Incredibly the FORCED MEDICATION THREAT that I received 8 times in my own home as a political activist WHICH HAS RESULTED IN MY SECTIONING UNDER THE MENTAL HEALTH ACT SCOTLAND revised in 2012 like the Laws of succession (EXPLAINED FURTHER DOWN)
The Video on the INVASION OF MY HOME by the univited doctors has been taken down OFF YOU TUBE by Dr Ian Fingland and the now disappeared CONSULTANT PSYCHIATRIST Basil SWIZER  AS AN INVASION OF THEIR PRIVACY
Dr Ian Fingland (PC) & Psych Consult Basil Switzer SECTION ME delete video in my home as AN INVASION OF NHS privacy. Dr Salary PHARMA Frauds and Econ Gov Crimes gagged by MPs Calum Kerr & John Lamont.jpg
Walter Raleigh Beheaded Fingland SWITZER VJ Lees Broomlands Thomson's RULE BRITANNIA Redesdale Mitford Mosely Mrs S Hitler King Umfreville NHS££ Dryden FDR Tobacco Yalta Stalin FDR Pipe V sign Furhop.JPG 

I am being sectioned because I know all of the secrets of WORLD OWNERSHIP.  That is the members of the INNER CIRCLE that run the Monarchies, the GOVERNMENTS, NATOS ARMIES and the Globalised CORPORATE & FINANCIAL SERVICES MAFIAS & the Profitteering MESSIANIC RELIGIONS (LAUNCHED BY THE PISO FAMILY who wrote the BIBLE in Naples and launched the Quoran written 140AD and launched in MECCA in the 7th century).    My SECTIONING/SILENCING AS A PROF OF NEUROSCIENCE/Neuropharmacology  is run by the local QUISLINGS Councils & Political Puppets, NHS profiteers & all of these sectors interlock using the freemasonic, rotary club and G8/G20/Bilderburg secret societies.   More on this page Redcaps ROYAL Millitary Police FAIRY WW1 M East dead Boateng Ing Aegis De Morville Melrose Fascism Christ Munitions Mitfords Mosely Fascism AND THIS ONE (contains the video for the image above) Walter Raleigh beheaded by the CROWN but not related to Bush TSARS PMs . NHS-Killing for RULE Britannia in the PISO CHRISTIAN INNER CIRCLE OF World Owning Bloodlines….since Bridget Dryden & Alfred the Greatand the image below is the thumbnail for the US Presidents ANCESTORS who were the people that wrote the Christian Bible & the ROYALS IN THE UK (Windsor nee Saxe Coburg) are the richest Institution on the Globe & THEY WANT ME SILENCED for my insight into all the Crimes Frauds and Scams listed on the index on the left.    So these are the biggest secrets and when I am given my ENFORCED PSYCHOTIC DRUGS by Intra-muscular injection they will become the worlds biggest ever erosion of human rights and FREE SPEECH.  

US Founding Fathers from the Mayflower become the Presidency but still slaves to the GB EMPIRE STATE

THE REAL REASONS I HAVE BEEN SECTIONED UNDER THE MENTAL HEALTH ACT BY the Scottish Govt is to Shield the CRIMES of the UK & G20 Govts (revealed in the Index on the LEFT).It is OVERTLY POLITICAL & I will be incarcerated in an asylum if I refuse the INTRA MUSCULAR DRUGS as a political activist AND PROFESSOR OF NEUROSCIENCE who has released all the director numbers for the FRAUDSTERS. More seriously, I have recently exposed the BLOODLINEs That are the world owners for ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY.  This is the worlds biggest secret....which is why they want  me SILENCED. See the AA articles at the top(left).  PLEASE JUST SCAN DOWN & LOOK AT THE PICS BELOW FIRST

George Lees Sectioned Laws of succession Queen Assad Blair Salmond Sturgeon BORDERS COUNCIL Patricia Thom Bourne Leisure BUTLINS  Peter Harris COOKS Taxis PM David Cameron USB gibraltar Cheque.JPG

I am now OFFICIALLY SECTIONED as a POLITICAL & FRAUD ACTIVIST. As a PROFESSOR OF PHARMACOLOGY (drug science) for REVEALING the frauds of the Drs and the Govt who initiated the action (2011) with my now divorced wife. Selling Scotland's freedom and your innocent husband for the illegitimate English Crown SECTIONED BY The same NHS BORDERS DOCTORS who wanted to work with me on DRUG SAFETY but could not do it TILL the NEXT GOVT was elected .  This video shows that the entire vicious action is to GAG ME AS AN ACTIVIST & RENDER ME INCAPABLE of KEEPING MY LIFELONG SAVINGS IN MY OWN ACCOUNTS.  Ms Thoms adress at the top of the THUMBNAIL does not show up & THE £40,000 account that was mine and meant I could not get legal aid.  I AM NOW TO BE ENFORCED ANTIPSYCHOTIC DRUGS and NONE OF MY SAVINGS ARE NOW ACCESSIBLE TO ME.  But I am still political and only assassination will change that STATE SPONSORED BREACH OF HUMAN RIGHTS & FREE SPEECH.   

Please watch this in YOUTUBE so you can read the descriptor MY SECTIONING IS OVERTLY POLITICAL


My MP Callum Kerr will not intervene in an overtly political action 700 hits I AM NOW Sectioned and condemned to enforced anti-psychotic meds TWICE A MONTH

I am a political activist , Professor of Neuropharmacology, former Councillor on AUSTRALASIAN drug safety Commitee (ASCEPT)   and I am now OFFICIALLY SECTIONED (for EXPOSING MASSIVE CORRUPTION in financial services, banking, politics, NHS and sadly WAR CRIMES & Munitions profiteering) based on LOCKED door hearing on 2nd October 2015. The only written diagnosis arrived < 22 hours before  the hearing after 5 years of Harassment for my knowledge.

CLICK on the hyperlinks

8th sectioning threat and COMPULSORY MEDICATION order Fingland Switzer Mr Guy Couper 7 days notice War Crimes & Frauds against the people & THE PATIENTS  The first sectioning threat came in 2011 from the KELSO surgery (Dr Ian FINGLAND  and it gets wracked up as I expose  bigger & bigger frauds & WAR CRIMES .  

So WHEN YOU PUBLISH WAR CRIMES DATA they send in the SHRINKS and the FORMER COPS NOW DOCTORS AKA  FINGLAND WORKED IN DIERDRE HUTTON QUEEN OF THE QUANGOS term in office as head of the BORDERS HEALTHBOARD & wife of his neighbour: They have said they will take this down for their PRIVACY over 30 mins after I let them into the house. 

FINGLAND & BASEL SWITZER Consultant who will be TAKING THIS DOWN for obvious reasons

THIS VIDEO of the invasion of my home by Drs FINGLAND & BASIL SWITZER (now left the region within one week of the TOP SECRET NHS tribunal) HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN BY YOU TUBE (with 700 hits on day one) as an invasion of the NHS teams privacy after they agreed they could enter if I objectively recorded the visit. 
ALL OF THEM WORK FOR THIS TEAM and the SPECKY GUY is my MSP John Lamont an advisor on LAW to the ScotGOV who knows the whole story.


On Friday 2nd OCT I have no choice but to attend a UNDER A COMPULSORY PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION order (issued by FINGLAND, Consultant Basil Switzer &  I will be taken to the asylum from the hearing  in an AMBULANCE  with 2 policemen on board & GIVEN TOXIC ANTIPSYCHOTICS FOR REVEALING all the PENSIONS SAVINGS frauds &War crimes (See Signed Petitions on data submitted multiple times to LAW ENFORCEMENT UK, Westminster ) PLEASE PLEASE go to this page Professor George Lees' insanity and his son's LOYALTY under the sectioning threat  

My youngest son is loyal and my savings are in his mums solicitors accounts THEN THEY GET ME FORCED MEDs when I am negotiation my future as a PROF IN DRUG SCIENCE because of knowledge into NHS and Govt Financial services fraud

I got 10 days notice ON ENFORCED ANTIPSYCOTIC MEDICATION to silence me as an activist.   THIS HAS NOW BEEN ENFORCED IN A CLOSED HEARING AND THE ONLY DIAGNOSTIC LETTER in FIVE YEARS OF HARASSMENT ARRIVED < 23 ours before the hearing which Dr FINGLAND the ex COP did not attend. My savings are locked up in my divorced wife's SOLICITORS accounts (that is my wife who precipitated the psychiatric actions in 2011 but they had to back down because of these NHS frauds they had confessed to in writing That is the corrupted medics WHO GET 40% of their  six figure salary for meeting prescribing targets by volume. See  THIS ONLINE FOR almost 5 years 
Referal to Psychiatric Services for my interests in local healthcare NATIONAL NHS SALARY SCAM    THIS is the 10 day notice below the 1 day notice diagnostic letter  and this video demonstrates how facetious andmisguided/totally uninformed it is

The only "CLINICAL" comments in five years of trying to SILENCE BY SECTION < 23 hrs before CLOSED HEARING

This is the Fingland Diagnosis (FIRST IN 5 years) that arrive 22 hours before the SECTIONING FORCED MEDICATION ORDER started with my supporters locked out and threatened with arrest for lobbying for a Jury Hearing CLICK ON IT & it will get bigger but the text is TINY for STRATEGIC PROFITEERING REASONS.

All this in RETURN for all my exposures of crime (Wars & Economic Grand Larceny) all around the world I am now to be sectioned by NHS Borders with the ADMINISTRATION RUN FROM a BO BOX number in Hamilton. Both my MSP Lamont and my MP Kerr know what I am threatened with and are unprepared to make any for of pro-active gestures to stop my persecution as a human rights, fraud, War Crimes & Student Loans activist. THE ISSUE BELOW is cited as part of my illness. All my accusers educated for NOWT.


RE The British Constitutional Monarchy, the GLOBAL SOVEREIGN DEBT Crisis and taking the World (for the first time) to Peace and Prosperity. On the 31st of July 2015 I wrote an open letter to HRH on the factors behind the Economic Frauds, the legitimacy of her family, Massive religious frauds & Corruption that blights the world (& underpins all wars & sectarian strife all for profit).  Watch this video and the original letter can be found (in full) on this pageOpen Letter to HRH Elizabeth II in 2015 on corruption globally & how to resolve the GLOBAL ECONOMY. ALL the pictorial evidence on the massive frauds are all on this page. Just scan down & see how society fails to work & has no funding now.


YouTube Video of Letter to HRH & David Cameron

The monarchy history is horrendous and the Middletons, Kers, Lothians, Petries of Hibs, Howards Fitzallans ALL LINK INTO LONGSHANKS BLOODLINES Longshanks' Bloody Bloodline Under religious, reformation & Sectarian Orders and the two pages below that take you to ARUNDEL and selling shares in false religions and CATHEDRALS....& the DIRECTORS FOR NAZI LOOT at Sothebys with links to the FLEMING PROFITEERS. 

THE CORRUPTION MEANS THAT THE ISSUANCE OF MONEY (FROM CENTRAL/FEDERAL BANKS) NO LONGER BELONGS TO  THE GOVERNMENTOR THE DEMOCRACY IN ANY OF THE COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD.  INSTEAD THE MONEYSTREAM IS NOW IN PRIVATE HANDS.  IT is a tragedy but the Central Banks are now governed by PRIVATE PROFITEERS who issue the money to their ELITE FRIENDS and pretend that all countries cannot fund anything cos they are in debt to OTHERS.  The FEDERAL BANK BOARDS ENDORSE GLOBAL FRAUDSTERS like MARK CARNEY from CANADA (8 year term in the UK Bank of England). The other directors are fraudsters (they make/sell virtual products and pyramid selling schemes THAT CRASH YOUR SAVINGS, PENSIONS & INVESTMENTS). Sadly the fraudsters include SOCIALIST scamsters like UNISON BOSS DAVE PRENTIS WHO  is STEALING from all PUBLIC SECTOR WORKERS & Br CITIZENS when public pay has been frozen for 7 YEARS BACK TO BACK (he gets 6 figure salaries and pensions like all the others
Please make all your friends aware that Dave Prentis (£115,000 a year plus a magnificent pension for leading the Unite union) is a courtier at the Bank of England (obligated only to its private shareholders who remain anonymous for their own safety). The use of the word courtier (rather than director) might give you a clue to who owns the Privately Owned Bank that charges huge rates of interest to lend to democratic better known as crony capitalism. UNISON is the Biggest PUBLIC SECTOR UNION OF THEM ALL.  All council employees have had PAY FROZEN FOR SEVEN YEARS AS THE ENERGY BILLS SPIRAL UP BY 20% EVERY YEAR and your children are now billed £50,000 for the hons degree that PRENTIS got for nothing FROM THE LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS.



A MUMS GUIDE TO CENTRAL BANKING how to keep your kids out of debt
WE (I) have made way over 400 Videos on the corrupted governments, financial institutions & WAR CRIMINALS that now Run our GLOBE SEE the INDEX on the Left.
THEY KEEP TAKING THE NEWS OF THE ILLEGITIMATE MONARCHY IN BRITAIN DOWN.  THAT IS A MAFIA FRAUD for 160 years that explains the ROTHSCHILD WORLD OWNERSHIP and THIS FRIGHTENING IMAGE featuring the bastard warmongers. SO PLEASE READ THIS STORY QUICK and read this INTRO Right to the BOTTOM to learn why the laws of Succession were changed in a massive treasonous act in 2012.  Persecution in the Royal Bedchamber: How the Rothschilds have taken over the world  THE ROYALS though are not entirely INNOCENT their massive part in stealing the world from its people through Chatham House is incredibly published OPENLY within one year of changing the laws of succession.   SO THE ROTHSCHILDS AND ROYALS INTERLOCK asTHE OWNERS OF THE WORLD & EVERY CENTRAL/FEDERAL BANK on it.  NOT many people know this but you are now in the INNER CIRCLE so PLEASE MAKE IT COUNT.
SADLY THE BRITISH MONARCHY HAS BEEN ILLEGITIMATE FOR 163 years and they changed the LAWS OF SUCCESSION IN 2012 to try and sidestep this issue which was caused by interbreeding with German Princes, Rothschild Money Lenders then Royals or PMs with a modicum of Royal Blood in their veins (see churchill Son of a monarch and father  of HRH, Princess Margaret and Bill Clinton)
MUCH MUCH More on the Monarchy crisis below.
It is the ship of the dessert and the three ships that go sailing by on XMAS day in the morning are the Magellan fleet in the South Pacific and the Columbus Ships headed west.  


SO THE ROYALS ARE A FRAUD & SADLY RELIGION IS A FRAUD TOO see all of the pages below here Faking the New Testament: A masterplan for geo-political domination.
The biggest ABBEY in the world before the VATICAN was BUILT was the CLUNY ABBEY in France right up close to Mulhouse & BASEL (THE GLOBAL CENTRAL BANK is the BIS) where WW1 started. THAT is the GEORGE CLOONEY JOKES & BECAUSE THE BIBLE was written by the PISO family when they get as far west as Scotland (then Ireland) the authorship become a coded message with the words Pi, Pie, Pishon,Pistorius Polis or Ni Ninian (Pythons knights who say Ni joke) & the initials KP CP are K(C)alpurnius or Arrius PISO.....the Katy Perry, Kevin Peterson, Kenyon Products, KP nuts jokes and covers. Arrius Piso begins with A and ends with O (the ALPHA to OMEGA on the PASCAL candle at EASTER)  
CLUNY Priories PAISLEY IRISH SECTARIAN troubles Queen Obama million $ IRISH visits BENEDICTINE CHRIST FRAUD GLOBAL Lewes Hastings Paisley SALTIRE Jokes
Some NEW STUFF ON THE WORLD OWNERSHIP SCAMS ON THIS PAGE RELIGIOUS FRAUD GENOCIDE sectARIANISM for Profit  IF YOU READ TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS INTRODUCTORY PAGE you will UNDERSTAND HOW TO FIX OUR CORRUPTED and really dangerous world.  But lets go now to the banking fraud at the BANK OF ENGLAND it is 200 years YESTERDAY since the WATERLOO TRIUMPH that lost eventually all of DEMOCRACY's capacity to fund any country GLOBALLY.
CLUNY Priories PAISLEY IRISH SECTARIAN troubles Queen Obama million $ IRISH visits BENEDICTINE CHRIST FRAUD GLOBAL Lewes Hastings Paisley SALTIRE Jokes
Some NEW STUFF ON THE WORLD OWNERSHIP SCAMS ON THIS PAGE RELIGIOUS FRAUD GENOCIDE sectARIANISM for Profit  IF YOU READ TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS INTRODUCTORY PAGE you will UNDERSTAND HOW TO FIX OUR CORRUPTED and really dangerous world.  But lets go now to the banking fraud at the BANK OF ENGLAND it is 200 years YESTERDAY since the WATERLOO TRIUMPH that lost eventually all of DEMOCRACY's capacity to fund any country GLOBALLY.

The Re-BRUTALISATION of Iraq by America and British MP for Stratford on Avon Nadhim Zahawi (registered address: House of Commons)  LIVE IN AMERICA on Jim Fetzer's the Real Deal  SHORTER VERSION IN THE YOU TUBE VIDEO below.  THIS IS the American expose and the vicious jokes on the wealth divide project. The second half is on older crimes in America that remain unsolved.  ONLY THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD CAN CHANGE IT:  the politicians, World Leaders, and Money Lenders (who now run all democracies' Sovereign Debt) are making a fortune as you watch your hobby on the telly.
BELOW you have an introduction to Zahawi's criminal hub REGISTERED for all his businesses in the House of Commons   THE COMPANY CHECK SITE where most of our INFO comes from has since the 17th August been ever so useful but I am not able to cite it on one of my computers as links to the evidence get broken.  This may just be a co-incidence so far my Desk Top is behaving.

Nadhim Zahawi MP for Stratford and WAR CRIMES ACTIVIST Registered Director House of Commons

Have you heard the joke about WW1 and WW2 being entirely for profit and how it is linked to Rowan Atkinson, Johnny English, Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, Mr Bean, Dame Helen Alexander and other University Leaders who now condemn their students to a life in Debt (£50K for a 4 years honours degree that they got for free)!  All the INTEL agencies are now laundering vents for global fraud and the importance of false news and Phone Hacking is simple to understand when you dissect the profiteers long lists of non-executive directorships which make them billionaires/trillionaires in just a few hours work in the dirty tricks business.  MR BEAN was the war correspondent for Galipolli and what we are sharing is a massive BBC/media and Crown Templar joke at the war deads expense SEE opening ceremony of London Olympics.  They do not share the proceeds which is why all countries are in austerity and all professional sectors globally have their pay frozen and their pensions/savings crashed in shallow graves or pan-Continental Ponzi schemes 

Dame Helen Alexander, Mr Bean, Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, Profiteering at the War Deads' and Student's Expense

It will take you a couple of hours to suss out what Rupert Murdoch owns (and what it costs to the world...look at all the names in these lists that equate with comedic JOHNNY ENGLISH (Sir David English  the Director) or heroic stars on our TV screens or the BOLGER child murder)
Rupert Murdoch's daughter Elizabeth is in PM Cameron's Chipping Norton set with the moment they are all immune from prosecution because they control the worlds press and the issuance of democratic funds to the impoverished world.  They have profited from those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our countries GLOBALLY and they laugh at their might and their cleverness, even in massive geo-political and religious frauds (see next video) 

A recent Interview on Fraud, Nuclear Weapons trading (War Crimes) right at the head of Government, the Monarchy and in the Banking/financial services sector  was published in Jim Fetzers the Real Deal on Aug 1st 2014 Full transcript here.

Breaking News on Geopolitical RELIGIOUS FRAUD and the GLOBAL WARMING to profit from Iraq and even acts of God (like tsunamis and quakes in the charity scams THE SHOCK DOCTRINE profiteering)

El Ninho, Religious Fraud, Global Warming "Science" and the impending tax on BREATHING

How to brutalize then steal from the world at the head of Government and in the Judiciary/INTEL Video

A list of high resolution images to illustrate these crimes can be found here: ARMS TO IRAQ Derby Police Seizures Andrea Davison flight from justice AND RT HON LIAR DERBY NORTH MP CHRIS WILLIAMSON(Click on it: open the RIFKIND LINK in a new window and look at the images in  the SLIDESHOW: down arrow option) as you listen to the video made by GORDON BOWDEN (Gordons MP is Chris Williamson Derby North ) and myself


THIS WAS THE BRIEF EMAIL message that got my Email to 500 global citizens and the PMs office in Whitney/my MPs Parliamentary Email address shut down. 370 of the addressees had the Email blocked.

Letter to my political representatives including Michael Moore MP (my MP) John Lamont my MSP and Simon Mountford my local councillor at his business adress

UK Cabinet members and MPs: YOUR HORRIBLE TRUTHS ARE LIVE ON YOU TUBE.  Field McConnell (AT ABEL DANGER with 600,000 global contacts)  please feel free to post-these videos so you can win your GLOBAL campaign against national traitors/war criminals in the parliament buildings & the judiciary. Kenneth Clarke, Peter Lilley, Margaret Beckett and Francis Dee Cook are their real names so please do not use your coding system so the whole truth can be outed quickly.
The reluctance of my MP to receive any of my correspondence is aired at the bottom of this page Let Me Tell You About that Guy Chilcot

ARMS FOR IRAQ/Govt Corruption/ Asset Stripping/Money Laundering Billion Dollar fraudsYouTube Video

The Murder and cover up of an innocent woman in Wales: sacrificed to keep war crimes secret. Censored when we tried to send to Michael Moore MP & Chris Williamson MP & Cabinet members involved in the crimes

My MP's refusal to allow me to contact him on crimes against the people is documented at the bottom of this page.Let Me Tell You About that Guy Chilcot  
from: George Lees <>
date: 27 May 2014 12:33
subject: The Constitutional Implications of Your Reluctance to reply

Rt Hon Michael Moore MP


Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk


Liberal Democrat

Address as

Michael Moore

Liberal Democrat logo

Contact details


Parliamentary Office, 11 Island Street, Galashiels, TD1 1NZ
Tel: 01896 663650
Fax: 01896 663655


House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Tel: 020 7219 2236
Fax: 020 7219 0263        

THIS IS THE EMAIL ADDRESS THAT WAS USED to confirm my MPs reluctance to comply with the UK constitution. The text accopanying the Email below summarises why G8 politicians and all political parties are reluctant to release the real news.  Just as the film kids in we were just confirming that our computers had been crashed so I made this video as a warning that we will not be intimidated by the criminals in the Parliament buildings or their money lenders.

Censored Email to Michael Moore, beckett, Williamson, Clark, Whitney conservatives,Peter Lilley

The news on the evening of 29 may 2009. All the usual posturing but a scrupulous avoidance to all of the genocidal profiteering revealed in only 2 days of research. Last time I met Michael Morre when he was still secretary of State he said it would require an army of researchers to investigate my disclosure of the sovereign debt ponzi scheme. The banking crash of 2008 is revealed entirely on this web page and all the genocides over 40 brutal years

SOURCE:Queen Victoria: a persecuted Royal Love Story  AND  Persecution in the Royal Bedchamber: How the Rothschilds have taken over the world the links to NARCOTICS/G8 LEADERS The iIlegitimate British Monarchy: a constitutional Global Nightmare  PLEASE Just scan down the pictures in this brief intro FIRST.  The images quickly confirm that the world is led by criminals, deviants and money lenders who lead by breeding and coercing Elite Leaders and Royal Families. All heads of state are in this G20 CABAL with POLITICIANS and the MEDIA who are just bought by the worlds lawless owners (THE NOTORIOUS ROTHSCHILD DYNASTY)......The Royals they have sired are illegitimate and abuse their power (and their own wives, siblings and children) to keep what they have stolen from the Constitutional Monarchy, sometimes as God's representative in their country.  These democracies are all in debt to mysterious money lenders/elites who run the CABAL and EVERY MONETARY INSTITUTION ON THE GLOBE (the mysterious parties just happen to be the elites who run the world for private wealth).  The police run the protection rackets and NATOs armies and G20 Navies are drug running cartels under the command of Monarchs or their cousins/parents in the money lending/laundering dynasties.   Every year they grieve for the war dead then take them to wars to dismember National treasuries and all Sovereignty in favour of chaos and unimaginable wealth divide.  These factors coupled with mind control and absolute power created by messianic (Human led) religions has screwed the world up and killed billions of poor worshippers over tens of thousands of years... the New Testament was written by Kalpurnis Piso  in the villa papyri in Naples and when it was released to empower the church of Rome in 79 AD vesuvius erupted.  Researchers who are brave enough to disclose this are under-resourced, often jewish and they know they face martyrdom/holocausts/genocidal progroms to keep the world evil but the authors are vain enough to leave a Pythagorean numbering code to identify their role in the the profiteering global domination plotFaking the New Testament: A masterplan for geo-political domination, . .  In these videos 2000years of Hatred, Genocide, Holocausts and POWERMONGERING: the biblical fraud "TAKING the PISSO"they reveal the truth and the costs for the world for loving its neighbours like the PISOs (pronounced PESO, get the strictly for profit/prophet joke, on the genocides in latin america for the mafia/fascist families) then WW1 WW2 The Garden of ADEN/EDEN joke: British/BPs Yemen and the evidence on google maps from NOAA....
The Videos on the New Testament Fraud feature Abelard Reuchlin and within two days of the religious fraud post on this website, the LBS/SKY Stock Market News Mongers rush to an opulent convention called  on the shores of lake COMO with a Professor of Economics called Reichlin and strongly condone how Mario Dragi and the ECB are stealing from European taxpayersEuropean Union: how to steal from GLOBAL citizens in "Peacetime" and particularly new participants like Ukraine who are in the process of being persecuted by G8 leaders who blame Putin but with 13 subsidiaries of Gazprom registered in the UK alone, with only one illegal overlapping director (and run by a MILLER...the pistor religious joke)"Putin's" and Medvedev's GAZPROM illegal overlap into "Great Britain" and "sectarian Christianity in Ireland". The Russian's now harbour Gerard Depardieu (French revolutionary actor millionaire tax exile "departed god") , American Whistleblower and Chancellor of Glasgow working man's University Snowden and the missing President from Ukraine with opulent stately homes, who has been replaced by another Rothschild puppet just as the elections in Paris, AKA Algeria, have returned the same dictator who has already been subjected to several acts of God in the cardiovascular ward.. The reference to Russian musicians "PUSSY Riot" is another laugh at Cal PURR nius Piso to persecute and lampoon the worlds people on every Continent we own/steal from and cull comedy.   The Worlds governors are sinking ships in S.Korea and in the Gulf of Aden (near the Garden of Aden old testament joke) and Professor Reichlin works at The London School of Economics (just next to Baker St, the Pistor Joke on the steppes of Windsor Castle). The Chancellor at the University of London/London Business School is Princess Anne who eats horses/hipposRoyals Panic Under the Limelight of disclosure to cover up the fraud. 

 The ceremonial procession of the passion of christ (celebrated in the actors dressed as cops assassination scene in Ford Coppola's godfather movie)  in Lord Patten's Oxford on "Good" Friday was banned for ELITE health and safety reasons Lord Patten's Oxford panics on religious and Geo-political fraud and it is all the fault of LABOUR health and safety teams. .  In the Roman Church the pope, see Latin American genocides below, celebrates Jesus' sacrifice for HIS sins with his head between his hands and burns an effigy of jesus like the Ku Klux Clan used to do.  Which reminds one of US senator Bilbo, racist KKK leader, when it was OK to cull blacks, and send them into addiction in the city, when they as slaves/surrogates for the tractor,  became less profitable than the internal combustion engine (and its tank commanders in the JUNTA or WW1/2). 
 The ships/planes are still missing for the ROYAL NARCOTICS diversion The iIlegitimate British Monarchy: a constitutional Global Nightmare but actors and "parents" begin to persecute captains and take their own lives because of the complexity of the guilt imposed by world leaders...and its media Quislings (which was the name of the Norwegian PM, nickname GIMLI  who gifted his country to the NAZIS also in the Rothschild Global Butchery team in WW2).
The ROLLING STONE religious resurrection joke rolls into South East Asia and new NARCOTICS trading opportunities for Corsican/French/American Mafias led by De Gaulle a treasonous profiteer in war and "peace" and gangsters/convicted killers Drugs, Booze and Vice: the Fascist links & the French Connection AND CONTINUES INTO the 1960-70 genocides in Latin America where Pope Francis turned in poor priests and hungry parishioners in Operation Condor and  Pinochets Caravan of Death The pope: inaugurated in lightning storm, limping badly and with poor worshippers/priests blood on his hands....replaces Ratzinger Hitler Youth Member and sacked by the knights of Malta [who include inductees who are friends of Prince Phil of Dunblane, Archbishop Obrien and one Sir Jimmy Saville nominated 4 times by Mrst Thatcher (friend of Pinochet and the caravan of death) for the Peerage].  Nixon pictured with abdicated Kings and their bisexual wives was behind the freeing of mafia thugs to cull the armless returning troops by the GLOBAL NARCOTICS mafias in France and ITALY when vesuvius exploded again (in 1945) for the persecution and murder of loyalists who fought for their country's freedom See 1945-47 for Odessa Nazi diaspora/Pope PiousXII and culling of disarmed French Italian troops by US/French mafias/heavily armed convicted killers striking an anti-communist shooting deal with Nixon, deGaulle and US teamstears/dockers Mafia Family leaders like Luciano & the US navy Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes.
The BIBLICAL FRAUD researchers expose links to the Arthurian dream of good kings ruling justly and this MYTH/LIE take us to 2014.

The CHRISTIANITY FRAUD: the bravest & most insightful researcher the world has ever known Abelard Reuchlin


PENDRAGON and Prince Charles' stake/investments in the current Rothschild empire.  Prince Charles' financial advisor is one of CHRISTopher Martin Chambers' , Chair of "Lonrho.... the unacceptable face of capitalism even for British Conservatives"  run by  Lord Patten (student theft conspirator and head of the BBC paedophilia/false news empire) and the Al Fayed family (see Michael Jackson/Gen Sir Mike Jackson jokes and the Balkans genocide)  who like Prince Charles swore they loved Princess Dianna then killed her because she was threatening to expose that Prince charles' first baby was not Prince William. It was Simon Day (conceived out of wedlock when Camilla was 18, given plastic surgery to remove the big ears joke then sent to Australia where Dianna met his/Simon's jet black aboriginal kids....and declared there are too many people in this family!  Dianna died in the tunnel L'Alma (translates as the Apple)....her  original sin was that she was threatening to expose sir Mark Thatcher and his mum as land mine/WMD traders in apartheid RSA (when David Cameron soon to be ex-prime minister for more recent crimes in Cairn energy/Vedanta and ponzi schemes which impoverish both British and Indian savers and investors because all their products are virtual).  YOU NEED TO READ ALL 12 OF THESE ARTICLES to make your grandchildren safe.

See the wealth divide motives and Crimes Here 12 more Shocking articles on why everybody's pension funds are busted (and how PMs, Presidents and Monarchs, or their back-room advisors, cheat the people now   THIS ONE SHOWS how David Cameron and Singh (Indian PM) are shafting their own citizens/investors.

PRINCE PHILIP Had £20 in his pocketwhen he got spliced to HRH but his sexual deviancy (paedophilic and homosexual drives) got him kicked out of HRHs bedroom after just two years SO he could focus on stealing from the world as head of Britains INTEL and ITS ARMED FORCES which were ever so useful in the narcotics empire he was to build for the rothschilds who entirely own the world and all the deviancy is on their coercion files (See Gaulist France and FOCCART who had dosiers on all French & colonial politicians throughout Gaulist & Pompidou led brutality in WW2 and in North/French colonial Africa ).Drugs, Booze and Vice: the Fascist links & the French Connection. BASED on Henrik Kriugers censored book the GREAT OPIUM COUP (which exposes Nixon as a massive International criminal).

The links to the Chipping Norton Set/Clevedon sets unite these global tyrants to the Murdoch SKY fly by night families and the future of Russia foundation which is actually owned by the Rothschilds like the rest of the world (in this team PUTIN is relatively fit and runs his country with a reasonable understanding of current affairs and the respect of his media but he has 8-12 body doubles like Hitler who will step in and replace him the minute he steps out of line and is assassinated by the Rothschild/mafia run bureau that killed JFK (then set his wife up with Onassis in Winston Churchil/Prince Philip's drug running cartel who could find a sonar buoy in the vast south pacific within 2 hours using commands to the British navy (of which the black prince philip is still the head) and freemasonic police who run the drugs all across Australasia which is proud of its patriots in war time for their sense of humour and loyalty to the Arthurian legend of the legitimate monarchy run the Dunblane school, gift NATO to the signatory of local  gun licences and bury dozens of innocent kids who were being abused by the Patrons' deviant friends in Scottish politics, freemasonry and the aristocracy from Balmoral to Glamis/Holyrude.  The evidence of CULLens enquiry was buried with the kids from Dunblane, David Kelly, Robin Cook and Shipton (a serial killer in healthcare with the same name as an iraqi genocide war correspondent)  which is similar to the Tyndall airbase-Royal wedding case on 9/11 when the Royals brought down the twin towers cos they knew they had the power that the PISOS & the Rothschilds loaned them at massive rates of interest to sell the world.  Prince Charles has immunity (like Blair, Bush and Thatcher junior) from exposure of his letters to politicians, paedophiles and "the free press" or the PMs phone hacking advisors and the Met police who sold all these secrets to the Chipping Norton set after they had moved into advisory roles at number ten downing street.  THE PEOPLE GET AUSTERITY AND THE SAVERS PENSIONERS GET ROBBED for loyal service to the traitors who get a state funeral for only £8 million (with oncost strictly-undisclosed commitments to Lord Condon's G4S who triumph with Princess Anne in Olympian fraud then threaten to eat the horses to cover their tracks to the HIPPOS/PISO origins (the all roads lead to Rome joke).  If you are a golfer, a cricketer, a racegoer, elite oarsman or just a trainee at the Tavistock mind control training centre (near to Porton Down where we make chemical and biological weapons) you will understand it better than most BUT you will also appreciate that it will become really dangerous to continue laughing at the war dead and the ultimate sacrifice for your country.  So when Putin or Obama (or any of the G30 profiteers) shoulder the blame for WW3 then they ask you to sit on the DRAFT BOARD, THEN it becomes really dangerous for you (and this war is easy for the people to win).  Which takes me onto the University THEFT CRIMES and the UNION led genocide for troops, or ordinary working men,  disarmed after WW2/Napoleonic revolutions (by troops and tanks from other regions of "GREAT" Britain where the "Commonwealth" games Joke will be played out in what is now remembered as a city of culture and where the dangers of the controlled explosion as "part of the art" is now seen as potentially dangerous for its profiteering creators). AND the media who cover it all up with hypocrisy on a daily basis...they are in Lord Patten's Trust and Rupert Murdoch's sky/BSKYBfraud with the Rothschilds, Prince Charles and the Prime Minister's criminal circles in Chipping Norton. 
WAR/INTEL  CRIMINALS WHO WERE TO BECOME TAX EXILES OR DRUGS TSARS (see 2nd tier of mug shots below) and the miraculous survival of Sarah Fergusons little red doll (like the girl in red in Schindlers list) in the ashes of all the human victims of 9/11 and modern day progroms

Please watch this AFTER YOU HAVE SCANNED THE PICTURES BELOW:CLICK HERE Who Owns the world and kills (AND STEALS FROM) its children? . It was made by one of the worlds last honest historians in 2008....he fled from New Zealand in 2010, after receiving dozens of death threats, when the NZ police were busy securing the Rugby World explains the evil world we live in, where we are in 2014  (and why things are so dangerous for every Nation on the globe).....Rasmussen, the DRUG addict and Cross dressing sexual deviant is now head of NATO (he took over from Lord Robertson who supplied the gun and buried the inquest into Prince Philips' elite cadet school in with the Iraq enquiry for 100 more years of shame & deceit).   Rasmussen's replacement as Danish PM is having a huge laugh at Mandela's funeral where all politicians from the ghettoes wear fur coats and diamonds on their lapel....just listen for 20 minutes. It will make a huge difference if you take Henrik's advice then THINK for yourselves and your family.  The magnitude of these crimes is so large that they are able to CRASH THE GLOBAL ECONOMY in 2008 and pocket the cash without the slightest protest from taxpayers globally (who ignore complex issues in favour of 750 trivial TV channels and scores of newspapers which are owned by the elite criminals/bankers and their families).  They then compensate themselves for being the subjects of celebrity hacking scandals run by the Prime Minister and the Met Police and the News Corp Empire who's dedicated staff become advisors in the PMs regime , his friends in the Chipping Norton Set & his chosen ones in the BSKYB contract deal.  Taxpayers fund this for millenia and give up their own children, as the war dead, to resolve family TIFFS (that are actually pre-planned CULLS to keep the numbers downWorld Wars: the elite joke.)  The boss at the poppy fund, the British Legion, the WWF (and 800 other shameless charity scams run by Prince Philip) has stood down for shame as the amateur, death threatened investigative journalists expose just what he and his ruthless conspirators have done to what could be,  within a year, a civilised world.  Meanwhile the Boss at the BBC and Oxford University (where elite peers groom innocent children for abuse like prince philip did all over the south pacific...which is why HRH the queen banned him from her bedroom and sired the Royal kids as the Victorians didWatch and is shocking and all run by the Rothschild Dynasty in the name of International Government) is now stealing from his own students all over ENGLAND.....having sold China (as Governor of Hongkong) to millionaire conspirators who run the "Communist party" as part of the elite GLOBAL cabal. 
PERSECUTION IN THE ROYAL BEDROOM to take over all central Banks and Monetary Institution on the Globe........the basis for all wars and human strife as diversionary tools as elites steal from the people for millenia.
Tail and Two Titties: the sad story of persecution in the Royal Bedchamber  THE FAKE BRITISH MONARCHY/MRS SIMPSON/ROTHSCHILD GLOBAL DOMINATION STORY 
Once you have established your power and incredible WEALTH it becomes easier and easier to abuse it......THE FAMILICIDE France Princess Dianna's Inquest came up with the VERDICT "UNLAWFUL KILLING"
In Lord Condon's (G4S/Private security boss) Freemasonic inquest it was just an accident.  Dianna was killed in the Pont De L'alma tunnel TRANSLATES As APPLE (Woman's original sin).  Nobody remembers King Huan Carlos' brothers name and only this year are they aware that the Spanish King sired one of Dianna's children....all the breeding rights and marriages arranged by the Rothschilds.

THEN ON TO  THE DISMEMBERING OF NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY.WWF: The Fall of the House of Windsor, Totallitarian Government and Treason across the G8 by HEADS OF STATE and their partners who are TRAITORS AND ASSASSINS who created the war on terror, (9/11, 7/7, school shootings suicide bombs all state-sponsored terror: the Pearl Harbour for WW3 against the Islamic menace which is actually the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD and THE QUISLING MEDIA) so they could justify the brutalisation of IRAQ and Afgahnistan (for the last Nationally owned Central Banks and the Opium Trade for NATO). The complicity goes right to the top of the elite Jew and Monarchy tree and the towers come crashing down

Politicians like George W Bush (real name Scherf) who are lampooned as buffoons take the puppet democracies into ARMAGEDDON IRAQ AND The world economy falls of a fiscal cliff right under the noses of bankers who were also heads of NATO and pay themselves "small" fortunes of tax payers/investors/savers money....then they invent the Eurozone so the methods that laundered NAZI loot/treasures and gold through the Bank for International Settlements in Basel can be used to impoverish innocent countries in peacetimeEuropean Union: how to steal from GLOBAL citizens in "Peacetime" (the Ukraine/Crimean/Syria/Egyptian/Lebanese sideshows modernise the wartime progroms) but Governments pull in ethnicreligious migrant cheap labour and rile up the locals with ethnic hatred and social security cutbacks) Holocaust, World Wars, Cold Wars, Palestine & EU explained AND PROGROMs TODAY
                                                                         Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes Click on this to find out who killed Lincoln, JFK and what they (the "chosen" war criminals) are doing now.
BREAKING NEWS CAN BE FOUND HERE:  The DARK FORCES that threaten the Free Democratic World: New World Order (NWO) Timeline: Black Forces at Work
& HERE WW1 & WW2 Profiteers and Intelligence operatives working together to cull 80 million people & The G8-G20 wealth divide crimes: See Key Characters Page above. Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes
Stunned by your fuel bills and the govt's repeated declaration that the economy is out of recession and that inflation is stable at below 3%?  Scottish Power (10 subsiduaries in the UK alone) is owned by Spanish elites. The electricity/gas bills have risen 20%, 20% and 9-11% over the last 3 yrs and the big six companies sell the same product but have unique and very expensive letterheads on their "competitive bills".  Gas and oil (energy companies) are involved in massive fraud, ponzi schemes and some trade only in virtual products (and pump and dump stock market profiteering).  Contracts secured to cheat investors and customers on different contintents by Prime Ministers/Presidents or their business/Capitalist cronies (India, UK, USA, Australia, RSA/Rhodesia and Canada).  The shell companies involved cover up their crimes with the help of the media who push celebrities or trivial sideshows (with the same names) into the limelight.

I have taken many of these issues to Her Majesty the queen but she replied saying that, constitutionally, she cannot interfere with her Government's or her Commonwealth's crimes Pleading with the Royal Household Feb 2013.
I have worked in Industry (Wellcome Foundation Ltd) and at three Universities (Imperial College London, Sunderland University UK and Otago University in New Zealand). I am an underfunded scientist/academic professor and have been unemployed since December 2010.  In that time, I have engaged in unremunerated research on the causes of the economic crisis and the risks of a recurrence.  This web site presents some of my findings, in simple terms, so the English speaking world  can grasp the causal issues and take these to their political, legal and law enforcement representatives to seek long-overdue & constructive policy change.  If you have friends who are underfunded, unemployed or are going to work into their mid-70s before they can retire (or draw down a paltry pension) but who dont speak, or read, English then refer them to google translate which is a useful tool for textual translation  Google Translate.  
If you have children who are to graduate out of University into a jobless future (with a £40 -50,000 overdraft) then you need to know that early in 2013 the parliamentarians who are stealing your money gave themselves a £30,000 pay rise Neutral decision to abuse your children,  when public sector pay has been frozen for 5 years (unless you happen to be the CEO at the local council or a turncoat union leader, see below).  This decision was made by an "neutral" cross-party electoral college so there could be no bias on whether 650 members deserved to be paid more to rob their electorates.  They got the pay rise....but the media keep it really quiet, simply because the "free press" is owned by the elites (who just happen to own national governments, private security firms, NATO [and the UN] but must importantly your country's central bank and all its too big to fail banks)Changing the Brutal Greedy World in a Fortnight.  The Parliamentary team and the media who covered this (as a done deal in Spring 2013) have now backed down in shame until the next election in 2015. So I will illustrate another SCANDAL that is thriving AND ROBBING YOUR CHILDREN NOW: £9000 a year from each student annually. Look at the pension deals for each member of the student loans company BOARD....these are full Professors who educate your kids for PERSONAL PROFIT (soon to be reputational suicide).....SAD GREEDY STORY HEREStudent Loans Company "non profit organisation" AND HEREStudent Fees: the frightening truth
 That should read friend to (Gammel asked George W Bush to his wedding in Glasgow) but Reporting Scotland and the Scottish Press have been bought by Johnson Press (LOCAL NEWS VENTS all over the UK: CEO Ashley highfield) sole mission to get rid of local newscasting and replace it with online/trivia/propaganda.  They create petty "SENSATIONS" then whinge at all public sector services (that make Britain Great and allow terrified migrants, brutalised by the G8/NATO, to flee here) are quietly stripping out local media jobs and CAIRNs (run by Gammell-Bush and cronies) virtual trading (a crime used by almost all stock market sectors) are wrecking your pension and even replacing local police jobs.   G4S (remember them at the olympic by Lord Condon who chaired the Princess Dianna "accident investigation": they now park outside the bank declaring "we will take it from here" or police the DSS where you go to have your joblessness confirmed (just before you go and pay your poor person's bedroom tax and after paying income tax for 20-30 years before they engineered the economic "crash"  in 2007/8).  Check out who employs the security guards on the door.....if you find an Israeli MOSSAD agent shouting at them (or issuing them with automatic weapons) then read thisSecret Services Chief, PM or NATO/Israeli Army/Navy Commander to Private Security Business ££$$€€₪₪ .  PM David Cameron, PM Dr. Manmohan Singh (Indian leader where wealth divide is catastrophic) and the CAIRN/Bank of England/Bush Gammell cabal are all complicit with the shocking insider trading scams that are wrecking public and private-sector pensions and cheating decent investors across all continents because they have no products and the only employees are directors or a couple of financial services staff in a tax haven like the Cayman Islands or a privately owned island which you acquired from an impoverished Nation by avoiding taxes and fixing contracts/knighthoods for your children to stay and face the risksSir Richard Branson (Drugs & Virgin Tsar): grand larceny, tax avoidance, then dessertion island care home on Island of Necker.....far from the high speed contract negotiations).   LOOK up VEDANTA....all the criminals are smiling broadly as they steal from their jobless confused but loyal citizens......EVERYWHERE.  I am currently working on monarchies and associated CHARITIES/FOUNDATIONS and TRUSTS that make the concept of a global revolution by victims of these scams for way over 2000years....THEY THINK IT IS FUNNY (the call you and your children SHEEPLES, HUNGRY EATERS, P(h)EASANTS and they get you all wound up on trivial gender, theological and wildlife, ecological issues as they take everything back that you worked for and call it a National Park/or Reserve....where the elites just kill the indigenous peoples and any rare species because they know you are loyal and BLISSFULLY UNAWARE of this Lethal joke KNOWN ONLY TO THE ELITE INNER CIRCLE since Jews, Christians,Agnositcs and Pagans died in their millions in the first threed centuries ADFaking the New Testament: A masterplan for geo-political domination. The SMUTTY VERSION for those who like horror movies, barbaric sacrifices and X-rated sleaze.....only Kings Queens and Roman Emperors have been allowed to laugh at you up to THIS POINTDecoding the New Testament and Quoran Jokes .   It is not really funny if you just COUNT the DEAD and grieve every remembrance day  Reading and writing: Just one very profitable book! AMEN.  It is particularly sad if you are a quisling leader of your church/faith or you work for the treason sector (privately owned media interests all around the world)Reading and writing: Just one very profitable book! AMEN   The Barren Rocks of ADEN is played at JFKs funeral crime scene as the GLOBAL ELITES who killed him laugh at the 2000 year christianity joke THE GARDEN OF EDEN is actually the Garden of Aden see the images below 1964 when Kennedy's inquest (THE WARREN COMMISSION: hitlers codename in the ODESSA NAZI diaspora was RABBIT).  The Google map image of the route to the SUEZ canal and PRIVATE CORPORATIST GLOBALISM was produced by NOAA!
To join the super elite CIRCLE click is ever so SICK....The 2nd coming, the menstrual red poppies and the endless slaughter of innocents....THE "FUNNY SIDE"
All central Banks who should fund society and democratic initiatives/public services are now owned by private elites to steal from taxpayers globally. When anybody threatens this system, the money lenders created the concepts of assassination for a fee, UN mafia style policing and brutalizing the developing world to get democracy back into those private greedy hands.  So 50% of Britains households are now struggling to pay the bills and keep the home Mrs Thatcher sold them. Already, there are 85 applicants for every graduate job advertised.  From 2015 every graduate faces a lifetime in debt (over only 4 years of study), can never ever have a mortgage or a home of their own. According to shelter, 30% of Scotlands homeless are returning ex-servicemen (physically and mentally debilitated by gulf war syndromes, depleted uranium exposure or post-traumatic stress syndromes) because fighting for William Hague/Tony Blair (UK envoy to the Middle East)  is not at all like the computer game they use to keep your minds of real issues. The Syrian/Egyptian crises are being used as a diversion from G8 elites trading nuclear and chemical weapons to raise party funds and personal wealth.....and the fact that Britains politicians and even the Monarchy are super-rich because they trade in virtual corporations, shell companies, sovereign debt ponzi scemes and international money laundering through the IMF and the World Bank (who have sent its former executive Angela Kane, a German to find chemical weapons in Syria).  The whole thing is underpinned to ancient oaths of allegiance to the temple bar and the roman church which means the city of London is a lawless Island in the UK and that objective law enforcement globally is constitutional non-starter....the monarchy asks the politicians (the privy council & the middle temple) to judge, prosecute and pass sentence on their own unprecedented financial, economic and war crimes. 
At the time of writing  I have no political, religious, commercial or corporate affiliations.  I do refer occasionally to religious texts, moral codes/commandments and REVELATIONS in the Christian Bible seems like the ultimate prompt for positive change, at least to the "Christian conscience" See the ancient Religious GEOPOLITICAL master plan to empower the Roman EmpireFaking the New Testament: A masterplan for geo-political domination..  My revelations are all more down to earth: they are not confined to any one religion (I attend at least 3 different denominations every Sunday to understand the human condition), commerce, politics or economics but are a call for the attention of the 7Bn people who have a clear need to effect constructive and integrated policy change & to learn from the mistakes of the past (both recent and ancient).  The one big lesson I have learnt is that politicians, clerics and leaders in most sectors want to be popular and open but they insist on aggressively putting down their rivals, or anything that stands in their narrow traditional way (the aggression can be surprisingly extreme)!
KATY BOURNE & ALAN BEITH have bailed out of my Facebook friends for "reputational reasons"

If you are stunned and shocked by the corruption and violence and want a better future please get in touch: George Lees Facebook (just send me a decent and honest introductory message).  It is all up for grabs the winter of 2013, Michael Moore, my MP and secretary of State for Scotland was booted out of the cabinet (chartered accountant, Ponzi scheme denier,  and for a time, before he was exposed to accusations of criminality, head of the students loan company (bleeding English students dry) AND a proud leader of the "better off together campaign".  Cameron's people (George Osborne pimping for Britain in the far East....14th October 2013) are now letting elite migrants flood into the country as they begin to inflate the ethnic.....look who is taking your job now (or is draining our public welfare funds/social security funds because the fled pennyless from the EU or conflict zones targetted by UK foreign policy makers)  and the virtual terror campaign you see on the virtual news every weekend.....they want you culled in WW3Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes but they are aware of the firing squad threat that treason sometimes attracts.....the threat to you is that you let your children die for the same cause that took your parent's/grandparents lives in 1914-18 or 1939-45.  The enemy number less than 5000.....and the thinker is the rare species they fear the mostKILLING anything they can.....born to die or to commit genocide: the Club of 1001, the pilgrims society and the private owners of charities, trusts and innocent countries everywhere.

This project is unfunded but I am seeking work in other sectors

GL: 1st June 2012
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