Funding the World's Conflicts & Strife: the very top of the FASCIST pyramid.

Many of the pages on this website allocate blame to banks and stock markets.  This page tries to identify the culprits throughout recent history: those people who have engineered this threat to the survival of the human race, global civilization, honest open democracy and are in 2012 close to a single totalitarian global government.

Modern technological capitalism (left) and feudal/industrial capitalism (right) are depicted above.  There are several FATAL flaws in the historical diagram .  Perhaps the biggest flaw is the position of the troops/naval/air forces in the "food chain"Led to Slaughter. From Afghanistan to Stalingrad soldiers, stationed abroad or defending their native soil, have rarely contributed anything but personal sacrifice (and millions of lives) for their reckless, jingoistic or acquisitive leaders (unless they are involved in millitary JUNTAS or suppressing citizens, at home or in colonies, by force). Secondly, the money is not at the top on its own: there is a multi-national elite, supremely-wealthy, class entirely missing from the upper tip of the pyramid depicted on the right.  Below, I depict the harsh constraints the soldiers face when they volunteer for, or are conscripted into, campaigns in times of war (this example from the great war of 1914-18). Elites fund wars for profits and to reduce numbers of ordinary citizens on all "sides" to "sustainable levels" for the countries involved. The concept of culling the masses to take the country out of austere times, or an economic recession, is abhorrent but sadly has historically been endorsed by national leaders and their financiers.  Writing home was strongly discouraged in the name of national security and the preservation of these shameful methods of reducing the sustainable population is evil in the extreme.  The frighteningly dispassionate postcards, depicted below, are openly on display at the Durham Light Infantry Museum.  Millions of troops were constrained in communicating with their families openly (in the name of national security) whilst they and their comrades and opponents were being butchered by sophisticated weaponry or lethal chemical toxins.

For thousands of years, religious tension, state and Imperialist expansionism have led us into campaigns of war and genocide or ethnic cleansing.  
The simple truth is that there is money in war and those that have the money (or can create it out of thin air ) have always opted to lead the world to war for vast personal wealth.  The key to the continuation of this evil profitable bond market is to make it look as if the kings and queens (or now politicians) are the leaders & incisive decision makers of the divided world (or currently "the free democratic world").  Kings, Queens, Dictators, Junta leaders or nascent democratic Presidents do govern/reign transiently but the FABULOUSLY WEALTHY FUNDING DYNASTIES are the real power brokers (they always favour, then fund, violence and profit regardless of the duration or outcome of the conflict). These dynastic leaders rule the artificially divided world from their offices, mansion houses and the stock market floor.  A group of influential families lead these bond issuing schemes to profit recklessly but efficiently for centuries.  In the words of Lord Byron (Don Juan: circa 1823).  
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Let me tell you a story from this era to illustrate the impact of this system on a global scale. The story is not on any national curriculum because the dynasties regulate the educational and news-worlds like low-profile-, secretive- but ruthless- puppet masters. 
"Once upon a time" there was a stout Corsican called Bonaparte who led armies of a nascent republic and, regrettably, later, of an expansionist Empire. Napoleon was renowned for his leadership skills & determination across the whole world and was not easily diverted or intimidated by working with either aristocrats or ruthless revolutionaries for a greater cause.  He led his armies all across Europe but like other campaigners, before and since, was defeated by an ad-hoc combination of the natural elements, over-ambition on expansionism into neighbouring territories and the resolve and bravery of Russian troops fighting under the harshest conditions imaginable.  If Napoleon had any religious affiliations, astutely, he kept them to himself (see diagram above on the emotive or confusing role of religion in International affairs).  When the capitalist/royalist allies exiled Napoleon to ELBA it looked as if the world was locked into the kingmaker/elitist funding model once again.  Bonaparte had inspired vast numbers of followers who were given an inspirational glimpse that change towards freedom (and away from tyranny) was almost within their grasp and when he escaped from enforced exile in ELBA, within a year he had rallied another army.  WATERLOO was pivotal but no different to the other conflicts leading up to it.  Armies all around Europe had been funded by the Rothschilds to suppress the revolutionary threat and the French funding came from the same source.  Over the centuries immensely rich families have made vast fortunes as money lenders. 

 In the Napoleonic era, one of the pivotal players in the money exchange networks, specialising in war bonds to arm nation states (and funding both sides to maximise the dividends for the winner and the profits for the lender) was Nathan Rothschild.  He realised the immense power of broadcasting and manipulating breaking news and used a network of racing pigeons and human spies/newscasters to monitor progress on the battle field at Waterloo.  24 hours before Wellington's official emissaries had relayed the news of British victory back to London, Nathan Rothschild spread the word that Napoleon had triumphed and that English war bonds were worth just a penny in the pound...the stock market collapsed in a panic run and the template for our Sovereign Debt Crises was set way back  in 1815Rothschild acquired all the shares/bonds cheaply, made a vast fortune from their sale at inlated values after the truth on Waterloo was known and the right to govern the Bank of England, issue currency and mint coinage as a private funder despite his duplicity (which would now be known as insider trading). 
These scenarios had already been played out in International conflicts over the New World....., the colonial wars in the US and Latin Americas, the American Civil War and then the Central Bank in the USA were funded/created by government/taxpayer funding (and the selling off shares/bonds to nameless individuals who often lived and traded on different continents).  Another great leader Andrew Jackson tried to make the US central bank a genuine efficient instrument for the USA and its nascent democratic government (he won landslide victories in elections on this honest manifesto) but the quiet capacity of the wealthy mysterious lenders to threaten or plunge the Nation into a man made depression (the fiscal cliff concept) won the day for the efficient web of global bankers to initiate the acquisition of the whole world of banking for themselves and their quietly "efficient" networks. 

 Iran is now the only country where Rothschilds (or their subsiduaries/wealthy family affiliates) do not run the central banking systemsAfghanistan and Iran: why all the fuss .  So imparting the news that democracy across the whole globe is privately owned and that G8 leaders have no capacity to change this other than by pushing for fundamental constitutional change (to create banks governed and accountable to elected governments) is vitally important.  There are reams of documents and libraries of research output to affirm that these wealthy families work efficiently and own way more than half the world's wealth.  They have huge stakes in multi-national corporations who are now starving shareholders and customers as the bond yields diminish and the stock markets teeter on the brink of another engineered collapse masterminded by the elite illuminati web  of International contacts lobbyists, agents and subsidiariesordinary people and taxpayers to be gagged globally.  The criminal eye for an opportunity means that these networks now have control/ownership of almost all the world's central banks including the FED in Wall St and the BofE in London, as well as global/continental (taxpayer funded) institutions like the world bank, the ECB, and the immensely influential IMF.

 By ending this self-destructive monopoly and its ultra-negative consequences (for world peace & the global economy) governments can flourish again but only when they get combative on taking ownership of these vital institutions.   Many would ask how would the world cope without the infrastructure for currency issue and calibration of monetary value with some precious metal or commodity like gold?  The economic world is on the verge of collapse because of the unregulated greed at the top of that pyramid and all the middle class/working-class jobs are tumbling because the world is not aware that its governments have long been in private ownership.  This is unjust, unsustainable and dangerously close to violent/traumatic collapse.  It survives only because it is a wickedly and slyly kept official secret amongst the officials and family members pictured and named below. 
Some of the claims and counter-claims are bewildering but wealth gain accounts for all the fear and suppression (even if some of it is engineered to keep people in a fearful and agressive mood)

When Napoleon was inspirational the world of education was tiny but now we have an articulate and learned populace who are too well integrated to butcher their neighbours or even to whip/eat their horses!   Hollywood are now ignoring the sacrificial gestures of millitia and civilians made over centuries for corporate profit and the totalitarian cause (and like the postcards above are mocking the war dead).  

Readers, please do not get diverted by religious or ethnic issues.  It is all about CASH FLOW 

These factors are manipulated and injected by secret societies, sects, "satanic"/"religious" mystic groupings into the feuds and campaigns of bigotry, division and hatred just so Nation States and individuals/citizens within them are polarised and incapable of working constructively together.  These divisions allow the fear and hatred to persist and mean the butchery, slaughter and vengeful violence is perpetuated in endless cycles.  

The images  posted below  show you that many of the leaders who have created this are on your TV screens almost every day (and that their ranks are swelling)....I have exhaustively tried to find an Andrew Jackson amongst these leadership regimes  but none will fight for this cause simply because they think we are all to gullible to notice.  When this news gets out, the regime change concept that these criminal, corrupt and (allegedly) inbred leaders have promoted all over the peace loving world will prove that Darwin was right after all.  This is what the war bond/sovereign profiteers stand for and it is a tiny minority view!

MARCUS AGIUS (at the core of the recent Barclays scandals is married into the Rothschild family) as is KOFEE ANNAN (former DG of the UN) who replaced a Mubarak appointed Egyptian and resigned because Syria refuse to be subjugated into a transitional UN led transitional government as in Iraq/Libya and so many other nations.