Greg Hallett: a death threatened species (the honest historian)

I spent six years in New is a beautiful unspoilt place but Hallett has, at great personal risk, exposed how it has been sold back to globalised corporations and super rich elites.  Hallett is an astute historian with a superb intellect....he was selected by the world's controllers (the New world Order or NWO) to be the next prime minister after Helen Clark or the next governor general after Sir Ananad Satayand (the British Monarchs' representative in New Zealand, arguably the head of state).  Hallett was trained for these elite positions and then did the decent thing and began to publish the real horrible history of New Zealand and the rest of the supressed globe.  I have talked to him several times on SKYPE.  On one occassion in 2013 I asked Greg who owned the New Zealand Press....he laughed and declared "George nobody in New Zealand owns anything in New Zealand".  
NZ Govt and police hopelessly CORRUPTED: sexual and legal coercion & the judiciary/war criminal slant SIS Shian EliasQC; MOSSAD POISONING, PARENTAL Custody Profiteering INC, Paedophilia at the top of Government, Assassination Bureaus 
MOSSAD: every jew in the world is commited to feed Mossad; the twin towers DRONES were used Greg bit of the pace; Iraq Afgahnistan doomed, Hussein body doubles Bush AGENT SUPERGUN, Gerald Bull assassinated Brussels, Alan Clarke Actualite scam, UK Treasury mobilises £80 million (Mrs Ts signed the top secret exec order as last act in Politics), Rumsfelt privatises the Pentagon as they attack it.
5. Innocent NZ ("owns" its mountains beaches and SANDALS):Technology conspiracies...millitary experts know drones were used. MOSSAD controls Israel & America, Balfour, Rothschild POWER BASE WW2. Rothschild breed into monarchy and Third Reich. Hitler & Stalin train at Tavistock, George V has bastard child in Bavaria....999 road to hitlers nest BRAUN AM INN (no room at joke) birthplace. Trevor Roper typical historian. Body doubles. Ian Fleming helps Hitler escape...Holocaust 6 million jews; 26 million jews killed NO PROMISED LAND.  Family histories all globalised and in-bred. Obama, not citizen. THEN BIOLOGICAL CONSPIRACIES that take the attention of the Grand Larceny and ECONOMIC THEFT/ EUGENIC CULLS.   
6b Historical Crime Fixing Research (Stalin and Churchill in Sidney street body burning incident) Millitary exercise NON FICTION obfuscated. Stalin eventually poisoned by Churchill (WW3 to be initiated in Yugoslavia, 2 attempts) PMs Presidents Gangsters tiers of double agents as GENOCIDAL profiteers. Dad's army (fake weapons) culled in China/Japan, Stalin gets UN as reward for his TREASON/Brutality. INTEL operatives get a free lunch for deathbed confession.  2ic and 3ic at UN (Helen Clark) are both KGB agents. Russian Revolution was a Jewish Revolution. "Hitler was a British Agent" (560pages, 500 footnotes: 120 pages to referencing: Prof gets on radio & then promoted sideways to FILM STAR to shut the F up). Picked for wealth and fame. Bush gets laughed at but 2 million innocents dead in Iraq. Bush head of crime syndicate masquerading as Administration.  Washington DC night life. Histrians Dame Margaret(alias Lilian) BAisley...heroine trafficker/murderer gets PEERAGE to Shut the F up and destabilise all police watch porn. Corruption Nothing happens...Assault victims get Charged. $28Bn for Antartica: John Banks Tonis restuarants (transvestite/paedophilia....coercion of Auckland world's biggest crime scene by Radius.  
10. Hitler escapes 35m Submarine (flees to BAD AUSEE) Junkers pilotted by Hanah (then Boating trip with Ian Fleming in exchange for Swiss Bank Accounts. Lysander flight with Hugh Verity. Montseraat...SPAIN (Gardener Joke: another Ally assassinated). More Biology conspiracies JUST FOLLOW THE BLOODLINES AND THE MONEY Michael King Killed by Masonic and Crown Templar at HEAVENS REST 2004. DEATH OF HISTORY.....Mossad camp out in front of Gregs house.  Helen Clarke feminist in stockholm and St Petersburg Tavistock. Greg buys lunch for KGB after Berlin wall comes down but locals dont get paid (see Obama 90 day funding crisis 2013-14). University Professor tells you Bunk Hugh Trevor Roper becomes Barn Roper for writing FALSE HISTORY.
11. Lord George robertson (Heads Nato to traffick Heroin). Annette King Minister Policing/justice NZ...demand that local gangs create opiates markets. Obama false PROFITEER  Rob Emanuel (chief of Staff at whitehouse) One POWER BASE USA (Israel/Mossad see Kissinger all over this website). Why wait to implement your mandate...see Alex Salmond referendum THEY ARE PIRATE CAPTAINS of a BRITISH PLANTATION  (RUN BY ISRAEL). Based on sexual secrets...another book "THE SEX Collectors" (Paedophiles in Judiciary, carry most shame: but PMs and Presidents are sinful. US President Gerald Ford, who with the CIA & Goff whitlam, got Rupert Murdoch citizenship was the head of a PORN RING.  CIA take over Auckland: Bernie Madof funded $24Bn to sequester ANTARTICA and stitch up assetts all over AUCKLAND (see "NOBODY in NZ  OWNS ANYTHING in NZ" SKYPE conversation between Lees and Hallett).

So lets retell his story.....he escaped from New Zealand the day in 2012 that Auckland hosted the opening ceremony of the rugby world cup....when the local police were on bigger issues.  He had received many death threats, mainly from The Right Honorable Peter Williams QC.....who Hallett had revealed as the fundraiser for the IRA in the Southern Hemisphere and who appointed & paid the assassins of Airey Neave (Mrs Thatchers lover) and Lord Mountbatten.  If you use these search terms then you can read about Greg's persecution (he was strripped of his PhD by the university of auckland) and one by one his publishers foreclosed on him.  His recent communications with me have been asking for help with finding a publisher or in broadcasting the merits of his PDFs which can now be released to astounded readers as a "cottage industry".  Greg fled to the whore of London because of the death threats but also to bring forward the cause of the rightful claimant to the King of England (a descendent of  Blind King George of Cumbria) and queen Victoria's firstborn child when she was a teenager on the Isle of White.  Hallett knows the illegitimacy of the Windsor bloodline and he has meticulously tracked this back to New Zealand's current Prime Minister John Key who has been asked to intervene and help see through urgently needed changes to the laws of succession.  These would be reletively trivial issues but for the involvement of these monarchs and their bastard children in global warfare funded and planned by the Rothschild bloodline who sired bastard/incestuous children all over Europe. Euarope first then America, then all continents(excepting Antartica) where they gradually took over the issuance of money and now own/manipulate all central banks across the world, the OECD, the World Bank, the ECB and the merchant banks that they one by one conquered as suitors to global monarchs or leaders of the oldest democracies who are bound to private funding (with interest charged) on every public service or state-proposed initiative.  I find this PDF on feudal society, sexuality, deprivation, incest and the launch of political correctness following humanities mass transition to reading and writing shows how lucky we are to be born into the 20th century with all we take for granted.  The ownership of the world Hallett profiles so accurately unfortunately relies on the prevalance of evil behaviours, coercion and brutality/deviancy in most sectors, particularly at the head of government, law enforcement, the media and the monarchies.  The common people never get a life but that will change soon.Feudal Nightmare, Modern day Politics and the importance of reading writing displacing our swear word vocabulary.  

Lets start Gregs story in innocent little NZ where he worked so bravely to get the truth out.....his articles/texts/books are available in less than 50 public libraries around the world which is tragic.  But he releases the horrible history in enticing sensational chunks....he writes far better than me so I am just going to reproduce them verbatim.  
The segments below are Greg Hallett's own work: I know you may have great dificulty sourcing or archiving the original document: it is ever so embarassing for New Zealand, The USA and for the USSR/Russia.
The original PDF (segments of Greg Hallett's published book: New Zealand a Blackmailer's Guide) can be found here,%20low%20res.%2016.7.08/NZ%20A%20Blackmailer's%20Guide-%20C2-%20Nuclear%20New%20Zealand-%2016.7.08.pdf

Nuclear New Zealand
KGB agents Helen Clark & Margaret Wilson – early mission
Pge 13
New Zealand prides itself on being nuclear free and having no
history of nuclear capability, either in arms, power, production, or war.
It prides itself on being a peaceful country. This could not be further
from the truth.
Secret Service No. 1: “The protester-researcher Owen Wilkes wrote
an article in The Auckland Star[1]. The editors must have been sleeping as
it made it to the front page that the Wairakei Geothermal Power Station
was not for the production of power, but was built by the British Atomic
Energy Commission to produce heavy water for the manufacture of
nuclear weapons.
“The purchase name, price and date was established from the Title
Deeds Office which showed the British Atomic Energy Commission took
out loans of millions of dollars to build the Wairakei Geothermal Power
Station. Even the Scottish Chief Engineer was a British Royal Navy Officer.
“Because heavy water is now in obsolescence, the Wairakei Geothermal
Power Station does produce some electricity for the national grid, but
not comparable to its size. At the time of heavy water production there
were a whole series of strange and unusual events.
“The American CIA ran a quarter-horse stud on the Napier–Taupo
road called the Poronui Station which was way off the main road.
They were very protective about what they were doing and had a tenfoot
barbed-wire fence around their perimeter. You couldn’t enter
the property and even hunters were denied access. There were firm
instructions directed at the local aero-clubs and aerial top-dressing
pilots that it was strictly a ‘No-Fly Zone’. The Poronui Stud had a fairly
large airstrip which took planes that carried heavy water and flew
directly to Fiji and Guam.
“A couple of times American warships came into the Napier wharf
to pick up heavier loads. In the middle of the night there would be police
cars with lights flashing. There were Jeeps [2] in all directions, with army
[1]The Auckland Star was then competing with the New Zealand Herald.
[2]Secret Service, No. 1 said “Jeeps”. This was later corrected by another agent as: “The
US Navy used four-wheel drives the same size and shape as a Jeep, but different. The
marines also used this vehicle.”

Pge 14 
personnel carrying side arms, escorting the heavy water cargo onto
the American warships. The big army trucks would come down with
these incredibly heavy loads, two of which actually damaged the Napier
wharf. New Zealand was producing ‘heavy water’ for nuclear weapons.
It was producing almost all the heavy water for the Western alliance.
“The old Rangitikei Hotel on the Napier–Taupo Road had a big sign
up saying that it was the place for the trainee jockeys and track-riders
to meet at the pub. On three occasions I went down to the pub to have
a few hours off and each time I met with track-riders from the Poronui
Quarter Horse Stud. They were men and women over two metres tall,
with crew cuts who spoke in whispers, wore grey suits and were all 16–
17 stone (100–110 kg). Perhaps these were rare examples of Clydesdale
“No journalist ever questioned what the cargo was and if they did,
the press wouldn’t put it to print. New Zealand is the only ‘Nuclear-
Free State’ that fails to put to print it’s history of manufacturing nuclear
material. As well as ‘heavy water’, New Zealand also manufactured
detonators for nuclear bombs and Prime Minister Muldoon was set on
testing a nuclear power station in at least three different locations.
“I spoke to Tony Reid, the editor of the Listener and he said, ‘We
can’t do anything about it. I can’t even give you an explanation as to why
we can’t. It’s more than my life is worth’. No one ever published anything
about the American occupation of Poronui Station in Taupo.”

Page 15
Secret Service No. 2: “The bus drivers used to take tours around
the Wairakei Geothermal Power Station and they were under strict
instructions to watch out for people who asked too many questions like,
‘How many people work here?’ That was a bad question.
“On one occassion this Maori bus driver tried to wake me up in the
back of the bus.
MBD: “He said, ‘Hey boss, wake up, wake up’.
SS No. 2: “‘What, what’s the problem?’
MBD: “‘One of dem passeckners wos asking me one of dose bad
questions, and I said, I dunno, I’m just da buz driver. Go and ask dat
guy indee back of da bus; but you were asleep bro.’”
A little like New Zealand – asleep in the back of the bus.
Secret Service No. 3: “When the Americans had the heavy water
facility at Wairakei in the 1940s and 1950s they were getting phone
numbers supplied by New Zealand Post and Telephone Exchange. The
guy in charge of handing out the phone numbers was a communist
who had been in the Dutch Resistance and he supplied the Wairakei
Geothermal Power Station with the number ‘1066’. [Although some say
this went to Flight’s Camp, the SIS HQ set up close by.]
“The Wairakei Geothermal Power Station was a front for heavy
water production to be used for nuclear power and the production of
deuterium and tritium for hydrogen bombs. These were a thousand
times more powerful than the first atom bomb and were first tested
in 1952. Obviously the Dutch communist in charge of the telephone
numbers knew something.”
Secret Service No. 4: “During the nuclear scare, Kiwis were buying
houses in Taupo to be away from a nuclear blast, which they thought
would be aimed at Auckland and Wellington. The funny thing was,
Taupo was the only nuclear target the Russians had in New Zealand.
At least one nuclear weapon was aimed squarely at the Wairakei
Geothermal ‘heavy water’ power station which produced much of the
heavy water for the Western world.”
Secret Service No. 5: “But more importantly, New Zealand took
over the production of nuclear detonators from Norway in 1961. Norway
was producing detonators for nuclear bombs during and after World
War Two and they paid quite a heavy price in casualties. After World
War Two the Norwegians said, ‘A plague on both of your houses. Take
this shit away’, and they stopped production.

Page 16
“The Americans didn’t want the job as they’d be under attack, so
New Zealand held its hand up highest and produced nuclear detonators
in secret. That’s Walter Nash’s duplicitous Labour government for you
[1957–60]. He was charged with sedition in 1922 while fronting as ‘a man
of peace’ and producing nuclear detonators. No doubt he on-sold any
secrets gained to the Russians. But this also has a more recent history to it.”
Secret Service No. 6: “If you went up the hill towards Eastbourne
then took the alternative route through the gorse-covered hills to
Wainuiomata at the back of Gracefield, there was a sign saying ‘Nuclear
Research Facility’. This is where the firing devices for the nuclear blast
at Mururoa were made. New Zealand supplied the nuclear detonation
gear to the French via the British. Yes, it was New Zealand that provided
the detonation gear for the atmospheric nuclear tests at Mururoa Atoll
from July 1966, and for the underground tests from 1975.
“There was a big stink in the armed forces about the anti-nuclear
protests because they violated secret military pacts that went back years.
Labour wanted the military to act against the pacts and that’s why the
military decided to take part in the killing of Prime Minister Norman Kirk.
“The Labour government sent frigates to Mururoa to stop the
nuclear tests, but all they needed to do was cut the phone lines going
from the little shed halfway up Wainuiomata Hill, just north of
Wellington. The phone lines went straight from Gracefield in the Hutt
to Mururoa, and the blasts were denotated from the French Embassy in
“Labour’s protest was a half-arsed show protest and was primarily
aimed at gathering votes. Still, it was a contributing factor in getting
Labour’s Prime Minister Norman Kirk assassinated.”
Secret Service No. 7: “In 1981, the known gay and child sex abuser
Colin Moyle was re-elected to Labour and became the Minister of
Agriculture and Fisheries from 1984–90. He assisted the Russians
in placing submarine locator beacons for Russian nuclear-powered
submarines for a nuclear strike against America.
“Helen Clark’s anti-nuclear policy only applied to ‘American ships’.
Russian nuclear-armed vessels were never questioned.
“Such duplicity is consistent with those converted to an agenda-driven
ideology from a foreign country for non-national purposes, in exchange
for hiding their sexuality. This results in treasonous activities tantamount
to war – and that’s what we got so very close to – nuclear war from NZ.”

Page 17                                                                                                                      
The KGB in New Zealand had covers as obvious as
fisheries inspectors and cultural attachés when there
was no need for Russia to inspect fish, nor did they have a
culture present.
The current president of Russia, Vladimir Putin,
was a fisheries inspector in Wellington from 1980–82.
He arrived prior to Helen Clark becoming an MP [28
November 1981] and visited off and on for two years,
while maintaining a cover in East Germany.
I had the Auckland Public Library email the Russian Embassy on 7
May 2003 to ask them if Vladimir Putin had ever worked in Wellington
or been to New Zealand. They said, “No, but we get asked that question
a lot. The only time he has been in New Zealand was during the 1999
APEC conference.”
In Wellington he went by the name ‘Alexia Putin’ and he used to
drink at the Shamrock Hotel at 7.30 on Friday nights.
Secret Service No. 8: “I had a drink with the Russian cultural attaché
and asked him about Picasso and he didn’t know who I was referring to.
He was 6’7” and 20 stone [2.1 m and 130 kgs] and very fit. A group of us
went out rabbit shooting at the back on the Paekakariki and he had a 36
shot semi-automatic. There weren’t any rabbits so we shot down the hill
at an old can 80 metres away. Shooting down hill is very difficult and he
shot the can from the hip and then again twice in the air, all from the
hip. The Russian cultural attaché was an expert marksman who knew
nothing about culture.
“In the 1960s Ivanoff (an alias) bought a brand-new Zephyr Zodiac
and charged it to the embassy. He used to drive his Zodiac over the
tramlines in Wellington and on one occasion he hit two New Zealanders,
but there were no charges laid due to his diplomatic immunity, and
speciality. Everyone at Victoria University was scared of him, and rightly
so. He was at a party and threw a university lecturer out of a third-floor
window, ending his career by killing him. No charges were laid.”[3]
After Ivanoff came Putin, with his barrage of false names.
Secret Service No. 9: “Vladimir Putin had two body doubles in
New Zealand who used to take his place when he was away. The three
[3]This was only ever repeated voluntarily by the hyperactive, cult-status, student-hero
‘CJ’ in 1981, who then moved from Wellington to Auckland University.

Pge 18 
were known as ‘Valenti Putin’, ‘Alexander Putin’ and ‘Alexia Putin’,
with ‘Alexia Putin’ being the New Zealand name of Vladimir Putin.
They all drank at the Shamrock Hotel on Rintoul Street in Wellington.
All the world’s top spies were in Wellington. Wellington was the hot
spot of the Cold War and the Shamrock Hotel was their haven.
“The Security Intelligence Service had their office two doors up in
what looked like a dirty old, unpainted weatherboard, two-and-a-halfstorey
boarding house, but when you went inside, it was full of spy
equipment and they had the Shamrock Hotel well bugged. The spook
community used to meet there every Friday night and the people who
were supposed to be sworn enemies had a drink and got along together.
The CIA were the only ones who didn’t get involved. They were like
robots. Friday was a very focused and busy day for the eavesdroppers at
the SIS – it was when the world’s intelligence community came together
and came to them.”
Former Police Officer: “Spies also worked behind the door labelled
‘H.A. Perfect’ on the 6th floor of the AMP Building, with the lifts only
going to the 5th floor, and also at the office labelled ‘Ajax Meat Export
Company’ attached to the Manners Street Post Office in Wellington.”
Secret Service No. 10: “Vladimir ‘Alexia’ Putin was the cultural
attaché in Wellington [after Ivanoff] and he kept a routine alibi in
Eastern Europe. I used to take him ballet tickets and one day a gun
auction catalogue fell out of my bag and he said he’d rather have an
invitation to that.
Putin: ‘If I had my way, I’d put every ballet dancer up against the
wall and shoot the lot.’
SS No. 10: ‘What for?’
Putin: ‘For encouraging faggotry. Even the ones that aren’t queer
are ambivalent about it. It would save me from having to sit in the
audience and watch the stupid cunts. They have huge egos and they
flatter themselves, so that they even think us spooks are fascinated by
watching them leap around all over the stage.’
SS No. 10: ‘Valenti Putin found the Bolshoi [big] theatre tedious
and would rather have shot off a round of bullets from a gun, any
gun, no matter how old.’”
There are now [2003] four or five President Putins all working as
the President. Each Putin is selected according to the desired image to
be projected at that meeting. One looks more military, another more

Pge 19
benign, and another scientific. With his ongoing prominence, the
‘Media Putin’ has been restricted to one player.
Putin had three main tasks while in New Zealand:
1. Collecting the sexual proclivities of politicians of all parties;
2. Laying and moving submarine beacons so that their nuclear vessels
could accurately locate their position for a determined nuclear strike;
3. The deconstruction of Westerners.
As soon as Putin arrived in Wellington he demanded the sexual
profiles of all the politicians from all the major parties, and Helen Clark
provided many of these. Her last heterosexual relationship was in 1980,
during her junior lecturing days, with the ship’s officer Mike Lee who
was then married to the former ship girl Sandra Vercoe. Sandra Lee née
Vercoe had been working the ships from the age of 14, along with her
mother, and under her mother’s tutelage.
Helen ended her relationship with Mike Lee by throwing all his
belongings out the window and calling the cops. When Mike Lee arrived,
he found his stuff strewn all over the lawn and the police warning him
to stay off the property and he was not to approach Helen Clark. The
relationship was over.
To assist in the ongoing silence of this, Mike Lee was made
Chairman of the Auckland Regional Council (1992), known for its ongoing
failure to produce anything past B&B − ‘beaurocracy and any bedpal’
− especially environmental protection − slowing progress in the West.
Mike Lee’s former wife is Sandra Lee (1952−). To maintain her
silence she was made an Auckland City Councillor, an MP (1993), and the
New Zealand High Commissioner to Niue (12 Feb. 2003−3 Oct. 2005)
for a holiday in the sun on the world’s largest coral island, from where
she was fired. There were two reasons for this. Her Maori bodyguard
boyfriend kept hauling her out of diplomatic meetings and beating
the crap out of her; and as soon as it blew up a storm, admittedly it
was Hurricane Heta (300 km/h, 5 January 2004), she was out of there
and relaxing at her home on Auckland’s Waiheke Island while the 1800
islanders rebuilt the capital Alofi. It’s the only town really.
The previous High Commissioner to Niue was also hand selected by
Helen Clark. She was a lesbian and had instigated sexual relations with
her very young female maid. The maid’s father retaliated by stabbing
the New Zealand High Commissioner in the heart with a knife.

Pge 20
Helen Clark then sent the New Zealand police up to concoct a story
and they came back with a beauty: “She had been carrying the knife
from one part of the house to another, slipped, and fell on the knife,
stabbing herself in the heart.” Helen Clark then attended the funeral of
her one-time fisting buddy.
The same influence that sexual data has on local body politicians
is used on international politicians. Rather than be shamed and fired,
politicans are generally promoted, protected and ultimately controlled.
Collecting the sexual data on New Zealand politicians served Helen
Clark and Vladimir Putin well. Eighteen years after their ill-gotten
gains, Helen Clark was New Zealand’s Prime Minister and Vladimir
Putin was President of Russia. Both gained their new top roles in the
same month and year.
Vladimir ‘Alexia’ Putin became the President of Russia in December
1999, some 18 years after collecting the sexual data on New Zealand
politicians and overseeing the laying of nuclear submarine beacons
from Russian fishing vessels.
Secret Service No. 11: “When we watched these fishing boats,
sure enough, fishermen would get off, but so would intellectuals. Every
top KGB and CIA spy was in Wellington at that time (1980–86). The
CIA were offering huge money to the Russian fishermen to tell them
where they were laying the submarine beacons, but taking the bribe
would have meant the death of their families.
“At that time, when the West was still in its Cold War frenzy, a
nuclear strike was going to be launched from submarines because they
were not in a fixed location and therefore more difficult to attack, but
the submarines had to know exactly where they were, and that’s why
they needed the underwater beacons. They also liked our deep remote
waters and sexually compromised politicians.
“The Russians were tracking and finding where the American
Omega Grid Pattern was. The Omega Grid Pattern showed the
American submarines carrying the Polaris missiles exactly where they
were within a fraction of an inch.
“The Americans stated that Black Birch outside Blenheim was ‘a
weather station’, but it was a CIA base (still is) and was the control
centre for the Omega Grid Pattern and American submarines carrying
Polaris nuclear missiles in New Zealand waters.

Pge 21
“The American and Russian trawlers were finding each other’s
locator beacons and adjusting them a few inches to the left or right. The
Omega Grid was spread over the whole world and by knowing where
the finite markers were, they knew exactly where they were. This was
post-satellites (1957–58), but the satellites weren’t functioning very well
and the first satellite broadcasts only came about in 1980.”
Secret Service No. 12: “Cook Strait is very deep, as the German
commerce raider, The Wolf, proved in 1917 when it laid a huge number
of mines and all sunk in the middle of Cook Strait without a trace, never
to reappear. The shores around the bays from Palmer Head to Flax Bay
became populated with eccentrics trying to forget their pasts. One was
the WWII hero and poet, Denis Glover.”
Secret Service No. 13: “Although Helen Clark brought in the antinuclear
policy under the Lange government (July 1984–August 1989),
it did not prevent Russian nuclear submarines, only American ones.
Hence the Americans think of New Zealand as ‘Pinko’ and Helen Clark
as ‘a KGB operative’, and quite correctly so. The Americans call Helen
Clark ‘Red Helen’.”

MICK P [4] in late November 2004: “This is to            confirm that Putin was here twice in Wellington.
The Lermontov was one of his interests and he
was here to debrief and collect information from
a paid informant who was a member of ASIO
in Wellington [Australian Secur. Intell. Org.].
“During the Polaris submarine type thing
it became absolutely imperative to have a grid
pattern. You had to know exactly where you
were before you could fire an intercontinental
ballistic missile from the submarine, otherwise
you wouldn’t know what you were going to hit,
unless you knew precisely your position. There
were these fishing boats going around and the
Yanks were doing the same thing, and they
were fucking up each other’s markers.”
Author: ‘Ha, ha, ha’.
MICK P: ‘Ha, ha, ha. So they were quite
likely to aim at Moscow and hit New York’.
REF [4] MICK P is a ‘Member of the Intelligence Community Knowledge Pool’.

Pge 22

Author: ‘Ha, ha, ha’.
MICK P: ‘Ha, ha, ha. That’s one of the reasons why it never happened’.
Author: ‘Ha, ha, ha’.
MICK P: “Ha, ha, ha. That’s an oversimplification, but that’s basically
what they were doing. Okay, well, I’m going to have a cup of coffee’.
Author: ‘Come over if you want’.
MICK P: ‘I’ll be over your way later today’.
Vladimir Putin’s official biography is somewhat different from what
actually occurred and this is standard practise for a spy, and for all of
Russia – a liar’s paradise.
Putin was born in 1952 and graduated with a law degree in 1975
from Leningrad. He then joined the KGB as a spy in East Germany until
1989, after which he became the Deputy Mayor of Moscow (1991) where
he encouraged Western investment in joint-ventures. He remained a
spy, and in 1996 joined the government. Two years later, in 1998, he was
appointed Head of the Federal Security Service (previously the KGB; the
FSB was named by the British) and became Head of Russia’s Security
Council (March 1999), making him the most powerful person in Russia.
With questionable improved freedoms, Wikipedia now (June 2007)
states: “Putin’s paternal grandfather, Spiridon Putin, had been Lenin and
Stalin’s personal cook . . . Putin graduated from the International Branch
of the Law Department of the Leningrad State University in 1975 and
was recruited into the KGB. Putin                                                                  
was a member of the Communist
Party from University until it was
banned in August 1991, as part of
America’s US$60 billion payout to
end the Cold War.
“In 1976 Putin completed KGB
training and in 1978 completed
further foreign intelligence training
in Moscow, then served in the
First Department of the Leningrad
Directorate (Foreign Intelligence)
until 1983. [It was during this time,
1980–82, that he was in Wellington
as a fisheries inspector and cultural attaché.]

Pge 23

“From 1983–84 Putin studied at the KGB High School in Moscow
and was then appointed Mayor of Moscow.
“From 1985–90 Putin was stationed in Dresden in East Germany.
After the Berlin Wall came down and the East German regime collapsed
Putin returned to Leningrad/St Petersburg in June 1990 to work with
the International Affairs division of the Leningrad State University,
reporting to the Vice-Rector.”
Just as Russia was using its universities as an intelligence-gathering
front and training Western students as double agents, the same practice
was going on in New Zealand, and the New Zealand exchange student
to Russia, Helen Clark, was teaching at Auckland University training
students to think like Russians.
“When the KGB supported a putsch against Mikhail Gorbachev,
Putin resigned from the state security services on 20 August 1991
[This was to distance himself in case of failure, a Zionist trick if ever
there was one. It meant that, win or lose, Putin was to become the new
president, with clean hands, if not now, then later.]
“In May 1990 Putin was appointed Mayor’s adviser for international
affairs. On 28 June 1991 Putin was appointed head of the Committee for
External Relations for the St Petersburg Mayoralty focusing on Joint
Ventures. Alexei Miller, the current CEO of Gazprom, served on this
committee and became Deputy after a year, 1992–96 [fulfilling one of
Putin’s roles – as a Zionist].
“By 1992 Putin was being investigated for exporting US$93 million in
non-ferrous metals [precious metals] in exchange for food from abroad.
The food never made it to the city. The Legislative Council then
recommended Putin be fired, but nothing came of it [because Putin was
a Zionist] and Putin remained Head of the Committee for External
Relations for another four years.
“Putin was also involved in money laundering with German
investors [read ‘German Jews’]. He was on the advisory board of
Immobilien und Beteiligungs AG (SPAG) which was investigated by
German prosecutors for money laundering.
“Instead of being prosecuted and demoted, Putin was appointed
to additional political positions and new political positions were
created for him. In March 1994 he became the first Deputy Head of the
Administration of the city of Saint Petersburg.

Pge 24
“From 1995–June 1997 Putin led the St Petersburg branch of the
‘Our Home Is Russia’ political party, which supported the incumbent
government, instead of challenging it. When Putin opened a conference
with a long 20-page speech, 16 of those pages were copied [5]. [The last
100 years of Russian politics have been a big lie, and Putin, having been
trained and retrained by the KGB, was a prolific liar and plagiarist.]
“On 15 July 1998 Putin was appointed ‘Head of the Commission for
the preparation of agreements on the delimitation of power of regions
and the federal center attached to the President’, during which time
he made no agreements. The previous Head, Sergey Shakhray, made
46 agreements. [Putin was setting up his fellow KGB, Mafia and Zionist
agents to take over these positions.]
“Ten days later (25 July 1998) Yeltsin appointed Putin ‘Head of the
FSB’ until August 1999 [the FSB is ‘the KGB used to be’].
“On 1 October 1998 Yeltsin appointed Putin to Permanent Member
of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. Six months later he
was its Head (29 March 1999).” [6]
Such rapid promotions revealed both Putin and Yeltsin to be
Zionists. Yeltsin had become compromised. He had been stealing billions
of dollars and asked for Putin’s help – ‘Se[x]curity’. Yeltsin approached
Putin for help covering his frauds and Putin became the Head.
“Yury Skuratov, Prosecutor General of Russia, had been
investigating Yeltsin for some massive frauds [amounting to
around US$1.5 billion].
“On 17 March 1999 a video of a man who looked like the
Prosecutor General Yury Skuratov was aired nationwide on
State-controlled Russian TV. [It was a classic KGB tactic.] It
showed the man naked in bed with two young women.
“Twelve days later, on 29 March 1999, Putin was made the
Head of the Se[x]curity Council of the Russian Federation.
“A few days later (April 1999), FSB Chief, and Head of the
Security Council of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin,
and Interior Minister, Sergei Stepashin, televised a press
conference discussing the video footage of the two women
with the naked man who looked like the Prosecutor General

Ref s
[5]Clifford G. Gaddy, senior fellow at The Brookings Institute: “16 of the 20 pages of
Putin’s speech were copied either word for word or with minute alterations from a
management study, ‘Strategic Planning and Policy’, written by US professors William
King and David Cleland.”
 [6] Heavily paraphrased from Wikipedia to make it more readable.

Pge 25                                                                                        

of Russia [shown just prior to Putin’s promotion].
“Putin claimed that expert FSB analysis proved the man
on the tape was the Prosecutor General of Russia and the
‘orgy’ had been paid for by persons investigated for criminal
offences [Yeltsin and his peers].”[7]
Thus Putin killed two birds with one stone – probably more actually.
Putin squashed the investigation into political corruption, thus fulfilling
his agreement with Yeltsin, while at the same time getting rid of the
crumbling alcoholic Yeltsin, removing the moral right in investigating
his own corruption, and inheriting the position of President of Russia by
the end of the year. Yeltsin finally handed this over on 31 December 1999,
the last day possible, and went the way of the booze and faux memoirs.
All Russian presidents are corrupt. It’s what they do,
it’s what they are, and it’s how they are trained.
By the end of 1999, Putin was such a profound and prolific Zionist
(giving away Russian resources to foreign investors, mafia, etc) he
regularly visited the Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky at his villa
in Spain. On 15 June 2000 The Times reported that Spanish police
discovered Putin illegally [read ‘secretly with unpatriotic intentions’]
visiting Berezovsky on up to five different occasions in 1999.

[7] Heavily paraphrased from Wikipedia to make it more readable.

Pge 26
By August 1999, Vladimr Putin was heir apparent to the presidency
and on New Year’s Eve 1999, he became Acting President and Prime
Minister of Russia, 26 days after Helen Clark.
Putin’s meteoric rise was due to his ability to appear ordinary, kill
unnoticed, make veiled threats believeable, control the media, and give
everything external investors wanted from Russia. This was emphasised
during his heavy-handed show campaign that destroyed Chechnya,
and the murder of around 100 Russian hostages in Moscow’s Bolshoi
Theatre, October 2002.
Four weeks after his protégé Helen Clark, Vladimir Putin got into
power by an interesting means. Yeltsin came to Putin in need of cover
for his billion-dollar fraud on the Russian people. Putin arranged for
a body double of the Prosecutor General to be filmed in an orgy, still
appropriate for Russian TV, then stated that FSB experts had found it to
be genuine. This was a honey-trap without the Prosecutor General even
aware he was ‘getting laid’.
The case against Yeltsin then crumbled and Yeltsin made Putin
President of Russia on the last available day, without being shot or
exposed – 31 December 1999.
The alcoholic Yeltsin was someone else’s handyman. He was a
useless drunken folly who had little take on politics. His only take was
on the naïvety of the Russian people, and how easy it was to take them
for a ride with Mafia and Zionist backing.
Russia has been a Mafia state since Trotsky and Lenin were in the
highly organised and preordained 1917 October Revolution – the Jewish
takeover of Russia. The British-trained Jewish-fathered Stalin lurked in
the background. This was repeated with Putin, as Putin is another Stalin
in waiting.
Stalin was also a Zionist. He was the son of Baron Edmond de
Rothschild and the brother of Chairman Mao [8].
Vladimir Putin became the President of Russia in 1999, some 18
years after collecting the sexual data on New Zealand politicians which
allowed Russia to take over New Zealand via social policy.
Helen Clark became an MP on 28 November 1981, and became
Prime Minister on 5 December 1999, exactly 18 years after providing

Ref [8]See Gifting the United Nations To Stalin, May 2007, pp. 276–77.

Pge 27
some of that sexual data. The two used to meet at Wellington’s Wharf
No. 3 in the wee hours of the morning and they discussed the means
by which they would launch a nuclear strike on Taupo – New Zealand’s
heavy water manufacturing facility.
It is beginning to look more and more like Bill Sutch was a wellpublicised
distraction. In intelligence you don’t know how you are going
to be used. There is often no integrity, but the general rule is, ‘the further
down the path of lack of integrity you go, the more you are promoted’.
This follows the traditional Jewish lore of ‘Pimps and Hoes’.
In Wellington, the go-between for Helen Clark and Vladimir Putin
was a female activist. Her diary was found by her father in 1982 and was
read by two people (including an area Party leader), before being passed
on and passed off as burnt. (I think I bought his car.)
The diary contained arrangements for Helen Clark and Margaret
Wilson’s clandestine early-hour meetings with Vladimir ‘Alexia’ Putin at
Wharf No. 3; to the agreed plan to remove white males out of positions of
power which served both factions, the lesbians and the communists; and
the sexual data and drug habits of politicians on both sides of Parliament.
Manipulating sexuality for political reasons was called “sexcommunism”,
or “gender communism” to the intellectuals. It encouraged
paedophilia and crime-creation and would therefore gain the support
of the gay and lesbian community, high finance, the judiciary, the
police force and religion – especially Roman Catholics, Anglicans,
Presbyterians and the Salvation Army.
It is typical that the heads of sexcurity and information become the
leaders of countries. Information competes with military might as the
dominant power, and when the two combine, you have an entrenched
government with international Mafia-Zionist links.
Vladimir Putin and Helen Clark share some basic KGB intelligence
training. Their timeline and positions are a perfect match.
In August 1985, The South Pacific Nuclear Free Treaty was signed.
In 1987 The New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone Disarmament and Arms
Control Act was signed with David Lange declaring New Zealand
‘Nuclear Free of Arms’ and Helen Clark (and Margaret Wilson) adding
‘Free of Nuclear Power and Nuclear Powered Vessels’. This isolated
New Zealand’s intelligence and economy, and in the intervening decades
no Nuclear Weapons were used, but a heck of a lot of trade was lost.

Pge 28
When this issue was under discussion within the Labour Party, a
round robin went out for the authoritative reply. They rang MP Richard
Prebble’s house and Margaret Wilson was lying on the couch having a
rest with her leg off (she’s an amputee). Richard Prebble deferred the
question to Margaret Wilson and Margaret replied: “Nuclear free of
arms and power.” [9]Job done.
Thereafter American nuclear military vessels were kicked out of
New Zealand waters, ending ANZUS, the Australian-New Zealand-
United States military defence pact, and any trade alliance between
these former allies. New Zealand was now under economic attack.
Russian nuclear submarines, nuclear ships and spy vessels have
been allowed into New Zealand waters without question while nonnuclear
American ships were questioned. New Zealand had been duped
with the assistance of subliminal television advertising, politicians
silenced with threats of revelations of their abundantly fringe sexual
profiles, and a prime minister (Lange) who was compromised by sex
with transvestites − since murdered.
British intelligence rang me in July 2002 and told me the Waikato
River was radioactive and made so by Muldoon’s secretive nuclear
plant on the Waikato River (of which the details are sketchy) and cheap
radioactive fertiliser imported from around Chernobyl after April 1986.
This seems more accurate, and it has since leaked into the underground
water table in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, and hence the Waikato
River. When the Germans came to test the water quality of the Waikato
River for pumping to Auckland as 10% of its water supply, their first
question was, “How far upstream is your nuclear power station?”.
From mid-2002 ‘Project Waikato’ got under way with 50,000 cubic
metres of radioactive Waikato River water pumped into Auckland every
day, with the goal that 150,000 cubic metres of Waikato River water will
be available to Auckland by 2015. With so many compromised double
agent political leaders in the Western 5,10 the goal of governments now
is to kill their own citizens by attrition, poison included. Slow acting
poison is one of their favourite methods.

Refs [9] Margaret Wilson was appointed Attorney-General by Helen Clark in 1999. Since then
New Zealand has not had a justice system, but a ‘Just Us’ system.
 [10] Western 5: America, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand – all culturally
bound Western countries with a common Anglo-Saxon cultural heritage – now under
attack through immigration.

Pge 29
Slow-acting poison includes spraying for the Painted Apple Moth
(July 2002–May 2004). The moth had supposedly just arrived and was a
threat to “urban, native and commercial trees”, but one was captured and
framed for display in the Henderson Museum. It has been there since
1931. The spray is now causing muscular dystrophy, birth deformities,
and early deaths. The MP in charge is the homosexual child sex abuser
Chris Carter. The chemical was Bactur 48 LC, and the active ingredient
was Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki (Btk).
Then there are the chemtrails. New Zealand is a test country and
chemtrails have been going since 1961, well before they became popular
in other countries. These have continued into 2006 with American B-52
bombers flying over New Zealand at night and spraying toxic chemtrails
and a variation of the Bird Flu, laid every March, and taking hold every May.
Rather than exposing paedophiles, thus cleaning up the government,
paedophiles have been continually promoted and the police have been
instructed not to charge any paederast MPs. As a result, paedophiles
fight tooth and nail to become MPs, or encourage their spouses to do so,
thus ensuring their non-exposure . . . and a double agent government.
New Zealand truly does have a communist mafia government (CMG).
The Cook Strait Trawler Wars
America and Russia were in a joint venture together in the Trawler Wars.
Their goal was to spread the Cold War and create a need for their existence.
This involved secrecy about their joint venture status.
American trawlers were playing submarine music from speakers
below their boats and the Russian trawlers were travelling along behind
picking it up, as they were required to do. This meant that the Cold War
went wherever an American trawler went and the submarines followed:
« US trawler « USSR trawler « USSR sub « US sub.
Mr Walker, an American Naval Petty Officer, got the American
codes for the Trawler Wars, encouraged his sons to join the US Navy
and then gave the American communication codes to his sons who sold
them to the Russians over 10 years. This very nearly cost the Americans
the Trawler Wars.
The Israelis also got them and they always say they’re never going
to leak such and such out, but they always leak all of their information
to the Russians. The Israelis are essentially the eyes and ears for Russia,
and the Russians are a military mafia for Israel.

Pge 30
The American and Russian submarines would travel up the east
coast of the South Island, through the Cook Strait and then up the west
coast of the North Island. Then they’d travel down the east coast of
the North Island, through the Cook Strait and down the west coast of
the South Island. To stop them being followed, and render themselves
invisible, they went through the very deep Cook Strait very close to the
bottom. While near the bottom the submarines would lay mines like
there was no tomorrow and ditch all sorts of ordnance.
Occasionally they made mistakes and hit the bottom, and on one
occasion a submarine hooked up the Cook Strait cable. The media
covered for them by saying “it had been pulled up by a trawler”, but
it was a submarine. Both the American and Russian submarines were
lucky not to hit the never-recovered mines that the German raider Wolf
had laid in the Cook Strait back in 1917.
The whole of Fiordland is a magnetic anomaly that renders a
submarine invisible so John Travolta came to New Zealand to talk to
Prime Minister Jenny Shipley. Travolta acts as a front man for the US
Navy. John Travolta is the Clayton’s Navy – the VIP you have when
you’re not having the US Navy.

Pge 31
Travolta flew in and had lunch with Shipley
and said, “Would you mind assisting us in this
patriotic chore?” Jenny Shipley went for it . . .
and America was hiding its nuclear-armed
submarines in Fiordland until well after the
August 1985 South Pacific Nuclear Free Treaty
and the 1987 New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone
Disarmament and Arms Control Act to which
Helen Clark had added ‘Free of Nuclear Power
and Nuclear Powered Vessels’.
Helen Clark had effectively kicked the
American submarines out of New Zealand
waters and left the Russian submarines here,
similar to America pulling out of Vietnam and
allowing the communists to take over. Shipley
undid some of that.
The Trawler Wars were a US training exercise for the Russians.
It left the Russians in position to attack America according to Israeli
wishes . . . on an ‘if and when’ threatening basis.
To cap it off the Israelis used Fiordland for all their jungle warfare
training. This meant the Israelis were in close and isolated communication
with the Americans and Russians, and the American-Russian joint

Pge 32
venture Trawler War. They were so close American trawlermen used to
board the Russian trawlers and seduce the Russian women.
On one occasion a jealous Russian lover threw his girlfriend
overboard. When her body was recovered it was found that she had
been killed before the body entered the water.

It is common practice for nuclear capability to be covered up both
in terms of written information, photographs and treaties. Israel started
the nuclear arms race in the Middle East and has an agreement with
America that all satellite photos of Israel are blurred to 50%.
Israel has been placed outside the constraints of the chemical and
biological weapons treaties, but has nuclear reactors, uranium leaks,
and at least 100 Demona workers with cancer, but they are bound to
secrecy and silenced by the Mossad.
Nehl Horez is the faceless guardian of Israel’s Secrets Office at the
Ministry of Defence. Under him Israel operates out of fear. When the
crowds are gassed, it is not tear gas that is used, but something much
more sinister. This gas too is unnamed.

Pge 33
New Zealand’s Nuclear Timeline
1. New Zealand’s Lord Ernest Rutherford (1871–1937) formulated the
theory of splitting the atom in 1903 then became the director of
the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge. The overt and outrageous
communist J. Robert Oppenheimer studied there and went on to
develop the atomic bomb.
2. The British Atomic Energy Commission built the Wairakei
Geothermal Power Station to produce heavy water containing
deuterium oxide (D2O) for use as a moderator in the West’s nuclear
reactors and in the production of H-bombs. It comes with CIA
support (1940s–50s).

Pge 34
3. America tested its first nuclear weapon 30 miles northeast of San
Francisco on 17 July 1944 at Port Chicago.
4. Britain and America tested nuclear blasts in the Pacific prior to
Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.
5. After WWII, New Zealand replaced Norway in the production of
nuclear detonators.
6. In 1961, New Zealand took over from Norway in the production of
heavy water. This carried on to 1972 and beyond.
7. New Zealand produced nuclear detonators for Britain which were
then sold to France and used for the Mururoa Atoll tests. Kiwis
sailed up the Pacific to protest and got radiation poisoning.
8. The French conducted 36 atmospheric nuclear tests over the Pacific
from 1966. In 1975, France announced it would have an underground
test at Mururoa Atoll and the incumbent Labour Party protested,
but they had supplied the detonators and the communications
for the test. The Mururoa nuclear tests were detonated from the
French Embassy in Wellington on 2 September 1975. All one had
to do to stop them was cut the telephone cable.
9. Muldoon attempted to build test nuclear power station, touting at
least three locations.
10. In the 1980s the Auckland Star ran an article on the front page
affirming that a nuclear power plant would be built in Whangarei.
When this didn’t eventuate there were plans for one on Jordon’s

Pge 35
Island in the Kaipara Harbour to supply all the power to Auckland.
If this didn’t happen, there was always the Waikato River.
11. From 1980–86 Wellington attracted the world’s top spies from
England, America and Russia.
12. American trawlers played submarine music from subsurface
speakers and were followed by Russian trawlers and submarines,
then American submarines, thus expanding the Cold War to
wherever the American trawlers went.
13. The Americans and Russians laid locator beacons, followed each
other around on trawlers, and moved each other’s locator beacons
for their nuclear-capable submarines. The satellites weren’t working
properly and it was a tit-for-tat spy versus spy scenario with drinks
on Friday nights.
14. The CIA ran Black Birch as the control centre for the Omega Grid
Pattern. The Russians tracked the Omega Grid Pattern which
exactly located American submarines carrying Polaris missiles.
15. From 1980–82 Vladimir ‘Alexia’ Putin was in Wellington for
two years collecting sexual data on politicians, deconstructing
Westerners, and supervising the positioning of locator beacons for
their nuclear submarines. His offical roles were ‘Fisheries Inspector’
followed by ‘Cultural Attaché’. His main contacts are Helen Clark
and Margaret Wilson, with another as a go-between. Her diary was
stolen in 1982. We know her name and job description.
16. During the Lange Government (1984–89), Clark managed to secure
the chairmanship of the Foreign Affairs and Defence Select Committee
– a prestigious position for a pro-communist nuclear activist.
17. In August 1985 The South Pacific Nuclear Free Treaty was signed.
18. Naturally, paranoia set in. The Americans began spying on Helen
Clark, Auckland Star, 1986: “They have surveillance equipment
to pick up long-distance telephone calls and I believe mine would
interest them.” Both were correct.                                   
19. In February 1986 the [Mikhail]
Lermontov is sunk to prevent a Russian
nuclear strike on Taupo, Australian
and American property. It begins a 15-
year undeclared American naval war
against Russia, including Chernobyl. 

Pge 36
20. Two months later, in April 1986, Chernobyl burns in a radioactive
meltdown. Both disasters are blamed on staff sleep-deprivation.
21. In 1987 The New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone Disarmament and
Arms Control Act is signed declaring New Zealand ‘Nuclear Free
of Arms and Power’. Helen Clark and Margaret Wilson again.
22 . Cheap radioactive fertiliser is imported from the nuclear Chernobyl
drift. The radioactive fertiliser leaches into the Waikato groundwater,
making the Waikato River radioactive.
23. Radioactive Waikato River water is pumped into Auckland’s water
supply from mid-2002 with increased supply planned from 2015.
This will make 30% of Auckland’s water supply radioactive.
24. From 1961−2006 chemtrails are sprayed over New Zealand. This
helps to keep everyone stupid. New Zealand is written up as NS on
intelligence reports. “NS” stands for “New Spain”.
25. In 2006, American B-52s spray poisons over New Zealand in
clandestine night flights. At midnight on 5/6 April 2006 a B-52
flew (SE to NW) directly over Parnell, Auckland. This is not a flight
path and not in the direction of flight corridors. The plane was so
large and flying so low, the windows and doors were rumbling and
the occupants had to get out of the house to see if the plane was
going to hit. One of the occupants was the author.
26. The Cold War and Nuclear Arms Race was a joint-venture exercise
between the US and the USSR, run by Israel using sexually
compromised politicans. It was based in Israel, Belgravia in London,
Fiordland in the South Island, and Wellington in New Zealand.
27. Israel was running the Trawler Wars/Nuclear Arms Race from
Fiordland with Russian and American trawlers and nuclear-armed
submarines hiding and meeting in the same location.
28 . The Cold War was an excuse to put the entire world under
surveillance. Previously it was the ‘Hitler was here, there, and
everywhere’ myth, but that could only be run for so long