GAGGING the human rights , fraud and War Crimes activist: all the complicit parties, motives and the REPUTATIONAL COSTS

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02 Sept 2015

Dear Ms Patricia Thom, Valerie Jane Lees,  Jedburgh Sheriff Court, John Lamont MSP & Calum Ker MP, 

cc Grant Lees, Harry Lees (and hundreds of Email recipients for our mutual safety)

I want you all to UNDERSTAND  THAT  MY EXPOSURES OF LAW ENFORCEMENT, CROWN OFFICE, UK Media, Cross Party Profiteering and MONARCHY/CHRISTIAN MARITAL OATH/Crown Office  ILLEGITIMACY WILL NOT BE SILENCED BY YOUR PETTY LAWLESS PLOTS. You are ALL NOW DEEPLY COMPLICIT  (even in the war crimes, policing, banking frauds) with the exception of Calum Ker MP.    I still wish to settle AMICABLY on the domestic trivia despite, your counter claims, but I need your ORAL pledgesthreats/terms  to be in writing,without ambiguity,  as in the half baked revised MATRIMONIAL SCHEDULE that still says “assuming the AEGON pension is 100% the defenders”.  SO I STRONGLY CONTEST THAT I NO LONGER AM PREPARED TO SETTLE  but I need the options that I have to be presented to me in a non threatening non BULLYING WAY (thank you for the new estimate on the value of the joint home of £240,000; my surveyors visit tomorrow, with the written consent of my wife,  and I want time to evaluate all of my options and how I come back at all of you for DEFAMATION).  I strongly advise my wife to desist from the repeated suggestion that I need psychiatric referral. ……based on my published output on the MASSIVE HEALTHCARE FRAUDS THAT THREATEN THE BEST NHS IN THE WORLDReferal to Psychiatric Services for my interests in local healthcare AND Hypocratic Oath AND NHS FRAUD: the costs to the taxpayers and THE PATIENTS . See ALL THE appended documents and on the Hancocks SHARE ISSUANCE MONEY FROM NOTHING  frauds that she didn’t understand when I asked her to leave because I was busy exposing these issues to my now GLOBAL AUDIENCE (Valerie  wanted my time diverted into archiving the photos and I explained that I still trust MY CHILDREN TO DO THE TRIVIAL JOBS HONESTLY).

I am writing in response to Ms Thoms  letter REFERENCE: PT/EL/LEESV01-01 dated 01 September 2015.  My response on the signing of my consent to access  our joint accounts has been mis-interpreted…..I did not respond AT ALL  (like all the EARLIER demands sent to me that lead to the accessing  BY FOR PROFIT THIRD PARTIES of all my savings & pensions and their WORTH since as far back as OCT 2011 when I had payed off the mortgage).  My wife pledged, in writing,  that NONE OF OUR JOINT SAVINGS would be used to cover the costs of this GROUNDLESS CASE (but at the final hearing this turned out NOT TO BE THE CASE & Ms Thom’s spiraling UNPAID  fees remain undisclosed and the grounds for divorce are now totally temporal ).   I am very keen to learn the facts on the magnitude of my now impoverished wife’s debt pool and the unpaid fees that have accrued based on my lack of guilt THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE CAMPAIGN TO GAG ME As a Political activist.

I was not allowed to ask >2/3rds of the questions that I had so carefully prepared for my wife under OATH.  The issues which I have raised on law enforcement SCOTLAND and TREASON UK since 2011 are MASSIVE.  Everytime I refuse to sign, I confirm that  I will not be intimidated into desserting the MORAL & LEGAL HIGHER GROUND……my wife (AND MY CHILDRENS’ savings are eroded by your totally unjustified action).  Ms Thom’s correspondence totally ignores my polite request to see documentary evidence on the current value of my wife’s pensions and my wifes repeated  referral to psychiatric services came the same week that she has now, for the first time, declared her NEW address presumably so she will not have to pay the bills on the metering of the energy or the insurance of the home that I have been desserted in for just over 15 months (The ENERGY CLOSURE WARRANT resulted in an instant bill of £1200, for <8 hours work, with no energy consumed). The WARRANT ISSUED BY A SHERIFF FROM JEDBURGH  who both the court and NPOWER (massive SPANISH fraud against the British People) have refused to identify (that is the same court THAT has frozen the assets so the BILLS could not be paid.  That is my impoverished lifestyle, as pre-planned by Ms Thom and declared in her “run him into DEBT letter” and “I did not know you had not slept with him or refused touching  since 2011 amicable settlement issues”  from Ms Thom’s vacation in Canada in June 2014.  ALL COINCIDENT OF MY HIGH IMPACT LAUNCH INTO FRAUD & WAR CRIMES RESEARCH. The last hearing on 6th August 2015  is the acknowledgement, by my wife, that Ms Thom’s advice has cast her already into a toxic debt pool (and I am not allowed to know what the fees for Ms Thoms groundless case are).  A meritworthy  estate agent who rents homes in THOMSON View has confirmed that the minimum monthly RENTAL is £550/month THAT IS ECONOMIC SUICIDE for anyone who owns their home entirely but I was not allowed to ask questions on these issues at the second of your DEFERRED FINAL HEARING (deferred SIMPLY so you can justify the minimum separation period: ONLY GROUNDS NOW).  You (VJL or Ms Thom) have not replied to any of my friendly settlement letters that have led to my ENERGY BEING CUT OFF to SILENCE ME AS A POLITICAL, WAR CRIMES & FRAUD researcher and these are massive breaches of human rights.  Blessedly Calum Ker has replied  but we have not yet found the time to chat. 


The document lodged with Jedburgh Sheriff court on “my Behaviours & all the director numbers for civil and war criminals” is now  mountainous PT/EL/LEESV01-01.  Ms Thom still appears to claim this is  JUST one document (still chapter 01-01 for the document sent 01 Sept 2015), covering 4 years  of bullying & tactical revision for DEFAMATION of the innocent party.  Those disclosures by me have, this week, led to the resignation of Sir Stephen House (DEFERRED TILL XMAS). 

Everytime I refuse to sign I am CONFIRMING that I  will not be intimidated into desserting the MORAL & LEGAL HIGHER GROUND……my wife (AND MY CHILDRENS’ savings are have been massively eroded by your totally unjustified action based entirely on your FOR PROFIT advice).  Everytime I refuse you access, you have the right (at my wifes expense) to drill into all my accounts and this costs more in YOUR STILL UNDISCLOSED FEES for my wifes debt pool. See changing list of grounds and craves over 4 LAWLESS & TREASONOUS YEARS when, throughout, you call me the DEFENDER (ALL MY PROFESSORIAL TIME COMES FREE BUT YOU WILL PAY A HEAVY REPUTATIONAL COST REALLY SOON). Like Sir Stephen House.

I will be attending the court on the 9th of August to once again declare my absolute innocence and my DETERMINATION to OUT THE MASSIVE FRAUDS & WAR CRIMES that the crown office & Law Enforcement Scotland/UK are now DEEPLY COMPLICIT IN.  I will be publishing this document this evening with signed hard copy  of my CORRESPONDENCE To & From  all parties & politicians/LAW ENFORCERS LISTED BELOW.


Michael Matheson MSP Justice Secretary for Scotland on THE TRIDENT 3&4 scandals

The Launch of Arnot-Manderso to cover Sir Stephen House’s role in Assett stripping Scottish policing using the Lloyds, G4S and RBS toxic debt pools.

The Gagging Order Imposed on me by Sheriff Kevin Drummond (with no DATES given on when I can restart contacting any member of the judiciary) when I was denied a freedom of information request on the remuneration of Sheriff John Halley (as a freelance sheriff in the for profit Arnot Manderson fudge. Jed Sheriff Ct Doc DX 581222, dated 6Nov 2014 Counter Signed by Sheriff Clerk Depute “Martin Hann” (the signature is illegible)

Arnot Manderson was launch to obfuscate the killing of Moira Anderson and the relaunch of this case the Month Stephen House was knighted and his salary rose to £250K to be head of the United Force.  See recent items on his retirement bungs of £500K because of the weight of the evidence against him and the other FETTES profiteers.

The NPower, Gazprom, BP, Inneous Frauds, the Melrose & Porteous McConnels of Monaco JP MORGAN, George  Soros, Westminster Foundation for democracy Frauds, Co-op Bank Lloyds- Verdi scams and the total incapacity of Margaret Hodge, Lord Thurso Justin Welby or any of the regulators to intervene.

I want Calum ker and John Lamont to know that Michael Moore has nothing left on HANSARD because he is privy to all the Secretary of State for Scotland’s secrets from Lockerbie, Chinook, Dunblane  (All on Peter Watson’s books at Levy & Macrae: that is the Interlock with McCletchie BETTER OFF TOGETHER & Sheriff Peter Paterson)  into the 2008 Fred Goodwin RBS John Robertson Wright issues THAT I LEFT WITH Miss Thom as we agreed to SETTLE AMICABLY (and with no need for compromised decisions or cover ups or ENERGY CRIMINAL WARRANTS COS MY ASSETTS ARE FROZEN )…..that is the FREDERICK GOODWIN  issues that local people, provosts, newspaper editors, cinema owners & CALLANTS who are prepared to take the fast buck jump into.  My wife confirmed that she did not understand the Stephen Andrew Hancocks share issuance scams (which means she is now prepared to reveal her self employed status & NI number.  Most of  these  issues have been exposed by me (with the DIRECTOR NUMBERS)  see bullet points below.  Law enforcement locally and Nationally is totally compromised by your thuggish behaviours in IMPOVERISHING US (yes even my now rudderless  in the debt pool wife) You will all have to account for this when you meet your maker and as you now KNOW I will not be silenced unless it is by assassination. See Michael Moore’s links to the LETHAL KROLL SECURITY company in GLASGOW……which may well have cost him his place in the WESTMINSTER (BETTER OFF TOGETHER Movements).

The FOI on Hallett was given a case number like the IRAQ war crimes and TRIDENT NUCLEAR SCAMS reported 3-4 times already to Kelso Police Station and Jed Sheriff Court….THAT IS THE FUDGE YOU ARE DEFENDING & you are in it right over your heads!!!!

The posters I will be wearing on the 9th September will be online with your mug shots TONIGHT.

On page two of the PENSION SHARING DOCUMENT (that still does not declare in writing that my WELLCOME pension is entirely mine AS AGREED “AMICABLY”  (3x already) BUT NEVER IN WRITING WITH A SIGNATURE.  The transferee is listed as VALERIE JANE HANOCKS (mis-spelt SO I CANNOT SIGN THIS EITHER) but I do not share your interests in the TRIVIAL COVER UPS……on that basis I feel giving my signature before we meet in court would be futile.  Ms Thom do they get arrows on the prison gear  in the CANADIAN CRIME SCENE.  Grant Lees, I know you know the difference between right and wrong and every time you visit this shines through (NEVER THREATENING IN ANY WAY with civilized friends & lovers happy to share my company & life in poverty)….I need you to hold the ladder as I enter the ATTIC & I will steadily give Ms Patricia Thom a conscience on the advice she has CHARGED FOR since she LEFT the Assett Stripped council and began to hit on the innocent families with GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE & a Relentless INTEREST in JUSTICE & FREEDOM. 



George Lees

Honorary Chair Durham UNIVERSITY

Where John Snow releases the False News & Chris Higgins (the Pharma profiteer & VC) has suddenly resigned.  Harry and Grant I will explain this next time you visit but please NOTE that your mum’s highly political gagging team are trying to take away ANY OPTIONS I HAVE IN PASSING ON A HERITABLE HOME TO YOU.  If your mum wants you to shoulder any of her personal debt pool then PLEASE LET ME KNOW.