Where are we now: Stringing it all together

The articles I have been collating recently explain almost everything that has happened in our technologically capable but twisted and corrupt world.
This went to investigative journalists who are trying to inform the world how easy it is to fix our problems and who the elite culprits are who keep the world in turmoil.
It was then forwarded to world leaders, global puppet media personnel and honest people who are confused and diverted by design.

Start to finish Seminal, Semitic, gentile, genocide, holocaust, war crimes, economic grand larceny.

George Lees <profgeorgelees@gmail.com>
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Read These, in this order, and THANKS for having the courage to reveal it.
Just keep naming the ringleaders as their citizens, investors get hungry, homeless and angry. 



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Dont get too excited about the cover up of TESLAS inventions that will fuel the world: out of Germany with Bushes & the Nazis. http://eyreinternational.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/the-new-world-order-part-3/  AND FIND GREG HALLETTS REVELATIONS before we all die for their cause.  I know all of you have suffered to get the truth out but REMEMBER the PSYCHOLOGY Really matters if martyrs are to be made to count

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Get at the local leaders and threaten them with the death penalty......I have seen the Secretary of State for Scotland (my MP), Stephen Hester, and so far two parish priests sent into exile because of what the 13 tribes (MOSSAD/MI6/KGB/CIA all on the same profiteering side is a masterplan) have done to their impoverished hosts....and Billions of historical Hungry eaters.



and be aware that it takes ALL SECTORS OF SOCIETY to play QUISLING ROLES in the funding, planning and execution of GLOBAL CONFLICT, GENOCIDE & MONEY LAUNDERING

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It is vital that DEMOCRACY removes the death penalty for National Leaders/Traitors.

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BUT Watch the Leaders and the PMs/Presidents/Monarchy particularly closely

They have triumphed since PISO launched the Christianity HOLOCAUSTS in time for Christmas in 79 AD.....and Vesuvius showed us the power of god (and again in 1945 when the war to end all wars showed them that they could continue with the cull for profit campaign)


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and you and I can make it pay for 7BN INNOCENTS