Princess Di Batard by the Goldsmiths DESTROYS the big EARS illegitimate Windsor Line Hallett 5b

Lionel Nathan Rothschild King of Kings Prince William tiny Ears King Juan Carlos of Spain HRH Francisco Manoel Princess Consort Sophia Dianna Greg Hallett RIP Hidden King of England Sir James Rothschild Hon Frances Shand Kidd nee Roche.JPG

Nobody can know the real truth about world leaders BUT EVERYBODY AGREES THAT THE ROYALS ARE TOTALLY ILLEGITIMATE all by coercion, murdering, drug running and INCEST BIGAMY RAPE & prima nocte rights.

We start with Martin Bashir interviewing the highly stressed Princess Di.  If this story is true she was a Bastard and she made the Windsors totally illegitimate BUT SHE May have been coerced/forced/raped into pregnancy out of wedlock? Nobody is allowed to know. Di learned about Charles and camillas' bastard children bringing up aboriginal Kids in Australia and she proclaimed THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE IN OUR MARRIAGE.  So Wills was sired by King Juan Carlos of Spain and Harry is James Hewitt's son WATCH the PICTURES AS THEY POP  up.  So Mountbatten cost $100,000 to murder but  Hallett does not have the details of AIREY NEAVEs' murder in Westminster University College London (that is the Imperialist Uni I worked at in LONDON & the icon on that blue scarf I wear is THE FRENCH FLEUR DE by Manningham Buller from MI5 now.  The Charles & Di of ANJOU near VERDUN are also mentioned as cover (She the Fr lady Di is an expert on the PORTUGESE MONARCHY!!!!!).  But I am feeling lazy so I will just cite the murders the BASTARDS & the true PARENTS.   So the laws of succession were changed and backdated to 2011 after they got rid of Greg in 2012-3.  Greg exposed the massive war profiteering & that must not be allowed to happen again.  The changes were politically & sexually correct but none of the claimants are elligible.  So PRINCESS DI had the SPUNK to confront them and it was donated by lovers other than Charles.  Back to mass murderers/assassins/ASIAN heroine Dame Mgt Baisely & Peter Williams QC leading the mafia out of NZ. PM  Jim BOLGER of NZ was addicted to heroine and that is the SCHOOL RUN (Jamie Bulger murdered on the railtracks in Liverpool) for kids safety all over europe & the World when we went to NZ.  The MAFIA leaders worth £50M are Phil & HRHs aides and run the barbeque in the Palace.  The welsh Prince of Wales is not identified.  SO NOW THE PICS of the parents watch all their facial features & THEIR BIG/TINY EARS.  Di like the Speight family had sex on yachts (the Truelove joke) but NOT with their OFFICIAL Royal husband. So Harry is Hewitts' son and William is King Juan CARLOS' BASTARD....that is Juan Carlos who accidentally MURDERED his older brother at the same time as the EL CID movie was made.  Juan C word also married similar women Queen Consort sophia.  Charles LUGS are massive & even the YANKS thinks camilla looks like a NAG!!!!!  Simon Charles Day was Camillas son by Charles when she was 18 and he was 17. Day had 5 children by his lover Elvina Dorante but he was brought up in GOSPORT off the Isle of White (and he was given plastic surgery to keep the secrets secret EARS clipped and eye colour changed).  PRINCE PHIL the NAZI who has undermined UK and all of Europe since he arrived in the UK with a tenner in his pocket. The servant girl in Balmoral is now over 40 years old. So the laws of succession are worthless THE ENTIRE BLOODLINE IS TAINTED. So the MONARCHY is a BASTARD MAFIA op and so are the UK Constitutional Monarchy, the Crown Office/Law Courts, the Christian Oath and Queen Victoria was the first woman in world history to marry in virginal white....first child murdered by Edward VII in Twickenham & all the marriage to ALBERT the poof with the chain to prevent intercourse WAS BIGAMOUS.  I was an ALTAR BOY and was told that such behaviours are BAD but it is dangerous not tocomply as Juan Carlos' elder brother found out & Dianna too if it as not all false news.  THE HOUSE OF WINDSOR is now destroyed. Di is a bastard of the Goldsmiths and my video on the Goldsmith who is cover for Killing Kittens Kate the prostitute is just a cover for this.  The Clock face is shown as a joke about the 39 steps, Buchans and Lady Jane Grosvener is married to the Dawnays of Norfolk.  So dis mum Frances Burke Roche married Earl Spencer but dis dad was Sir james Goldsmith worth 1.5Bn even then.  I have no access to my children and no guilt on anything I have done in my marriage.   So the Goldsmiths marry Imran Kahn and the other sister is a dead ringer for Rachel Corry the pharmacist who was murdered by Israeli tank commander.  My wife was scorer at Sussex CCC and that is John Paterson's region where brighton Secs & Directors are HUGE money launders used by my wife's inlaws the SALTERS in Elton John's Watford and into the havens.  Pr Albert's chain is a male chastity belt THROUGH HIS Lionel Nathan Rothschild could sire all 9 of Qu Vics bastards.  Princess Viccy ended up on MULL married to the dukes of Argylle from the braveheart treason era.  Prince Eddy was an arsonist & the Jack the Ripper diversions meant he klived his life in GLAMS. Castle...and another victim was lobotomised.  Queen Vics Dr was under orders to remove Pr Eddys wife.  that is 1888 when Britains' army was in Khartoum on the NILE (means PISO too old name PISHON). ZULULAND is further down and becomes Lohnro & Lonmin 600 subsids owned by the crown TODAY. The rest is just the same:  Edward VII murders his brother Marcos Manoel.  Kaiser Wilhelm was head of British Navy in 1914 & Eddy was 40 yrs in Glams.  George V was a fake king & he married a NEGRO Queen Mary of Teck. The stammering King did not need tuition at IBROX at the Empire Exhibition 1yr before his stammering genocide declaration. Lord Kitchener changes the rules of freemasonry to undermine the monarchy.  So Kate (fatigued) and the queens  jewelry corporation tax evasion covers these tragic historical stories ALL OVER THE PAPERS & the KILLING KITTENS PROSTITUTION VIDEO is banned in many countries.   The POLIS & the murderous Judiciary in this story are now the bodygaurds for the BASTARD MAFIAS & Murdoch & Clifford THE MEDIA CIRCUS RINGMASTERS do the rest.  Pr Harry was pictured naked in Berlusconi's papers at the time.  Back to Prince Eddy (Dr Gull NOT FINGLAND ) ordered the LOBOTOMY.  Mary of teck the MULLATO had sickle cell anaemia but had to plaster the make up on to be a full ARRIAN master race member.  Then Mrs S the hermaphrodite comes into Edward VIII love life in Free Paris.  To sum up I expose the bloodline links to the Bible fraudsters the PISOS & the Pi Pi Pilgrim fathers THEN THE PRESIDENTS.....LAGOS the Rabbit is the St John Iago joke that becomes SANTIAGO in chile where the biggest earthquakes occurr.  Then we get onto the treasonous double agent Anthony Blunt & all the suppressed war crimes.  Then Greg talks about his destiny by meeting a royal claimant in Auckland. That is georgeVIs third son.  That is Hannah rothschilds Auckland (the Rothschild trust in Parland) & that is Hannah who admires Mandelson for his brutalising Iraq & the Afgahnistan under BLAIR's murderous regime.  we never get to the END but this is the text.  Princeton, Georgetown & Yale were all vents for the christian pilgrims.  QE2 and mgt were Churchill's batards and the stammering kings kids are sent to the colonies & merge in with the ANZAC war dead jokes THAt is Mr Bean the war correspondent for Gallipoli JOKE at hRHs London Olympic BOND opening ceremony to the CHARIOTS OF FIRE running on a Sunday Religious joke. 

SO THE IT GLITCHES by my surveillance team MEAN we do not get to the end of the story but all Hallets Text is here.  Those Email addresses at the bottom are not mine so dont be too outspoken as you order the now perfectly published books incase you get what the Real Greg (WHO NEVER MENTIONED the ANZAC war dead jokes about Mr Bean) got LIKE King Juan carlos's elder brother!!! PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT SMACK YOUR KIDS IT IS NAUGHTY like all wars revolutions and Genocides.....DONALD TRUMPS DIRECTOR numbers in wind power in >1000 Scottish PONZI scams are here Speculative Society (SS) Edinburgh: the template for globalism.

Hallett Report No. 5

‘Laws of Succession to the Throne of the United Kingdom’

The proposed Laws of Succession are an attempt to subvert the Legitimate Claim to the Throne

The Real Deal with Dr Jim Fetzer, 30 December 2012.

Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett exposes the biggest secret: 
the Illegitimacy of the current British Monarchy. 
Their current attempt to change the Laws of Succession is an attempt by the Mafia to keep their stronghold on the Flat Lie Royal Monarchy. 

But there is a very Real and True Royal Family.
Queen Victoria had a Legitimate Firstborn Son, and his descendants have the Legitimate and Superior Claim to the Throne of the United Kingdom. 

Transcript from the Interview on the 30th of December 2012
Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett, Jim Fetzer PhD

Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett, 
H.E., His Excellency:

I am alerting all the 
Commonwealth Heads of Government
that there is a Legitimate claim to the Throne
and that there has been a Legitimate Claim 
to the Throne since the 6th of March 1997.

And the British Monarchy has 
Obfuscated this from Public Discussion

Dr. Jim Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host on The Real Deal, with my guest today, one of the world’s greatest muckrakers, the author of some of the most controversial books of our time, now living in the UK to circumvent death attempts on him in New Zealand. It’s a great pleasure to have back on the show Greg Hallett. Mate, welcome back.

Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett: Thanks Jim. That’s great. This year 2012 was a very interesting year. I said that 2007 was a year of Cons, and the Cons have just increased and got larger and larger, until we have to look at what is the source of the Cons, and it appears that the source of the Cons is the Mafia, and that the Mafia has infiltrated all of the governments and all of the government departments. So what I have been doing is trying to correct this, and what I found is that the British Monarchy is fake – it is Flat Lie Royal – it is a Fraud – it is an Invention of Tradition. And the United Kingdom has not had a true Monarch since 1852. 
Buckingham Palace, The Palace, “Buck House” a.k.a. “The Firm” have given very strong indications, through their reactions, of a legitimate and superior Claim to The Throne of England. 
May 2010 I gave a talk and I had a few copies of The Hidden King of Englanddone, just like 20 copies and that was in Scotland, and there was a reporter there from a newspaper from London who was based in Scotland.


Then on the 2nd of July 2010, I delivered a copy of the book to Max Clifford & Associates in Soho in London. The idea was obviously to get it promoted and published. 
Max Clifford turned out to be a British Intelligence Agent who was covering as a PR Agent for newspapers, books, film, and he claims to have been the first one to promote the Beatles . . . and it appears that he got the book to Queen Elizabeth II and a plan developed to obscure the book.

The United Kingdom has not had 
a True Monarch since 1852.

So from July 2010 I would have had at least another 4 assassination attempts. There was a phone-hacking scandal running from about March 2010 in England, and Max Clifford on the 9th of March 2010 had been paid out 1 million pounds by Rupert Murdoch from The News of the World . . . and it appears that in England they have something like ‘The Queen’s Media Circus’ where the Queen has her Ringmasters where Rupert Murdoch and Max Clifford run scenarios where the newspaper people are actually the news and they create distractions.

The distraction that Rupert Murdoch and 
Max Clifford are running is that 
they don’t want the story to get out that 
Queen Elizabeth II is a fake and 
they want to keep her untarnished 
until she gives up the throne

So so far in this phone hacking scandal at least 50 people have been arrested, there’s at least another 100 police operations going on in related cases, and none of the true stories are coming out. And you know that the PR people and the Media Circus Ringmasters are running out of stories when they become the stories. 
So the distraction that Rupert Murdoch and Max Clifford are running is that they don’t want the story to get out that Queen Elizabeth II is a fake and they want to keep her untarnished until she gives up the throne.

Jim Fetzer: Giving up the throne to William presumably?

Greg Hallett: The Windsor Family giving up the throne entirely because they are a fake Royal Family. The Commonwealth Heads of Government had not been informed of the superior claim since the 6th of March 1997. So in making a claim to the Throne, we wrote a registered letter and sent it on the 24th of June 2010 to Prime Minister David Cameron. His office said that they maybe had it, and then they didn’t have it, and then I went and presented a copy of the letter with a covering letter to 10 Downing Street with them being forewarned on the 2nd of August 2010 and they refused to accept the letter. And then they advised me to post it from the Army and Navy Stores which is about 15 minutes’ walk away past Westminster and Big Ben. So we did that and we documented the whole thing. We have it on film; in fact if I do this:

10 Downing Street Gate Guard: “If you have a letter to be delivered, then you have to go through, umm, the process of going to the sorting officeat the back of the Army and Navy Store. We won’t take it here.”
Greg Hallett: “The back of the Army and Navy Stores.”
10 Downing Street Gate Guard: “Victoria Street.”
Greg Hallett: “Victoria Street. So I can deliver it there and they’ll deliver it straight here?”
10 Downing Street Gate Guard: “They won’t necessarily deliver it straight here, but it will go into the system. If no letter is expected.”
Greg Hallett: “The letter is expected.”
10 Downing Street Gate Guard: “Well it’s not according to our records.”
Greg Hallett: “Okay, so the back of the Army and Navy Stores in Victoria Street.” 
10 Downing Street Gate Guard: “Cahbot Street around the back of the Army and Navy Store Victoria Street.” [Cahbot st does not exist, nor any other street sounding like that]
Greg Hallett: “Victoria Street. Thank You.”

Screen message
“On the 2nd of August 2010, 10 Downing Street refused to acknowledge our previous letter and refused to accept our current letter. Since then, others have been recorded hand-delivering un-announced letters to 10 Downing Street.” 

Jim Fetzer: Yes.
Greg Hallett: They knew what was coming. They knew the True Royal Family had a Claim to the Throne, so 10 Downing Street was refusing it. And here I am walking past Big Ben …

Greg Hallett: “… and the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center – but I can’t get a conference with her. Although I represent the True King of England, she doesn’t seem to want to talk to me. I wonder why.”

Greg Hallett: Here I am posting the letter …
Jim Fetzer: Looking quite dapper I might say

Greg Hallett: “… to David Cameron Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street London SW1A 2AA with stamp. And here we have the covering letter. We posted it on the 24th of June [2010] and we have tried again to deliver it and it was refused at 10 Downing Street at quarter to 5 today 2nd of August [2010] and here is the original letter that we sent.So we are trying to arrange a meeting between the Exilarch King and Prime Minister David Cameron requesting that he notify Queen Elizabeth II that there is a legitimate challenge to the Throne. The time now is 5.30 pm on the 2nd of August 2010, Royal Mail, we are about 1½ km from 10 Downing Street.”

Greg Hallett: “And actually talking to 10 Downing Street security guards at around 11 pm that night. That’s all documented.”

Richmond Terrace, between 10 Downing Street and the Thames River, 11pm 2 August 2010
Greg Hallett: “The truth is always stranger than fiction!
10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “What are you actually up to?”
Greg Hallett: “We are just doing a holiday movie. Just mucking around in a suit, nobody ever does it overseas. So we’ve got the fantasy going that the British Royal Family are the wrong Royal Family … “
10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “You are probably right actually!” 
Greg Hallett: “… and that’s the premise of the holiday movie.” 
10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “You are probably very right though!”
Greg Hallett: “Yes. Well what we’re suggesting is that Queen Victoria actually had a child when she was fourteen (14) …”
10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “Right.”
Greg Hallett: “… and she was married to Blind Prince George of Cumberland who became King George V of Hanover.”
10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “Right.”
Greg Hallett: “And the child was born in Carlisle Castle. And I’ve been approached by a gentleman in Portugal who claims to be the lineal descendant of Queen Victoria’s firstborn son.”
10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “Wow!”
Greg Hallett: “So he’s got about 30 Royal Marks to prove it. So we’re not sure if we’re making a fantasy or we’re actually beginning a new Royal Family. But if we’re beginning a new Family, are we treasonous or them, or is treason out of the question or do we negotiate? “So I presented a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron today asking for a meeting between the Exilarch and Queen Elizabeth II to see what we are going to do about the transfer of assets because Buckingham Palace is rightfully his …”
10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “You won’t get a lot from him. You might have to go to the Queen because she is actually Head of the State.”
Greg Hallett: “Well, David Cameron and the Exilarch are actually sixth cousins.”
10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “Oh right.”
Greg Hallett: “As well.”
10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “Oh right. Because the Police here, we’re not employed by the government.” 
Greg Hallett: “Are you City of London police as well?”
10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “No we are Metropolitan Police.”
Greg Hallett: “Right.”
10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “All the police though, their boss is the Queen.” 
Greg Hallett: “Yes.”
10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “We are employed by the State, but not by the Government. So whoever comes into the government is not our boss, the queen is our boss.”
Greg Hallett: “The Queen is your boss! Well, I’m trying to get a meeting with her.”
10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “That might be tough!”
Greg Hallett: “We have been trying since 1997. She’s aware of the situation and she’s aware of the Royal Marks …”
10 Downing Street Lead Security Guard: “Probably won’t happen then.”

Greg Hallett to camera: “You’re probably right”.

It’s undeniable that we delivered 
the letter to 10 Downing Street 
claiming as the Rightful 
Heir to the Throne of England.

Greg Hallett: It’s undeniable that we delivered the letter to 10 Downing Street claiming as the rightful Heir to the Throne of England.
The important thing is, they had it by 30th of June 2010 and very definitely by say the 5th of August 2010. So then they studied it and realized that it was a legitimate claim to the Throne by the end of the month, 1st of September.
The British Royal Family tends not to acknowledge challenges to the Throne and the way you see a Challenge to the Throne is by their Royal Reaction.
And the British Royal Family’s Royal reactions are through births, deaths and marriages.
So the first thing they did was to instruct Prince William to get engaged to the Commoner Kate, and there was even betting at Ladbrokes about their engagement from about the 16th of October 2010.
And then they finally engaged, and then they were married and that was all a distraction.
And then I had various assassination attempts, I had the book printed and they absolutely stuffed up the printing, the pages were backwards and…

The Hidden King of England

Queen Victoria’s firstborn
legitimate son Marcos Manoel
was exiled to Portugal.
Queen Victoria gave him 
a chest full of Royal Marks
so that he and his descendants
can prove their 
Claim to the Throne.

The Hidden King of England

Jim Fetzer: Really.
Greg Hallett: Yeah, absolutely out of order. I’ve got it here actually.
Jim Fetzer: Perhaps you should have it had published abroad?
Greg Hallett: Well obviously I would now, but counting in order: page 108, page 166, 165, 164, 163, 162, 161, 160 …
Jim Fetzer: Oh that’s terrible!
Greg Hallett: 159, 158, 157 …
Jim Fetzer: How ridicuous. Clearly deliberate! Publishers don’t make mistakes like that by accident!
Greg Hallett: I know. And then right down to, counting down backwards page 111 meets page 167. I’ve never seen that before. I’ve never seen that much sabotage. So I got another print run and then they printed the color pages black and white.
Jim Fetzer: Really!
Greg Hallett: Yeah, and then they chopped the head off the book.
Jim Fetzer: You’re kidding me!
Greg Hallett: No no no! Four sabotaged print runs, and then in another one the pages fell out – no glue, or not enough glue.
Jim Fetzer: This is completely outrageous!
Greg Hallett: And then the guy who did the printing sold the building he was working in, but noone even knew he owned the building. So it looks like he was given a building for the book sabotage. (He also printed the Monarchist League bi-monthly newsletter).
Jim Fetzer: That’s terrible, that’s absolutely terrible! I mean it’s not nearly unprofessional; it’s clearly deliberate sabotage, no doubt about it!
Greg Hallett: Yeah, you can make a mistake once …
Jim Fetzer: I published a lot of books and those things don’t happen, they just don’t happen, Period!
Greg Hallett: Publishers are very careful. So what’s happened basically is that the Royal Family has absolutely confirmed everything that I have been saying that they are illegitimate and this has resulted from me presenting the book to Max Clifford who was a British Intelligence Agent, to 10 Downing Street, obviously the Prime Minister is a British Intelligence Agent, and that getting to Queen Elizabeth II. Their Royal Reaction has been to change the Laws of Succession to the Throne of England which is the biggest law change in 324 years.
Jim Fetzer: Greg Hallett is explaining the illegitimacy of the current Royal Family in the UK. Greg, you were explaining how for the first time in 300 years there has been a change of the Laws of Succession to the Crown.

Our claim to the Throne is so strong 
that they are attempting to change the 
Laws of Succession to the 
Throne of England 
going back at least to 1688.

Greg Hallett: Yes. So our claim to the Throne is so strong that they are attempting to change the Laws of Succession to the Throne of England going back at least to 1688 and maybe beyond that because they realize that going by the current Laws of Succession to the Throne of England there are new Monarchs of England.
Jim Fetzer: Surely even if they change the law now, that wouldn’t affect the fact that her reign has been illegitimate. I mean – they can’t change history. They have had an illegitimate reign here for some time now. Surely if they were to change the law, they’re doing this as an ad hoc measure to try to defeat the legitimacy of your claim, but it seems to me very dubious.
Greg Hallett: It is extremely dubious and they’ve backdated the claim to 28 October 2011. (Backdating is a favorite trick of Peter Williams QC). Now I tell you how that came about: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were doing a Royal Tour of Australia 19th to 29th of October 2011; and in that on the 28th of October 2011 Queen Elizabeth opened CHOGM which is the Common Head of Governments Meeting. That was a 2 day meeting that went from 28th to the 30th of October 2011.
The first thing on the agenda was the change to the Succession Laws, which had to be agreed upon by the Prime Ministers and Leaders of the Commonwealth Nations and their various subsidiaries.

Reporter: “The Bad Ones.”
Elizabeth II: “Their importance has always been in precise relationship
to their relevance, always being attuned to the issue of the day, and
always looking to the future with a sense of vision and practical action
to match.”
Reporter: “In other words, in classic regal understatement, she’s saying,
if you want this to amount to anything, you’d better get on and actually
deliver something. She also went on, and really her final words before she
opened it to, argh, make a statement, which was quite ‘Curious George’.
Have a listen to it.”
(“Curious George” was Tesla’s name for ‘George H. W. Bush’ (14) and his real history thereafter…

None of the Commonwealth 
Heads of Government, 
their Prime Ministers, 
were informed that there is 
a Legitimate and even 
a Superior Claim 
to the Throne of England.

Greg Hallett: And because the Queen was there, they all went “Yes!”. But none of the Commonwealth Heads of Government, their Prime Ministers, were informed that there is a legitimate and even a superior claim to the Throne of England.
Rather, Prime Minister David Cameron had gone around to all of the Heads of the Governments in the Commonwealth Nations and said to them: “We want to change the Laws of Succession to the Throne of England and we want to modernize them. And the way we are going to modernize them is we are going to allow older daughters to have precedence over younger sons and to allow Monarchs to marry Catholics.
And what they didn’t say was that only the children of the current Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, would be eligible for the Throne of England; and that negated our Superior Challenge to the Throne.

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince

Returning home:
‘Queen’ Elizabeth was born
above the Coach & Horses pub 
in Mayfair

She is the daughter of 
Queen consort Elizabeth 
‘The Whipping Boy’
Winston Churchill.

Lord Louis Mountbatten got 
her parents to sell her 
at a young age into marriage 
with Prince Philip, because
he knew about the Illegitimacy
of the British Crown.

Prince Philip and ‘Queen’ Elizabeth
payed for the murder of 
Lord Louis Mountbatten
via their agent in New Zealand.
The payments were made
10 days before the murder.

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince

‘Queen’ Elizabeth and Prince Philip 
are the notorious heroin traffickers 
behind the 
Mr. Asia Heroin 
Trafficking Syndicate.

Royal Drug Trafficking.

The Intelligence meetings 
and the Payoffs used to 
happen in Green Park - 
next to Buckingham Palace.

Reporter: “She also went on, and really her final words before she opened it to, argh, make a statement, which was quite ‘Curious George’. Have a listen to it. She claims to be quoting an Aboriginal proverb.
Elizabeth II: “We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love, and then we return home.”
Reporter: Now I think everybody in the room there read that as being a statement of mortality. The proverb relates to life and death, nothing more than that, the ‘returning home’ 
means to die and there is a sense that this is a woman in her eighties reflecting on her own mortality, on what what a life is worth . . .

Greg Hallett: And that negated the Superior Challenge to the Throne.
Jim Fetzer: Well, if it were adopted, and if it were actually legitimate under the Laws, I mean this is really quite a blatant effort to constrict any claim about prior illegitimacy. I mean, it is so blatant, Greg! How has the public responded to this, has it become an issue?
Greg Hallett: Well, the public is ignorant because the books have been sabotaged, I’ve had several murder attempts and I have been financially raided, actually by the Nazis . . . over the last 15 months. And I’ve been exiled out of my own country; I’ve been denied a lawyer etc. And now it appears that there is a massive drug deal going down which began with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s Royal Tour of Australia from the 19th to the 29th of October 2011, and here is how it went down:
Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are the notorious heroin traffickers behind the Mr. Asia Heroin Trafficking Syndicate that went down right through the 70s and resulted in a whole lot of murders including the murder of Lord Louis Mountbatten who was the person who arranged Prince Philip’s marriage to Queen Elizabeth, which was the extortion marriage of the century. 

Lord Louis Mountbatten found evidence of the true King and he used that on Prince Philip’s behalf to become engaged to Princess Elizabeth. And Princess Elizabeth was sold by her parents into marriage to cover up the illegitimacy of the British Monarchy. So Queen Elizabeth is essentially a human trafficking slave. And to maintain the front of the Legitimacy of the British Monarchy, she would do absolutely anything that Prince Philip wants.
Now Prince Philip has been filmed in a parade with the Nazis, which was actually a funeral parade, but Prince Philip is a Nazi and he is actually the leading Nazi in England. He is the head of the DVD, the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, which is the enemy within, for them the war never ended. So it’s the Nazis taking over England and the United Kingdom post World War II; and the biggest leap forward they ever had, was Prince Philip extorting a marriage with Princess Elizabeth.

And since then Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philips have done absolutely everything they can to destroy the United Kingdom; and that included putting a pedophile and child murderer, Ted Heath, in as Prime Minister from 1970 to 1974. And in 1973, he signed up the United Kingdom to the European Union and in doing so introduced 20% VAT, which is a TAX on everything and all of that money goes to the European Union. And that has been starving England, so that England is now just absolutely on its knees. It was a pub culture – over half of the pubs have closed down. It was a music venue culture – and over half of the music venues have closed down.
Jim Fetzer: That’s a cultural disaster, Greg!
Greg Hallett: It is! It is annihilation of a country, annihilation of a culture, and Prince Philip has used that influence through all of the Commonwealth Countries in an attempt to destroy those as well.
So then we had to look for a Nazi who is involved in pedophilia in New Zealand who was also involved in drug trafficking and murders and then perhaps even they would be Prince Philip’s Agent in New Zealand and that turned out to be Peter Williams QC. Because Peter Williams is a Nazi heroin trafficking murdering mass-murdering pedophile. Now he is leading the Working Group on the Laws of Succession to the Change of the Throne of England. Right.
Jim Fetzer: He is, is he now? When you say ‘Working Group’ does that mean the laws have not been yet been passed and the implementation is still in the works?
Greg Hallett: The laws have not yet been passed, the implementation is in the works and on the 28th of October 2011 at CHOGM at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip present, New Zealand was chosen to chair the Working Group on the change of the Laws of Succession to the Throne of England. New Zealand was chosen.
The highest ranking woman in New Zealand is Dame Margaret Bazley. Dame Margaret Bazley was the bag lady carrying the money and the guns for the murders, for the assassinations in the Mr. Asia Heroin trafficking ring which was run by Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth, and Peter Williams was running the Mr. Asia Heroin Trafficking Ring.

The public is ignorant 
because the books 
have been sabotaged, 
I’ve had several 
murder attempts 
and I have been 
financially raided, 
actually by the Nazis.

He was a lawyer and his client was Terry Clark who was the ‘on-the-streets’ head of the Mr. Asia Heroin Trafficking Ring, and he ended up living in Kensington, and he would have meetings in Green Park in the center of London. 
Now you’ve got Kensington Palace and you’ve got Buckingham Palace and joining those you’ve got Green Park, St. James’ Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Palace Park. 
They’re all joined, and the Intelligence meetings and the Payoffs used to generally happen in Green Park. 
Now Green Park was only a few hundred metres from where Terry Clark lived, and Terry Clark was Peter William’s client and Terry Clark’s girlfriend, Karen Soich, was Peter William’s junior lawyer. So it was a living position.
Peter William’s junior lawyer was the girlfriend of Terry Clark and they were living next to Buckingham Palace running the heroin trafficking.
Jim Fetzer: That’s really outrageous, Greg!
Greg Hallett: It’s incredible, isn’t it?
Jim Fetzer: And none of this could be done without the Queen’s awareness …
Greg Hallett: … or consent. Now I actually got all this information from a tip from a Security Intelligence Service agent who was actually the same person who had altered the files and he was an expert in photocopying or cyclostyling things so that you couldn’t really read the information. However you could still read it if you did things like hold it up to the light, you still got the impression of words and numbers. 
I managed to get these documents from the Auckland Law Society and then I laboriously typed them out and I found that by comparing two or three documents, which was actually to do with the striking off from the Law Society Eb Leary and Billy Boyd – George Williams Stuart Boyd, I managed to find out the payment schedules for the murders and this included the payment schedules for Lord Louis Mountbatten, on the 27th of August 1979 and also the payment schedule for Margaret Thatcher’s lover.

Now he was murdered the 30th of March 1979 and the payment schedule started on the 28th of March 1979. The payments for these murders were done 10 days before the murders so that Margaret Thatcher’s lover’s murder, Airey Neave, his payment schedule was not on there.

And just a little side detail: That was done because the Judge Andrew Speight who was in charge of it, had been compromised by the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) because on a yacht moored off Kawau Island he had found his wife having sex with a guy on the boat next door, so he shot the man’s arm off. So that is how the judge was compromised, and that’s how the payment schedule for Airey Neave’s murders went missing from the file.

But there was the payment schedule for Lord Louis Mountbatten’s murder, and Peter Williams, who became Peter Williams QC, who was Prince Philip’s and Queen Elizabeth’s agent in New Zealand, he financed the murder out of the money in his safe. But the payments were made 10 days before the murders. Little break, and get back on topic.
Jim Fetzer: Its very difficult not to be on topic, no matter what you’re saying.
Greg Hallett: So what we’ve got is Peter Williams who has funded the murder of Lord Louis Mountbatten, and we can probably do an entire show on the payment schedule for the murders, and how it went down and who was involved.
Jim Fetzer: I think that would be a very good idea.
Greg Hallett: I take that as read that Peter Williams funded the assassination of Lord Louis Mountbatten from New Zealand involving Eb Leary and Kevin Ryan – Xena the Warrior Princess, her uncle – he was a lawyer in New Zealand, living within 3 miles of Peter Williams, and he was actually the leading fundraiser for the IRA in the Southern Hemisphere, so he actually did the payment to the IRA for the murder.
So Peter Williams QC, the leading heroin trafficker in New Zealand, murderer, the number of murders is actually kept at the Trotting [not Jockey] Club, actually he has done 150.
Greg Hallett: So going back to the change of the Laws of Succession to the Throne of England.
Jim Fetzer: Yes.
Greg Hallett: As Lord Chancellor to the True Royal Family, my role is actually to change the laws, when necessary.

Prince Charles has 4 children,
but they are either not his 
or they are illegitimate.

So because Queen Elizabeth II has not been acknowledging our claim to the throne and has reacted to it through the Laws of Succession, we’ve actually, in that way, she has seceded to us and acknowledged that we have a Superior and Justifiable Claim to the Throne of England.
Jim Fetzer: I think that’s right. It’s such a remarkable event to be revising the Laws of Succession that for them to undertake and under these circumstances is an extraordinary admission of consciousness of guilt.
Greg Hallett: It is, absolutely is, well put. It is an extraordinary admission of the consciousness of guilt, yes.
Prime Minister had gone round seeing all the Heads of Governments beforehand to arrange the votes on the first session on the 28th of October 2011. They all voted for the change of the Laws of Succession to the Throne of England, they thought it was being liberal to allow the Royals to marry Catholics and to allow the older daughter to take the Throne above a younger son – but really it was about changing the Laws of Succession to only be the children of Prince Charles the current Prince of Wales.

The Unalikes - 
Prince Philip is not the father
of Prince Harry and Prince William.

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince

James Hewitt is the father of
Prince Harry.

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince

Prince Charles is not the father of
Prince Williams.

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince

King Juan Carlos from Spain
is the father of Prince William.

King Juan Carlos and 
Prince William married 
similar looking women.

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince

Prince Charles is the father
of Simon Charles Day.

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince

There is no legitimate bloodline
for the House of Windsor

And that brings us to the point where Prince Charles has four children, but none of them are his – they’re either not his, or they are illegitimate – and there are three (3) Prince of Wales.
Jim Fetzer: Greg, this is the perfect place for us to take our second break. This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal with our special guest today, one of the world’s leading muckrakers, Greg Hallett. We are discussing the illegitimacy of the current reign of the Queen of England. We’ll be right back.

Jim Fetzer: We’re discussing the illegitimacy of the reign of the current Queen of England, Elizabeth II, Greg please do continue. We were talking about their family and so forth, their children, none of whom were by Prince Philip [or Prince Charles]. Please continue.
Greg Hallett: Yes. So Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth’s primary Heroin Traffickers and murderers, Peter Williams QC and Dame Margaret Bazley, are the same two people that are running the Working Group to organize how the change to the Law of Succession to the Throne of England will occur in all of the Commonwealth Countries.
So it is a Mafia Operation, and the first thing that the New Zealand Working Group on the Change of Laws of Succession to the Throne of England did was backdate any decision made to the 28th of October 2011.
So they’ve done their best to ignore our claim to the Throne which has been going since the 6th of March 1997 and delivered by letter on the 24th of June 2010, and the 2nd of August 2010, and a lot of subsequent radio interviews and some books. They’ve ignored that, and they’ve gone and used their heroin trafficking murdering and mass murdering Mafia to chair the group for the change of Laws of Succession to the Throne of England.
This is confirmation that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are running the Mafia and are the heads of the Mafia.
Jim Fetzer: How broadspread is this Mafia, Greg. You’re talking about an international criminal organization?
Greg Hallett: Yeah, we’re talking about Prime Ministers. The Prime Minister of New Zealand doing the heroin trafficking, Rob Muldoon, he was Prime Minister from 1975 to 1984; he was a heroin trafficker and a murderer, and New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jim Bolger was a heroin user. I’ve actually got a photo of him with Prince Charles.
Jim Fetzer: So this involves MI-5 and MI-6 no doubt?
Greg Hallett: Oh yeah! If you actually look at the whole diplomatic core with the power that they’re given – the power of immunity – they’re actually running the drug trafficking, they’re running the human trafficking through criminal organisations.
Like the person who does the hog roast for Queen Elizabeth II, in her private garden, is a guy called Nick Winter – he’s told me this himself – he claims that his father is a Mafia boss worth 50 million pounds. So you’ve got the Mafia doing the hog-roast for Queen Elizabeth II, amongst all the so-called dignitaries. You’ve got to wonder how close their relationship is, and it seems to be ‘From hand to plate’, that’s how close the Mafia is from the Monarchy. What they fail to recognize in saying that only the children of the current Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, could inherit the Throne – they didn’t acknowledge that there is three Prince of Wales.
There’s Prince Charles who is actually a Fake Prince of Wales; there’s Francisco Manoel who is the True Prince of Wales; and he’s even acknowledged by a lot of British Ambassadors as the True Prince of Wales; and then there is the Welsh Prince of Wales.
And then we have to look at Prince Charles’ children. Now it’s well known that Prince Harry is not Prince Charles’ son. Prince Harry is James Hewitt’s son. And what’s not so much acknowledged is that Prince William is not Prince Charles’ son either. Prince William is the son of King Juan Carlos of Spain and they both married incredibly similar looking women. Princess Diana used to go on private cruises with King Juan Carlos and that was how she got pregnant to him.
Jim Fetzer: That’s fascinating. I mean, Harry looks so much like Hewitt that it’s really not a stretch at all, and it’s very interesting about William.
Greg Hallett: There’s Prince Harry there, and there is James Hewitt – so there’s no denying that.
Jim Fetzer: Yes, yes, I think that most of the public is aware of this. 
Greg Hallett: Yes, and part of the changes of Laws of Succession to the Throne of England was to bypass Prince Harry because it’s so well known that he is illegitimate. Here’s King Juan Carlos here with his wife Queen Consort Sofía, and here is Prince William with Commoner Kate.
Jim Fetzer: Considerable similarity!
Greg Hallett: She’s a zero, she doesn’t count for anything, she absolutely does not add anything. She’s not a Royal. She’s just the first person chosen as a fiancée in a reactionary engagement dictated by the grandmother Queen Elizabeth II saying to Prince William: “You have to get married, you have to get engaged within the next month to cover up this claim to the Throne of England.
Okay, so here’s King Juan Carlos age 24 in 1962 with Queen Sofía, whom he married. So she’s got thin lips, similar cheek bones to Commoner Kate, cheek bones and thin lips. They are just very similar people. King Juan Carlos and Prince William married similar looking women.
So they’re biological father and son and they married similar looking women.
Jim Fetzer: Very interesting.
Greg Hallett: Prince Charles …
Jim Fetzer: … Charles and Camilla – talk about a Commoner, talk about someone who doesn’t add anything – Camilla is just a disgrace. 
Greg Hallett: Well, yes, here she is with a horse – horsey-looking woman.
And they had a child in 1965. It was conceived on Camilla’s 18th birthday when Charles was 16 and his name’s Simon Charles Day, so he’s illegitimate, and that’s him there. So he looks very similar …
Jim Fetzer: Who is the woman he is with, not that it’s of any consequence.
Greg Hallett: That’s his wife.
Jim Fetzer: I see.
Greg Hallett: And they’ve got five (5) children before marriage.
Jim Fetzer: Five (5) children before marriage!
Greg Hallett: Yes, six (6) children before marriage, and one of them died, so they’ve now got five (5) surviving children before marriage.
But you see the similarity between Prince Charles and Simon Charles Day. So Charles had this illegitimate child with Camilla, which they refused to acknowledge, and he had his ears pinned back so they didn’t stick out like Charles, he had his teeth ground down so they didn’t look like Camilla’s, and he had brown pigment injected in his eyes so he looked like he didn’t have blue eyes, he has brown eyes.
Jim Fetzer: Really!
Greg Hallett: Yes, and he said it was like sandpaper rubbed against his eyeballs. His wife is a similar type of woman to Camilla Parker Bowles.
Jim Fetzer: Yes she is. It’s an odd looking photograph because of the reflection in her eyes.
Greg Hallett: So what you’ve got is biological children marrying partners similar to their biological parent. Prince William marrying Commoner Kate – she’s got a very similar look to King Juan Carlos marrying Queen Consort Sofia – very similar look, similar cheek bones …
Jim Fetzer: So do you think there is a genetic predisposition to marry a person of certain looks and so forth?
Greg Hallett: Well, there appears to be, yeah. Commoner Kate and Queen Consort Sofía, they’ve got a dozen things in their faces, similar nose, similar lips, similar cheeks, similar eyebrows, it’s incredible! Prince William and King Juan Carlos have exactly the same ears. It’s just phenomenal how close their ears are! And ears is one of the ways that you tell who your true parentage is.
Prince Williams’ ears are absolutely nothing like Prince Charles, nothing at all. Prince Charles has absolute wing-nuts, you know, they’ve actually been drawn of wing-nuts.
Prince Charles also has an illegitimate child with a servant girl in Balmoral Castle.
Jim Fetzer: Lot of hanky-panky gone on.
Greg Hallett: … born in 1968.
Jim Fetzer: Don’t they believe in birth control?
Greg Hallett: They were forced into changing the Laws of Succession to try and bypass our Legitimate Claim to the Throne and in doing so they said: “Only the children of Prince Charles can succeed to the Throne of England”, Prince Charles, the current Prince of Wales.
Now, Prince Charles is not the father of Prince William – King Juan Carlos is. Prince Charles is not the father of Prince Harry – James Hewitt is. Prince Charles is the father of Simon Charles Day who is illegitimate and has 5 illegitimate children and he has, I think it’s a daughter, with the servant girl in Balmoral Castle who is illegitimate. That child would now be 44.

Prince Charles is not the father of Prince William – King Juan Carlos is. 
Prince Charles is not the father of Prince Harry – James Hewitt is. 
Prince Charles is the father of Simon Charles Day (now 46 years old).
Prince Charles is the father with a servant girl in Balmoral Castle (now 44 years).

Jim Fetzer: Do you have photographs of her?
Greg Hallett: No. I was informed of it by British SAS. That was probably about 2010 I think. So in changing the Laws of Succession to the Throne of England, the British Royal Family have actually completely done themselves out of a legitimate successor. So they’ve actually destroyed the House of Windsor. (Big Ben rings once)
Jim Fetzer: So there is no Legitimate Bloodline for the House of Windsor, is there?
Greg Hallett: No!

There is no Legitimate Bloodline for the House of Windsor

(Big Ben rings another eleven times making 12 bells of Big Ben at midnight 2 August 2010)
Jim Fetzer: Fascinating!

Diana, the mother, is also illegitimate.

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince

The parents of Princess Diana are 
Hon. Frances and Sir James Goldsmith.

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince

Diana’s younger brother, 
Charles Spencer, below Diana, 
looks like his father 8th Earl of Spencer, 
who’s over on the left

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince

Diana with her half-sisters 
Alix and Jemima.

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince 
Diana and her half-sisters in the news.

Greg Hallett: Yeah I know, it’s fascinating! On top of that, Diana is illegitimate! The mother!
Jim Fetzer: Really!
Greg Hallett: Yeah! Here’s Princess Diana here, and that’s her mother there. This is The Honorable Frances Burke-Roche who married the 8th Earl Spencer. Now she’s the mother of Princess Diana, but if you look at Diana’s younger brother, Charles Spencer, who is below Diana, he looks like his father, who’s over on the left.
Jim Fetzer: Oh yes, there is considerable resemblance, yes!
Greg Hallett: Absolutely stunning, but Charles Spencer the younger bother, and Diana look nothing alike at all! There’s just nothing there.
Jim Fetzer: Yeah isn’t that curious.
Greg Hallett: But then if you look at Diana and her mother, The Honorable Frances Burke-Roche, she was known to have very close relations and a long-standing affair with Sir James Goldsmith who’s up on the next page with a chop of meat in his hand. He was worth about £1.5 billion, so he was very wealthy. And that is his legitimate daughter Alix Goldsmith there, and his other legitimate daughter Jemima Goldsmith who became Jemima Khan, she married Imran Khan.
Now these three here are all half-sisters: Alix Goldsmith, Jemima Khan or Jemima Goldsmith, and Lady Diana.
If you take Diana’s mother and James Goldsmith and mix those faces, you’ve got Princess Diana.
Jim Fetzer: Fascinating!
Greg Hallett: And Sir James Goldsmith even has the same sort of flashing eyes, the same hands, the same gestures as Diana, the same mannerisms and the same charisma. It’s even been written up in the papers: “Were Diana and Jemima sisters?”
Jim Fetzer: Oh really, it has been written about in the papers?
Greg Hallett: “Speculation about Sir Jimmy Goldsmith’ romantic life was popular topic in the British media. For example in the press there were a number of claims that James Goldsmith was the father of family friend Lady Diana Spencer due to his friendship with Diana’s mother and later with Diana.”
Even if William and Harry were legitimate, which they aren’t, Diana, the mother, is also illegitimate.
So you’ve got this massive amount of ongoing illegitimacy through the Royal Family. In fact, the Royal Family has been completely illegitimate since 1840!
It puts us into a very interesting position where they’ve avoided the Claim, they’ve reacted to it through the Change of Laws of Succession, and they’ve reacted to it in such a way, that they’ve actually done themselves out of a legitimate claim to the Throne.
From 1840, Queen Victoria married Prince Consort Albert, which was a bigamous marriage, and he was a homosexual who wore a Prince Consort Albert which is a chain belt round his waist and through the foreskin of his penis, so it was always vertical and he couldn’t conceive. So all of their children, all of the official nine children of Queen Victoria were actually conceived bigamously and illegitimately.


Through the Laws of Succession
they’ve actually done themselves
out of a legitimate claim to the Throne.

Jim Fetzer: Tell me about that gadget again!
Greg Hallett: The gays call it a ‘Prince Albert’.
Jim Fetzer: A ‘Prince Albert’!
Greg Hallett: It’s named after Prince Consort Albert.
Jim Fetzer: And its aim is to prevent intercourse?
Greg Hallett: Yes.
Jim Fetzer: So it’s kind of like a male chastity belt!
Greg Hallett: Yes. Prince Consort Albert wore a male chastity belt. So he did not father any of Queen Victoria’s children.
Jim Fetzer: And the reason for that was because of Albert’s …

160 years of Illegitimate Monarchy:

How Lionel Nathan Rothschild
usurped the British Throne.

He exiled Queen Victoria’s
firstborn legitimate son
to Portugal.

Queen Victoria, who was already 
married to 
Prince George of Cumberland,
had to marry Prince Albert, who
had to wear a ‘Prince Albert’ - 
a male chastity belt - so he could not 
sire any of her children.

Then Lionel Nathan Rothschild
raped Queen Victoria and
produced nine (9) ‘official’ 

Prince Albert was killed so it would
not be noted that ‘his children’ 
did not look l
ike him.

The Throne has been
usurped by Illegitimates
since Marcos Manoel, 
the Legitimate and Firstborn 
Son of Queen Victoria, 
was exiled to Portugal.

Greg Hallett: Well, he was a homosexual. But Lionel Nathan Rothschild (1808–79) fathered all of Queen Victoria’s 9 official children.
Jim Fetzer: So if there was a mixture with Albert, you’d have an odd lot, you’d have a child that wouldn’t look like the others, so you wanted a continuity of the male contribution to procreation.
Greg Hallett: Yes. So that was 1840, and then in 1850 cameras came in, so then the eldest child Vicky was then 10; and before she reached 21, Prince Consort Albert was murdered by ‘M.A.D.’ (Medically Assisted Death).
And they said it was Pneumonia, but actually what happened was, he had a cold, they put him in a bedroom, they left the window open, in winter, and refused to let him out of the bed. So he actually got Pneumonia and died. So that stopped Prince Consort Albert being photographed with the children that he didn’t look anything like.
And the real father Lionel Nathan Rothschild was known as “the king of kings” and he was funding the British Monarchy, most of the European
Monarchies, and many of the Asian monarchies.
Jim Fetzer: So he was the power behind the throne.
Greg Hallett: Absolutely! No question! Absolutely no question about that. It’s well recorded. It’s even the punch cartoons of the day called him ‘the king of kings’ and everyone else, all the other monarchs, were just puppets to him. So all of Queen Victoria’s official nine (9) children were illegitimate. And the eldest of those [Bertie, Prince of Wales children] was Prince Eddy (1864–1892-1933+) and he was an arsonist, and he set fire to two castles, and he was also the cause of the Jack the Ripper Murders.
Jim Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host on The Real Deal, concluding my conversation with Greg Hallett who is a muckraker extraordinaire.
He’s been exposing the Illegitimacy of the Royal Family and we’re about to discuss the true source of the Jack the Ripper Murders. Please Greg, continue.
Greg Hallett: Prince Eddy was the cause of those murders. He married a Catholic woman in a Protestant Church, or a Protestant woman in a Catholic Church, but that was the cause of her being lobotomised and the Royal Family actually faking his death. They actually faked his death!
Jim Fetzer: Did he have some sort of medical training, Greg?
Greg Hallett: It was actually Queen Victoria’s doctor [Serjeant Surgeon] under the orders of King Edward VII [when he was still Bertie, Prince of Wales].
Jim Fetzer: Who what, accompanied him when he committed these crimes? Tell me more about this. Why were these women killed?
Greg Hallett: They were witnesses to the wedding.
Jim Fetzer: Oh, witnesses to the wedding, now I recollect, yes.
Greg Hallett: And there were proposals of extorting the Royal Family (1888), which was then a fake Royal Family.
Jim Fetzer: And the woman he married was lobotomised and kept in isolation.
So Queen Victoria was separated from her son for 16 years, just under 16 years, so you know she was in deep pain for being separated from her firstborn son.
Queen Victoria had 9 illegitimate children. The oldest son of those became King Edward VII and he was bigamously born, because the second marriage was bigamous, and he was illegitimate, and he was a Tuesday Warlord – he was born on a Tuesday. And he organized World War I and World War II and he also organized the assassination of the Portuguese Royal Family on the 1st of February 1908 – killed the King and his elder son and then he murdered his elder brother Marcos Manoel on the 1st of April 1910, so it’s regicide. And he also organized the abolition of the Portuguese Monarchy.
He actually stayed with the Portuguese Royal Family in 1903 in Pena Castle, and observed the relationships there between the Royal Family and Marcos Manoel and then went about and murdered them. He’s the most disgusting character. That was King Edward VII.
King Edward VII had Prince Eddy who was an arsonist – so they faked his death in 1892. And he actually survived at least until 1933, living in Glamis Castle in Scotland, and they used that for extortion, because the Queen Mother Elizabeth who was married to King George VI, she was from Glamis Castle and the idea was that Prince Eddy would have the world’s longest bed and breakfast – it went on for at least for 41 years in exchange for one of them marrying the Monarch, and that was the Queen Mother.
King Edward VII died 5 weeks after he murdered his older brother, Marcos Manoel, and then King George V came onto the throne, and he was the younger brother of Prince Eddy, who had apparently died, but was still alive, so that was a fake kingship.
King George V was a fake kingship and he married Marry of Teck who was actually a black woman with a lot of makeup on.
Jim Fetzer: Was she light skinned?
Greg Hallett: She was descendant from King George III, and King George III’s father-in-law was completely Black and Queen Consort Charlotte, his wife, was half-Black. So the children that were Black and they wore a lot of makeup to cover it up. They were called Mulatos. So the Royal Family were Mulatos for quite a while.
Jim Fetzer: It must have been a hell of a lot of make-up, Greg! So you could call this white face – these were not White men with a Black face, these were Black men in a White face!
Greg Hallett: Yeah well they had sickle-cell anaemia, so that kept the color down! That was King George V.
After that was King Edward VIII who was actually never crowned, he was bisexual, largely homosexual, and he was married to a Wallis Simpson who was ‘gender non-specific’. She had both male and female bits. So he abdicated.
Jim Fetzer: Was she a hermaphrodite? I mean she had both male and female sex organs?
Greg Hallett: Undescended testis. So then King Edward VIII abdicated. Then we had King George VI who was actually retarded. He was one IQ point above retarded, so he was 67 IQ. He’s the one with the speech impediment, and he really had knocked knees, and he’s supposedly the father of Queen Elizabeth II.
Jim Fetzer: Was he the subject of the film “The King’s Speech”?
Greg Hallett: Yes he was, but he wasn’t actually the biological father. Before he was king, King George VI and the Queen Mother, Elizabeth, had a child that was a son that was epileptic and left to die on the Gurney. So they decided to not have King George VI do the breeding, and that was giving to another, and that other person was an illegitimate son of King Edward VII called Winston Churchill.
Jim Fetzer: Called Winston Churchill of all names!
Greg Hallett: So Winston Churchill was the biological natural father of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret, and that was actually done by artificial insemination, not by conception. And then Queen Elizabeth was actually born above a pub. She was born above the Coach & Horses pub in Mayfair.
Jim Fetzer: I don’t think that appears in her official biography!
Greg Hallett: She was born above a pub and the first person to look over her was a 17 year old homosexual who became the world’s leading treasonous spy – Anthony Blunt. He was going coo coo. So that was her uncle. And King George VI went on to have a natural son born on Christmas 1927 which under current laws would have actually made him the King, and he lived in Rotorua in New Zealand.
It was actually King George VI’s doctor, Baron Arthur Espie Porritt, he was Lord then, Lord Arthur Espie Porritt – who introduced me to him. So I had a private audience with him when I was about 5¾.
Jim Fetzer: 5¾ years of age.
Greg Hallett: 5¾ years of age, King George VI’s doctor introduced me to a King of England.
Jim Fetzer: Fascinating!
Greg Hallett: Yeah. He lived in Lewis House or next to Lewis House in Tudor Manor House at the corner of Hinemoa and Hinemaru Streets. That was at the entrance to the Polynesian Pools, and the Polynesian Pools …
Jim Fetzer: Under what circumstances did he arrange to so introduce you?
Greg Hallett: My father selling insurance, but it was a bit like selling coals to Newcastle because MI-6 runs insurance so well, when you try to sell insurance to another illegitimate Royal. His name was George Fitz-Ratimer.
Jim Fetzer: Fitz-Ratimer.
Greg Hallett: George Fitz-Ratimer, yes.
Jim Fetzer: Great name.
Greg Hallett: Yes. He was the son King George VI and Guide Rangi. So he actually should have been the King of England because he was the only natural son of King George VI, whereas Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret weren’t the children of King George VI.

Queen Elizabeth II: “We are all visitors to this time, this place. 
We are just passing through – and then we return home.”
(Illegitimate Queen Elizabeth II – Flat Lie Royal – Invention of Tradition).

Greg Hallett: And then she has the son with Prince Philip, resulting in Prince Charles, who hangs out with the paedophile Jimmy Savile, and who has sexual relations with his Butler. And then has a child, an illegitimate child with Camilla Parker Bowles on her 18th birthday, when he’s 16; and then another illegitimate child with a maid when he’as 18; and didn’t sire Prince Harry and didn’t sire Prince William. So you’ve really got a situation where the Monarchy is just so utterly and totally illegitimate.
Jim Fetzer: It’s biologically dissipated.
Greg Hallett: They’re just multi-generationally illegitimate, and not the Monarch, not the Monarch, and Queen Elizabeth’s illegitimacy was absolutely certified when she was crowned. She was not sitting on the Stone of Scone, so her coronation is invalid.

The Commonwealth 
Heads of Government 
need to fully understand 
this story before they can 
vote legitimately:

Queen Victoria’s 
legitimate firstborn son
was taken from her and 

She gave Royal Marks
to her only legitimate 
son Marcos Manoel
so that he and his 
descendants can
prove their Rightful
and Superior Claim
to the Throne of the 
United Kingdom.

So I’m alerting all the Commonwealth Heads of Government that there is a Legitimate Claim to the Throne and that there has been a Legitimate Claim to the Throne since the 6th of March 1997. And the British Monarchy has Obfuscated this from Public Discussion.
Jim Fetzer: I think it’s quite remarkable that they have clearly verified your claim, because in order to justify changing the Laws of Succession, they would not begin to undertake such an enterprise, which is so striking on its face, unless they recognize it was a Legitimate Bonafide Claim to the Crown that superseded that of Elizabeth.
Greg Hallett: So as Lord Chancellor to the True Royal Family of the United Kingdom, I’m stating to the Commonwealth Heads of Government that they need to contact me and that they need to fully understand this story before they can legitimately vote.
At the moment they have not been given the full story, they have been given obfuscation, they haven’t been given the facts at all, they haven’t been told that it’s really about ‘Only the children of Prince Charles, the current Prince of Wales, can inherit the throne’ when that’s absolutely an attempt to bypass all of our Knowledge, Claims and Evidence.
We’ll be presenting 30 or 40 Royal Marks given to us by Queen Victoria and by other Royal Families and by British Ambassadors which confirm the True Royal Family and that what the Commonwealth Heads of Government have voted on is Illegal, and it’s been run as a Mafia operation by Mafia people to continue a Mafia monarchy.
Whenever you’ve got an illegitimate Monarchy, it operates as a Mafia because anyone who has got the knowledge can compromise them.
That’s why the World is in the situation that it is, because we’ve had 160 years of False Monarchy. So people don’t even know what it’s like to be under a True King, who knows he is King, who has established that he is King, or Queen.
What we’ve had for the last 160 years is an entire manipulation to delay history for 200 years.
Jim Fetzer: Well, it’s really a stunning story, Greg. I can hardly believe it – the fact that they have been attempting to change the Laws of Succession however, seems to be about as stunning a form of confirmation as you can possibly have.
Greg Hallett: I was part of a radio interview on the 22nd of January 2012 on Camelot Radio. I didn’t say a lot because the main person was actually launching a book, so I just chimed in every now and then. But I did say that there would be a change of the Monarchy this year – and that’s happened first in an attempt to not make a change, but they are actually changing it, or trying to change it.
And second, in doing so, they’ve confirmed this story, and they’ve spent the last 15 years trying to deny this story, and they’ve finally come up with a solution that confirms the Legitimate Royal Family and have the Superior Claim to the Throne.


Jim Fetzer: Well Greg it is utterly fascinating. I’m very glad we’re going to continue this series of interviews. Would you like to give a summing up before we have to conclude this one?
Greg Hallett: So what I would like to talk about is the latest and greatest Royal Drug Deal.
Now Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth went on a Royal Tour of Australia on the 19th to 29th of October 2011, and Prince Philip wasn’t allowed to speak to anyone in Australia in order not to upset the applecart. Now during that time a drug formula was developed with massive products brought in.
It was developed in Australia. Prince Charles then came over, did a Royal Tour in the next year in Australia from the 5th to the 10th of November 2012, and then in New Zealand from the 10th to the 16th of November 2012. And in the month leading up to that, in October, the Hells Angels were given two (2) New Zealand SAS soldiers as protection and Hells Angels and another gang, the Headhunters, 10 to 12 guys from the Hells Angels and the Headhunters, with long rap sheets from their eyeballs to the floor, were sent over to Europe when they shouldn’t have been allowed to get into Europe.
Now the new Drug that is being developed in Australia is to usurp Methamphetamines and Heroin, and probably use part of the Afghan Heroin mountain. That drug, the products, and the agents for that drug came over from Australia to New Zealand as part of Prince Charles’ Royal Tour.
And at the same time that Prince Charles arrived or just a few weeks beforehand, the Governor-General of New Zealand, Sir Jerry Mateparae, cleaned up all the drugs off the street in New Zealand and created a dirth of drugs, so there’s no drugs. So there only now room in New Zealand for the New Royal Wonder Drug which is going to be exported from New Zealand with its fake, absolutely fake, ‘clean slate most honest country in the world to do business in’.
So the royal products for the drugs are coming in from Australia under the guise of the Royal Tour, coming into New Zealand, and they’ve been stored under the Auckland Architecture School. Now the Auckland Architecture School was built over old Army barracks and when the Architecture School started, they were called Brick Studio, Timber Studio and Metal Studio.
And under them is quite a large caven and that was dug up by Mainzeal in 2005, who were doing repairs to the Architecture School, to the building, and it’s also stored under the Arts Building.
And I spent 5 years, 1980–85, in that Architecture School Building getting a degree there.
Jim Fetzer: You did yourself.

The Illegitimates
have developed a new 
synthetic drug, which will be 
shipped by Owen G. Glenn. 
The drug is stored in the 
'Owen G. Glenn Building' - 
an Architecture School.

Greg Hallett: Yes, I did, yes.
Jim Fetzer: Tell me about the Wonder Drug.
Greg Hallett: It is a new drug. The raw products are coming from Australia.
It’s being manufactured in New Zealand. The raw products are currently being stored under the Architecture School building.
Jim Fetzer: So it’s not heroin, it’s not cocaine, it’s not something we know. It’s a new synthetic drug.
Greg Hallett: It’s a new synthetic drug, and it’s been manufactured in New Zealand with the Hells Angels getting two (2) SAS soldiers as protection to make sure that no one busts in and busts the drug deal. And those SAS Agents are supplied by the Governor-General, Sir Jerry Mateparae, who used to be the head of the SAS.
And the Governor-General is the primary Queen’s appointment. So we’ve actually got a Royal Drug Deal using the Governor-General and using New Zealand Government SAS agents, under the control of the Governor-General to protect the Hells Angels, to manufacture the drugs, and then it’s exported out of New Zealand on Owen G. Glenn’s shipping.
Owen G. Glenn is a great friend of Peter Williams QC, the heroin trafficker. Owen G. Glenn’s nickname is “The Mini-Me of Tax” because he worked in trafficking heroin in Monaco for Prince Rainier, and Prince Rainier’s nickname was “Tax”, because he used to tax the heroin.
Owen G. Glenn bought his silence by putting 7 million dollars towards the business school at the University of Auckland, and that is called “The Owen G. Glenn Building”.
Jim Fetzer: The Owen G. Glenn Building!
Greg Hallett: Yeah, and he’s a heroin trafficker and he uses his shipping line to do that. So he’s shipping the heroin, and because it’s coming from New Zealand, which is supposedly …
Jim Fetzer: You mean the new Wonder Drug!
Greg Hallett: Yeah. Customs doesn’t look hard at material that originates from New Zealand. They think it’s an honest country, but New Zealand is actually the country that trafficks the heroin. I’m not sure if it’s the most, but absolutely huge amounts.
They used to get the heroin from South America to New Zealand and then they would repackage it and then send it from New Zealand as a new product and it would not be discovered. So this new Wonder Drug is going to end up in Europe where there’s a dozen Hells Angels and Headhunters in Europe, and they haven’t come back yet, and they didn’t go with cover partners, and they’re setting up the bases for distribution for this new drug, and it is the New Royal Wonder Drug.
It’s actually run by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip – washed through New Zealand.
Jim Fetzer: Greg, I can’t thank you for yet another exposé, your reasoning is simply astonishing, I think if all the world knew it, it would be dumbfounded. I just can’t thank you enough for being here and I am looking forward for our next interview, which I anticipate will be very soon.
This is Jim Fetzer, your host on The Real Deal, thank you, my special guest Greg Hallett, a world class muckraker, for being here and all of you for listening.
Greg Hallett recorded 2 August 2010:


This is the time for great secrets to be revealed

Lord Chancellor of the Exilarch

The Commonwealth Heads of Government are required to contact 
Lord Chancellor of the Exilarch Bruno,
Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett
prior to any commitment to any Laws of Succession decision.

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