Global Mafia 3 Billy Graham $25M Pi Piso BIC Bible pen Mormon Vanderbilt Putnam Putin BEE Arians

Madonna with child Naples Bic Pen Puteoli Villa Papyrii PISO bible 79AD Stromboli St Paul Billy Graham $25M Mormon Bee Arrians Bilderberg Beast Vanderbilt Harold Wilson Pi PIPE.JPG

I forgot to mention the mormons and all the volcanic seismic erruptions everywhere false christianity goes that is HAND GRENADE of antioch for the pythons.

I am severely rattled this morning having learned that KELLY Clarkson is in the mafias too but on with the GLOBAL FRAUDS.  We left of on the killing & eating of the Dutch PM by the Orange warmongers &  speculated on the contents of BURGERS ever since, as well as the cutting down of the rain forrests everywhere.  Next up KELLYs sins on behalf of LETTERMAN & political lobbying. Kelly;s middle name is BRIANNE the B Arrian that is the life of Brian too.  Panthera is part of the PISO pussycat jokes.  So Kelly is listed as a director  of SHPANTS KaCPants and that takes you into LETTERMAN's fundraising campaigns. Kelly was the victim of a broken home and she is an arrian and political too. Cretien & Trudeau are relatives of Hillary Celine & Shaniah Twain. Those are the PISO Arrian bloodline that becomes the Kings Queens Presidents POPES & pop singers.  Madonna reveals the Shitty Pants jokes in her SHEs not me WITH LETTERMAN.  Abel Danger's David Hawkins is on the Little Siss business & Politics register.  MASH is part of the NO NOTTINGS PUTNAM Jokes at the war VIETNAM the theme is SUICIDE in American Uniform IS PAINLESS COMEDY THEME music.  Madonna is now in divorce proceedings seeking access to her son ROCKO I think THEY HAVE NO SHAME but own the whole world as fraudsters. SO ON with the Global Mafias,  The rainforrest is vital in nitrogen fixation & the regeneration of the elites that make the wilderness into a prairie are behind global warming BUT ALL OF IT IS IN the gods' hands.  So Vanderbilts are rich but I cant get a literal translation. Spelt that way you get over 2000 hits on the company register.  The murdered De Witt PM is in the stamering WW Windsor speech & the US millitary employ SCHOOMAKERS in their endless wars elsewhere.  The mormon founder was Brigham Young.  The Vanderbilt  fortune was over 1 Bn even in 1924 but I cannot get a literal translation of their name.  GP Putnam launches the Putnam Mag & the NO NOTTINGS.  David Hawkins is ABEL DANGERS English front.  David Putnam was my Chancellor at Sunderland .  The Russells worked for the Vanderbilts and CFR. That is the Jehova & Uni Russell group mafias.  The masonic links totally replace the Sun Gods with ICONs for their massive dismemberment of GLOBAL SOCIETY.  The local Jehovas have become more combative & no longer catch fish on the river.  Its a KINDA MAGIC!
Graham means the Devil & is my nephews name.  They are the cooks who sign affidavits on my guilt, interlock with Fred goodwin and date Gloria Hunneyfords neice.  It is ever so interesting & unique to be an honest person.  Chris TARRANT is the Tarrantella jiggy music for the GODFATHER weddings.  Billy Graham is a really sinister looking evangilistic hands waving preacher & he dies worth $25million.  God for the elite linguists is the DOG on the lead now & Gepetto the dad of Jesus Pinnochio with no strings inside the belly of the mammalian whale ...JONAH in the Old Testament. All the masons know the PISO numbering codes.  I thank my neighbours for their tolerance & understanding.   So AVARICE is a sin but Billy Graham met his maker at the pearly gates with $25M & he is apolitical & will not take sides like the Jehovas.  So the lowlands in Holland & Belgium Garden Putten are jokes about the GARDEN of EDEN legends & Putteoli in Italy is NAPLES where the PISOs wrote the coded bible fraud.  When it was released in 79 AD vesuvius exploded onto the Villa Papyrii the PISO home & Up Pompeii jokes for Frankie Howard.  In some historic texts Puteoli NAPLES is BIC puteoli the Papyrus PEN do you get it. It is PUTT on the golf course & PUTIN the KGB man in NZ who was gifted Russia like Stalin before him.  The BILDERBERGERS next are committed to building a massive fascist ptramidal hotel in DAVOS home to the Rockefellers & the Popes Bauers/Rothschilds.  The PISO pipe is the Indian, Hobbit, & Harold Wilsons' pipe & Prof Colquoun my mate at UCL smokes one too. The Nazi family of Nachanius is difficult to find & all I can find is the beekeeping community.  Shakira is a child genius born mubarak and she plays the ESMERELDA role through all her life Shkina is one of the 6 jewish angels.  Back to the Rotary, Probus mummers clubs and the spoke & wheel Waggon in pubs & Cross Keys pubs all over the masonic world.  The Beehive structure can also be pyramidal. The BEE toxins that my vietnamese student worked on take you right into ancient UKRAINE where pharnacese & the AMAZONS & Julius caesar lived, came saw & conquered.  The PISO pineapple joke is explained and the ARSENAL ARSENOE Pharoah bloodline jokes are outed.  Taze Russel's JEHOVAS icon is the Eagle  the Egyptian beetledrives are part of popular culture & it is all a joke for the masons & totally trivial. The Birds and the animals are sent by god to console and inspire humans & the RAVENS in the Tower of London have their wings clipped for obvious tyranical reasons.  So some of the search terms get few or SLEAZY results like the Asselbergs.
Cortez and the Oxford literary history frauds are explained using CORTEZ & the Latin American genocides.  Lisa Scherf was sent an Email on whether she understands the bush lineage is scherf & De buisson in Normandy.  So we close on ORANGE ground & explain Queen Maxima fasist roots out of Pope Francis;s Argentina.  The churchills were gifted Blenheim for their mercenary activities & that is the affiliation to William & Mary who had De Witt killed & eaten.  Today we cannot smack our kids but the WMDS economic Forum G8 and UN meetings are strictly secret closed door SS Fascism ALL F THE DELEGATES profiteers and criimnals against their people & even their own kids, We close with another Pussy & scantilly clad PIE.  The BElgian links get complimented & the Bill Clinton lookalike is a HUTCHISON Bush bloodline member.   FDRs massive sins, after his family arrive on the Mayflower,  kill him as soon as he demonises  the man Stalin who trained in the UK & with Churchill they were the biggest killers before Kissinger with the more sophiticated weapons took down VIETNAM for the MASH comedy to be launched. END OF EPISODE 3