Lost Heavenly Gods & Uranus' Genitals/MARBLES in ocean, Vesuvius 1944 & Poseidon with PISO in it Episo 1

Lost Gods PISO TAKE By JOVE GOVE Justice sec Pi Pi Pinnochio Jesus Masons Jehovas TAZER Russell Gp UNI Witnesses SICKLE Castrates URANUS Father God POSEIDON's TRIDENT scam  Stromboli & ETNA PLUMES.JPG

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This is on the PISO Christianity fraud and how its launch results in the adoption of the GODs as the EMPIRE expands then their being relentlessly the BUTT of the mortal jokes written under the PLUME in Naples....VESUVIUS is due to errupt again and now 3 million people live within range. ETNA and Stromboli get continuous erruptions ever since Christianity was launched and the EMPIRE brutalised the KNOWN WORLD as the Emporors became the GODs and BRED with the PISO authors kings & Pharoahs.  So I explain that the names of the gods are JOKEs like Poseidon (PISO in IT) and URANUS is a term exposed in the showers. The Uranus here is Father God to all the sickly parodies and his genitals get cut off with the Austrian Commie SICKLE & dropped in the ocean.  Those are the deities THAT created our UNIVERSE & I know they are still there running the show, the seismic activity and the VOLCANIC threat & all the weather patterns that Clintons foundation now profit from AS GLOBAL WARMING.  So as my eviction approaches THE WINDS HOWL and I get interested in the Gods who do that but it is not as simple as THORS legendry linkage to Thunder thousands of miles North of Rome where the PAGANS lived longer in the PAX region of Europe. The ID of the wind GOD joke is now just a PISO PISS take.  The dropping of URANUS' jewels in the ocean is HUMAN PISO PISS take a joke till the gods get there pathologies into Kylies' aphrodite mass orgy album and she loses a breast cancer.  The Nuts are given at XMAS and the LOST GODS video tells the story concisely but the JOKEs are all through starting with the commentator Christie Keannelly THE GOD/DOG in kennel joke for the Irish masons.  So we go to ETRUSCAS pagans and it just like Hobbiton and the BRONZE age mounds they lived in.  My home is adjacent to a Bronze Age mound called Pi Pi Pinnaclehill run by the Babenhouse mansion that is Rothschild millitias home.  So the Romans soaked up the MYTHS of the people they conquered, twisted the tale and turn the heavely creators into mock roles and JESUS who never lived is the DONKEY and the teams of Greek Roman Gods are Jobless for 2 THOUSAND years which make the missions shake and the Volcanoes errupt all over the PAGAN world as the Pagans are hung or burned UNDER THORS OAK which is why the OAK gets lightning strikes.  Romulus & Remus are the start of the GODs displacement.  The VASE character in Gladiator is the flowers joke FLOWERS means Piso in translation which is why James Blunt/Morrison give you flowers but dont know what they mean.  300BC is alexander the Great and 300 is PISO code for the cross.  Every city has the ARC DE Triomph celebrating the human displacement of the GODs. VESTA is the fires that destroy the real writings and buildings to the original gods but their names are GONE forever.  The ARCH of the ARC de Triumph and the PONT/bridge is Archelaus PISO (Archie Leech in a fish called Wanda & later the demi God Achilles whose weakness at the heel is tapped by the ARGONAUTS and that is the GLOBAL OIL FIRMS that the Royals & PISO bloodlines still own. Come the DAY & Come the Hour is the IRISH treason right into the troubles in the 60s-80s entirely for a fast buck Pi PI Paisley et al, the Tchook T being the cross.  So augusta is the GOLF putlocker joke and the launch of Donald trumps GOLF COURSE.  The ARCH De TRIOMPH is a Global icon for fascism.  TAZE Russel and Ma's Rib are in the Joke in the GARDEN OF ADEN BP plant that is EDEN in the bible. TAZE RUSSEL actually lived in BROOKLYN too like the ROOSEVELT pilgrims & he is a ruthless SCOTTISH RITES FREEMASON who launches his TEMPLE in T lined Clermont AVE which is a joke about cluny abbey the biggest church in the world before the Vatican and start point for WW1. russell is buried next to a PYRAMID for the New World order and its elite bloodlines that include ythe Pharoahs in EGYPT, the Roman Emperors (soon to be the gods) and HRH Gods rep in England below Justin WELBY Churchills' private sec 's SON.  It is all totally evil but THE ACTS OF GOD & THE HOWLING NAMELESS WINDS INSPIRE ME NOW.   The TRIDENT for Poseidon the god of the ocean is the NUCLEAR SUBs joke. Oe of the reasons that Salmond was forced to resign. THEN the launch of sport for diversion is the DEATHLY Collisseum as the OLYMPICS take place with five rings being the PISO pies with no virgins left in the heavens.  Listen to David Bowie of the Boii Celtic Milan Innsbruck tribes where are we now video where he recognises thatGOD determines global weather and he walks his DOG in memory of all of the war dead & the GOD on the lead.  So Pants Pants Pantheon is the PISO Cal PURR joke and PANTS for Woody the rugby commentator WOODY (cross knock on joke). woody's died in mid life of a fatal heart rythmn disturbance. SO to Wales and the GODFATHER's Carleone family and the walled barracks. Only 4 Barracks of 60 remain and 60 is PISO code for KP Kalpurnius Piso.  The Augustine NERVA movement is lauded as a heavenly civilization when it is the launch of Jesus in league with CONSTANTINE and that is Constantinople Austro Hungaria all wars and THORS Pagan OAK executions in Fitzlar just a few kM from  Frankfurt.  The Colliseum Culls the PAGANS for fun and inspiration and becomes Murdochs sport Empire in Aus where all the Aboriginals are alcoholics and cant make THORS boomerang come back.  so VITA Corleone is the welsh joke. Now to Tivoly and emperor Hadrians massive PILE based on PAGAN temples for Solomon.  They canalise and Bridge all the territory and it becomes armies of statues of the new GODS intertwined with EMPORORS NOW GODS.  Jupiter is LUPITER the Rabbits for Winston Churchill....the bollocks are the MARBLES in the museums far from home.  Higgins Pliny Josephus Pliny are all the PISO fraud writers and Pliny is MAXIMUS the PISO assassin which is why GOD GOT HIM under vesuvius.  The apollo fanny joke is every where that is PISO translating as VAGINA the American PIE.  When the new Emperors go swimming in the NILE (means Piso & was formerly the CUSH/PISHON) Gods drown them like they did with St Baruck in Cardiff Bay.  those are the Suetonius OBAMA ancestors: false authors or GENERALS out of Africa. The Laundry PISS utility of urine joke for PISO & Sally Magnusson of the PISO bloodline as NORSE humans.  Thats why the Pharoah Isles get more MS than anywhere in N Atlantic.  So into Selcuc Selkirk and Turkey.....all of those are Massacre jokes about gallipoli and flodden.  So to ephesus gifted to rome by the Greeks in the PISO Bible and that is the yarrow Ja's arrow and the Yair Ya Ja get it?
the ANTIOCH hand grenade is the Pauline missions across the Med Agean and the mountains explode on route.  Ephesus was iconic for TRADE & BANKING and Lyres Liars. The Ephasians worshiped the ISIS Myths and artmeis and all the things that now have the word piso in it but involve Joseph 30 pieces of silver and minor tweaks in the Bible quoran stories.  Artemis is SINATRA backwards and THEODELUS is the Yodel BAVARIAN joke.   So we see the construction of the 7 architectural collossal wonders and most af them are flattened by acts of GOD as seismic Volcanic or sea storms.  The CEDAR comes from the holy lands and it still lines the roofs of the episcopalian church in Kelso and Brooks COLDITZ Innsbruck inns for Jesus & the Popes Hitler rothschild jokes.  Achille comes in and that is Archelaus PISO again.  The 4 oil giants TRUMP is on the board of 2 Exon Mobil, BP, royal Dutch Shell & CHEVRON all owned by the PISO WINDSOR Bloodline families.  So Carney has released 500Bn in Quantitative EASING issuing money to his friends MONEY for Nothing.  The De-lousing for the firepans in WW2 is the same LOUSe Laus joke and Santa Claus is now the GOD of XMAS merchandising.  Next the goddess Tike & the Con TIKE Medussa Pole dancers and that is Medussa who was tamed by PERSIUS the poet and currently PERCY the Dukes of Northumberland in ALNWICK  castle.  By JOVE By God is the Michael Gove Justice sec who received my docket on the G8 crimes against the people nearly becam PM By JOVE!   Ephesians no not PISO BIBLE chapter Collisseum holds 24 K people.  So the ARISTOS get together in the Mithraem (Gold for nothing out of straw van rumpoy legends) and they CREATE Jesus with a plume in St CLEMENTE & that is the MISERY CHORDS jokes.  One of the Jehovas who sent his kids to sell christianity in the PESO  missions in the Philipines lost his life when he fell of a ladder and Pie Pie PIERCED himself to death. Quite spooky.   So rumpel Stiltskin is the GOLD from Straw man who becomes von rumpoy at the EU ECB fraud and the story tells you that to know his secrets you have to guess his name so the first 4 suggestions are "Mathew, Mark Luke & John"!!!!  So JESUS comes out of the UNDERWORLD and the PISO Putlocker BICC Puteoli pen.  T mobile is Jesus cross Code 300 & the Constantine emperor is Constaninople and Austro Hungaria all wars launched so far and BIGGEST CAUSE OF DEATH in world history.  So the slaves in the bible become the GODS who created our universe.  & they are the DOGS, Lost GODs in the hebrew Kennels.  So the weather storms lead me into a quest for the POWERFUL wind gods but there is no reverence or honesty since all the PAGAn myths were destroyed.  So to the stats on Volcanoes and their locations.  Some erupt continuously but other with ANCIENT names dont erupt at all DO YOU GET THE JOKE.  The WANAKA God is now a ski resort and when I was in NZ they launched an infection of the AZURE rivers with DIDYMO .  so these sites have the data on Quakes & Volcanoes in ITALY.  Force 8 quakes in 1906, irpinia is in Campagne and againin 68.  Then my batteries run out 32-70 Km is the crust & the Mantle stays solid PROVIDED you dont FRACK which the governments now do.  END of Story  all written by humans and the GODS are relentlessly mocked. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE VIDEO was collapsed on the LAUNCH of CHRISTIANITY out of the UNDERWORLD IN NAPLES San Clemente is the MITHRAEUM under VESUVIUS.  So all the GODs no longer get worshipped and JESUS never gets HOME ALONE at easter cos he never lived.