GOLF history: Dutch LOENEN old course, Pilgrim fathers Leiden, PUTLocker, Bic Puteoli, PISO Naples Prince Philip of Capri, the Greek

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The oldest GOLF course in the world LAUNCH pad for false Christianity and Jesus hung up on the TEE

Incredibly the oldest golf course in the world is right next door to LIEDEN where the Pilgrim Fathers sailed from to Pi Pi Plymouth then PAGAN USA.  All the info on the old course at Loenen is strictly NOT in English and I apologise for the sound quality of the video PLEASE STICK with it till you learn that Breucklyn, Harlem and TER AR are all the same christian genocides which launch St Andrews and all the oldest golf courses in TRUMP'S master race courses in the LONG ISLAND, Brooklyn, Oyster bay region of N .York and Augusta MASTERS.  Donald Trump's dad was Fred CHRIST Trump related to the Freunds of Germania and the Rhodham Clintons  of Normandy.  First though the links to MURRAY FLEMING DOUGLAS (DubhGlass FASCIST BLACK) and the French Kin of a 12th century FRESKIN who convinced the powers that be in ENGLAND that the nation would be more stable if the PICTS and the INJUNS became extinct at the hands of armies and LORD LYONS from distant lands. In this case the FLEMISH coast for FDR and Ian Fleming who are pictured with their Br Am Tobacco cigarette  holders and all the great genocides are the BUNNY EARS from the CHURCH HILL Piso pen.  So a LOANING is a rough walkway region on the golf course and in KELSO (the former capital of Scotland) it runs between the GOLF COURSE and the Race Course.  Same story in Musselburgh SCOTLANDS' /Britain's   oldest course (see images at the end).  So Golf and Horse racing celebrate the false PISO Bible and PUTLOCKER (every club house lined with lockers) is the nickname for NAPLES where the PISOS lived in the VILLA PAPYRII buried in LAVA by Vesuvius in 79AD.  That then becomes BICC puteoli for the French connection that is FRESKINS ancestors but much of that is covered up now & the FLEMINGS write the bond stories that makes the double agents and sectarian for profit WARMONGERS the heroes in the English speaking world.  Just to make it a simple "Put IN" all of it is linked to linguistics and the PISO name meaning floors, flowers, vagina and INTO the Hole She goes.  Prince Philip was born on the Isle of Capri which is Southern Naples BAY and it cannot get more evil with the VILLA Roseberry for Horsey Derby winner from Loch Leven married to PLUMP HANNAH ROTHSCHILD on the other shore of the bay with the SULPHURIC Yellow CALDERA spouting ROTHSCHILD YELLOW in the middle.   The Dutch monarchs and children of FLORIS V become the lovers of LONGSHANKS' bastards who murdered them when the time was right.  The PISO WINDSOR BUSH Bloodline relies on this being covered up by a timeshift and the Bastard children that marry FERGUS OF GALLOWAY Utrecht et al are actually related to KING HENRY 1st (not 2nd which I failed to find as the video was made) who is actually WILLIAM THE CONQUERORS' youngest son.  The Fergus of Galloway in the PISO bloodline is not actually CUMBRIA but it is PERTH on the TAY and all the history is covered cos LONGSHANKS launched the" better off together" RULE Britannia treason that won the SCOTTISH referendum all in the THOMSON's monument area that is Kelso's golf course, race course and LOENEN running in between and right outside my wife from CHIPPING NORTON's £500/mo rental home.  The oldest golf course in ITALY is Florence do you remember her with BRIAN the Christian SNAIL every night before the ENGLISH speaking news and the SHAKESPEARE links to KRONENBURG castle in Holland were taken down as I prepared to make the video. This explains it as HAMLET and all the real residences for the DUTCH LOVERS, IN LAWS murdered by LONGSHANKS  are in WALTHAM ABBEY Essex, Rutland and spookily English castles. On the opposite side Kronborg Castle | Home of Shakespeare's Hamlet - Visit Denmark Kronborg Castle in Helsingør (Elsinore) – Home of Hamlet. ... Go visit Denmark's most famous castle, Kronborg in Helsingør (Elsinore), also known as Hamlet's Castle in Shakespeare's play. DUTCH   So John 1st Count of Holland, son of FLORIS,  married ELISABETH Bastard of Edward 1st,  who did not come back to HOLLAND where he was murdered by LONGSHANKs who called it dysentery.  NAPLES is nicknamed PUTEOLI now in panic Pozzuoli, & it means STENCH and all of it becomes the odour of the  well used PIE vagina FISTULA CAVE in the religious scams even in MECCA. Sybil is the PAGAN high priestess the CUMean Sybel WELL USED.  Oh and I just remembered the  GOD in hebrew is DOG and "KIRK" Douglas' son was DYLAN  the Rabbit sign since world wars for profit were launched & friend of FLORENCE, FDRs Delaney's Donkey (JESUS  and BRIAN).