Global Mafias 2: Nelson Mandela Myths, Kissinger Panetta Dutch PM murdered and eaten, Macdonalds conspiracy

Mandela RSA ROBBENIELAND Piso IMF Lagarde Strauss Kahn NUKES Out of Africa Dutch PM De Witt Murdered & Eaten Big Mac ORANGE wars Blenheim Churchill  Kissinger Peace Prize Sun Times Gold Banks Murdoch.JPG

Only 4% of the population in Africa have access to electricity & the World leaders steal & Kill with impunity & give themselves the PEACE PRIZE

The Descriptor below is totally unabridged & you will be shocked by the PHOTOS when I get them all processed & posted.  Codename OP "BIG MAC"

The GODS in the heavens may neuter me: I forgot to put Mandella in the title for the video above!  We start in the English speaking movie set that is Roben Island and if I take 9000 days to end the corruption then I will not be able to meet my maker without blushing.  The Robert Redford family wrote the music & he is a total flop!  Anyway back to the fiction released by Mandela's world owning trainers.  Hillary Clinton visited Mandela in hospital before he died & all the democracy myths are a lie.  All the funeral attendees were in furriious PISOs & the Hudsons Bay Bauer Rothschild fur coats.  The RSA is now riddled with HRHs INTEL snitches with a massive budget but THE DEMOCRACY gets robbed by Lagarde's & Strauss Khan's IMF MAFIAS.  MIRACULOUSLY with Hollywoods relentless support Mandela and DAEMON win the world cup.  Will Carling's death threats from MI6 that intimidated my cousin as the Scottish rugby captain were for shagging Princess Di & came from Prince Phil who had her murdered.  Winnie Mandela may well have been a decent woman the way the stories are now told. Mells Park house was the hub for the killing of David Kelly as they pretended that Kelly and David Cameron did not sell WMDs to the ARABS, the jews and al Al Fayeds friends. Al Fayed Edits PUNCH now.  Obama and the Danish Queen are pictured taking SELFIE's & Danish Rasmussen was the head of NATO but was an alcoholic and cross dresser as discussed by Greg Hallett before illegit Queen Elizabeth had Greg Killed.  I last talked to him on SKYPE in 2012 when they changed the laws of succession.  The DANES are the tribe of DAN emigrees and they produce connie Nielson in hollywood who makes the jokes of marrying into your own bloodline in both the DEVILS ADvocate FAMILY & in the GLADIATOR/COMMODUS bedroom scenes with INCEST & INTENT.  So the out of AFRICA movie is a joke about the Royal ownership of the RSA & Rhodesia ever since the BOER war. My mates the Bretts in TRING are the Earls of ESHER lineage that helped Rhodes kick start the ROUND TABLE FASCIST.  Kelly is not dead unless the body double for Corbyn has been launched by the CAMERONs' 2nd treasonous regime OWNED TOTALLY BY the ROTHSCHILDS Rothschilds et al that is Wells Park false news and I wrote to all the FROME councillors who with M my informant LAUNDERED Bredenkamps' NUKES & land mines into N Africa, America, N Korea, & even Border Control in Gibraltar See UBS Swiss Banking Cheque on my website which was the payment to Bredenkamp which is a partial cover for the KOCHs in his team being covers for the BUSH war crimal Presidential family.  So the Royal Institute for Internal affairs runs all the INTEL ORGS now & my ex wife was trained by Marks & Sparks Mossad INTEL in Baker St.  NOW just a hub for Sherlock Homes' Diversion & nothing to do with the Baker St Irregulars that were spies from 1939 right into 2015 when HRH tried to have me sectioned within days of writing to her.  NZSIS is a slave to INTEL in LONDON and they regulate VISAS  passports and the right to migrate out of the MEZZANINE Building in the Piccadily CIRCUS treasonous ACTS.  Cameron runs the CAIRN Bill Gammell frauds and puts the vitual product salesman for CAIRN on the court of the BofE.  That is why INTEL now persecute the truth tellers in the Chipping Norton FREUD MURDOCH drinking sects that fudge the elections like MURDOCH does.  The NZ victims still get some PERKS like the queens chain RIGHT TO ROAM on her land in the other HEMISPHERE.  Next ASIO in Australian.  In NZ the citizens are NICE they gave me a row for locking my car and taking our kids to school because of the BULGER killing in the LIVERPOOL hub of the NWO.  So WW2 was entirely a PROFITEERING genocide led by the Flemings. Van Cleef not Van Pelt in Robin Williams JUMANJI gets a mention in RAND (the RSA currency).   The Jumanji JUNGLE jokes are a personal challenge for is the JUNGLE PUB in Berlin and the Greystoke exiled in the JUNGLE for 26 years & now the DRUMS BEATING are the GODS leading me through all these massive crime scenes.  As a diversion from my Truths Rab C Nesbitt is making Buckfast Easter eggs to cover the GLESGAE false socialists frauds that is Connoly, Jim Murphy & the clutha pub false news led by Prof Watson at Levy & Macrae & the better of Together/JUDIARY law society mafias. CPD is continuing Professional Development BUY the RIGHT TO WORK SCAM in the UK & in the US it is Committee on Present Danger CPD do you get it it is the tyrants terror JOKE. DSS is Department of Strategic Studies is USA and the DOLE in UK.  CPD is the Royal Society scams too.  It means all honest professionals need to retrain every year so they cannot see that the bosses of every profession are from another divide and conquer profession. Pharmacy, Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, nursing, Teaching ALL SUCKED in but nobody dare speak out or you loose your right to work & pay for your kids training at UNI in the student loans fraud run by UNI bosses who are INTEL experts too.  So Kissinger, Panetta & the Americans are just as lethal in their scams FEC is a business & Baroness Blackstones leads the SLC & the Channel Tunnel contract THEFT for personal gain.  Henley BILKO ORACLE BLACKSTONE, McKesson & Fleisher Hillard INC are MASSIVE Profiteering Instutions.  Kissinger awards & wins NOBEL prizes that is the PEACEPRIZE for the worlds biggest killer.  He Runs (as aGerman called FUERTH Colin Firth Kings speech joke) JP Morgan Chase, CIA, MOSSAD, Defense Policy Board, World Economic Forum, Psych strategy Board, Freeport and Moran GOLD INC, Rubikon Partners just 1-10 of over 100. He is on the SUN & THE TIMES UKNewspaper Propaganda too.   Gen Mike Jackson & Gen Wesley Clarke are in charge in the IRISh & then Balkan massacres and Clarke ran for President then BLEW UP WACO to cover his sins. Jackson's frauds in private security launches Michael Jackson the pop singer & the real michael Jackson comes out of Jacksonville to buy FULHAM FC from Al Fayed with a statue of  the pop singer outside the stadium.  The Kissinger Profiteering takes ages to profile then I reveal the W W Windsor Godfathers who own the media and are subservient only to the Rothschilds and Illuminati MAFIAS who have TAKEN ALL DEMOCRACIES' funding.  She makes the religious XMAS fraud and WW Remembrance Sunday Poppies scams. The 5 mafia families in NY are the FIVE Fox News agency. Verne Cotter is the new Rugby coach and that is the PREBBLE stories about Cotters being fuedal mercenaries massacred at Culloden.  William Collins Whitney is linked into the SKULL & BONES warmongering & the Turnbulls of the HOTLIPS Governor General Global lineages are HITMEN for the US MAFIAS in NEVADA nr Las Vegas where Hillary And Celine Dion's relative Shania Twain is still looking for a HERO!  Her husband was MUTT and that is a joke about the W W Warner mafias.  All her songs confirm Shania is in the ARRIAN MASTER race MAFIAS.   The LITTLE SIS website is fascinating & it is quite plain that BEN BRADLEY at the Washington POST never ever discovered it.  So the Van Duyns get sunk with the ships as the family's kill their former friends and that is the TITANIC SCUTTLING to initiate great conflicts. We close with the Johan De Witt PM in Holland who was murdered and eaten by the more ruthless ORANGE movement who sponsor the Churchill's as mercenaries at BLENHEIM for William & Mary.  & DIVIDE & CONQUER so Rembrandt falsifies the butchery industry in Amsterdam as being confined to Cattle and the LAMB chops of God Jesus jokes.  So that launches the Macdonald BURGER conspiracy which has cost us the rainforrests is too horrendous to contemplate.  TILL THE NEXT EPISODE.