Aristocracy, Privy Council & the Monarchy: on the Board of the Virtual Company

I want you to know why your pension, your job and the global economy is insecure.  I prefer to think that the world's elites have been leading us down this road because they, themselves, are led by greedy and corrupted financial advisors but either way the truth is coming out about the huge costs for the countries they represent as LEADERS (with great pomp, an air of detachment, but with a thirst for hard work and a desire to keep the adoring public [their funders and their electorate] on their side).
BILL GAMELLS CAIRN: and the VEDANTA scam involving Prime Ministers Cameron UK Singh India virtual oil and gas fraud  ( CAIRN directors right up to the Court of the bank of England).JPG               Gammell is a close friend of the Bush dynasty and Fettes school chum Blair  
So let me tell you one of the local hero stories.  I am a rugby fan and I used to worship the Scottish team for its resillience, spirit and capacity to compete on the world stage as a tiny country (like New Zealand).  One of my heroes as a schoolboy was Bill Gammell.....schoolboy at Fetes (where Tony Blair emerged from).  Now Sir Bill Gammell, he was capped twice for Scotland on the wing, and like many local heroes he started his business Empire in a garden shed.  I dont want to dwell on his case for too long but the gist of our problem is that his companies have no products.  They thrive on stock market flotations which raise billions of pounds.  This allows the directors to appoint a photographer and a dump truck with an impressive logo on the side which is then used to take a picture on location in darkest Africa.....offshore somewhere from a company helicopter or in a geologically inaccessible place with a  volatile history or where private security companies from the developed countries have been engaged to support a revolution, a no-fly zone bombardment or just old fashioned religious terrorismWWF: The Fall of the House of Windsor, Totallitarian Government and Treason across the G8. They appoint Geoligical exploration teams who are always upbeat but sometimes have to die prematurely if they show signs of innocence and underestimate the "Value" of the "find". If the virtual product is "found" they compile an exciting brochure to invest in the LTD (living the dream) company or its LLP (criminal partnership no strings attached) subsiduary. When the quake or revolution hampers progress with the "mine" or the "oil well", Cairn (Gammel's plethora of Shell companies specialising in "oil and gas") just tell the investors they are bankrupt and Cairn is sorry but rich and free to repeatedly offend.   In the Gold/Diamond "under-mining crimes" I am led to believe that over 95% of the product is a coupon/bond in a tax haven....almost all of these corporate SHELLS have just a handful of employees, mainly directors, company secretaries (often with violent CVs e.g. Mossad who run as legitimate directors Global media companies who condone, or openly promote these vicious scams which dismember global society in favour of fascist wealth divide (just as it was in the 1930s).  These companies then appoint insider traders  (directors in pan-continental parents tiers of subsidiaries which should lawfully be separate entities but are more potent with insider traders calling the shots), who as they rise and fall deliberately just get a bigger numeral on the end of their corporate trading Cairn Bullshit 1, Cairn Bullshit 2 and so on till the law fails to catch up with you.  At some point in this cascade of deceit, they just have to tell the investors their life savings have been lost due to an unfortunate set of unforeseeable circumstances. Then they share the "losses" (the flotations or IPOs PUN/Piso anagram absolutely intended)Faking the New Testament: A masterplan for geo-political domination.) across our long suffering "Commonwealth".  The losers are the shareholders and creditors and fortunes and life savings are lost and innocent suppliers/traders lose their decent business.  Look up Vedanta on the internet you will see that the city of London is, and always has been, the epicentre for these tragic corporate collapses....the stock market though has moved out of the Whore's groin to enmesh all continents in a GLOBAL Web of fraud.  In the Vedanta case the shares from the collapsed company were devalued to one tenth of the original price then sold to would be get rich quick investors in India....where the wealth divide issues are horrific (and the Prime Ministers in India and in London are very much engaged....also in arms trading see Moscow summit and weapons trade delegations for G8 leaders and their rich sherpas from the banking and civil service professions).  So a new flotation creates new profits for the board, they raise more billions on the Indian stock exchange then steal it all again....this is called a PONZI scheme.  I think you will be able to see the knock on effects on the investors (and pension/savings funds who see the growth curves spiking up and down but have nowhere decent to go).  So everybody loses....if a company defaults then they have to close a real production unit and repay their creditors by shedding the costs and laying people off. At Lonmin they just shot them in the payround without any prior negotiations.  In the image above you see the names of the same directors in parents/subsiduaries (this is insider trading) but Cairn alsohave executives on the Court of the Bank of England....responsible only to anonamous private and elite shareholders.

So that is Cairn (they typify the vitual trading Empire)....and sorry to hit on Sir Bill Gammell....he is just doing what so many of his peers (both wings) do to line his, the CEO's and all the gleeful directors pockets. Sir Bill is a succesful entrepreneur and all the rugby men I talk to, from Aberdeen to  Dundee (where they can only afford to run a couple of teams because petrol is expensive and who every Friday evening watch the two Provincial CITY teams, with foreign coaches, who used to be in the relegation zone when Scottish sport was run by Scottish amateurs and honest veterans) know he is doing well but worry about their granson's capacity to get a job and their son's dwindling pension and spiralling mortgage deal (interest only mortgages let you own the house untill you have paid back the loan then the lenders own it when you get no pension). Gammell's dad was a partner in Bush Overby (yes that is the notorious Bush dynasty) and one of Gammel's closest school chums at fettes was Tony Blair, yes thats the one who led Britain and america over Robin cook's and David Kelly's dead bodies to a war to own Iraq's REAL OIL WEALTH.  They now launder the product and proceeds out of that country after installing a puppet transitional government.
Bush-Overby oil & gas brought the Gammels & Bush's together.  Scams in this sector include the Julian Oil scandal in the USA.  Gammel's first wife Geraldine was director of the Prince's Trust Scotland for some years. JPG
Let me cite you another example....slightly further south and with much larger tracts of local land under their studs.  CLUFFLikable old cove just having a flutter on the Gee Gees are run in exactly the same way they have tiers of companies engaged in virtual trading they use boiler rooms that are frequented by notorious globalised corporations like LONMIN/LonRho....masters of these dark arts who have a page all to themselves on this website.  Algy Cluff is a likeable, hard-drinking character like many of those portrayed by coscientious objector PG Woodehouse: an American humorist who wrote the Jeeves/Bertie Woodehouse (and Empress, a pig, of Blanding) novels in the best possible taste after a stiff gin and a series of humorous "accidents" leading up to the financial crashes then world wars in 1914 & 1939.  From the moment I discovered CLUFF's business interests I looked at the companies timeline and the CLUFF shells are almost co-incident of the rise to prominence of Brian Clough in Nottingham (where literary characters used to rob from the rich and give to the poor but just fail to get the England job because of their charisma and capacity to lead succesfully).   

When we look at the boardroom in the Cluff,  lets have a tenner on the thoroughbread in the 2.30 at Tavistock, business empire, you find people that are themselves contenders for the British throne, leasers of Castle's to the Harry Potter subsiduary out of Zion, martyrs for the reformation (and King Henry's lust) and huge landowners....from Kensington right up to the Cheviots/Central Belt in Scotland.  This year they are working with the UK coalition Government (that have huge insider interests) to ensure that the people who work as serfs for them are not cheating on benefit fraud and attempting to avoid bedroom tax.  The Cluff prototype is described is vicious and it goes all the way back to the Roman Empire (when a poet called PERCYus wrote touchingly about the ruling and newly launched insider traders in the religious interests sector)Faking the New Testament: A masterplan for geo-political domination. (it explains who the poppy fund was named after).  The family have suffered greatly in the past but still have the right to a state funeral at Westminster, to grow illicit recreational drugs and toxins in their very large ancestral garden and they have excellent links to inspiring authors (with congenital health problems) who capture the minds of innocent children all over the public school's world.  I dare not name names.  It is a bit like the true authors of the new testament: the aristocrats were aware that only the inner circle have the knowledge of how tyranny works for its creators and give the poor awareness that their souls will be saved if they stay poor and keep making that donation.  I dare not name names because the only job I can get is from these director (claimant to the throne) classes....I have been give a £2 pay rise this year which means I get £32 a day for allowing them to kill hundreds of P(h)EASANTS for fun.  This is a huge step in the right direction but the young post-grads who are helping them beat the PEASANTs are having to pay £10 a week bedroom tax and do not know any of their cohort in a Scottish Vocational degree on Railway Construction who ever found a job in that sector.  You cannot now beat PEASANTS and get DSS benefits so the work force has diminished greatly and the Government now draw corporation tax straight out of elite estate's accounts.  I have kept it slightly mystical so nobody suffers unduly for beating the PEASANTS and confronting benefit fraud down the barrel of a gun.  The inspiring writer is not, to my knowledge, trading in virtual products and god only knows whether her investment in Multiple Sclerosis research at Edinburgh University will inspire the huge number of academics in that elite institution who are already working on ZERO HOURS CONTRACTS in the Social sciences faculty.   She, the author,  is though in the inner circle (just look at the Piso authors and look at her list of characters).   So the ELITE CIRCLE, at long last, is broken (and everybody knows who are cheating their investors and their parishioners)....and it explains the martyrdom amongst elite contenders for the throne and millions of hungry eaters....all we need to do is explain who the advisors have had killed, who the money lenders have paid to do the killing and how much the country's people and its treasury pay for the flutter on the fraudulent scam (as students, jobless adults, middle class investors or pensioners who created everything we now neglect or have privatised in a globalised flutter of unprecedented greed.  It is ever so simple and for over 2000 years lethal for PEASANTS, religious martyrs, conscripts, civilians, pagans, hunter gatherers and even elite contenders for the throne (or spouses) everywhere....Private greed and public sector genocide....the perpetual problem.  We dont have a King to persecute the investors in 2013 but for a very long time these crimes have been committed by monarchs, dictators or presidents across that fractious world of Empire under which the bloodshed never ceases and the poor people die young but stay poor....regardless of religion, gender, political affiliation, race or country of origin.