Get Your Flat-Pack refugee home from the G8-20 countries who have modernised the progrom

All the shenanegans all around the world are about wealth divide and land-grabs by ultra-rich countries.  The situation in Ukraine/Crimea is typical (of Egypt Syria, Iraq, Poland Latvia, Ireland Greece, Portugal Spain and Italy forced into poverty and default by obsecenely rich politicians who for coalition governments by declaration) as actors sweep-in, Presidents defect like tax-exiles to a neighbour in the G8  or UN security council and the members of the security council, who got Persian Oil/BP started on the Russian steppes sweep in, stage a referendum which gets a 97% majority that the citizens want to be ruled by a superpower next door.  Sanctions are levied on the tyrannical invader/opportunist country (but target oligarchs that trade the nationalised products in privately owned companies like Gazprom).  Sanctions from the leafy members of the G8 issue threats to foreclose on public school access so you can train to join the cabal later in life and use that safe haven  for a few mansion houses or a handy tax haven, just offshore.  The whole thing is planned by the G8 countries who have bigger Empires now than they ever had......then they send millions of refugees into squalid camps in a distnt land where the citizens hope they will be safe from their own troops, invaders or revolutionaries/transitional govts, all of whom are funded by the Rothschild dynasty who own all central banks /monetary institutions on the globe but now go to war to cover up their financial crimes and activities in the Royal Bedroom.....where their penetration sexually of elite and powerful bloodlines has given them strategic control of all global monarchies and puppet politicians in every theatrical democracy/junta/dictatorship around the world. The other security council members are apalled at the aggressor nation's behaviour, till their turn to expand comes around.  In the meantime, they (led by the media and English speaking analysts) kindle ethnic hatred all around the world so they can sell thousands of refugee homes then build elite estates for oligarchs/tax-exiles  to live in. People lose their pensions, savings then homes/land but are desperately keen not to have war so just do whatever the agressor or the peoples choice want.  I have superimposed the Rothschild theme tune and the melodrama of global war and strife with the cheap sales drive for the Refugee Flat Pack is pathetic but sophisticated middle classes everywhere dare not speak out unless you get what they got in Grangemouth or what Mrs Thatcher took from the miners by force: some remember morbidly how hitler came to call (part of the same ruthless team that is persecuting them today).  So get your refugee home in a ghettoe of your choice....the Ovens and gas chambers are required towards the end of the next World War when everybody is stunned at axis and allied brutality.  The survivors get jobs downstairs in the elite Institutions and it all gets replayed every 40-70 reparations from victors and vanquished last forever.  The conscripts get shot and the wives and children get raped by all sides and this time you can watch it on TV in your mobile flat-pack home or downstairs in the elite mansion.  If you are lucky you may become a highly paid elite sportsman or artist/musician like they used in the coliseum in Rome to rob the republic blind.


You can find the whole Rothschild movie on this page LINK gives you insight into what it is like in the Jewish ghetto, the elite mansion and finally all stock markets and central banks....all around the perpetually brutalised globe.  ROTHSCHILD: How to Take Over the World