Global Mafias 5: Know Nothings De Rothschild Jake the PEG Nazi Tsar Romanov Sinatra Getty Hearst Hughes Busby Babes diversions INC

Know Nothings De Rothschild Jake the PEG Nazi Tsar Romanov Sinatra Getty Hearst Hughes Busby Babes Salmond Isle of Mann HAVENS SNP Madonna with Child DONKEY Jesus.JPG

Did you know that the BUTLINS donkey is JESUS & its owner is Mr Peter Harris who is the Rothschild's neighbour. TOGETHER they are the arrian master race and Peters Daughter Alison may be a VIRGIN but her ex husband gets to ride pedigree horses ICONS FOR THE ARRIANS who wrote the bible & the SWASTIKA XMAS Jokes

First I explain my wifes brothers dads role in world history, the bible and the rotary club REPLACING the Sun GOD. Then I explain Rolf Harrises JAKE THE PEG Joke which is just as sinister the three legged man is the icon for the ISLE of man & that is the SWASTIKA for Hitler when you add the 4th limb.  Salmond , Alex Salamon Rothschild, used the Isle of man model to fund his profiteering Indepence of Scotland.  HARRIS was the prize in Michael Moores Lib Dems' raffle in the HUGGINS BUTCHER HAIGS art gallery with MM just of the helicopter out of Afgahnistan being brutalized by NATO for the narcotics and its central bank. Harris is of course the ARRIAN master race, the Nuremburg inquest chair and my old bosses at BUTLINS on the river SLAVES TO THEIR ROTHSCHILD NEIGHBOURS IN HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, like my treasonous ex wife from HEMEL and those are the ROTHSCHILDS who profit from all wars all sides. That is an extension of the LEVESON MAFIA cover up by Murdochs GLOBAL MAFIAS & a sinister extension of the false religion jokes which we laugh at in a couple of weeks with EASTER EGGS. That is the Rolling stones losing their religion and replacing it with the brutalization of Korea & Vietnam on the ROLLING STONES at Jesus' Tomb.  The KNOW NOTHINGS political movement is just as sinister it is a dance of death under dozens of political aliases and all of its members are the MASH comedy in VIETNAM, suicide is painless and all my ABEL DANGER & Robin Hood fake activists who are GOVT paid traitors all through world history Hawkeye to Hawkins in ABEL DANGER.  Incredibly the NO NOTHINGS are officially a political party, the AMERICAN PARTY,  Black Panther Panthera PISO BIBLE frauds, they are ANTI Catholic out of Statten ISLAND & the YMCA, They are also TONY BLAIRS LABOUR  & the were Green Backs Indepence $ ONE YR before they crashed and RESET the global banks into their own pockets. They were the National Union movement led by Billionaires like HUFFINGTON & have sold the Union movement down Noam Chomsky's SWANNIE RIVER.  It is a massive SHAMELESS LIE led by the treasonous American GOVT on behalf of the WW stammering Windsors and their bosses the Rothschilds  who are in the 13 illuminatti FASCISTS family but they never quite make it onto the FORBES rich list cos they steal all of the central bank.  That takes in WW2 for profit and round & round goes the Waggon Wheel Jake the peg swastika  icon for all of the sad bastards Ian Fleming & Steel in SYRIA right into the noughties & in charge of the HOLLYROOD & HOLLYWOOD Propaganda media scams.  The real god is the JAPS rising sun and HOLLICK of Notting Hill is a massive money launderer and media magnate with michael grade.....ALL of that explains John Paterson & Field McCONNEL visting Nottingham forrest, Notting Hill and meeting the Rothschilds their LETHAL paymasters and the mummers use the 3 legged swastika in sectarian IRE on Germany's side in Hitler Rothschild's THIRD REICH. The tannenbaum song is the XMAS tree joke for Hitler & that is the HRH XMAS speech fifth column joke & the MASONS used the 4 pronged SWASTIKA till Hitler ROTHSCHILD became an embarassment to them like MICHAEL MOORE became when I revealed all his roles in the murderous MAFIAS.  ABE Lincoln was a Rothschild & DANTON & Robespierre died in their beds in the USAMASONS.   Isnt it HEARTWARMING!   Then we move onto Churchill Onassis & Prince Philip running the NARCOTICS out of the MISSING PLANES in Philips Light tubes using the RAF & the British NAVY which Phil the MAFIA murderer of Princess Di ran.  That almost takes us to the same families profitting from the POPPIES, the British Legion & ALL OF THE STILL BRITISH Commonwealth and approachin 1000 of its massive corporations run by fascist groupings like the Round Table, Rhodes Trust, Carnegie Foundation.  The Wilson's won the night out with Rolf Harris and she was thrilled but Moore did not have time to talk about politics or the STUDENT LOANS FRAUD that he was in charge off & my wife CONDONED as a CAPITALIST with all my children now THOUSANDS of Pounds in Debt. That was just after Obamah won the peace prize & Kissinger the biggest KILLER is the NOBEL awards committee member.  Ronnie McElrath is actually a really nice guy and Id love to be Alison Harris new knight in shining army....then we move back to INQUESTS on WMDS led by Angela Kane of the W BANK.  Can you feel the love tonight as Hillary C word from NORMANDY wher Tom Hanks Rockefeller makes movies about AMERICAs' FREEDOM and the suicide is painless joke.  The MASONS in theBORDERS COUNCIL give the TAXI contract to the COOK mafias and sack me & remove my right to work on Day ONE.  So that is the INTRO & I miss NADINE & America's love with the disclosure that I have a PEN pal in Randolph HEARSTS media crime scene.  That innocent person is under a sectioning threat lifelong and all of Alison Harrises mates who run BONAR LAW from Canada's ASHRIDGE  tax free College near MENTMORE & WADDESDEN commited suicide on the river as GOD accidentally got the anchors in the BUTLINS boat twisted around their ankles & that is the MAFIAS swim with the fishes.  It made Alison Harris ever so penitent and I last saw her CALLING me sir Under the foot of a Willow. That will take some time to explain so back to N by NW in America where Hearst & Howard Hughes became Munitions profiteers with Churchill & Beaverbrook.  The exposer of False religion ABELARD REUCHLIN has been disappeared by the MAFIAS & replaced by T Mobile the phone surveillance Corporation & T is the christian cross with John Wayne THE GREATEST MASON grieving at its foot for the loss of the trly greatest man in the FICTION PISO literary sector.  The Dutch story is a bit boring but I prefer telling stories to buying raffle or lottery tickets.  The Ciccios take us back to the religious genocide joke as MADONNA with child cutody problems & they become the Corleones as they transit through Manhattan ISLAND & the Statue of Liberty that was in the planet of the apes move with Charlton Heston the gun lobby sponsor & BIBLICAL SCHOLAR.  So we get to the COMMY MENACE & the TSAR Rothschild Romanov SHAUN CONNERY mafias that ire in the Legless Coulson David Murray mafias en Francais and in Connery's case the US havens.  Sanity Clause is the do they know its XMAS charity jokes & the genocide in BIAFRA.  I never got my TAXI licence fee back from the SBC who tried to section me 4 years after I exposed the massive salary frauds of the doctors who get 40% of their income to get their patients into the privately owned care homes the councillors & social landlords mafias STOLE.   So the killing of Randolph Hearsts' lover Ms Davies is a massive cover up for all the WW2 Lendlease munitions scam run out of the backroom with Marleine Deitrich SAFELY an American citizen in HOLLYWOOD.  The Busby Babe Man Utd jokes are a third tier of propagand to keep the BUSBY BABE can can dancer murders.  That takes to Frank Sinatra and the role of popular culture & KING's speeches to shield SORRY ROTHSCHILDE all the Gt GENOCIDES which takes us to George Osborne  & the AUSTERITY LIE for ROTHSCHILDE since 1815 when they took over the Bank of England....NOW run by the CANADIA Swiss trained CARNEY.  All the SNP is a scam led by the TSARS & the Gorgie Police's new boss is GORMLEY who is just a cover for LIZIE MURDOCHS interlocks that is a NEW SCAM so the Murdoch interlock is a JOSEPH GORMLEY like the Bethlehem and Egyptian religious frauds. Sheryl Crow like most of my favourite singers has hasd a TIT removed cos she is an Indian tribesperson PICKED TO PLAY the Fraud game and sing about the sun god rising up above SANTA MONICAS BOULEVARD in Hollywood.  I Dob on Salmond Connery David Murray and the LOCAL HERO JOKES about the TSAR in the submarine who runs the LITHUANIA CENTRAL BANK. in the Hollywood cover ups the TSAR pretends he is a restuarant owner who dines with his GODS/DOGS and the SAT IT AGAIN sam RIVER OF BLOOD Cairo to khartoum NILE jokes. Nile means PISO which is why you cant watch the AFRICAN QUEEN movie without SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES.  One of the Sinatra family are my facebook friends & CORREN GARRAVANTA is a revolutionary neice of NANCY SINATRA and she is a revolutionary & disapproves of NANCY JACKBOOTS are made for GLOBAL CONFLICT song. Sorry all of a sudden I have been WORLD LIMITED as I mention the MARY POPPINS Bowler hat BANKING and GOLDFINGER scenarios.  Hannah Rothschild again is given a conscience issue to shoulder & you should see how she & CARNEY have aged prematurely as she talks up JESUS's relics in the  WADDESDON mansion war crimes art collection.  My Wife is their slave in INTEL trained at Marks & Sparks in Baker St & my wife used to tell me about her lusty training and scoring multiple lovers which is depicted in the NYMPHMANIAC MOVIE.  My wife scored in Camillas vast Cornish estates and I did not dare talk about that like I have tried to shield COMMONER KATE in the same sector.  So onto the TRUMAN CAPOTE Presidential covers which are also ORGIES who get to be either MURDER VICTIMS or the heir to the throne like KATE....she is a lovely person like my wife used to be and when I lost my virginity when I made love sober for the first time my wife studiously wore VIRGINAL white underpants like Shaniah Twain Hillary's relative in the CANADIAN & NORMANDY ROCKEFELLER HANKS beach movies. That are the JOKES about the great genocides in Normandy.  We continue with the ROTHSCHILD & ROCKEFELLER Orgies in the next video so please watch your back as you pick your next woman & Chris TARRANT from the BBC is just a cover for the PISO MUSIC out of Napoli THE GLOBAL POLICING & JESUS JOKE.  I am led to believe that Jesus's mum was a virgin too and all of the story is quite difficult for a simple man like EL CID who was strapped to his PISO HORSE beyond the grave and later replaced by Sid James and Barbara Windsor who became a member of the PEERAGE at "XMAS TIME".  Sadly Baker Street where my wife and her brother trained in the DENTISTRY MAFIAS underf Manningham Buller & Stella Rimington since IAN FLEMING Used it in the WW2 Baker St irregulars INTEL Treason.  I have never BEAN to an ORGY run by these lovely people and I PRAY TO GOD that I will meet he or she before they confess to the SANTA CRUZ (the Cross) JOKE.  Strangely the SUN has come out and the ROTHSCHILDE woman has still not called me help save her reputation.  As you may have become aware I am available for public speaking like the HERO in the forty nine steps film and I have a grand plan to return everything under BIG BEN from Israel's thrall to DECENCY & PROSPERITY.   HRH for GOD's sake get a grip and get all of your mafias to fall on EMPEROR HIROTO's sword under the rising sun ROTARY CLUB ICON.  Not many people know this but the RISING SUN single by the ANIMALS was the first record I ever owned and it was an "XMAS" Present.  Ces't MOIS & my destiny.  Do you understand why Richard Harris used to flagellate himself in the hunchback movie & he had NOTHING TO DO with the BUTLINS Donkey in GOTTEN HIMMEL/HEMEL which means GOD IN HEAVEN.  My wife also lied when she promised to help me find my her G spot.  One has no opinions on the Elysium or Afterlife issues but I am always keen to learn & publish it all.  Have you seen the in BRUGES Movie it has been supressed by the BREXIT scandal in recent times & Rupert Murdochs possibly INCESTUOUS marriage to the surviving godfather mafias.  Did you know that they have removed that inspiring scene with the poor american christian with her tits out on the chritian cross from the SOLDIER BLUE movie & I forgot to mention Mrs Whithouse who gets a mention in the soundtrack as Marlon Brando had his TANGO in Paris to cover Woodrow Wilsons affair. & the Wilson's won the RAFFLE before the Hawick masons won the LOTTERY. Its a KIND OF MAGIC and sadly Terry Wogan has passed on since WATERLOO was celebrated by ABBA "Father God" won Eurovision & Hannah got her hands on the BANK OF ENGLAND.  I DARE NOT GO TO CONFESSION LIKE THE GODFATHER.  Have a nice day YE ALL!