Global Mafia 7: Luca Brasi Godfather No 8 wire vs B Arrian HANKS WW2 50M fish sleepers ARG papal GOLF genocides

Eden Adam Eve Ciccio Bank Figli Caveman Club & Woman way to Love her INJUNS Christian Pagan Massacres Tar Boy Slaves Mafia Luca Brasi HIT Tom Hanks Rockf Stammer K Not DAD, Churchill SEMEN HRH Batard.JPG

Churchill is the Biological Father of HRH & Bill Clinton Hillary may be a Virgin & the Garden of ADEN is world history now HANKS is a Rockefeller & the BASTARDS have stolen the world.

In this video we contrast the protection rackets andmafia ops with the genocides that kill the pagans, then the Christians/Jews/Moslems & on and on then we rely on the masons to assett strip the poor & kill their own kids in engineered wars, All right into the 1950s when HRH took the wheel in the throne and Launvched Jeremy Clarkson and F1 as her BIG NEWS VENTS. The naked female  injuns on the Christian CROSS in Soldier Blue are now completely removed like all the 70-80 yr linkage of Baker St  The SOE & the Baker St irregulars have all been taken down. Video 6 reveals all the freemason jokes about the EGYPTOLOGY icons & launch the BEATLES & the Rothschild Yellow SUB to Launder Hitler out of the Bunker then river spree FOR A Laugh.  In soldier Blue, the cavalry are the Calvary Hill joke & that is Hollywood in California too for Schwarzeneger out of INNSBRUCK like Hitler & several popes.  T is the cross in the PISO fraud. Mell Gibson is a jew and all the high end actors like Helen Mirren are part of the World owning joke. DAVOS and Bavaria is home for Rothschild & Rockefeller.  The B ARRIAN Joke is everywhere most notably the actor who played  the SHORT LIFE OF Brian B Arrian.  The Nile & Niel Nial mean PISO & the Pishon was the Nile name till the joke got out and they changed it to CUSH.  That is Leo Cushley highest ranking Catholic since OBrien fled with immunity from prosecution.  The Worlds biggest killers get the peace prizes & Carney from Canada steals the funds from the BofE for all the MAFIA mobsters.  ABBA celebrate that at the Eurovision & ABBA means FATHER GOD in the Piso Bible fraud.  The Monty Pythons share all this horrible truth & it goes into the great battles in WW2 and my mate Arch Lockie risked his life there.  The Condos get flattened & that is another translation for PISO.   The Rockefellers are also Bavarians & that is the GOLF ball icon, Putin is the Puteoli Naples nickname & that is Putlocker movies and ePISOde 6.  The Media cover ups are now a massively expensive activity. Tom HANKS is a Rockefeller & he wins OSCARS for explicit movies on BEACHES that are Hilary Clintons homeland in Normandy.  THe mafias who kill hundreds but coerce the politicians & the papacy.  So  We get to Laca Brassi who is aMAFIA soldier and gets taken down with the GAROTTE....the No 8 endless race track wire joke.  The murder is really quick & Brassi SLEEPS with the Fishes.  Shania Twain and Gwyneth Paltrow are in the super elite celebs bloodline.  The YELLOW van joke is old as.  It is now Maggie Smith who played Jean Brodie & met me and dined next to me at Magdelene College Oxford playing a neurologist INCREDIBLY skilled actress dedicated to stealing the world from its people.   The Egyption images launch the beatles and the prick around the staff that is the hypocratic oath,  . Clinto is pictured with Laurence Rockefeller & later with the Rothschilds who own & manipulate all the Presidents.  HELLArius C word wears the cross round her neck cos they all know there never was a jesus. We tell the shameful FDR WW2 genocide & the sparking of the cold war for oil price hike scams.  Next up the genocidal pope in the Latin American Stadia which Maradonna played in just as Mrs T flattened the FALKLANDS for electoral reasons.  The Vatican issues include the murders portrayed in the Gofather & under BlackFriars Br in London.  Nelson rockefeller is high up in HRHs INTEL conglomerates that sitch on all innocents globally. The GOVTS pretend they killed Bin Laden & chucked his millionaire body off the back of a boat like John Travoltas partner in Hollywood.  Bin Laden died under GOD's watch in ISLAMABAD.  All of it is now diverted into the BIN LORRY driver.  Piu is in the lyrics of Orpheus & Euridice by GLUCK the PISO PI joke is relentless.  East Enders now have a MOSQUE to spark diversions and WW3 with the WMDs in the protocols of zion that Hitler used.  The Thames is the hypocratic SNAKE/DRAGON that I have to pacify & that is the WHORE in revelations in the PISO Bible.  Then Gen Sir Mike Jackson's massacres in IRE & the Balkans & That is Michael Jackson killed by his anaesthist body double COS I was a scientist in intensive care and CNS drug research till they SCAMMED ME OUT OF WORK.  Rebekah Blooks iis interlocked with Gen Sir Mike Jackson.  The Dragonslayer woman worked for a US Bank & her name is Summerville which is several graves in NAPLEs' English cemetery.  Then the masters of the Horse the Dukes of Norfolk and the High Marshall power brokers related into PISO in ancient Rome. JC is Julius Caesar and Christ & the Bible was written by Jew and Christian together with HEROD in a safe house in Rome.  The PISOs wrote the Quoran. Hillsborough is the Windsor home in IRE but is the false news onfootball disasters 7 regular hearings.  The Black man becomes the Tar Baby,  then they are Over there as the war dead.   The Dead man's boots get mentioned in the James Blunt & Coldstream veterans 2nd hand shop.  Uncle REMUS the black man is the all roads lead to rome.  Naples twisted becomes NAPLES and another religion....and Edmond HELL ARRYian.  Chavez is the false socialist in Venezuala.  The COTTON PICKING slaves were eventually replaced by the tractor.  That is the BRITISH EMPIRE STATE & the native celebs like Pocohontas are in Real Estate and financial services & make the museum movie with Rickie Gervais.  The five fleets/flies from Spain Portugal France Britain & Holland have now completed their global landgrabs. Jekyll & Hyde are the posh slaves who make it big and cover the remuneration of the slave  trading families for LOSS OF INCOME.  Then my Destiny & the soothsaying that leads to the Greystoke & King Kong movies, IRA, insight into Peter Williams QC.  The APE man is my hairy chest & hunter gatherer joke that is ESAU in the bible and EYORE in op winny the poo & he is a donkey like JESUS in the BIBLE fraud.  Please watch Frankie Howard opening scenes in Up Pompei I fail to remember Edward Stephen Harknesses story but he was worth S155M in 1940 when the MELON treasurer tucked away all the citizens gold for WW2 profiteers To BE CONTINUED.