EGYPT: Arab Spring empowers the tank commander (as the dictator recovers from his conviction for genocide)

The history of geo-polititical and constitutional manipulation in the Holy lands is as ancient as the old testament....but Babylon was innocent compared to the runaway corupted gravy train we have now.
Egypt is the place the illuminati see as home (right at the top of the pyramid of power). The issues of how dictators have overcome the will of their people and the constitution allows them to commit genocide, then win a retrial within a year is told hereNoam Chomsky: subordinated by the news editor  Mubarak was given a life sentence in the summer of 2012 for failing to prevent genocide of peaceful protestorsLife in the Elite Safe House.  That decision seems likely to be reversed by a legal/judicial system that  takes pride in almost always changing its mind.....guess where the funds come from.  This is plagiarised from wikipedia but I might be forgiven in Egypt's legal system: Boutros Boutros-Ghali (بطرس بطرس غالى Buṭrus Buṭrus Ghālī Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: [ˈbotɾos ˈɣæːli]; born 14 November 1922) is an Egyptian politician and diplomat who was the sixth Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) from January 1992 to December 1996. An academic and former Vice Foreign Minister of Egypt, Boutros Boutros-Ghali oversaw the UN at a time when it dealt with several world crises, including the VIOLENT (not plagiarised) breakup of Yugoslavia and the Rwandan Genocide.  

These Institutions are actually all over the HOLY LANDS but they have the strategic hallmarks of being conceived in hell.
It must be obvious to everyone all around the globe:.the political parties today cannot be divided (or re-elected) because they are complicit in raping the host countries for personal wealth.  They (the political parties/classes)can only be coalesced (as in Greece/UK/France/Belgium/Holland) or suppressed by arresting political rivals (as in Ukraine and blessedly "for a number of weeks" in Egypt when Mubarak was incarcerated and engaged then convicted in the show-trial ).  The transient powerbase of politicians in these regions is UNFORTUNATE. Both of the West's former allies Hussein and then Gaddafi have been dropped as business partners and assassinated by their treacherous "mates".  It leads to massive wealth for the participants though (see Forbes list below and constitutional/treasury negotiations for New Westminster regimes hereStudent Fees: the frightening truth): most are media leaders educated in the West or in this plethora of American Universities which now pour out libertarian doctrine from the centre of Cairo, Beirut  and dozens of key geo-political locations (fueling protest and insurgency within weeks of new elections or days of an inflamatory press release from Reuters, Fox or the BBC/Sky empires).  These institutions are in the green zones that Halliburton, Cheney and Rumsfelt masterminded soon after the Pentagon was attacked by its own strategy group and privatised by heads of state and peers of the realm. In Egypt now, American University protesters have been deployed in a media/fascist BLITZKRIEG to bring down the muslim leader who they elected just months ago (after decades of  dictatorship).  Mubarak who like Lord Haw Haw arrived at his trial on a stretcher (but by helicopter from his elite haven in a location that cannot be revealed for security reasons) is not yet in the news on Egypt's new JUNTA but he is, by conviction, complicit in genocide and dictatorship is the fascist GOD.  Mubarak's regime was very popular with Western leaders (and provided the UN secretary general for decades: Boutros Boutros Galli: he, President, was found guilty of not preventing genocide (almost all his aides and lawyers have infiltrated the new regime).   As I write,  July 4th 2013, in the space of three days the millitary-industrial-media complex have turned Egypt into a volatile (anti-democracy mass demonstration); on day two it morphed inta a revolution to usurp the elected President (who presides in the name of the Muslim brotherhood) and finally ON US INDEPENDENCE day, EGYPT is now in the hands of a millitary Junta (which gets 1.4 billion dollars of US AID: the same source of funds that Israel taps in times of hardship or IMMINENT GEOPOLITICAL VIOLENCE).  The West sits back (opens it munitions supply sector to all sides) allows the media to scratch its head and be mystified onscreen and tucks the loot away in the TRUST bank account somewhere offshore.  These are the videos that confirm the CERCLE have done their dirty work in a record three day timespan.

Brotherhood persecuted by the more powerful brotherhood: how to kill friends and influence people

Walking Like an Egyptian NAZI: Swastika Dance to Fascist Tune

BBC cannot understand democracy,  violent protest, revolution oh look there's a TANK
BBC cannot comprehend open democracy, violent protest, revolution, mass refugees "OH LOOK there's A TANK"!  Day 3 of the new project.  Within 2 days of posting this poor old Jeremy Bowen was injured for the cause (reported from the couch in London but not explained)

BLOODY close SHAVE at the BBC

 The three middle eastern politicians on the FORBES rich list make interesting reading in Lebanese & Egyptian politics (like Presidents ASSAD, Hussein  and Gadaffi all former allies or Hate figures for profit).    Blessedly Britain has the rule of law and no transitional government which means that refugees and non-doms flood into Bradford, Chelsea and Kensington where our Embassies are largely trouble free and our propagandists and warlords make a nice living from lecture tours and envoys to the countries they now OWN.  Britains only political billionaire (Lord Sainsbury) sits in the second chamber, and is paid handsomely to keep people off the streets, lead the transitional science world and spark an obesity epidemic that is yet to be paid for (but he has a decent product and all his many staff earn a wage and pay tax revenues back into the UK treasury). THE personal wealth is substantial but the real steal is the deals brokered by these political mercenaries as a reward for their totalitarian efforts.  MORE & MORE want to feed and drink from this super-rich trough.

This capacity to fund and impose violent and legal SHOCK by NATO or the west turns nascent nations into beggars and debtors to multi-national (taxpayer-funded)  MONETARY INSTITUTIONS on distant shores (where the elites have one of their majestic homes)The Economic crisis 2007/8: Reliance on Violence, Genocide and Erosion of Political Control.  The name of the NATO/G8 game is divide and conquer: the spoils are shared by the few.  The summits also engage expert economists and bankers (who fund the status quo) and engineer  pre-planned recessions, stock market collapses, or dictatorial rocket launches in some propagandist country with little flags in their stadia and poppies at their cenotaphs or dictatorial funerals. They, the new global elites, media and corporate leaders skillfully skip across political, social, agricultural or fishing quota and religious boundaries (like elite para-olympians) to lead the thoughts of the masses into trivial debate and vicious self-destructive rhetoric, bigotry and ethic or religious hatred.  Even visionaries like Orwell could not see the menace of WW2 (and the defection of the LEFT WING and SOCIALISM by "upper class twits" for the same interest that the big three Commanders in Chief enjoyed in WW2)Dads army to suppress GLOBAL FASCISM

When Blair, with his New Labour millitary might (empoyered to lead the UK democracy single-handedly) and Bush  joined forces in the ARMAGEDDON region then the wealth-divide totalitarian plot became much less subtle.   By 2002 with the spectre of religious/ethic terrorism impacting on Homeland Security, the G8 leaders (having a laugh at their highly educated but ever-divided, narrowly focussed or mindlessly entertained electorates) had free reign to complete the rape of one of the worlds earliest civilisations and take the lives of their own civil servants, youthful soldiers and allies everywhere they TREADED and TRADED.

 Blair, a multi-millionaire, is now UK envoy to the Middle East so he can advise both the transitional governments (which police the future of the implanted elites) and the prospects of the giant oil corporations that have to a large extent displaced the current politic leadership teams as commanders in chief of NATO and UN efforts the horsemen of the apocalypse (akin to Tolkein's vision of the forces of evil). or possibly champions for the elite crusadersElite crusades for thousands of years: everybody thinks they are fighting for a good cause. Enemies are ten a penny at Mertoun College Oxford (tolkien's alma mater).  The route from elected political supremo to unelected-, highly paid-office in International diplomacy, quangos, life peerages or boardroom places is littered with former PMs,  Media leaders and Presidents who have blood on their hands and war criminality on their shameless CV's.  Generations of the Bush family have campaigned in Armageddon, bought their office in Florida, and  enthusiastically  funded the great wars with Help from the Morgans, the Rockefellers, the Carnegies and the Rothschilds).  Blair (with his spin doctors) and the Bush affiliates are in the profit taking phase of their notorious careers now and this leaves room for other younger elites. Lets examine who holds the reigns, releases the propaganda and raises the investment prospects for the violence now?  Most of the violence is on the streets of these developed countries (occupy campaigns) particularly if they are hosting summits or economic congresses (within those security cordons....of poorly paid policemen and millitias).
So on INDEPENDENCE DAY 2013 the G8 Allies have all endorsed the concept that corrupt governments (who do not give their citizens what they want and QUICKLY) can be legitimately over-run by millitary might and by people who are sickened by tyranny and greed.  Now do you see why all our troops are involved in Homeland Security OVERSEAS, are losing their jobs, airbases, pensions and TEMPERS with ministers and Lords who are famed for Chairing the Draft Board but never appear on the war memorial list of SACRIFICIAL VICTIMS.