THE WHOLE WORLD IS RUN BY THE G8 Govts, their puppet media, their "Law enforcement" and the Geopolitical Masterplan that is RELIGIOUS Mind Control.  Please scan down the index on the left and look at the Introduction TO SEE THE DATA/FRAUDS that I have reported at MINISTERIAL LEVEL.

I have now put all the strands of WORLD OWNERSHIP TOGETHER.  (PLEASE SCAN DOWN TO THE BOTTOM of THE BULLET POINTS First) & see why they shut my ENERGY DOWN THEN TRY TO SILENCE ME WITH THE MENTAL HEALTH ACT SCOTLAND.  I have now been sectioned & it is potentially lethal. I am a Professor of Drug Science and I now realise that the ANCIENT BLOODLINES that are the PISO BIBLE authors, the WINDSORS, The BUSH & FDR presidential families, The Aristocracy (all ancient warlords) & The Kings and queens of Europe come together in the INNER CIRCLE TO CONTROL  

1 Banking & the Issuance of Money since 120BC when the PISO FRUGIS ran the mint in Rome 


Piso Frugi Magnusson Cameron Religion Banking Mints Piss PM World Owner Frauds

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As I tried to make it Jedburgh... 


Run Rabbit Run Rabbit run run run Alexander the Gt, Hitlers Friends, PISOS, WINDSORS £Bn Flemings

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I am off to church and do not DARE TAKE a lot of time before I UPLOAD this video. It explains the DANGERS OF THE CHRISTIAN church since the PISOS (the bible fraudsters) were born into ALEXANDER


PISO BUSH WINDSOR VERSAILLE World owner Bloodlines & sectioning Dr Ian Fingland HUTTONS NHS profitee

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Dr Ian Fingland is in the process of trying to section me for the THIRD TIME (in league with my wife from Chipping Norton/rothschild HERTS/Hemel Hempsteads)....ARRIAN MAFIAS. THEY want to keep the... 

2 False Messianic Religions Written out of the villa Payrii in NAPLES when Vesuvius exploded in 79AD 


INNER CIRCLE with FDR Bush PISO Windsor Longshanks Norfolks Murrays Middletons, Percys, Herod, Phar

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It is the sabbath for Christians. I DARE not go to any of the four churches I attend every week TILL (pun intended) I publish the truth about the CHRISTIANITY fraud and all the ensuing genocid

3 The Roots of the bloodlines from Alex The Great, The Egyptian Pharaohs, The Roman Emperors/Piso family, the French Kings Queens to Marie Antoinette, The American Presidential bloodlines to FDR & the Bush warmongering dynasties.


M Antoinette, Bush, FDR, Mad K Geo Windsor genes ANZAC Matilda WW dead, Tyson Borodin, Delaneys Do

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CENSORED by ou Tube More bloodlines that run the world for 2500 years. BIBLE authors PISO/Frugi fraudsters who run the mint too. First I hit on Drs Errington Connelly & Sutherland my di... 

4 All the Christian Warlords who took the church into Constantinople & then the Cluny Abbey in France then into Gt Britain and France. The Pisos wrote the Quoran too published in Tel Aviv by the Kryshys and released into Mecca in the 7th century.


Murdoch1 Madonna & Lord Leveson join the 2000 yr old Religious Lawless Fraud team as COP Sir S House

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The BIBLE WORLD OWNERSHIP frauds are ASTOUNDING. The Bloodlines from the PISO authors take you right into the WORLD's elite families. I NEED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU QUICK for m

5 The EMPIRES run by the EUROPEAN Monarchs which become the G8 G20, NATOs armies.  The Clinton Foundation, The Royal Institute for Int Affairs, MI5, MI6, MOSSAD and all the rest of INTEL who surveille Launder and Silence people using the methods described here. 


Murray PISO, Kers & Sutherlands & the Frog BERTIE Princes over the Channel & into the Bishoprick

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Here I expose the ANCIEN French-Sottish Alliance which as you will soon realise steals all of SCOTLAND's ownership of what belonged to the PICTS & GAELS! Stolen by the CHRISTIAN figureheads

EVERY ONE OF MY EXPOSURES IS backed up by the SCIENTIFIC METHOD: It exposes Methods, corrupted leaders (and their DIRECTOR NUMBERS), Munitions, War Crimes Frauds, ECONOMIC GRAND LARCENY and the OWNERSHIP OF EVERY CENTRAL BANK ON THE GLOBE.  This has been the root cause of all religious strife, all sectarian violence, all genocides and ALL WARS ALL SIDES.

So in return I get ENFORCED ANTIPSYCHOTIC DRUGS (ENFORCED IN A TOP SECRET HEARING precipitated by local doctors Dr Ian Fingland (the policeman) and Mr Basel Switzer who starts my route to the vegetative sate TOMORROW (6th October 2015) THEN He leaves the Crime SCENE (as soon as he has me drugged up TWICE A MONTH with INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTIONS).  All of this with every country & Council/State in SOVEREIGN DEBT. AND WITHIN 3 months of me writing my 3rd letter to HRH Queen Elizabeth II  EVERYTHING I DO IS ENTIRELY CONSTRUCTIVE AND MY REWARD IS PROFILED BELOW.  

I am to be imposed HYPODERMIC Intramuscular DEPO ANTIPSYCHOTICS ....slow release drugs monthly or fortnightly bolus so my right to work & drive is removed. I have to go to their SURGERY cos my videos are a threat to their PRIVACY were they to visit my home. The video on me asking them to leave 700 hits in a week is to be taken down by them. All proclaimed by Basil Switzer who attended the hearing (GOT THE QUACKS on the panel to approve it ALL & FINGLAND DIDNT SHOW. Dr Ian Fingland the former COP presented his only diagnostic opinions in 5 years of state-sponsored persecution ON THE PHONE......all his bizarre comments on my clothing inside my HOUSE during their univited 8th visit are interpreted as medical signs BUT AL THE Conclusions he reaches could be explained piles of divorce PAPERS & SECTIONING THREATS from him was relayed . Over £50K of MY savings have now been transferred into the ACCOUNTS of Miss Patricia Thom (my wifes divorce solicitor) , THOM is the FORMER LAWYER employee of Alisdair Hutton at the Scottish Borders Council BUT Dr Ian Fingland pretends to be unaware of this & my PENSIONS have been frozen by THOM and the wife in the DIVORCE CARVE UP. ....see HIS COMMENTS on my RISK TO MYSELF & INABILITY to feed myself....and my wife from HEMEL & Chipping NORTON has pressed for this since 2011 When the doctors had to back off cos I reported the £40K /yr from PHARMA for giving too many drugs to the patients THAT IS ALL OVER BRITAIN every GP 40% of salary look up Dr X and Dr Y and my letters to the same practice & their replies confessing their SINS & the coercion politics behind it (hit Fingland Couper Morris in the search engine. I am not allowed to drive . My MP & MSP are unprepared to engage or lift a finger and ALL the participants are EMPLOYEES of the state & the doctors have been exposed by me as profiteers from their patients. SINCE I WROTE TO HRH the actions have been relentless Basel Switzer the SHRINK from the Borders HEALTH BOARD is to LEAVE THE AREA REALLY SOON and if his replacement hits a vein or an artery then it WILL BE A STATE SPONSORED ASSASSINATION/FATAL ACCIDENT/VEGETATIVE STATE who will be much less of a threat to his own safety. I would like ALL of you to EMAIL the Home Secretary and my local MPs & your own POLITICAL REPS. It is OVERTLY POLITICAL & all the data & MINISTERIAL RECEIPTS ARE TOTALLY IGNORED, TPlease get on the backs of COUNCIL CEO TRACY LOGAN Councillor s Mitchell, Tom Weatherston Alec Nichol & Simon Mountford THEY have a gagging order on me & the UK PM can no longer be contactted by Email. My MPs are . Lamont and Paul Wheelhouse deputy Justice Sec are PRIVY to and complicit in many of the Crimes wiitnessed by DOZENS of people at referendum meets and on the streets of my town REGION THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK IF I REFUSE THE ENFORCED DRUGS THEN I GET BANGED UP IN THE ASYLUM TAKEN FORCIBLY FROMMY OWN HOME AS A PREFESSOR OF DRUG SCIENCE AND FOR 2 years to 2009 on the council of the vdrug safety PANELS ASCEPT in Australia & NZ They have not replied to any Emails nor have any of my former University Healthcare colleagues it is CALLED PEER PRESSURE it could well be fatal for reasons you all understand 

REGARDS GEORGE BSc Pharmacy; PhD Pharmacology & Toxicology: Fellow of the Royal PHARMACEUTICAL Society

University Professor & Chair 

University of Otago Pharmacology & Toxicology DUNEDIN CAMPUS

University of Sunderland UK

Snr Lecturer Imperial College London.