele, Staffordshire University and Harper Adams University College[3]
Bristol UOTCUniversity of Bristol, University of Bath, University of the West of England and Bath Spa University[4]
Cambridge UOTCCambridge University, University of East Anglia and Anglia Ruskin University[5]
City of Edinburgh UOTCUniversity of Edinburgh, Napier University, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh College of Art, Scottish Agricultural College and Queen Margaret's University[6]
East Midlands UOTCNottingham University, Nottingham Trent University, Northampton University, Leicester University, Derby University, De Montfort University, Loughborough University, University of Lincoln[7]
Exeter UOTCExeter University, Plymouth University,[8]
Glasgow and Strathclyde UOTCGlasgow University, Strathclyde University, Glasgow Caledonian University, University of the West of Scotland[9]
Liverpool UOTCUniversity of Liverpool, Lancaster University, Liverpool John Moores University, Hope College, University of Central Lancashire, Edge Hill University College, St. Martins College, Chester College[10]
University of London Officers' Training Corps (ULOTC)Anglia, Birkbeck, Brighton, Brunel, Bucks Chiltern, Camberwell College of Arts, (University of the Arts), Canterbury, Central School of Speech & Drama, Central St Martin's School of Art & Design (University of the Arts), Chelsea College of Art & Design (University of the Arts), City Courtauld Institute of Fine Art, East London, Essex, Goldsmith's, Greenwich, Hertfordshire, Heythrop, Imperial, Kent, King's College, Kingston, London Business School, London College of Communication (University of the Arts), London College of Fashion (University of the Arts), London Metropolitan, LSE, Luton, Middlesex, Queen Mary, Roehampton, Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Art, Royal College of Music, Royal Holloway, Royal Veterinary College, SOAS, South Bank, St Georges, St Mary's, Surrey, Sussex, Thames Valley, UCL - Gower Street and Royal Free, Westminster[11]
Manchester and Salford UOTCUniversity of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Salford[12]
Northumbrian UOTCUniversities of Newcastle, Northumbria, Durham, Teesside and Sunderland[13]
Oxford UOTCOxford University, Oxford Brookes University, Reading University, Royal Agricultural College Cirencester, The University of Gloucestershire and the Royal Military College Shrivenham[14]
Southampton UOTCUniversity of Winchester, Solent University, Bournemouth University, Southampton University, Portsmouth University[15]
Tayforth UOTCSt. Andrews University, Dundee University, Abertay University, Stirling University[16]
Wales UOTCCardiff University, UWIC, Aberystwyth, Bangor, Swansea, University of Glamorgan, Wrexham, Chester.[17]
Yorkshire Officers' Training Regiment (formerly Yorkshire Universities OTC)University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, Leeds Universities, Bradford University, Huddersfield University, York University and Hull University[18]

You must also be aware of the risks at the millitary CADET SCHOOL.....where young people die for the sexual pleasure of "world leaders" and to cover up genocide that the led their country into...THEN THEY BURY THE EVIDENCE WITH THE KIDS.
Dunblane Millitary orphans only Prince Philip Patron Lords Fairbairn & Mackay of Clashferne Porridge Queen Vic School Lord Cullen Thomas Hamilton Gun Licence.JPG
Only those at the very top get the medals/recognition for their peer esteem and sometimes they get defamed years after working under Lord Patten in the University, Diplomacy and Media, Business sectors.  Prince Charles' personal business advisor is now the Chairman at Lonrho (denounced by Ted Heath, pictured as coercible Conservative PM with other public criminal figureheads  above as the unacceptable face of capitalism).  YOUR KIDS NEED TO LEARN THESE LESSONS REALLY QUICKLY.
Knights of Malta Royal Princes Charles William Harry Jimmy Saville Cardinal O'Brien Adele Oscar Daily Mirror Paedophilia and Scotland's Highest Law inforcers.JPG
A lot of the Dunblane/Iraq scandal and the notoriously lax fraudulent/corrupted Scottish law enforcement /twisted inquest sector are talked about in learned elite debates with a huge pinch of freemasonic greed in the ivory towers of Edinburgh University (where Gordon Brown, now at the UN, was chancellor before he accused the MOD of polluting his beach in Fife to cover his shame as a traitor to Britain and its innocent kids) The meetings of the Speculative Society get less press coverage even than the G8/G20/NATO summits...last report on their power and might/membership list published way back in 2002 (soon after Gordon Brown sold Britains gold to the EU at a giveaway priceEuropean Union: how to steal from GLOBAL citizens in "Peacetime".....but if you read some of the biographies you will see that the secret society is a menace to open and peaceful society.....regardless of where the meetings are convened and the victims/"evidence" are buried.Speculative Society Edinburgh: the template for globalism