The Psychology of Mind Control and Group Behaviour (Socially, Politically & Violently)

Please go to the Hyperlinks on Operation Winnie the Pooh to see how the Profiteers use mind conditioning on world leaders and INTEL double agents to see why WAR NEVER ENDS.  The Group behaviours profiled below are much simpler to understand and the LEADERSHIP PSYCHOLOGY is clever but completely irrational now and chaotic. All countries have been bankrupted and despoiled/land grabbed and corporatised to replace competent government (and the issuance of democratic money GLOBALLY is now entirely in the hands of the deviants profiled here: Profiteering & Genocide WW1/2 to the present day: Operation Winnie the Pooh.).

How to control minds and Undermine society: 7 2657-2660
I am increasingly interested in how people are indoctrinated/educated in groups/or social networks/ is much smarter to THINK FOR YOURSELF!
Simple story in words and pictures...published anonymously in the ENCYCLOPAEDIA "Mind Alive Volume 7" in 1970: Impact of the Group, pp2657-2660.  Its all in the mind but CHAOTIC BY DESIGN.
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WHEN I WENT TO SCHOOL and to talk at University Colleges it became apparent that initiation RITES were scary.....head flushed down the toilet, shoot huge rockets into adjacent dormitories/colleges or run NAKED up the local river.   Now only ADULTS and PROFESSIONALS in fancy dress can keep their MEMBERS and INITIATES in their web of power this way.  It is silly to keep the world in fear and to construct COLD WARS or MYTHICAL RELIGIOUS TERROR just so the leaders can stay popular but strict (often OFFICIAL) SECRETS and that they need armies of spies and SS agents to keep themselves in power.