Secret Societies: a Constitutional and Law-Enforcement nightmare all around the Globe

Peer pressure and peer esteem is tremendously important for status, running a succesful business and importantly for running your country efficiently in government and in the civil service/public sectors in every country that has a developed economy.  One usually joins a society to get access to friends and opportunities that are worth paying for.  In freemasonry it seems that dues are paid to make one fully aware of the extreme danger of dissension,  disloyalty or breaking ranks.  You make the oath naked in a coffin and you then tow the line for fear of death disability or joblessness.  A lot of the fear-mongering is ritualistic but there is really big money to be made for ordinary men to take contracts and become patsies for a corrupted or lethal cause.  This is where UK law is made, sworn-to and often made a mockery-of because the highest law enforcement officers in the land are obligated/committed to an oath of allegiance to the Crown Templar (one of the richest institutions on the globe....with close parallels to the mafia)....the Law Lords sit in the second chamber and on the privy council all of which are working together for the same motives (power,riches, and the goals of the protocols of zion....where the Temple on the Mount is and Solomon's legendary masonic home was). The patsies and state spies/security agency personnel get taken out too because they know too much already and can save the ages old sponsors the contract fee. The conflicts for Presidents, PMs and law enforcement officers are huge....but always kept secret, unpublished and internalized.  The fatal accident, almost always, is attributable to "suicide" Banks Assassinate Whistleblowers?, "negligence"Mull of Kintyre Assassinationsor "natural causes" Coroners and Pathologists sell the verdict (accidental death or suicide)
You must have noticed that the new world order and the grand masters like to proclaim their power.  They make films, TV programs and plays mocking the poor or proclaiming they are to commit an attrocity, create a new religion or theosophic movement and names like Winnie the Pooh, Basil Fawlty, Bilbo Baggins and Pike in dad's army are lampooning how the world is being robbed or brutalised by members of these secret socities.  Here are the true profiles of young Pike on of the most influential of US masons and a prolific writer of mystic bullshit and Theodore Bilbo, both KKK members and very unreliable with cash even in the brotherly branches of the masonic incentive tree. 

The working man who takes the risks for peer esteem is right at the bottom of the secretive chain of command and often he makes sacrifial gestures for the brotherly cause.
One huge advantage of being a mason is that if you do commit an offence you are likely to be arrested (or given a nod and a wink and a warning handshake) by a brother from the lodge or tried by a jury with lots of like-minded friends.  There is no major issue with this but when you have friends who still have the right to condemn a man to death (or falsely convict him of serious offences because of his skin colour or status) then the local region is in a very volatile place.  At a State and National level the conflicts of interests for presidents, prime ministers, senators or lords are huge.  The incentive to help your friends who then help you are huge...secret citizens adore mathematics plotting trajectories and risk assessments and statistically the chances of rising to the top as these sites show are huge if you can be helped climb the ladder quietly (even in Jack Boots or a Junta tank)
Lets look at this fictitious scenario......what should the woodcutter do as the GOATU response and the loyal citizen.  All the worlds children are taught how to do the right thing and no matter whether the princess is dismembered and buried in the woods the unlucky patsy is likely to be removed because he knows to much and this saves the contract fee for another SHORT REIGNy day.    As my former head technician (magician and star treck fan) used to say tell no secrets, tell no lies!  
The shocking thing about the secret society and its reachout is how dangerous it is even for its high-ups, aristocrats and sometimes monarchs or their families.
The capacity to implant society members in juries, governments, judicial positions or in charge of fundraising for assassination corps all over the colonies with polis trained in the fatherland is is running wild and the queen relies on her constitution and her government to fix it.  They know she knows the importance of keeping a stiff upper lip even when the woodcutter is watching her every breath.  The dangers in the family group are huge stressors in the monarchy but if the royal family want a safer more relaxed future then they need to let the truth out and help their citizens avoid poverty and global warfare for familial causes.
Source: Greg Hallett who reveals that Airey Neave (Mrs Thatcher's boyfriend, knew too much) was also assassinated by the is a blazing house of cards! 
These issues are issues outwith the constitutional monarchy.  The city of London is not within the UK jurisdiction is an onshore tax haven and ruthlessly greedy icon for private wealth creation and is outwith UK law as the rest of its citizens corporations and guilds know it....this has been the case since King John signed the Magna Carta.  Funny old world but it could be much simpler and more efficient with some concerted goodwill and intellect (and by ridding its traders, actors and leaders of the smoking gun to everybody's head)
The global system and some of its iconic leaders first in Europe, then the colonies then globally are shown in the last slide....keeping one hand in the pocket, jacket or wallet has become a familiar gesture/ reminds one of the done deal and the question that Gollum (goyim: the gentiles in the protocols of zion) asks Bilbo deep in the underworld....what has it got in its pocketses?  See Stalin, Wellington, Napoleon, Mountbatten  below.
The friction and division that secret societies create is not unique to public life: watch listen to this

Naked truth: the tense and broken GOATU response

The capacity to keep secret societies secret and how freemasonry has a lethal stranglehold on this in times of war insurrection and strife is described elsewhere on this means the global economy sits on top of a bubble by the fiscal cliff top just waiting to plummet (with a little nudge from unknown secretive actors who have infiltrated the system somewhere between Canary Wharf and Trafalgar)!