The Sovereign Debt Crisis is an unprecedented corrupt scam (Ponzi scheme), fueled by International Violence ,for Wealth divide.

I have unsuccessfully taken the issue of criminality (and war crimes) perpetrated by G8 Governments (since the turn of the millenium) to my local MP, my local Police force and also the International News Media but they have so far declined to address the issues raised or to give me a route to International justice.  Just as serious is the persistent refusal of the news media to expose breaking news on corruption and fraud !  My local MP is Secretary of State for Scotland a member of David Cameron's UK cabinet (he has seen me face to face for just 30 minutes) but claims not to have the resources (time or manpower) to confront such issues but does not think they are credible (see letters below).  So this week I contacted INTERPOL directly with these issues

If you cant read this ppt slide then the whole letter is available in the files for perusal at the bottom of this page. 
The involvement of National & Media leaders in these crimesFrance....stirring the media shit and selling the armsBerlusconni: gang leader and "moral lead" for the satanic free press  is increasingly obvious to honest analysts (and 99.9% of ordinary citizens over the globe).   A British (Welsh)  citizen is head of Europol but I can find no way of contacting Rob Wainright or of finding a list of his achievements since taking joining Europol in 2000 and becoming its director in 2009"For Wales" .  

This year after a gap of several decades the Hague prosecuted a war criminal from troubled regions in Sub-Saharan Africa (and has indicted others for fighting within their homeland in a NATO "policed" conflict in the Balkans).  Blessedly though, western leaders in the UN Security Council (or their administrators who sign off on policy for the UN and NATO are now being scrutinized by those long suffering regions as the victims of pre-meditated cold blooded state-sponsored genocide).  The UK Home Secretary in the Blair government (see Bliar images below) has recently been accused of war crimes by Arab Nations who have been puppets for the NATO Theatres of WAR.  Unlike Michael Moore, Jack Straw's secretariat have confirmed receipt of my most recent correspondence on these thorny issues this week (as Blair himself appeared again on National Radio in the UK to justify his campaigns of modernization of the geopolitical world for personal gain).  Jack Straw, like the rest of the UK parliament was dragged into this vicious campaign by Blair, Bush jr, the other G8 leaders, media magnates and their closest advisors/spin doctors.  Profiteering in these campaigns was taking place only on the highest branches of the political tree: Condaleesa Rice (a former executive at Chevron/ExonMobil), Dick Cheney (the Halliburton mastermind and millitary-industrial-complex guru who privatised the pentagon and US homeland security just days before Sept 11 Attrocities) are hated figures all around the peace-loving globe. Their successors, in increasingly short-lived coalition governments, who have inherited the stigma from these scams to lead the world by force (for cash) and to conduct your homeland security operations (at great expense to your taxpayers and fallen millitia) on foreign shores have slyly shifted their sights to malign economic scams in complicity with repeat offenders in the banking, stock market and financial services sector (and are now crippling their own electorates and the prospects of any meaningful political control) .      

BLIARs: Posted 1st June 2012
BACKGROUND: The data below and the published references have been sent to, or discussed with, my local MP (The right honorable Michael Moore, Secretary of State for Scotland and member of the UK cabinet), the office of the Attorney General, the Head of Lothian and Borders police force, Scottish MEPs and Ms Pia Ahrenkilde-Hansen (Head of EU Communications).

To Michael Moore MP, Secretary of State for Scotland (my local MP) requesting a meeting or affirmative action to address Criminality, Human Rights Abuses including genocide (for profit) and International Corruption:; LUCAS, Caroline
Subject: URGENT meeting with my MP: the truth about the GLOBAL economic scam!

Dear Michael,

What the IMF and National Governments/Private Bondholders are doing to the European taxpayers and their children is the European and World monetary team change the  GDP to Debt ratio by a few % points and this patches up Greece for a few months (with rampant and increasingly violent protests throughout the troubled country [not to mention the defered future for Spain, Portugal, Italy or Ireland] and an election due soon).  In one step, this morning, with George Osborne in attendance  (not easy to discern whether your cabinet colleagues are talking to or sulking about the Europeans?) the monetary teams and Ms Lagarde have transferred the equivalent cost of running our excellent NHS for a whole year, or circa 120X what was stripped from the UK University budget only a year ago, into the hands of a Washington based (taxpayers funded) monetary organisation that has [together with the State Central Banks, the World bank and the ECB: all taxpayer funded] led the world into its biggest ever fiscal catastrophe. In Greece, this morning, they are policing the new "bailout" by bringing in external assessors, presumably unelected but taxpayer funded, at this point anonymous but completely detached from democratic government (to take this game into nerve wracking extra-time)!

If you wont see me, I may need to picket your constituency meetings in Hawick, Coldstream or wherever you happen to hold them (with the important information hanging around my neck).  Before I do this though, I must check out the legality of this type of gesture since you changed the law, then forcibly removed the pickets from Parliament Square recently (some of these had become martyrs for the forlorn cause of seeing their MPs to pose an important question of UK led policy overseas). So are your party complicit with these policies, or are you just being dragged along by the cross party (bullies, fags, lobbyists, whips or gang) leaders who share the recently established "for profit" methods?  It was spiralling downwards long before the Lib Dems "came to power" but those that win National elections (at the moment the coalition government) again and again convince the public that they will endeavour to stop this (close parallels North and South of the current "border" where you are a crucial  opinion former).  Make it plain whose side you are on...the taxpaying electorate or the private bondholders?  It is a very important question for your political & our economic future.  I hope you can meet me in the office: picket lines are under threat too now that we cant afford local policing.  Just a quiet chat will suffice.  If I get the legal bits wrong and I have to go to jail (taxpayer funded) then I will get this onto the National stage at long last and maybe get my photo in the paper like these guys!  I know instantly which are the heroes and villains.....can you work it out?.....I also know that because of these issues their causes still need to be fought.  Lets get back onto that high MIDDLE ground.

Your Boss, Nick Clegg, looks like a decent cove with a conscience (and a commitment to people in the UKs industrial heartland)....hope the old school bullies are not picking on him!  I am aware of the recent changes in the UK law on GANGS already.....if you are in on the planning of the crime but are not physically participating in the incident then you are deemed to be GUILTY (this was confirmed recently in Eltham......think it would apply in Westminster but almost certainly this would be a perversion of the course of justice in Davos & Monte Carlo....still not sure about Holyrood). As you know the issues I have tried to talk to you about have traditionally been settled in the Hague or Nuremberg and you dont want to get caught up in this type of bickering.  Let the electorate have the truth, you get your budgets back and you will enjoy a much longer term in office! I want the lib dems to become historic figures and to be in the papers for all the RIGHT reasons. 

Persistent & vigilant REGARDS

OUTCOME: Michael courteously met me (he now responds to my lobbying only in pen and ink & orally in the 15 minute sessions) but these issues he deemed would require an army of researchers and aides.  His advice was to refer the issue to UK law enforcement which I have now done see below.  The outcome for Greece was grave and now the International Monetary Big Guns are trained for a second round of profiteering in Spain!

To Graham Sinclair Chief Superintendent LOTHIAN & BORDERS POLICE (Mailed....registered post)

11 April 2012

Dear Graham,

I took the issues I want to air to Michael Moore MP recently.  He suggested that he would need a large team of political researchers to even begin to scratch the surface of the International Criminality that underpins the economic crisis.  Many of my local friends find the issues too complex to grasp but they are fundamentally simple (for an unemployed Professor with International experience) and involve corruption at the very highest level in politics, banking, fiscal governance for PRIVATE CRIMINAL (not National) gain.

The 2007 banking crisis was caused by unsecured borrowing & lending by privately owned banks and bailed out with vast amounts of tax-payers money.  The ongoing sovereign debt crisis is an evil and greedy extension of the same corrupt Pyramid schemes.  Bankers and International Monetary organisations are laundering tax-payers money out of the local (National) economies that desperately need it (particularly if they cannot print their own currency to “stimulate” their economy like the Southern Europeans and the Irish).  Governments across the G8 and most of the G20 are deeply involved but the upshot of entrusting the bailout funds (taxpayer funded) to the ECB/Central Banks/IMF (all taxpayer funded too) is that leaders across the world are impoverishing their own electorates.   The extradition laws, that are being passed, threaten not only local law enforcement but International Democracy and Justice.  This suggests that the new generation of leaders have been inspired by the “inspirational” violent lead of President Bush and PM Blair.  The G8 (and the UN security-council) already dominate the world by fear and suppression.  To further starve the taxpaying citizens by continuing with this unprecedented Ponzi scheme led by International government is criminality on an unprecedented scale.  To borrow and lend, in multiple tiers to support profiteering by private investors (with no tangible product or societal solutions) perfectly defines the fraudulent scams that were first perpetrated first by Charles Ponzi back in 1910 (in times of austerity pre war). To quote Wikipedia verbatim: 


A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to its investors from their own money or the money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from profit earned by the individual or organization running the operation. The Ponzi scheme usually entices new investors by offering higher returns than other investments, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent. Perpetuation of the high returns requires an ever-increasing flow of money from new investors to keep the scheme going. The system is destined to collapse because the earnings, if any, are less than the payments to investors. Usually, the scheme is interrupted by legal authorities before it collapses because a Ponzi scheme is suspected or because the promoter is selling unregistered securities. As more investors become involved, the likelihood of the scheme coming to the attention of authorities increases”

 The virtual lending, or purchase of National Bonds, at rates of interest that are way out of proportion to those that an investment account (opened by the taxpaying citizen with real hard-earned revenue) or an ISA would yield is nonsense.  The proceeds from this illicit scam come back to the taxpayers and honest citizens in the form of rampant inflation, job losses, pension cuts and fee hikes for education (imposed austerity).

If you can look at this video clip you will see it like a student does (and more and more of those would be students/Wall street/European protestors are).    The video is from the US but the concept of the National  Ponzi scheme is quite easy to see!  Incredibly, the G8 are promoting this all around the world and imposing it on newly emergent economies (the BRICS nations were being courted to join only last week).  If you find the written definition difficult to grasp then watch the video clips below

I dont believe that the solutions the young presenter proffers are realistic.....this is criminal and the law must be hung over the leadership teams really quickly (it will instantly initiate policy change as they duck for cover).   If you (or your aides) can find the time, read the more detailed appendix (the research that intimidated Michael Moore so much has already been completed and the banks and are persistently re-offending with apparent impunity from prosecution) 

Things are, ever so slowly, moving in the right direction but you can really accelerate this now.  Bankers are now being stripped of their knighthoods but these are token “sacrifices” in this deeply corrupt community who show no tendency towards substantive policy change.  My main concern is with the revolving door between politics and commerce....very easy to get sucked in here (for current or former political figureheads).  I would appreciate 20 or 30 minutes to discuss this with you if you can spare the time?  It is very important to all of us that local taxpayers everywhere confront this.  Justice needs to be done and quite comforting to know that I can still talk freely to the local constabulary in this peaceful and law abiding region.  Whether or not we meet: I need these accusations to be formally on the record and I would like your advice on engaging International law enforcement without undue delay. Please confirm receipt.

Yours sincerely


George Lees BSc PhD, FRPharmS, Kelso, Scotland

cc Highest Ranking officer, Kelso Police Station

OUTCOME: Chief Inspector Sinclair refered me to Inspector Brian MacFarlane (in charge of policing in the eastern Borders region) he acknowledged my concerns and my awareness of the complex International issues.  In Inspector Macfarlane's view the issues were"clearly beyond the jurisdiction and remit of our Force at this time" he concluded with the suggestion that "you pass your concerns onto more appropriate authorities".  Full transcript: 


George Lees,
21 Sep 2012, 07:49