Governmental Policy: Economic FRAUD (the Banking "crisis" is virtual)

BANKING CRASHES are contrived by the private banking cartels and the illuminattiIn the spring summer of 2012 Europe recognised it was "deeply in crisis".  For months governments in the G8 have been meeting in highly secret talks and summits to discuss policy reform in this crucial sphere (none of these meetings are covered by the International Press or media re who proposed or endorsed policy change).  Lets take a look at the policies that are emerging.

Quantitative Easing. Central banks (in countries that have retained the right to issue their own currency) have the capacity to inject new money into their economy.  Those who have relinquished this and gone wholeheartedly into EU membership and dropped their central banking capacity are deeply "in trouble" as a consequence.  The "electronic" EASING money is distributed through merchant & commercial banks in an arbitrary and unaccountable way.  Mervyn King (Head of the Bank of England) & Ben Bernanke (Head of the US Federal Bank) have applied these measures printing £100s of billions/several trillion $ of "uncalibrated suitcases" of virtual money out of thin air several times between 2010- 2012 already. Each bolus of UK funding, so far, is enough to sustain the UK NHS for one year (£100-120 Bn). The total easing funds are dispersed into the banking/stock market sectors to stimulate growth now total over £300 Bn in less than 2 years yet we have sub zero growth (i.e. our economy is shrinking). Bernanke is now contemplating a fourth round of QE for the USA.

If this Quantitative Easing funding (over just 2 years) were released to every household in the UK every family in Scotland England Wales and Northern Ireland would receive £24,000 each (which would undoubtedly would revive retail businesses, home ownership prospects and small business prospects all over the government's jurisdiction). In the USA where trillions of dollars have been eased each family would get $26K.Simple concept: giving the taxpayers their funds back Japan have been easing since the noughties and it has produced nothing but fragility for its ailing economic prospects 20 year SLUMP& QE8 for 
Japan (QE8 was launched in Sept 2012: 80bn Yen).  This theme needs to be aired everytime monetary & banking sectors revive the concept of a
FISCAL CLIFF.....all the Banks/Auditors are doing is saying we are too big to fail (and if we fail even your devalued savings/pensions will be once again threatened) but we have devised our own downfall SO PLEASE GIVE US ANOTHER HANDOUT (as in 2008).  The "FISCAL CLIFF" IS LOOMING is virtual, as is the economic crisis (it is in your minds because the crooked bankers put it there).  
Its EASY to loose your temper with awareness of this greed:

Headed for that VIRTUAL CLIFF (again)

Let the bankers jump off this virtual cliff and push your political representative into accountability for these criminal and destructive regimes for society (give the money from the central banks to the taxpayer/consumer sector and we can all have a really big well funded party with POPULAR POLITICIANS see appended file).

Economic Stimuli  In mid June 2012, Mervyn King and George Osborne (a UK Conservative politician, currently  Chancellor in the coalition government) made speeches at the Mansion House in the City of London.  They announced an initiative to fund industrial growth/stock market confidence by injecting more new money into the banks to distribute (through the banks, financial services industry and stock markets) to "stimulate growth in deserving causes" in the UK economy.  Within a week the share price at RBS rose by 7.9% and stock market "confidence" rose.  RBS remained solvent in the 2007-8 crisisBanking crisis 2007-8 because it was allegedly funded directly by taxpayers moneyBanking Fraud and Political Greed (across the G8).  This taxpayer bailout  was "recently repaid" by the RBS to the treasury but their debt was simply transfered to the ECB (who issued another loan of the same magnitude from EU taxpayer funds)see also the true magnitude of inter-bank lending across the Atlantic Banking Fraud and Political Greed (across the G8) .  The "cash injection"  (£140 Bn)for the economic stimulus was once again printed by the BofE and was distributed to anonomous benefactors.  This year (the year after the RBS CEO was stripped of his knighthood and much of his substantive pension deal for corrupt leadership at the RBS) 99.3% of shareholders agreed lucrative salary deals for the new banking leaders.  In this new "shareholder spring" RBS shareholders also agreed to meld every ten shares held into one, to add to their "liquidity".  So Easing and Stimuli amount to the same thing!  Pushing worthless money into Banking/Stock Market/Auditors accounts and devaluing savings for honest taxpayers who are seeing their pension funds shrink below the poverty line and their jobs disappearing fast (despite the hyperbole)US QE3blind faith (easing like lemmings to the mythical clifftop)

THESE MEASURES DETRACT FROM THE EFFORTS OF HONEST BUSINESSMEN & POLITICIANS.....they inflate the benefits of ownership (of shares, stocks or bonds) but escalate inflation to dangerously unstable levels (where customers can no longer afford to purchase highly priced corporate products from commodities, housing to healthcare insurance).  In many sectors the stock market trade in virtual products (paper coupons/bonds) and the capacity of stock markets to make profits shamelessly from taxpayers and savers/customers has escalated, not waned, since 2008e.g. The Co-operative movement UK (an arbitrary example of corporate/banking corruption)The Stock Markets: Dragging the World Down.  The launch of the initiatives is proclaimed loudly (and we are deceitfully told that inflation is lower than it has been for over two years, at 2%, but inflationary trends are tied to monitoring  retail price fluctuation with no reference to devaluation of the  £/$ or Euro due to these "macro-economic" policies).  The purchasing power of the pound, the $, the Euro (and honest savings and pensions) is being hopelessly eroded.  The dissemination of facts on where the capital is injected to promote sustainable "growth" is a very well kept secret (and will be until the man/woman on the street, or in the ever expanding ghettos, asks for accountability).

Ironically some of these honest politicians find themselves ensconced in the UK parliamentary coalition and the governance of G8 affairs.  Here is a speech from the UK's deputy prime minister which suggests he is aware of many of these issuesEconomic decline but has been persuaded to "sit on his principles" whilst in office in the UK cabinet.  Nick Clegg and his party are now fully aware of these issues, the malfeasance in the banking and regulatory sectors and that the soveriegn debt crisis (and easing campaigns) are state-sponsored money laundering Ponzi schemes (for elite gain and political instability).  Nick keeps making embarassing U-turns and his party's complicity with the criminal scams threatens to wipe the Lib Dems (and their life- peers who pontificate effetely on trivial banking fraud but ignore these massive issues for trickle down profit and transient fame prior to personal fortune) The Sovereign Debt Crisis is an unprecedented corrupt scam (Ponzi scheme), fueled by International Violence ,for Wealth divide.   

Clegg sees the Road to Damascus

The initiatives that were discussed to rectify this situation including removing tax breaks for the super-rich through supporting charitable initiatives and tax-free Trust activities have all been rejected in a series of dramatic U-turns by the coalition government in 2012.  So are the Conservative Government unique in laundering money through the Federal Banking Systems or the High Street Banks into wealthy investors accounts?  This rustic analyst thinks not. 

UK Governments have been spending a consistently above GDP since the early 60sHistorical "Overspend"
 and the burden of "Debt" that the UK finds itself in is bewilderingly large G8 government debt!   When one looks at the statistics on treasury sovereign debt we are no worse off than many industrialised countries and no better off than countries upon which austerity measures are now being imposed within the Eurozone!   Shaxson dramatically highlights the complex changes in multi-national trading, cash flows and currency exchange and the unrestricted greed of the financial services industry and the markets.  When one assimilates all the information from National treasuries it is obvious that GDP (industrial productivity) of many of the G8 leaders is diminishing (so borrowing as a proportion of GDP is escalating) as is any prospect of future growth in those countries simply because of the malign effects of multi-national trading, tax evasion and the deployment of cheap labour (some might say slavery) to optimise corporate trading profits by sending jobs and production units overseas.  Tony Blair's New Labour government (having pledged to reign in the financial sector abuses in the pre-election pledges) gave free reign to the city of London to operate outwith the constraints of the UK constitution & meaningful financial regulation (Westminster's "New Labour" government empoyered the corporations to entirely elect their own nominees to office (in one of the worlds leading stock markets and completely autonomous financial Institutions....a profit making state within a powerless state1).  The stock market sector has no tangible product other than profits for the boardroom and during the same New Labour regime manufacturing's share of GDP plummeted from 20% in 1997 to 12% in 20091. Much of the venture capital funding mobilised by the City went into offshore investments and tax dodges.  

When politicians and economists/bankers talk money the figures are difficult to grasp for ordinary people....this diagram issued in 2010-11 gives the ordinary citizen a feel for treasury spending power (and the inflationary impact of issuing sums of £100+ Bn several times a year as quantitiative easing or economic stimulus measures)Free money unidentified benefactors It does not take a genius to see that if one injects one seventh of UK government spend several times a year (by easing and stimulating) you are devaluing your currency and National assetts at an alarming rate!  This sums up UK domestic policy the rest of the saga is frightening in the extreme

International Monetary Policy.
The ECB, the Federal Reserve Bank in the USA and the World Bank are affiliated to National governments and were founded by them from taxpayer revenues.  The International monetary Fund is an organ of the United Nations which co-ordinates and governs economic policy around the globe.  These institutions are mature and costly to run but they are complex and they are "establishment".  The policies they have pursued over a sixty year period has led the economic world to catastrophe once (2007-8) and they have intensified their malign influence in only four years to impose austerity and poverty on open flourishing democracies.  
They have easing and stimulus policies that launder taxpayers money into distant countries and (with input from stock markets and currency traders they can borrow and lend newly printed cash to governments in different continents.  This makes profits for professional bankers & Multinational corporations, to privatize National assetts and to impose punitive interest rates, price swaps and old debt from earlier corrupt regimes or war reparations even on the World's democratic icons (like Mandela, Walensa, and Gorbachev).  In 2012 the IMF (in the USA) was issued with 200 billion Euros supplied/printed by the ECB to ease Europe's debt crisis. Ms Lagarde the new head of the IMF (after taking over from the controversial Dominique strauss Kahn) is more interested in Sub Sharan African issues than Europe's virtual crisis and is on record as saying that Europeans should just shut up and pay their taxes.  Other analysts would have us believe that french banks are major creditors in the virtual European "Debt" crisis and that the IMF figureheads are interested only in profits from what amounts to a state sponsored Ponzi scheme across the world.  So the purchasing power of the US dollar, the common market Euro, the pound in your pocket, your savings account and your pension is waning because we are bailing, easing and issuing worthless currency to virtual economists who are abusing their executive powers all around the "complex" establishment World.  It is laughably simple

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and the citizens of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy are paying for the banking executive/shareholder policy making. The trickle down benefits for politicians are obvious and the impact on their electorate is now becoming apparent. It is criminal and you all need to ask your politicians to explain co-existing with criminality

Shaxson N (2011) Treasure Islands :Tax Havens and the men who stole the world. Publisher The Bodley Head , London, Chapter title "Griffin", The City of London, pp 244-278