Gilliam's deadly movies, Heath Ledger, Grimm Bros, Riddell, Gloag & Souter XMAS Xminster born to Die BIBLE FRAUDSTERS & PAGAN victims under THORS OAK

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Terry Gilliam's actors are highly paid & really stupid because many were BORN TO DIE ON SET.  See the sad tale below about Heath Ledger and Matt Damon making the Grimm Brothers in 2005 then the Imaginarium of Parnassus a deal with the Devil which killed Ledger in 2009  when he was replaced by Johnny Depp who has been on rehab already and is now showing the signs that GOD gave Ledger.  Look up Gilliam and his multiple attempts to complete a movie on Don Quixote the global windmill SWASTIKA JOKE for the masons.  First I reveal the Souters/Gloags are right at the head of the PISO-Windsor bloodline.  We take you later into the fam tree with Cleopatra & Julius Caesr at the bottom of the Egyption Pharoahs 55BC- "JESUS" the top we find Soter AristoBULUS et al just under Alexander the Great & Logos the RABBIT sign for Churchill.  The Thuringian Queen out of Hesse Casselle is the immortal skeleton in the Grimm Brothers movie 2005.  That is the Jokes about CLOVIS son of Basina of Thuringia who is converted to christianity by his 3rd wife Clothilda who was Sainted by the Xtian writing team.  The PAGAN wife (he had 5) he rejected was EVOCHILDE  & you should see how close the EDER valley & Thors Oak are to FRANKFURT, Heidelburg & Gottinghen (all immune from bombing in WW2.  Clovis became the LETHAL Xtian missions and just 300 yrs later the FRANKISH successor in the Merovingian bloodline CHARLEMAGE was christened as an ADULT too and next day was HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR.....all wars all sides into Austro-Hungaria.  Thors OAK and Fitzlar Carlstadt are on the MAINE & Eder (EDEN) rivers running through them.  I profile Gilliam (GOD ill I am) and his dead actors list PERRINI his mate picked Depp to replace Ledger and he is blind in one eye.  Gilliam killed the LIFE OF BRIAN actor under 40 too.  The Wittgensteins 4 brothers who launched psychiatry in Bloomsbury LONDON out of Hesse Cassel had the suicide bug from god and 3 of the 4 committed suicide as they launch for profit & political silence MEDICATIONS & LOBOTOMY's in psychiatry.  The 4th Wittgenstein was too dim to succesfully suicide but nevertheless he tried too HESSE CASSEL still runs NHS Psychiatric services (HESS of Hamilton where Rudolph fled as Hitler Rothschild's 2nd in command in WW2).  So do you see how LAND multiple WOMEN  and conversion leads to murderous SAINTED Christians (the army CICs are christed as murderous adults then buried in St Dennis in Paris).  Many of the kids beyond conversion DIE YOUNG or in UTERO but are still given PRINCE OF FRANKS title  like INGOMER. ING is the Swedish PAGAN killer and INGOMER was born and died in Clovis' St Clothildas womb conceived & died in 494 in Reims the LORE of French religion which means (see later) the Anglo Saxons in Britain never get a British born king also the Guillame Gilliam joke and King Carractacus for Rolf harris.  So Loch Maree and Islay get a mention because the thors oaks prevail on Islands. Every one of our bonfire nights and Solstice jokes like the naming of our days and months are a legacy of christianity.  So the XMAS tree was born as the NEW TREE of life out of the entrails of THORS OAK chopped down by St BONIFACE of X Minster for Jesus born on XMAS day & he would have had to have been a Rocket Scientist to get home by Easter Monday.  So the Chatti tribe is from Hess Sax Cooburg and Gotha too like queen Vics bigamous husband ALBERT before HRH's stammering relative changed the name to WINDSOR post 2nd WW.  Kaiser Bill is Hohenzoleran on the PISO Windsor Bloodline and went to La Rosie School on Lake Geneva with Rothschild & Bin Laden (Head of British Navy into 1914).  The Chatti linkage  takes us into ancestral lineages like RIDDELL many of whom were born to die close to FDR/Murray Bandits of Selkirk.  Riddell have lands and castles Edinburgh to Hexham with LILLIESLIEAF (Fleur de Lise joke for the Harriman/Churchillian women of Clinton's  and HRH's parentage).  The Riddells of the CHATTI HESS tribe, like the Gloags and SOUTERS, have a propensity to DIE SUDDENLY or suicide. If you know Johnny Depp please tell him not to worry unduly!!!!! I reveal my love affairs with the women of PERCY's Chatton. The Elder PERCY estate owner suicided too before they launched the poison Garden.  Thors version of the story is written by the Longfellows of England.  THE PSALMS though are the work of the PISOS all over ROMAN Dark ages in the  SOTER pyramidal family tree.  I explain the schism in the church of Rome with 3 popes: one in rome ,1 in Avignon, and the other in Czech BOHEMIA where St Wenceslas et al are on the AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN bloodline too .  St Boniface is "thought to have lived" 673-754 and it is a Germanic masterplan to kill the PAGANS and Pi Pi Pin it on the English who "Rule the Azure MAIN"".  Charles Martel is in the Windsor fam tree another Champagne joke. Mainz is right next to Heidelburg Gottinghen EDER & immune from bombing with Cambridge & Oxford where all the Pythons were schooled in false religion.  The Brothers Grimm who led us into WW1 with the Arrian myths were 2 Professors in the Gottinghen (no god) seven when queen victoria's kids were being sired by Rothschild. Riedesel in Hess is the Redesdale Fascist joke.  I explain Anne Gloag's deaths/ and her mercy ships scams for FISTULA/VISTULA and her links to Watson at Levy & Macrae who removed the right to roam on Scottish land from everyone. Watson Interlocks to the Dead Mcletchie (Gods' natural cause) Better off Together & BOTH Interlock with Sherif Peter Paterson through the TODD MORTON warmongering UNCLE DESMOND MORTON WW2 profiteering as double agents with ian FLEMING. Paterson is the corrupted sheriff on my divorce case who has DIVORCED me with no grounds.   The MERCY SHIPS doctors were my informants and lobbyists for a time. They pick some of the MERCY to ELEPHANT MAN ops for the front page of the papers and they treat the FASCIST REGIME leaders with all of the tax break passengers.  The death rate in Britain in Caesarian ops is 1 in 180,000 but in DARKEST africa it is 1 mum in 12  dies.  Fistula gets the pregnant women cast from the village and only 4% of citizens have electricity in their homes.  The Souters & Gloags interlock with Sir Ewan Gloag and all the Huge Banks rothschild Lothian Road PONZIS all reported to Michael More John Lamont & the Scottish Justice Sec and his deputy Paul Wheelhouse. The Riddell YOUNG deaths were quite spooky when I was a boy but they continued into manhood & serious "accidents" too. Gloag/Souter die or suicide young too they have that conscience since SOTER was the pharoah in Egypt.  Riedesel Zu eisenbach may well be the ROths Burt Bacharach linkage in the Franfurt region. FRENCH Riddell has been the Sheriff of roxburgh since the 12th century out of Normandy with christianity.  The Riddells are in Lilliesleaf, Hexham and right up to Cranstoun on the Lothian coast close to OBrien's immune from policing life of Brian jokes.  Walter Buchanan is the current clan chief. Walter Scott's lineage is so evil it has died out and is now run by COMMONERS in THE LODGE. Those Scotts are my friend Cathleen of Hesse Cassel's relatives who run the local and WW2 masons scams.  I show the links to Lauderdale of Percy/Murray outlaws, Pathead where the Westminsters have a second home and a Public School and are directors on the war dead boards which may be why Gerard Grosvenor died so young.  The Riddell are close to Hawick where my Hero in rugby Alister Cranston played in the legendary Hawick rugby team and now runs a farming Co-operative AKIN to the Barcelona Millionaire football team collective in FASCIST SPAIN. The Riddells are right next dorr to Sanderson of Bowden who sacked me for refusing to kill fish during the Embargo and he is in the Walters Scott Club in Edinburgh which is second to the SS speculative society that has Archbishop COSMO LANG on its member list who CORONATED THE STAMMERING King whos children like Clovis died on the Gurney so Winston Churchill was brought in to sire the Queen and Bill Clinton by the HARRIMAN/Lady Randy Churchill links.  NICE STORY EH?