Gender WARS

Women are very frustrated by what life has to offer (and how they are perpetually suppressed, abused, under-paid, not listened to, fobbed off with domestic trivia). 

they are in a great position to change things by just revealing the horrible truth about the male-dominated world and how close to collapse it is now.  I sent a couple of pleas to Radio Four's Womans Hour.....
(reproduced below) for prominent women (or unsung listeners) to come forward and speak out against state-sponsored abuses and criminality.  Both were courteously acknowledged but nothing changes.  Media attention is exclusively dedicated to dead or elderly  peers, rapists, paedophiles, priests or politicians who are well past their prime.  Women come forward bravely to denounce things that happened 30-40 years ago as Jimmy Saville (posthumously) , Freddie Star, Stuart Hall  and so many others come forward as surrogate villains to take the limelight away from the real culprits at the top of government.  Our global leaders are overtly abusing honest citizens (both genders, all races and creeds/religions) for personal gain.  This system is sustained only by fear and greed.  I hope that the women at the BBC (and in all other sectors see the truth soon) and reject the trivialised media releases that displace financial, economic, and war crimes from the news media (and chat shows).  Theseb crimes are afflicting 7Bn abused citizens (all ages, genders, religions).  Here are my attempts to raise Jenni Murray's game and get her colleague's sights onto how to emancipate the whole world on behalf of the children everywhere.  I would be delighted to appear on the show but up to this point females seem intimidated by the concept of FREE SPEECH on REALLY BIG ISSUES (if you are a woman and dont work for the MEDIA then sincere apologies for the sweeping and abusive generalisation).

The Emails are sent through a word limited (1000 words max) intranet system 

to Womans Hour 

(Email sent 20th March 2013)  Mull of Kintyre Assassinations

 Please do something constructive about this.  Very frustrating to hear you complacently chatting about women being unable to control their own is well within your grasp (mothers everywhere co-exist with this and just chat complacently: you need to rise up for the kids). 



Several Emails were sent on 6th Feb 2013 (to comply with the 1000 character limit).....this was just days before Oscar Pistorius murdered/shot his girlfriend Ms Reeva Steenkampf).

PROSTHETICS: a threat to the female gender

Dear Jenni,

Just been listening to the Woman's Hour debate on the creation of prosthetic super-rats and super-men........and the lack of money to restore limbs lost in defending your country (but how the veterans who are adorned with these technologies are much better than god’s original creations).  We have had test tube babies for decades and gay marriage is now looming LARGE......will there be a place for women who just talk about skittish hobbies and give their hearts and minds to those robotic suitors (without thinking)?  You can create your own future (or just wait for the gods to end it......their technology is truly formidable).  Just remind yourselves of the concept of the FAIR sex (and let the truth out about why mortals always fail to achieve global civilisation).   Some believe that the FIFTH ELEMENT may be female.....but others have faith in the human condition (despite all its frailties).

PLEASE PLEASE ask the FAIR sex to raise its game before the male-dominated-world opts for extinction....SHAME & CONSCIENCE will fix it but prosthetic organs have none.  PLEASE PLEASE give me an Email address if you have the courage to let the female gender out of the INTRANET internment camp you so skittishly inhabit.  As the next guest on 06 Feb summed it up "MAN IS OUR BROTHER"........Enlightened and open mortal women need to help us break out of this vicious unFAIR is TRAGIC that Mrs Thatcher is still your icon: she has a body that is as strong as a horse (but her mind is locked up somewhere in the sound bite INTRANET.....where it cannot reverse the damage that the gods have wreaked on the brain of "Britain's greatest woman").  Hope you have the courage to reply and get women out of this menial subordinated and brutal silo.

 ps if you don’t have the courage, I will post this on the WEBSITE above so everybody knows you prefer the skittish tea party to a better future……if this sounds threatening……you are beginning to see the potency and attention that the FAIR sex might COMMAND FAIRLY SOON.