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I want to confess my FELONY.  Even the Jehovas confirmed this morning that thousands of their MODERN RUSSELL Religious mafia has thousands of people banged up across the world.  So I reveal the night life crimes in Leighton Buzzard where I owned my house before I met my wife from HEMEL.  My neighbours threw me a party and a charming Police Woman came in and strip searched me.  My first American girlfriend and I toured France and BASEL where I lived for a while as I worked in BASEL. We visited Notre Dame, St Dennis & the magnificent Cathedrals on the swiss border.  I lived in BASEL and it is the legendray host to the Bank of International Settlements where all the new banking thieves are taught how to assett strip every FEDERAL/CENTRAL .  I introduce you to some local and International celebrities and Nadine Schneider from the munitions and Pharma sector & a citizen of California.  Everywhere I have been & the characters I have met are incredibly important in world history.  Mulhouse rugby club is just minutes away from the start point for WW1.  I loved fishing so much that I wanted to stay lifelong in Kelso but my mum insisted I use my brain power & I now realise how right she was.  So I show you the two greatest politicians from the borders. Those are Sir Alec Douglas Home TORY boss PM for a yr before Harold Wilson with the PISO pipe & affiliation to DAVOS took over.  Both were associated with the war in ADEN where they defended the BP plant right in the middle of the Garden of EDEN that was ADEN  with towns called TAZE & Mas RIB.  So my destiny is to understand the biggest crime scenes in the wiorld and I now have the tyrannical families that have stolen the world in a state of panic. They are all inbred elite families right back to PAGAN king Solomon.  So I started as a RUSTIC but research has become my passion and the Economic & WarCrimes are just as easy to understand as the brain the muscles & the ion channels that keep us alive conscious breathing and our hearts beating.  So we get started on the FDR frauds against the war dead in WW2 & the drawing in of JAPAN to the dance of death. FDR s family were on the Mayflower.  He is Delanoy which is the NEW DEAL & Delany's donkey joke. All the elites & most of the masons understand the PISOS wrote the bible and Jesus was written into it as the DONKEY/Wild ass or Zebra for the Rothschilds. So the Hirohito Emperor died in 1989 in his bed. The Japanes are dedicated to the EMPIRE & if they fail they are obligated to take their own lives by falling on their swords. Currently ASO is the Treasury Minister who with the IMF Word Bank et al drive the people into hyperinflation even today & THAT IS DONE BY Quantitative easing & all the skushing of new money into private elite hands as they extend the GLOBAL sovereignty debt pool.  The new Emperor is a Michiko MICHAEL is the jewish Angel.  The Pearl Harbour scam was just that and all of it means the land of the RISING SUN GOD gets outgunned by NUKES by the false christianity who are told to love their neigbours but kill 130 million for a laugh at the New Deal & the DONKEY JESUS. Quite sinister dont you think. The BUTLINS donkey jokers are the ARRIAN Harrises in Tring & neighbours of the ROTHSCHILDS that run all wars allsides & All banks everywhere. The prebble Cotter disclosure about the Jacobite revolution is typical that all wars massacre the poor.  So we flit to technological NUREMBURG and the hi tek translations by computer and the body double for Martin Borman is executed as the real war criminal watches from the public galleryTHE FRANK PENTANGELLI joke about his bro from Sicily attending and committing his bro to suicide in his bloody bath.  The hiroshima genocide & Jesus fraud is typified by LILLY ALLEN  the ALLAH frauds & her AIR BALLOON video on those and ASS ZEBRA  Mushroom clouds are sickening.  Jesus never gets home & the Rolling Stones is the vietnam album cover.  The Episcopalian  Church is aware of my pathology theory but blessedly the parishioners & CLERICS are talking openly & are highly intelligent/rational in discussion.  So we discuss the power of god and they create the great falls & catarcts but the humans DAMN the rivers in an attempt to NEUTER the GODS power.  Nile, Thames, Missisippi FDRs Arizono same story.  Those become the rivers of blood CAIRO to Khartoum ambitions. NILE KNEEL Niel NIAL means Piso. SOl SAUL RA is the sun God, the rising Sun the rotary Club & Probus Mummers and even swastika symbol the mason slaves running round like cartwheel.  JFK tried to return the GLOBAL Gold to its owners used as collateral currency and stolen i WW2.  Bolt is the will Tell Rothschilds FIVE Arrows joke and PISTORIOUS the blade runner is just an obvious PISO false news cover. My wife is an INTEL traitor who works for Chipping Norton MI5 & Marks & Sparks....see GLOBAL mafias 1 & the INTEL chaos by design VALKYRIE Firing squad agendas.  So we profile the Kellog Foundation Blair Tony Robinson & Carenza with her tits off.  The Villainous Dr is one of the Interlocking directors in the Christs' college laundering frauds.  The disney story is totally jocular ALL the ROMANTIC LOYAL TALES are a lie and a laugh at the Good King/Queen joke & the Frog.  Many written by the Grimms out of Gottinghen meaning NO GOD.  All the RED FLAG, Swiss Fam Robinson XMAS tree Tannenbaum tunes are all the same THAT is ROBINSONS ^ Blairs socialist anthem.   I loved KELLOGS products as a kid and little did I know. The XMAS tree is Al Fayeds Pyramid and that is the ArSENAL ARSENOE Pharoah bloodlines through Cleopatras 1-7.  When the civilised people hear the frauds they almost always RALLY ROUND.  At the head of the UNI they just appoint Terrorists who pretend they are INTEL anti-terror law enforcers AND THE GODS GO BALLISTIC!.  Some of the victims of the acts of GOD are now dispensing with the sticks & wheelchairs GREAT TO SEE.  The Kelso high school scams are run by profiteering Copper & the headmistress is a Mackay like the Ms Jean Brodie CREME DE LA CREME fascist jokes & that is the Almond Valley right into Livingstone.   The Livingstones are BUSH ancestors and they lived in ANCRUM also in the Teviot Valley. 

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Just in case you miss the JOKE about Rolf Harris and the PEG LEG song being the ISLE OF MAN Swastika linkage of the HARRISES of Butlin who sacked me on the river. That is all the mummers, morris dancers & masons who used the SWASTIKA GLOBALLY Before HITLER Rothschild launched the THIRD REICH & Pope Benedict into the Hitler youth movement. So if you want a free holiday at Butlins and a ride on the DONKEYS which are Jesus in the plot. If you are a protestant RANGERS fan the catholics get FISH on a FRIDAY & that is the Penis in the PLOT SEX ON A FRIDAY JOKE. If you are an American Catholic or YMCA member then that is your prick in the hot dog. So the most innocent part of the story is that SLEEPING with the fishes is just a MAFIA assassination and their is nothing obscene about that and with the MET & NYPD Polis in charge you can do that anyday of the week. If any of you women are free and clean in a syphilitic sense Id love to hear from you strictly platonic to begin with. Hilary Clinton YOU NEED NOT APPLY FULL DESCRIPTOR AND SHOCKING PHOTOS HERE. Nadine Schneider I want you to CUM CLEAN & pick up the phone or join me on facebook.