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Undeliverable: Fwd: The Vice President's 2013 Asia Trip

NZ Prime minister John Key always confirms receipt of my messages.  The Green party in NZ asked for my vote even as a returning resident back in the UK but they demanded 
to be removed from my mailing list see GREENPEACE, WWF, Club of 1001 land grabs all around the colonised world.
Taupo Library does not want open communication though.  if you want to read more about former NZ PM Helen Clarke's crimes/accomplices  then go hereNew World Order (NWO) Timeline: Black Forces at Work and HERE you will see why the world is unable to communicate openly See Key Characters Page above. Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes

TAUPO LIBRARY probably have an internet security system to protect them from terrorists in foreign government buildings

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Taupo dont want to be in the corruption firing line again....Please hold Helen Clark to account before the current NZ government becomes complicit in her CRIMES.
The honest people will not relent.

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THE HOMELAND SECURITY SCAM IS NOW GLOBAL and John KEY CONFIRMED RECEIPT of this Email earlier this morning (all the libraries in the Clutha Region, NZ Got it)

wd: The Vice President's 2013 Asia Trip

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Now that is a stunning coincidence.....that Rasmussen your NATO puppet failed to mention (on SKY Murdoch news this morning) when he told us that the UKRAINIAN protests were potentially dangerous (but that the fascist leader in Ukraine was going to China to talk to his gang of cowardly friends)and could lead to war. Angela congratulations on your re-election PLEASE make it count.  Kevin, dont know what they could do about you if Labour actually went to work for the working are all guilty of TREASON and the people now know why the death penalty has been canned.  The media leaders always get executed for their quisling/Gimli roles but your people are going to be really really angry when they catch up with you all.  The Uturn does not help you need to be popular with your electorates and your millitias need to be local before you are really safe.....its a bit like the RUBICON....the funding for effective homeland security could be in better hands and we all have a future.  John are relatively innocent but NZs people have a right to know what your predecessors did since 1961 (and what helen Clark and Putin did to keep the world in NUCLEAR fear for a huge political BUNG.

Coming at you like a runaway train.....YOUR OWN PEOPLE with a spirited informed response.  Alex Salmond these are huge crimes and the CLUTHA romantic movement will not save your soul or cover up your COMPLICITY.  Jim Murphy I understand the blood on your shirt and that you are not an expert...just an informed passer by (and like all UK and American parties you have friends in Israel (source Wikipedia))......THANKYOU for your BRAVE EVIDENCE  If you are an intensive care doctor/academic then remember the late Prof David Bennet (and the BBC's role in this) it will all be in the "Annals (no pun intended on the Billy Connelly, stand up working man CASE)  of history" and you need to be on the RIGHT SIDE soon.  

The Role of Scottish/Teutonic Romanticism and the power of propaganda is explained here (the appended PDF).  Sorry to take up so much of the time that you might be serving VERY VERY SOON.  Google (who went to North Korea with immunity are making the drafting of this Email difficult but open the appended Scottish Romaticism PDF which is right on the bottom of the Email...below the message from the White House....on the fascist meeting in China (which is trying to clean up its human rights record since the West and the communist millionaires took control over the tanks at tianemin....its almost poetic....Like Scottish, Teutonic, and Biblical/Talmud/Quoran text....but it is designed to cull decent poor people everywhere they worship celebrity and Privately Funded democracies from Auckland to Zimbabwe.

Sincerely Aware


YES THAT IS THE PROFESSOR JOHN HOOD who used to be the big boss at Auckland then Oxford University (where the no bombing zone was in WW2.....Elite Universities: Tragic Roles in GLOBAL CONFLICT )

The Clutha is a lovely peaceful river in NZ Scottish Romanticism & the CLUTHA incident but it is also a pub in Glasgow (very much in the news to hide grand larceny in Parliament Buildings, Central Banks and WW2 profiteering. John Hood is now the boss at the Cecil Rhodes Foundation (search for Eugenics meeting at the hotel Cecil in London attended by Churchill, Balfour and leading University Academics led by the Darwins and the scientific Royal Societies). but he has ever so much money at the Bank (with interest from what used to be a Nationalised Gas company that worked for its customers).  The BG Group can be found here with the Russell Group of Universities (who now give their students a £40-50K overdraft and a jobless future)  The Russell group are THE LEADING UNIVERSITIES in the UK.......into poverty for personal gainIntroduction: my local Council, my local & National Media, and the Universities where the students are now being robbed BLOCK ALL MY COMMUNICATIONS (explained below)   

NZ may not know where its enemy is and it is scandalous that good brave people have to flee for their lives from what Helen Clark created (see page above: NZ NUCLEAR & heavy water production at Taupo) and THIS LINK....  John Hoods University stripped Greg Hallett of his honest PhD in History like the Russell Group did to survivors of the Gadaffi Family.....who paid really dearly for a SAIF education.   So confirmation of receipt is vitally important for world leaders now to clear their name and start working for their innocent people, students and pensioners who made their crooked countries great.