GODS Written out of religion the PISO messiah scams

One has become really god fearing since I began to study Seismic, Volcanic and weather patterns following false religion & human behaviour all around the world. Now the non-existent Jesus has replaced all the powerful deities that made our universe rewarded the good with bountiful harvests and good health.  The human jesus creators have replaced all the gods locally and globally who used to lead peacefully and with wisdom but have been replaced by the replaying ISIS ARTEMIS Baal myths.  One also believes the gods will have the last laugh but as things stand all their ancient history has been falsified.  The end result was the extinction of PAGAN nations all over the Christian Empires known world and followers of this web sit know that the warmongering PILGRIM fathers were murderous dutch American Presidents and they are the three wise men and the Pilgrims are the 3 ships that sail by on XMAS day in the morning THE NO ROOM AT INNSBRUCK for Jesus jokes.