Hallett Report 6b Kate Killing Kittens Brothel and Coercing Prince william ALL Illegit 163 yrs

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Sexual Coercion, Narcotics, Picking the Politicians & Paying the Bills for Pan Continental assassinations

First I introduce you to a shady character who has to pay dearly for his love life.....then we refer it to the POLICE and the MADAME who has become a PRINCESS by Selling the Prince's ROYAL SEXUAL SECRETS.....and she is a Middleton....best friends with the BOSS AT KILLING KITTENS the BROTHEL.   The Whole of the Hallett 6 dialogue from Greg and Jim Fetzer is published here so I will just summarise the BITS that shocked me.  The BITS are hanging out all over the sad saga & that gets you the KINGDOM with the help of "law enforcement" Globally.   A married Middleton fancied me at Thames Poly so I want you to CUM and walk the backstreets with me.  Killing Kittens is registered in REGENT STREET  07613827 Regular clients commoner Kates dad and Prince Phil with his cabbies cap and Kate's dad looking for action in what is a typically INCESTUOUS tale of the Royals bedroom habits.  The queen gets compromised by PHIL the deviant and the WHOLE WORLD & ITS WARS AND PROFITEERING GENOCIDES is run this way ratified by religion in the name of JESUS CHRIST who has replaced the one true god by Justin Welby.  The images of Kate in her prostitutes gear were released by Hallet and the new stuff was published by UK Column & the images produced of PRINCE HARRY in all the papers are a direct cover for my exposures of all the sleaze and DIVERSIONS.....these are the BATARDSS that are illegit for 163 yrs and I reveal the sexual coercion in French History too . That is  Foquart puppet master for de Gaulle & Pompidou with all the sins of all the French politicos right through WW2 & into the EU Globalism frauds. Russia and NZs story is told by Hallett and it is scandalously the same story GLOBALLY (SEX & NARCOTICS drive it along since CHINA lost the 200 yr opium wars).  Hemel hempstead also had a sex shop and my wifes stag night she got loadsa SEX TOYS....and the whole world is run this way!  I have not had sex for nearly five years and I did have a stag night I just stayed home & studied how the world works this way.  Killing Kittens is in Regent St & in rural Kent & I show the Middleton parents and the woman who runs it is Miss Emma Sayle.  I am so "PURE & Chaste"  that the whole story is difficult to tell!  But the Hallett version is all here https://sites.google.com/site/profgeorgeleesrevelations/greg-hallett-a-death-threatened-species-the-honest-historian/2015-censored-or-rip-greg-hallett-report-no6

BUT all the dialogue and images can be found here. I will just list the SHOCKING HIGHLIGHTS and the MURDERS FEES etc.  first though the persecution of the YOUNG ROYALS themselves by there elderly relatives that is Pr Charles as a Boy Prima NOCTE homosexual rape & same for Princess Sophi Rees-Jones but hetero constitutional rape.  So Just HEADLINES but NONE OF THEM APPEAR in MURDOCH's, Berlusconis or Conrad Blacks FREE PRESS. Because Kates coercion was explaine in episode 6a KATE WAS ALL OVER the PAPERS YESTERDAY. So Savile grooms the Kids for Pr Phil & Mountbatten & Phil runs the drugs with Churchill and Onassis.....& Middleton is in the oldest profession. Churchill is the queens' Princess Mgt's AND BILL CLINTONS dad!  ,Bodies are in graves around Sandringham.  So Sayle is like Rice Davis, christine keeler and my Wife....mrs Valerie Jane Lees (NEE Hancocks near the Sex Shop).  The Queen abdicates and declares she is just passing through but it sounds like a declaration that GREG HALLETT was just passing through!  Hallett talks about the suiciding of the nurse in London....just to let them know that HRH wanted Greg to know that the PORTUGESE who Greg was trying to displace them with were not going to be around for long.  The Mell Melba Mellon is the commonwealth story and Mel gibson, dame Nelly melba in Aus. The True King Marcos Manoel books were all dismembered by the publishers. GREGS exposures on the WAR Profiteering and Royal Illegitimacy (apart from the now dead Victorias have all been taken down). All the covers for Mikele on the Lothian Coast and his murder in G brown's Fife constituency. THE SCANDALS & RORTS have now continued for 3 yrs since Greg disappeared. The nurse joke is declaration that the real king was taken to the FOUNDLINGs locus in europe PORTUGAL (Basel Fawlty & Manuel the cover for this & the BASEL BANK). I think the Metatron is the structure for the 6 Jewish angels,front back left right and above, below in HELL!  Then the solomon Pagan Jerusalem MASONIC menace is explained..... the GERRY built Walls of Jericho Joke. Halletts quest to get the news out has close parallels to mine & he engaged the queen in 2010 and thought it being so public would keep him safe.....LIKE ME!  The Laws of succession backdated to Oct 2011 mean that Greg & I disclosing the Monarchy fraud & my divorce are the same stories AS COVER FOR THE TRUTH....the Cobham succession changes are just to creat a new DYNASTY OF MONARCHs led by the Prostitute KATE & Prince Phil Still. The text I am citing was a video but that only runs for 15s.  So they are illegit, sex traffickers, Murderous and Narcotics launderers and the last bit is the missing planes Diversions even by all my "friends" like ABEL DANGER, Bowden, Paterson et al are the cover for the NAVY, sonar Boys philips light tube COCAINE & Heroin trafficking run the triumverates & Phil the Greek, Lord Porchester Plunkett.  The other Dianna Babies are also batards like the younger queens babies. Harry son of Hewitt and wills son of Juan Carlos and Lady Di is alleged to  have chosen that option (she understood the Camilla story since Charles was 17) That is simon day & when dianna saw Days Aboriginal children in Aus she declared there are too many people in this family.  So the Religious, & Sexual emancipation is just Political correctnes AND IT MEANS we have a new KINGSHIP bloodline.  The helen Clark saga is now told cos NZ get to pick/endorse the succession scam.  END of YOU TUBE WORD LIMIT

Hitler was a cousin of Churchill & was trained in Tavistock in IRELAND up to 1920s.  All explained in the Rothschild siring chambers.  So since OCT 2011 Charles & Anne get jumped.   So Wills appears to be in charge.  But Philip the deviant is into boys girls and SNUFF (cocaine).  BECAUSE WILLIAM is illegitimate THE LINE OF WINDSOR HAS ENDED. The NZ cabinet run it so the CIA USA list the claimants .and advertise the changes.  Helen Clarke is a deviant too….Shaniah Twain now owns huge chunks of land while Clark THE VAMPIRE was in power.  She was a gang bang prostitute FREUD HILTON graduate Trained in St Petersburg and that explains PUTINS roles in NZ & the Russians in her brothels loved to gang bang her cos it gave them a sense of superiority.  They are also into NUKE scams. Michael King was murdered by SEAN ELLIAS…..Clake gets into UN dev agency….Launched the Bird Flu scare….she is now back in wellington NZ. King George V was son of Tsar Alexander of Russia & we get more murders using typhoid  and lethal prostitutes.  PUTIN runs the sexual coercion data on NZ.  The Tsar Rothschild Romanov who ran Hearts defrauding is explained by me.  So SEXUAL coercion is used by all govt & Money mafias.  Prince WILLS gets it from Kate & he is Illegit so the change the laws,  I explain Switzer who sections me then is replaced by an OOSTEVEN  007 in the Daily mail just days after  Switzer Fucked off.  So Prince Phil had Mountbatten murdered for $ 100,000 and Clark, Speight (a prominent brewery in Dunedin).  Eb Edward Poulter Leary, Auckland & District law Society & Peter Williams QC tries to murder Greg and ALL THE TRICKS THEY USE On me were deployed by the Judiciary in NZ BUT I KNOW that Williams got a horrible CANCER after Greg was disappeared.  So Greg cannot get A lawyer. Sian Ellias is murdered to a Max Clifford like NAZI.  The holy Grail & Indianna Jones Nazi Roslyn Chapel all make the story more & more incomprehensible.  So the schneiders (my first US girlfriend comes in) & SHE ELSA Schneider the actress IS NOW DEAD ……but she was a practicing WITCH.  Then Greg gets onto the ancient legal treaties and law enforcement SCAMS & the time shifts which were also used in the Christianity PISO fraud.  NZ is a vacuum outwith global governance like the city of London since the magna carta.  The Realm of NZ website is cited but NZ does not exist in a legal context so the JAPS can kill the whales and cannot be legally challenged….SO ALL THE TIME  they need toimeshifts & that becomes Dr Who and the DALEKS…..all jokes by the elites to cover up their stranglehold on everything and in the PISO fraud Jesus was born 79 years before the pISOs released the Bible A TOTAL FRAUD like the ROYALS that were the WINDSORS.  So we get a similar story about PLACENTIA NOVA SCOTIA off Canadas  East Coast…..so the whole ATLANTIC CHARTER is like the poems of McGinogle and nobody can change or contest anything meaningfully in LEGALACTIONS. We Close on Roosevely Checker children & the Birth of BILL CLINTON…..check out the F1 flag and kate’s JERSEY in the Killing Kittens releases from the UK Column news vent.   The rest of the story is on the page cited above on the Nazi Schneider murder attempts & ALL OF IT TRAGICALLY DEPICTS HOW CHAOTIC & DANGEROUS THE GLOBAL MAFIA IS….insider or outsider they will take you out or turn you into a psychiatric vegetablr if you try & intervene.  SO PIPPA Middleton give me a call …….that is the PISO Pi  (fanny vagina joke) and my wife worked for the solar PLEXUS jokers: it is indescribable but I will do everything I can to bring it down


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