Charles & Di of Anjou WW Waddesdon & the Bastard Blue bloods 160yrs Illegit KENSINGTON MURDERS Rifkind Chilcot & PM BOLGER Bulger Child murder HALLETT REPORT NUMBER 5a

Nobody can know the truth GLOBAL Chaos by design

More on Hallett's articulate revelations of the illegitimate BRITISH monarchy & all the sordid bedroom & BROTHEL coercion behaviours.  We start with Lady Di; s funeral  music.  We ended up profiling Halletts pathological consequences of meeting/talking with the Countess de Mello ( the practicing Witch who gave Greg Kidney stones)  & The INDIANNA JONES lookalike  for ELSA SCHEIDER the beautiful nazi.  I profile the Mellos being from ANJOU very near Verdun to the north of PARIS .  The actress who played Scheider (my former US grirlfriend & the French arms dynasty) was a DOODY and her husband a JAGIR (the mick Jagger joke about Lord McCartney of Liverpool & Mohamed Ali the Indian profiteer.  Later we present evidence that even Princess Dianna was a  BATARD but she got her own back as you will see by destroying the WINDSOR bloodline (one has no idea if her sexual infedility was enforced or was her decision). So we the Fortresse De Mello are 30 Km to the North of Paris (nr the De Gaulle airport and VERDUN).  The Chateus are magnificent ARCHITECT was a Distillaer Hippolyte (the PISO HORSEY joke and very close to the Chantilly HORSE MUSEUM and the massive stables). Hippolyte also built WADDESDON MANOR for the Rothschilds who rape and pillage to make 9 of Queen Vics illegit babies.  That is 163 years of british Royal illegitimacy.  The youngster I mentioned has served in the NATO armies and is now in a debt pool cos he has to pay University subsistence costs in our big cities £600/month for everything the parental generation got for free.  So we profile Charles and Dianna of Mello  N of Paris in Orleans (and this Di is an historian focussing on the Portugese monarchies).  So the NAZI actress is a DODI /DOODY and her 2nd husband died really young.  So Doody is Irish and the Countess De Mello cannot be traced on the internet.  But Kate Middleton coerced WILL (previous killing kittens) and my exposures of that include the lewd behiours of Mylie Cyrus (which is the Mello Fortress in N Paris).  Princess Dianna died a heroine for our country.  The woman that comes from blairgowrie DID indeeed come down from Blair Atholl and I now know her name and she is LOVELY (we chatted in Sainsbury's today). So the Mello castle is FLANDERS & Picardy and all the war dead jokes replayed....ROSES ARE SHINING in Picardy and DIANNA is the dead English Rose.  On and on it goes and see the images of Princes Di in Branson/Blairs company on NECKER ON MY WEBSITE.  So it is often false news but no one gets a safe and secure life CS it is all a MAFIA op.  The same ORLEANS region is where Joan of Ark was burnt at the stake.  So I now just let Greg & Fetzer talk Hallett Report Number 5.....they may both be coercion specialists too they share the Te Wit Te woo Arthurian jokes with George theVI in the stammering Kings final scenes & and black leather jacket/cigarettes......but he knows all about the royals and how chaotic & murderous they are. I then reveal why Donald Trump is being defamed because of his PONZI schemes in Scottish Windpower & then I let Greg reveal the monarchy frauds very possibly he is now in a shallow grave too.  He talks about Marcos Manoel the true king & MAX CLIFFORD who helped publish it as a SPY who forwarded the book to QE2.  Greg had 4 assassination attempts in 2010 & Clifford runs the queens media circus....the Newspaper Leveson scams are stories just about the media circus...ALL FALSE NEWS HACKING then remuneration ALL EXPOSED by me in recent videos.  So the Queen makes a speech which Greg interpreted as ABDICATIOn abou us all going home & Iinterpret that as the false monarch declaring you will be hit for having the temerity to reveal how we now own the ENTRE WORLD by running it as a GLOBALMAFIA   All WARS ALL SIDES for the relentless jokes we make eg at the London Olympics.  So Greg writes to HRH which got me SECTIONED behind SS locked doors.  Greg posts his letter on HRHs illegitimacy & all the police listen in and chat with Automatic Machine guns hanging off  their shoulders. Cameron & HRH are both referred to Halletts legit challenge to the throne. o hallette sent the leter on 2nd Aug 2010 around the same time I got booted out of BOOTS and became a FRAUD RESEARCHER.  The Legit child of Queen Vic was born in Carlisle Castle right next tothe restuarant where my wife knocked over the coatstand.....that is Blind Prince George of Cumberland and Teviotdale  BOTH FLOODED massively last weekend as an act of god. The British Royal Family respond by Births marriages and Wills was told to marry prostitute Kate (see links to Mylie Cyrus again on my website.  Halletts book was published in a dismembered state with all the pages mixed up....REMEMBER THIS VIDEO & report no 6 was made in fall 2012 then Greg disappeared for way over 2 yrs. So the ROYALS make the biggests law change in 320yrs. In 2011 QE2 went to Aus and they changed the laws of succession backdated to Oct 2011 JUSTLIKE MY DIVORCE as I publish the royal story Word by word.   SO THE HEADS OF COMMONWEALTH agree to allow only the children of Prince Charles (SEE NEXT VIDEO on Dianna & HER illegitimacy & her Childrens’ are bastards of James Hewitts & King Juan Carlos’.  Then Hallett talks about the Mr Asia Heroine trafficking in the 1970s and again post 2011.  Greg has all the truths on Lord Louis Mountbatten and his murder by Prince Phil THE NAZI DVD Deutsche Demecuszen enste….he extorted the marriage with Queen Eliz& launched UK into the EU and all the VAT (taken by the rich from the poor on every trade) scams were launched by UNELECTED HEADS of the constitutional monarchy.  So Hallett gets onto Peter Williams QC mass murdering paedophilic assassin & fundraiser in nZ for the IRA.  Dame Mgt Baisley ran the assassination bureaus with Williams and Terry Clarke who lived in Kensington with his live in lover Karen Soitch….ALL THE PARK in London are the shrubbery jokes about war dead and the MP for Kensington is RIFKIND who interlocks with Chilcott on the arms to IRAQ scandal SEE MY WEBSITE FRONT PAGE….then we get the HUM which is my wife’s live in position & MENTIONING the WAR (in the previous videos).   Then I explain how GREG explained the global narcotic trade, the missing planes and all the WAR LOCII based on the need to take over the last few central banks all around the war…….AIREY NEAVE was Mgt Thatchers lover and he died in Ms Manningham Bullers Imperial College hospital where I worked.  Andrew Speight (Speight the brewery and then the BOLGER NZ Prime Minister scams & NEWS DIVERSIONS).  Then the computer hangs  THAT IS THE KENSINGTOMNMURDERS and all the BULGER child murder paranoia that LEADS TO SCHOOL RUNS & PARENTAL PANIC Globally & this is what they rely on to keep the ownership of the world.  

The text on Doody and the Nazi HOLY GRAIL segment of Hallet 6 is below

And the Operations are an indication that:

  • Your work is true;  and
  • It’s been noted;  and
  • It has enemies . . . and the lengths those enemies will go to.

Jim Fetzer:  And those enemies are very powerful, my friend.
Greg Hallett: Yeah, it’s quite hilarious actually how powerful they are.   We’re talking about the World War Two Nazis and the Post-World War Two Nazis really having a good crack at me to see what they can engineer. 

Because I’ve said that I delivered the Holy Grail to Roslyn Chapel in May 2010, and probably revealed that in an interview probably about January 2011, in about May 2011 I started to get these Skype calls from this woman who looks exactly like Elsa Schneider out of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade which had Indiana Jones with the Holy Grail and Elsie Schneider trying to get it off of him. 
So she came up with the idea of a manuscript by the commander of Operation James Bond who is called John Ainsworth-Davis.  I was to produce the manuscript into a book and then she was to promote the book, get the movie rights and share the movie rights. 

The Nazi Agents Elsa Schneider from the 'Indian Jones and the Last Crusade' program sent in 2011/2012

I met her twice and both times I was sick.  I got sick the first time I met her, I had to be rushed to hospital within 24 hours, and I had kidney stones like you wouldn’t believe.  And I was on Morphine like you wouldn’t believe, and I was vomiting like you wouldn’t believe, I was in agony like you wouldn’t believe, and I was basically screaming down the hospital.  And the only other time I’ve had Kidney Stones is when I have been in the presence of a Nazi, which was Peter Williams QC, in Court.
The second time I met her I also got sick with Kidney Stones.  So she didn’t promote the book at all, not one bit, didn’t contribute to any costs, took 150 copies of the book, and then used the book as leverage to get the Movie Rights, and then stole the Movie Rights and left me with the book un-promoted, which cost me A Hundred Thousand Pounds (£100,000.00) and she said “Send me an itemised account”.  So I sent her an itemised account, it came exactly to A Hundred Thousand Pounds (£100,000.00) which was interesting.
Her name is Countess Laurence de Mello and she needs a public warning.  She’s a practicing witch;  she’s admitted this to me, she’s a practicing witch, and in her third marriage she married the son of the man in Argentina who supplied the land to the Nazis Post-World War Two.  He was the biggest supplier of land to the Nazis post-World War Two.  
So it was a Nazi Operation and it was organised by Peter William QC who is the Agent for Prince Philip, and organised by Prince Philip.
I ended up having an interview with John Ainsworth-Davis, who purportedly wrote the original manuscript, and very likely did, although he couldn’t produce a copy of the original manuscript.  
And this is very interesting:  he admitted, while I was there, I had a cup of tea with him, and was there for two hours and ended up having a gin in the garden, and he admitted that he was sexually abused as a child in Ampleforth College which is Catholic.  One of the things about the paedophile victims is that they end up having an enormous respect for authority.
John Ainsworth-Davis was run as an Agent, as an agent murdering, so he was a Public School Boy contract killer from the age of 15.   From the age of 15 to 21, he was working in World War Two, and in October 1943 he was sent in to meet Adolf Hitler, and he had the opportunity to kill Hitler but he couldn’t do it because Hitler grabbed him by the cheeks “How are you, my Son?” and that sort of stuff.  But because he was a paedophile victim, he had the utmost respect for authority, whether it was British or German, and that vastly affected the outcome of World War Two. 
He was present when Lord Louis Mountbatten introduced Prince Philip to Princess Elizabeth.  Prince Philip was 18 and Princess Elizabeth was 13.  He said that when he first met Prince Philip, they all thought he was a complete wally then, they thought that he was a complete dick, a total wanker.  But recently he’s come on side with Prince Philip.  So it appears that the entire book was also part of an Operation.
And indeed when I was editing the book, it was written like it was a Psy-Ops.  It was a Psy-Ops to edit. It was incredibly difficult to read and edit and follow, so it took an enormous amount of time. 
When Laurence de Mello was trying to get the movie rights, John Ainsworth-Davis’ agents actually signed other movie rights over in front of her, but not this one.  It was like this massive operation to waist 8 months of my time and A Hundred Thousand Pounds (£100,000.00).
Now when I first went to the hospital with the kidney stones – after meeting Countess Laurence de Mello, within 24 hours I was in hospital for two days, so I was on medication for pain – and I bought a Mercedes Van.
Jim Fetzer:  Hospitals by the way are dangerous places to be!
Greg Hallett:  I know!  But luckily it was the 5th and 6th of June 2012 which just happened to be the same days that Prince Philip was in hospital.  So it was arranged that I get kidney stones and be on morphine and be completely out to lunch in hospital for an assassination, but then the person who ordered the assassination, Prince Philip, was in hospital at the same time!  So that was fantastically lucky!
It’s interesting that the person who took me to the hospital was actually the Welsh Prince of Wales and he actually was very good, he actually slept in the chairs next to the bed and made sure I wasn’t attacked the whole time I was there.
Jim Fetzer:  Excellent!
Greg Hallett:  It was brilliant! 
Jim Fetzer:  I have known persons who were murdered in hospitals.
Greg Hallett:  It’s called the Liverpool Care Pathways where they just increase the mix of morphine and then just drift you off out into a state, and you’re dead. 
So I was in hospital the same time as Prince Philip.  I was still on medication, but shortly afterwards I had to buy a Van to distribute the books.  So on Gumtree I bought a Mercedes Van for Four Thousand pounds (£4,000) and paid for it through what appeared to be PayPal.  The Van never turned up!  So it was a Four Thousand Pound rort.  It was a rip off!  And then I found out that Gumtree is actually owned by PayPal.  I found that the person who was running the fraudulent Gumtree account had five accounts in Barclay’s Bank, simultaneously exposed as an incredibly corrupt bank.
And it appears that the Nazi Prince Philip has influence over PayPal and Gumtree and is running frauds, and as the Metropolitan Police serve the Queen, whose the wife of Prince Philip by ‘the extortion marriage of the century’, so far in the seven months that there has been a Police Investigation, all I’ve had is holiday reports from the Police – notifications when they are going on holiday. 
Jim Fetzer:  Greg, that’s ridiculous.  This is an electronic fraud and that will be the kind of easiest crime to solve.
Greg Hallett:  Yep.  Absolutely!  Not only that, they found the person’s address.  Rather than go there, at most a 10-minute drive, they had what appears to be an agent sniff around in all the neighbouring properties, but not in that one, to alert the person to leave.  And as soon as they left, they went and investigated, and found out that the person had left.  
It was all about losing money and losing time.  The idea with the “Final Mountbatten Report” written by John Ainsworth-Davis to Lord Louis Mountbatten was that it wouldn’t make any money, it would suck up a lot of time, suck up a lot of money and resources, and delay the main book which was “The Hidden King of England” and that the current British Royal Family is illegitimate.  And they wanted to delay things to have a Law of Succession Change from a place that is not a place, in a time that is not a time.
Jim Fetzer:  You’ve been through it all, my friend – unbelievable!
Greg Hallett:  So that’s my apology.  I’ve got about 5-dozen books or so that I hadn’t had time to re-edit and re-print to send to people.  It’s because I’ve been under a Psy-Ops operation which is just very clear – really for the last three years.  I produced “Hitler was a British Agent” in 2006, and then in 2007, I actually wrote and published four (4) books.  So from 2008 onwards the attacks have just really increased. 
Jim Fetzer:  Greg, in the last two minutes that remain, could you recommend to our readers and listeners where they could go for more information about your work?
Greg  They can listen to my interviews and see the books I’ve done and the book I am trying to re-edit and re-print, and the new ones that are coming out.
Now one thing in the last interview I was talking about the King book.   I was talking about how the print runs were sabotaged and I said that the pages were printed backwards, there was about 80 pages in reverse order, the head was cut off the book, the colour pages were printed in black and white, some were colour, and it was also printed on really low resolution, there was not enough glue so the pages fell out, but also they printed another set where the ‘blues’ were ‘pink’ and they blamed that on a power cut. 
Jim Fetzer:  Greg, this is so un-professional, you know, printers and publishers simply do not make mistakes of this magnitude.     It’s obviously deliberate effort to sabotage your work.
Greg Hallett:  Oh there is no doubt about that, and to delay it.  And I spoke to the True Prince of Wales about it, and he said:  “They are going to be exposed as a fraud anyway through the book, so why even bother with challenging the Laws of Succession.”
But I did say in the end of the movie in the last interview in Hallett Report No. 5, that all the Commonwealth Heads of Government need to contact me and listen to the story before they vote, otherwise they’re voting being completely uninformed and ill-informed and people in all the Commonwealth Countries need to contact their Heads of Government and alert them to Hallett Report No. 5. 
Jim Fetzer:  So let me re-iterate that everyone who wants to pursue this should go to, Hallett Report No. 5, to stay current and of course listen to these on-going interviews with Greg Hallett. 
Greg, I can’t thank you enough for coming on again to The Real Deal to present the results of your completely astonishing research.
Greg Hallett:  Thanks Jim, thanks. 
And the 28th of October 2011 was also one of the dates of the end of the Mayan Calendar and on that day I was standing on the Conquering Line in Europe with two others, working it. 
Jim Fetzer:  Jim Fetzer on The Real Deal, thanking my special guest Greg Hallett, one of the World’s great revisionist and historians, for being here, and all of you for listening.