War CRIMES in International Government

I sent this Email to Michael Moore MP on February 2013 on behalf of a UK forces-veteran who has fought for his country and is prepared to expose hypocrisy used by NATO forces to keep the world in conflict.  The G8, G20, BRICS and ASEAN governments continue to sequester the geopolitical assets of small impoverished countries around the world by brute force.  The EU awarded itself the NOBEL peace prize this year simply because they are celebrating the obscene fact that this greedy and evil warmongering takes place only in distant lands now (sponsored by ruthless superpowers on every corner of the globe).  The shocking fact is that when NATO deploys chemical, biological weapons  or nuclear/SCUD missiles (or destroys them by bombing) it is wreaking havoc on its own military personnel, covering up the sale of these weapons from NATO countries and backing themselves further and further into the WAR CRIMINAL CATEGORY. If your children have come back maimed, with gulf-war syndrome or, tragically, have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country then please please make your MP and MEP aware that you know that they are responsible for what is bringing the world to its knees. 

Here is my letter and Michael Moore's Prompt and courteous receipt (along with replies from the newly appointed Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby; Jack Straw Home Secretary in the Blair Government; and William Hague; powerhouse in Foreign Affairs everywhere). 

Breaches of the Geneva Convention Right under your profiteering watch

George Lees <profgeorgelees@gmail.com>
8 Feb (5 days ago)
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Dear Michael,

I want this registered on Hansard:  it comes from a UK Navy veteran who has fled from this once great country because he has been brave enough to speak out on the International War Crimes that your government continue to comit:

Welcome All

I hope you will all find the time to peruse this extremely important email/link to the article concerned and fully understood the implications of its contents.

The link is:

I would also ask you all to pass comment and where applicable what you intend to do about this appalling situation which is clearly in violation of the Geneva Convention?

Yours Sincerely
Professor George Lees
Kelso Scotland

 For my own safety the Email went to hundreds of people(all around the GLOBE)........but below I have listed some important recipients who have a vested personal interest in rapid regime change close to home (before they find themselves in the war crimes court).