The Historical Facts WW1 & WW2

MAKING A SCIENCE OF IT This is shocking....there are only selected highlights of the strategies/key characters leading up to WW1 and WW2 and the shocking events that led to the deaths of millions of soldiers, civilians and poor people in death camps all around the world.  The coverage of the unashamed genocide (making a science of it and factories for it) is horrific.  It must never be allowed to happen again...but the author of this is an elite Jew...(a relative, living in Spain, of the 90 year old Shimon Perez: see comments "A cow in Palestine being worth more than all the polish Jews".  Culls and death camps are for poor hungry eaters of all religious beliefs.  The vast majority of surving Jews are actually Khazars (Askenazi jews and all Israel's PMs are from this stock...hand picked like US Presidents from money lending elite bloodlines).  So the World wars were just a platform for wealth divide, eugenics campaigns and much of the hatred was based on romantic fables about teutonic, norse, arian legends. Lets start with WW2 then work backwards in time.  It is 3am in the morning "XMAS eve" so I will just insert the pictures they speak for themselves.

These are triumphs for the New World Order...and almost all of the profiteers/elites/butchers escaped to other Continents to continue with the cull and become national leaders or even monarchs again  Holocaust, World Wars, Cold Wars, Palestine & EU explained ODESSA and Operation Paperclip: Historical Crimes..  I will put some pictures in but you can see why the Pathe news soundtrack has been muted for shame when you look at the videos that the triumphant occupying forces made all around the brutalised world. If you get bored by scanning down go straight to 1943 and see that it was not about expanding your territory, it was about making more space for the rich and famous in politics, religion, monarchies, dictatorships UNITED BY FASCISM and hell bent on raising the Spectre of socialism (and Cold wars) as soon as they were all out of their bunkers and into the safe pan-continental havens Globally. There are no pictures in the original must never be censored.

Very Few people get to share the spoils but here are some of the most influential.

We love to joke about it but it is chilling (see video below from the Monty Python team who laugh at not only Nazi's fleeing abroad but also the money laundering through Swiss banks in Basel (fawlty).  They have been allowed to ship out war criminals and national leaders onto all continents around the Globe and are now wrapping up their hands in preparation for another round in that game they call the final solution.  You need to learn from history and tell your kids about it quick.....I am doing all I can as 4 am looms and the gales howl outside.   

Safe Houses Globally: 80 million dead