RITES RITUALS AND SECRETS: LOCAL MASONS and the ultimate sacrifice

Some Historic Footnotes

Lodges All Over  the WORLD and ever so Ancient.

Take a look at this website on St Andrew's lodge Scotland you can find out where the secret meetings are hosted and you will gain insight into the streets that host the lodges, their proximity to the polis, and the architectural monoliths of masonry646 Lodges St Andrews .  The war memorial is likely to be phallic and the mysticism of Lydia (where St George slayed the dragon) is used to suggest that wars and warriors protect freedom and justice.....and that children being conscripted to fight other children (that they have never met or argued with) is a WORTHY PATRIOTIC CAUSE. Almost certainly more died in 1914-18 than in 1940-45 from your town or village.  

Shit happens all around the world but when a plane comes down in a local town the grieving and the inquests are lengthy and inconclusive....and Scotland has been the fatal accident target for many secret society hits....we just keep swallowing the political party line that the evil is in a foreign land or an alien religion.

British and American kids supported by NATO forces from all around the world take the brotherly message at great cost to war zones like Afgahnistan and Chechnia at great cost to local civilians and itinerant troops.  The brothers and apprentices at the local lodge mourne the dead and acclaim the heroes but if you follow the money it is all siphoned to the top of this ladder (image below) and tucked away in a secret vault by the big masonic banks and the globalised auditors/monetary agencies like the IMF, World Bank, or OECD  

Some of the Masonic  facilities are a bit run down and neglected but the Rosicrurian (Red Cross) crusades just keep rearing that dragons head so NATO can do the job that the local polis could not contemplate (killing their own children close to home and the local lodge).  Aligning with these elite-controlled and media/propaganda-reported causes is really dangerous for all global children now from Chechnia (& Cyprus) to Woolwich.  Financial grand larceny and religious-, ethnic-, or just familial-hatred (in the monarchy or dictatorship) lead perpetually to campaigns of warfare (declared officially or commissioned by drone from the OVAL-office penetrated by dozens of masonic presidents with a huge obelisk to remind them that their presidential oath is secondary to the allegiance to their Grand Masters). 

Our local leaders are entrapped in a web of tyranny that almost always results in terror attacks on innocent citizens to shield the shame of economic, corporate fraud and expansionist Imperialist policy oversees

These wars  make fortunes for world leaders but result in the children returning in bags (or promoting the war grave economy).  

Meanwhile, poets in residence and local bards bemoan the tragedy that is the human condition and our incapacity to determine our own future....IT IS EVER SO SAD!  But in Scotland a dram, a recitation and a Haggis supper will ease any conscience that may result from such rustic ancient rituals.  It is WAR and everybody looses.......but the DUES must be paidLook up Robert Burns here: no fee for the rich & famous! for fear of what your brothers might do to you.

Secret societies like Masons, Thule, Rosicrucians, Club of Rome, Le Cercle and so many more spawned the concept of SPYING and cold wars have many parallels with local gossip....it is now globalised, perpetually agressive/divisive and has parallels even in middle earth.  Sinister organisations like the Hellfire club aligned the simple/working man to the monarchy 

Finding heroes locally is important and Localism (and self sufficiency close to home is VITAL) BUT One cannot help but notice that the ring of power concept has parallels with literary tales told by JRR Tolkein (from Mertoun college in the Shire of Oxford).....the shire (a provincial name we picked up following conquests by Normans and endorsing ideas from influential German migrants) is very much the basis for our localised hosts the lodges and the locals enjoy a good drink of Beer in Bree (which just happens to be a town in Belgium adjacent to a gap in the Maginot line and bypassed by Hitlers' forces really quickly in 1945)!  Outspoken locals like Theodore "The MAN" Bilbo and Albert Pike (who could not be trusted with money) can be persuaded to give up aspirations to the power of the ring, target new or indigenous enemies/threats (and get somebody much younger to take the risks for the parental generation).   The only person who is aware of the threat wears a wizards hat and his fellows in magic are treasonous plotters with strangers who have been manufactured by elite inhabitants of babylonian towers to take over the innocent world (which live like rapidly breeding gossipy rabbits in burrows and secret meetings all around the globalised world). 

The distribution of the nAs noted above German dutch (Leipzig) and French (Clermont) scholars/theologians expanded the linkage with Jacobite monarchs exiled in Europe and with James II where they were alleged to have conferred degrees and conspired with Jesuits in pursuit of power……King Charles II was alleged to have attended meetings  (reported by Jean-Baptist RAGon…..Frenchman 1781-1862) and pursued Masonic degrees in pursuit of political ends!   According to Wikipedia James II died in 1701 at the Palace of St. Germain en Laye, and was succeeded in his claims to the British throne by his son, James Francis Edward Stuart (1699–1766), the Chevalier St. George, better known as "the Old Pretender", but recognized as James III by theFrench King Louis XIV. He was succeeded in his claim by Charles Edward Stuart ("Bonnie Prince Charles"), also known as "the Young Pretender", whose ultimate defeat at the Battle of Culloden in 1746 effectively put an end to any serious hopes of the Stuarts regaining the British crowns.  Like all history these records are archived by the winners in state-sponsored wars or family feuds but personal comments from contemporary neutral historians suggest that there never was a battle at Culloden (Greg Hallett unpublished comment 2013).  The references to the Illuminati involvement in the French Revolution, the profiteering on stock market crashes following the release of falsified news/misinformation are all over this website.  The revelation that Napoleon Bonaparte was a close relative of Louix XVI and the Bourbon Dynasty and his rampage across Europe was simply to cull 600,000 European citizens (hungry eaters) aligns perfectly with the Protocols of Zion, The Illuminati/Club of 300 goals and even the modernistic Agenda 21).  It is an abomination that these inbred families can take life without scruples from citizens who have no insight into how they are being slaughtered and have no opt out clause other than poverty, starvation or life as a convicted criminal or incarcerated lunatic.  The Auld alliance with France proved very creative for global freemasonry….it was spread into new valleys and lodges in Haiti, the West Indies, then eventually into New Orleans (ceded to Spain where the catholic monarchies wanted nothing to do with Protestantism or freemasonry but eventually saw the universal advantages for Globalised Despotism/Fascism).    



THEN there are the theosophosists and the spiritualists exemplified by :-

ALICE BAILEY with a transatlantic pedigree and a very wide sphere of occult interests….she tried to take her life many times according to wikiquotes but FAILED in this simple practical task and denied that she had written “on command from a higher authority”.

“Mini” CV for Ms BAILEY spanning two pages and dozens of mystic & religious themes below (one wonders if she lived in Pottersville: the evil side of life in small town America) REF “It’s a Wonderful Life” Hollywood Movie by Frank Capra. 



·         1 Biography

o    1.1 Childhood

o    1.2 India, evangelical work, and first marriage

o    1.3 With the Theosophical Society

o    1.4 "The Tibetan", split from Theosophy, and second marriage

o    1.5 The Arcane School and the Lucis Trust

·         2 Writing

o    2.1 Comparison with Theosophy

o    2.2 The Seven Rays of energy

o    2.3 Esoteric astrology

o    2.4 The constitution of man

o    2.5 The Spiritual Hierarchy, Shamballa, Venus, and Sirius

o    2.6 Teachings regarding Maitreya

o    2.7 The Great Invocation

o    2.8 Discipleship and service

o    2.9 Unity and divinity of nations and groups

o    2.10 On fanaticism and intolerance

o    2.11 Racial theories

§  2.11.1 On the Negro race

§ On "the Negro problem" in Africa

§ On "the Negro problem" in the Americas

§  2.11.2 On the Jewish people

§ On the social characteristics of the Jews

§ On "the Jewish Problem"

§  2.11.3 On interracial marriage

o    2.12 On nationalism and nations

§  2.12.1 On the United States and France

§  2.12.2 On Israel, Zionism, and the U.S.S.R.

§  2.12.3 On the "present world crisis"

o    2.13 On organized religions

§  2.13.1 On Judaism

§  2.13.2 On Christianity

·         3 Influence

o    3.1 Groups founded by Bailey or her followers

o    3.2 Influence on the New Age Movement

o    3.3 Influence on neopaganism

o    3.4 Influence on women in religion

o    3.5 Influence on psychotherapy and healing

o    3.6 Influence on UFO groups

·         4 Esoteric astrology

·         5 Esoteric Healing

·         6 Alice A. Bailey in popular culture

·         7 Bibliography

o    7.1 Credited to Alice Bailey

o    7.2 Credited to Alice A. Bailey alone

o    7.3 Сriticism

·         8 See also

·         9 References

·         10 External links



Alice Bailey was born to a wealthy aristocratic British family, and as a member of the Anglican Church, received a thorough Christian education. She described a lonely and "over-sheltered" childhood and was unhappy despite the luxury of her physical circumstances.[8]Of her early life she wrote that she was appalled at the influences of the Victorian era, especially the wide gulf between the comforts of the upper classes and the struggles of the laboring classes, that those problems were caused at least in part by the unfairness of the "theology of the past", and that in turn those issues led to what she called the "present world war", referring to the years between 1914–1945.[9]

Alice also founded the LUCIFER TRUST rather cynically (a non profit organization which for reasons of political correctness now trades under the name of the Lucis Trust). 








The Masonic plan is headed by Rockefellers according to the music industry (21 club are the martyrs) who don’t honour their pledges (like Amy Winehouse , John Lennon and Michael Jackson).  Bob Dylan and David Bowie have lived by making the Masonic/Illuminatti pledge.  Others rise to the top of the celebrity cult from the monarchy and they can get away with a very UNCHASTE but headline grabbing careers….Queen of ALBA (http://theunhivedmind.com/wordpress/?p=3845).  Just keeps changing the toy boy and stresses out her children on that ancient hereditary issue….more powerful even than the Jesuit pope.  The sums involved are chicken feed though (diversionary tactic to divert attention from super-rich politicians, bankers, celebrities and corporate figureheads)

http://newtomorrow.us/main.html see reference to Sony and Tommy Motolla……..Mariah Carey calls her former husband &Sony boss the Devil (and Michael Jackson revealed this before he died under the intensivist/anaesthetists care.  http://pigs-in-the-parlor.blogspot.co.uk/2009/01/breakspear-family-bloodline-by-craig.html (BREAKSPEAR dynasty still Lording it in city of London….more powerful than HRH allegedly).

Letter G in freemasonry is associated with Gnostics (NWOReligion) http://gnosticwarrior.com/g.html Gog & Magog…..are threats of human extinction or culs (end)  The Rosecrucians > new world religion is in fact the red cross that the cRUSADERS used and then became the RED CROSS that picks up dead mens boots and war booty for thousands of years.  

A fifth columnist is a person who undermines a besieged city or state….modern day equivalent BBC reuters or News Corp staff…..or in a European conflict scale…..





They like the comfy chair in MONTY PYTHON and all over the traditionally enslaved Americas….the CHAIRS are made in BOSTON

Cathedral History

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry - Valley of Dallas

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About Scottish Rite

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is commonly known as the Scottish Rite. It is one of several appendant groups of the worldwide fraternity known as Freemasonry. Each Valley has up to four Scottish Rite bodies, and each body confers a set of degrees. In the Southern Jurisdiction these are the Lodge of Perfection (4°–14°), Chapter of Rose Croix (15°–18°), Council of Kadosh (19°–30°), and the Consistory (31°–32°). The Supreme Council confers the 33rd Degree of Sovereign Grand Inspector General.

The Scottish Rite is one of the two branches of Freemasonry in which a Master Mason may proceed after he has completed the three degrees of Symbolic or Blue Lodge Masonry. The other branch is known as the York Rite, consisting of Royal Arch Masons, Royal and Select Masters and the Knights Templar.

For additional information, please download the brochure, "Masonry Beyond the Third Degree." (PDF reader required)


The Scottish Rite Creed is well meaning but it is just a ruthless secret society and is a blight on the concept of a free integrated world

"Human progress is our cause, liberty of thought our supreme wish, freedom of conscience our mission, and the guarantee of equal rights to all people everywhere our ultimate goal."  Albert Pike is lauded for his Auguste literary contribution in Washington AND ALL OVER THE MASONIC-Despotic World. Particularly from the Pentagon to the White House http://www.9-11-2001.com/hidden-symbols2/hidden-symbols2.html......

Pike’s horse fled and he was forced to walk all the way across the New World he has “united in freemasonry” (on foot).


The first three tiers of freemasonry tied to the BLOOD BROTHER FRATERNITY feel good about learned activities (sourced from Egyptian myths that were evolved thousands of years BC)  but pay for their  place (and lie naked in a coffin in front of you fellows so you are obligate to stay in the fraternal herd to keep your credibility in the real word…..then it gets really twisted):

An insidious byproduct of Freemasonry is to keep husbands and wives out of churches & away from their children and their homes...

Satan does not need to receive worship to achieve his goals.  All he has to do is to keep a man from following Jesus.  Satan knows that anyone who does not follow in the teachings of Jesus does not have God. (2 John 9)


Freemasonry teaches that due-paying Freemasonry alone is one's guarantee for Heaven. Without any intervention needed by Jesus Christ. This is a Satanic Lie to me and to most Christians.

Freemasonry's Levels

Freemasonry is a hidden fraternal order, and defined by them as a system of morality. The first three steps are the Blue Lodge. The first degree is called Entered Apprentice. The second degree is called Fellow Craft. The Third degree is called Master Mason. Most men only go to the third degree, but if one chooses, he may advance either through the York Rite or the Scottish Rite. The Scottish Rite has thirty-two degrees. In each degree, the Mason pledges himself to a different Egyptian deity. There is a thirty-third degree that is largely honorary, but the thirty-two degrees give you access to becoming a Shriner. As a Shriner you will place your hand on the pagan Muslim Qur'an (Koran) and pledge yourself to thepagan "god" Allah; who by the way lies that Jesus did not even die on a cross, and that God has no Son.  This pagan 'Allah' never once shows that it knows the real name of God (Jesus/Yeshua/Yahweh/I am).

One cannot imagine how confusing this must be for freemasons and real muslims in Woolwich or how dangerous it is to trivialize ETHNIC & RELIGIOUS HATRED as a scholarly and fraternal goal.

So all the mythical religions are in this club and the leadership teams use this ruthlessly to divide and conquer the GLOBAL POPULACE (many of whom are “fulfilled” ritualistic followers) and CULL (the 7 Bn populace) for totalitarian power…..IT IS WORKING REALLY WELL.  http://www.bibleprobe.com/freemasonry.htm You now know that all messianic religions (INCLUDING CHRISTIANITY) are myths just like the basis for the FREEMASONIC MOVEMENT and the concept that it is not in any way linked to the Satanic, Despotic & FASCIST goals of the Illuminati.



All around the globe the environment is comfy and homely as depicted on a shortbread tin



e.g. D…… Morning News
April 26, 1913

Masonic Cathedral is Fully Described 
Architect Recites the Beauties and Comforts of Scottish Rite Building.

Many Unique Effects

Constellations in Ceiling Show in Darkness - Various Styles of Architecture Used

In noble and monumental grandeur, its magnificent Corinthian frontage on Harwood Street, one of the most impressive architectural sights of the South, the recently completed Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral, stands as the finest building in the world devoted exclusively to Scottish Rite Masonry, and the third finest Masonic building in the United States.

The mere recital of its estimated completion cost, $330,000 affords but inadequately an appraisement of the care and thought and skill used in its conception and creation and of the rare success with which those plans have been fulfilled.

The imposing external beauty of the Cathedral constitutes a congruous covering for the veritable wealth of diversified charm found in the exterior. Architectural development from the greatest of the Egyptian Kings to the Colonial of today is represented in the treatment of virtues of the important rooms and halls. For instance, on the first floor one will find the purest classical style in the Statuary Hall. The Renaissance in the amethyst parlor, modified Gothic in the alluring library soft in tones of brown and red. Ionic in the office of Sovereign Grand Inspector General In Texas, Sam P. Cochran, 33°, Dutch in the social and Billiard rooms. And in the glittering banquet room, scintillating with a unique system of cut crystal chandeliers, the ever-fascinating Louis XVI period is produced in a delicate profusion of ivory and soft rose. This beautiful banquet room is the largest in the South or West, and has a seating capacity of 1,100.

Modern Conveniences

On the second floor one will find the lobby, which is in Roman Ionic; the Corinthian lodge room is green and gold: candidates lounging room, modified Colonial with color scheme of brown and blue and smoking foyer in the same effect. In the great degree room are columns copied from those in the Temple of Karnak at Thebes . Over sixty shades of color are used harmoniously in the ornamental beams and columns supporting the ceiling of sky blue - a ceiling whereon the stars of the twelve signs of the Zodiac are so cunningly constructed, and with such ingenious electrical attachments that when the great hall is in total darkness, the constellations seem to blaze in all reality from the very heavens above.

The largest stage in Texas is in this degree room - and the largest pipe organ in. There are offices restrooms, wardrobe rooms, bowling alley, grill and kitchen - heating, ventilating and lighting systems which are unsurpassed, push button elevator and house telephone system - In short every device by which modern ingenuity can add to beauty and comfort and convenience. This resume seeks only to deal in generalities. One should read the detailed description which follows to form some conception of the splendor of the edifice.

Herbert M. Greene, the architect, and who for many months has given almost uninterruptedly his constant attention to the supervision of all the details of the building, in describing it, says:

Time of Building

"Few, if any, buildings in the South represent an accomplishment more complete, thorough or beautiful than the Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral on South Harwood street. Massive in size, noble in proportions, beautiful in decoration and ornament, it represents an achievement because beauty and utility have been combined in formulating the finest exclusive Scottish Rite Cathedral in the world and the third finest Masonic building in the ."

"The building has a frontage of 144 feet on Harwood Street and a depth of 115 feet. The front portion being two stories, the rear three stories in height, in addition to a spacious basement under the entire building."

"The external treatment of the building is in the Corinthian style of architecture, the walls being of mottled dark gray brick, with deeply raked out joints, and of Stamford buff limestone, the mass of the stone predominating to such an extent that it can be said the building is of stone inlaid with brick, each material adding, by contrast, to the effect of the other. The stone quorms of the external corners are repeated in the treatment of the windows, the first story windows being flanked by Doric pilasters, which in turn support stone arches forming the transoms. The windows of the second and third stories are bordered by molded and quormed stone frames, the second story windows being further enriched by stone balconies. Sixty-one carloads of stone were required and used in the front and side entrances of the building."

Portico Required Labor

"A fixed law of the Greeks and Romans was that a Corinthian portion, without pedestals, should have a sub base or other equally heavy treatment under the mass of the pier. This has been accomplished in the Cathedral Building by a sub-treatment, the external walls of which are molded in brick and stone and runs to a height of seven feet above the grade. To further accentuate the mass treatment there is a flight of three, five and seven steps, fifty-eight feet in length on the Harwood street front of the building. They have wide platforms between each flight, with the large brick and stone buttresses at each end. In fulfilling the requirements of the ancients, a splendid setting and approach was obtained for the imposing portico that graces the Harwood street front, constituting the crowning architectural beauty of the building. This portico, impressive in size and splendid in its proportions, is supported by six three-foot diameter Corinthian stone columns, thirty feet and ten inches in height, each with molded base and carved capital. The shafts of the columns were fluted by hand, each column having twenty-four deeply cut flutes with perfect edges. So strict were the requirements that over half the stone for these columns was rejected on account of slight damage to the edges. Much of the beauty of the portico lies in the richly carved capitals crowning each column. The stone was obtained from Bedford, Indiana and was roughly blocked out by stonemasons, each capital requiring the services of two masons for a period of nearly two weeks. The capitals were then raised into place and were later on carved out leaf by leaf and volute by volute by Peter Facin, 32o (now deceased), whose genius and skill can be found in the carving on many important buildings in the North and East. The time consumed in the final carving was from thirty to thirty-five days to each capital and the entire cost of each completed column was over eleven hundred dollars."

"A terra cotta cornice extends across the front and both sides of the building, and over the entire portico is a stone balustrade in the center of which has been placed a large double-headed stone eagle, standing 7 feet 6 inches in height and eight feet across from wing to wing.

Statuary Hall Described

"As is customary in buildings of monumental character, Statuary Hall on the first floor is treated in classical style. This hall, 22 feet wide and 72 feet long, is in the Roman Denticular Doric order, the details and proportions being from the Theater of Marcellus at Rome . Entrance to it is obtained through the three large portico doors into the vestibule and thence through the main stair hall. The ceiling is bordered and paneled with Doric beams and cornices, the beams being supported where they intersect the cornice, with English vein Italian Marble pilasters having marble capitals and molded beams. The side walls between the pilasters have a wainscot of the same marble, five feet high with cap, each piece being matched to those surrounding it in order to secure an artistic effect in the veining. Above the wainscot cap and between the pilasters the walls have been colored in the same delicate shades of gray as the veins of the marble. The floor is finished with six-inch square white tile with wide gray tile joints the gray veins of the marble."

"To the left of Statuary Hall is the parlor, 32 x 29 feet, designed in the Renaissance style. The doors and windows are framed with Ionic pilasters and are connected on all walls by a paneled wood dado. A plaster cornice encircles the entire room forming a frame to what is conceded to be the most beautiful of the many ornamental ceilings in the building. A highly ornate mantel is placed between the windows on the Harwood street wall, the other sides of the room being paneled above the dado with Renaissance moldings forming narrow and wide panels. The color scheme is in shades of pale amethyst in Tiffany effect. A darker shade of amethyst is carried out in the Witton velvet rug and silk velour curtains with embroidered valences which drape the windows and doors. Real gold has been lavishly used on the pilaster capitals and on the pilaster moldings of the walls and ceilings to accentuate the rich and delicate treatment that has been obtained. Chairs and divans of mahogany, covered with tapestry in shades of gray, amethyst and gold complete the furnishings of the room with the exception of four crystal sunburst chandeliers suspended from gold plated frames. The woodwork is ivory white with gold plated hardware and the floor of highly polished oak."

Beautiful Color Schemes

"Connected to the parlor is a ladies’ retiring room with white woodwork and oak floor. Mirrors are placed on all walls and the toilet accommodations are complete."

"At the North end of Statuary Hall and separated from it by a spacious anteroom is the office of the Sovereign Grand Inspector General of Texas , Samuel Poynts Cochran, 33o. The treatment of this room is in the Doric style, the same wood dado is used in place of the marble wainscoting. The color scheme, a soft olive green, is carried out in harmonious tones in the Wilton Velvet rug and the green and gold brocade coverings of the mahogany furniture. The window curtains are in iridescent green and are draped close to the hardwood floor."

"In the Southwest corner of the building is the Library, 32x29 feet, the treatment of which is in a modified Gothic style. The sidewalls are paneled in dark cathedral oak to height of eight feet, the top moldings forming a Gothic cove. The upper part of the wainscoting has four Gothic cusps, forming symmetrical paneled quatrefoils. Similar cusps with deep Gothic moldings, all highly enriched, are used in the quatrefoil plaster panels of the ceiling, all forming a bold and unusual treatment. The color treatment of the walls and ceilings which is brown, blends in perfect harmony with the old red velour draperies and the oriental reds in the large Axminster rug. Two large Gothic reading tables with chairs are placed symmetrically in the room, and these, with the writing desk and large leather armchairs complete the furniture equipment, all of which was specially designed and built to order in Boston, Mass. The room is lighted by semi-indirect opaque glass bowls attached to Gothic bands of bronze, which are supported by bronze chains attached to the intersections of the ceiling panels.

Office is Gothic

"The secretary’s office is separated from the library by a gothic area with an oak railing. The office is in turn separated from the south vestibule by a counter extending the full length of the office. The treatment and furnishings of both vestibule and secretary’s office are in the Gothic style as in the library."

"A wide passage leads from the library to the social and billiard rooms, which are located in the southeast corner of the building. This passage has walls paneled in Spanish leather and doors leading into Statuary Hall."

"The social and billiard rooms, 33x50 feet are very plain but rich in treatment. A Dutch style has been used, the ceilings being beamed in oak and the sidewalls paneled in the same material to a height of eight feet. The plastered walls and ceilings are treated in a soft buff, Tiffany effect, and are ornamented with simple but appropriate hand frescoes. The woodwork has been finished in an entirely new and original manner, being a reversal of ordinary methods. The furniture in the social room consists of game tables and easy chairs. The billiard room, which is practically a part of the social room is equipped with a pool and billiard table of the highest grade, finished to mach the woodwork of the room.

The Banquet Room

"In the east and north end of the first floor, and occupying a space of 60x104 feet is the largest banquet room in the South or Southwest, seating about eleven hundred. In keeping with the use to which it is put, it is without question the most gorgeous room in the building. The lavish ornaments in Louis XVI style have been beautifully brought out in shades of ivory and delicate rose. Columns at regular intervals support highly ornamental ceiling beams that parallel both directions of the room, forming large panels nearly twenty feet square. In these panels have been molded and planted a wealth of ornament rich in detail and correct in design. The sidewalls are paneled in similar manner, the panels being in a rich rose color. It is impossible to describe adequately the richness of the treatment in this room, which compares favorably with the famous banquet halls of the North and East.

"A new system of shower lighting has been used that is novel and very effective. In the corner of each of the eighteen ceiling panels a shower fixture has been placed, consisting of three drop lights surrounded by cut crystals and suspended by silver plated tubes, covered with glass and decorated at regular intervals with silver balls. The canopy is of composition molded and painted to match the ornaments of the ceiling. Each center of three drops is knit together into one fixture by ropes of cut crystals from each of which hang cut glass pendalegues. The effect is so successful that by day or night, and from every part of the room, rays of light of all the colors of the rainbow are thrown off in all directions giving a gorgeous effect that has never before been obtained. The floors of the room are highly polished and the thousand chairs that surround the walls are birch mahoganized

Stairways are Artistic

"There are two flights of stairs, joining each other at a platform and from thence continuing as a single stairway ten feet in width. These stairs are of bronze and marble and wind around the side walls of the entrance lobby giving access direct from the Statuary Hall to the second floor lobby, the treatment of which is the same in color and materials as Statuary Hall, except the style is Roman Ionic, taken from the second order of the Theater of Marcellus."

"On the north of this lobby is a coat and ante-room with walls of leather and mahogany. From this room, direct passage is had to the large 24x29 foot Corinthian Lodge Room of Dallas Consistory. A paneled birch dado encircles the room and on each of the sidewalls are placed the raised platform for the stations of the lodge officers. These are of pilasters and columns supporting Corinthian pediments that rise to a height of nearly twelve feet. The ceiling is in high relief, the ornaments being tipped with gold. A green color scheme has been worked out. The dark green silk velour curtains and the Wilton velvet rug, matching perfectly the mahogany furniture trimmed in green Spanish leather."

"Attached to the lodge room is an examination room with the same color treatment, also a committee room, the treatment of which is in tones of brown."

Apartments for Candidates

"In the southwest corner of the second floor is the candidates’ lounging room, 18x48 feet in size, with woodwork of brown mahogany. The sidewalls to height of nearly nine feet are paneled in brown Spanish leather and the ceiling is ornamented with plaster relief, bordered with an ornamental plaster cornice. The style of the room is a modified Colonial and the color treatment in brown and old blue, the blue being carefully worked out in the Axminster rug and the window draperies."

"Connected to the candidates’ room is a well-appointed room for the class director and his assistants, and beyond this room is the candidates’’ smoking foyer. 18x48 feet with walls of brown Spanish leather and mahogany. Inglenooks having seats and leather emblems, Chinese grass furniture and a two tone Wilton carpet complete the furniture of this room, the same effect being obtained in the class director’s room adjoining."

"To the east of the second floor lobby is the large degree room, within the walls of which are conferred the degrees of the rite. This room is 60x125 feet in size and has a ceiling height of thirty feet. The style is Egyptian, the large engaged columns being copied from those in the great Temple of Karnak at Thebes . Across the south end of this room is a gallery for members, seating more than three hundred. Under this gallery is the candidates’ smoking foyer, previously described, which is separated from the main floor of the degree room by a small lobby, with leather covered doors. The ceiling of the degree room is divided by large beams into five panels, the beams and the engaged columns supporting them being highly ornamental. Over sixty shades of colors were used in their decoration, all of which were so disposed as to produce a harmonious effect.

Starry Night Effect

"The large flat ceilings between the beams are colored a deep blue and over their surfaces are represented the stars of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac and the planets of our solar system. All stars in these constellations from the first to the seventh magnitude are represented in gold, in their correct positions. In the center of all from the first to the sixth magnitude are placed discs of ground glass, corresponding to the size of the star, and above the ceiling in the attic, a system of electric lights with reflectors. When the degree room is in total darkness, and the attic lights turned on, the effect reproduces the starry sky manner."

"To the north of the degree room and on a dark night in an almost perfect separated from it by a proscenium arch 28x22 feet is the largest stage in Texas , 24 feet deep and 60 feet in width. One hundred and nineteen scenic drops are so delicately counterweighted that the stage picture can be changed in two seconds, and if necessary in the dark. These drops are hung over the entire ceiling of the stage, being spaced three inches apart from the proscenium arch to the rear wall of the stage. Each degree has its own scenery, some degrees three and four scenes, all forming an extensive and complete equipment that it is possible to produce more different scenes than on any stage in the country. Fifteen hundred white, blue, red and amber lights, controlled from a switchboard seven feet high and twelve feet long are required to light the stage properly. These are subdued and softened as necessary by bank after bank of dimmers arranged by interlocking devices to control the degree of light at any one point of en masse. The dawn of day, a nightfall or a moonlight effect can be reproduced with marvelous fidelity."

"On either side of the proscenium opening, is chambers formed by cutting off the corners of the degree room has been placed the magnificent concert pipe organ, a description of which is given elsewhere. As music constitutes a feature of many of the degrees, a large singing gallery have been provided on the third floor, having large openings into the degree room. These openings are fitted with a series of movable shutters that are controlled from the stage and allow the singing to be heard in the degree room without the singers seeing into it or themselves being seen, producing a perfect ‘choir invisible’ effect.

"To the rear of the stage are property rooms, etc. and on the third floor a large wardrobe room, with cases for the various costumes.

Basement is Unique

"In the front of the basement, which is under the entire building, has been located a completely equipped double bowling alley, with ample space for spectators, a grill room capable of seating sixty, and space for the checking of 1,100 hats and coats.

"The northeast part of the basement contains a large kitchen, having a battery of six steel ranges and in close connection, ample preparation, serving and dish washing rooms. The remainder of the basement contains the boiler and coal room, a large room for the waiters, storage rooms and the janitor’s apartments.

Fine Service Equipment

"The service equipment of the building is complete to the smallest detail. A push button elevator of the latest type gives access to all floors from the basement to the third floor.

"The building is heated by the modulation system of steam heat arranged to give heat in the exact quantity required. The library and parlor have direct and indirect steam heat, and the banquet and degree rooms are heated by the direct steam method supplemented by an indirect blast system that is capable of furnishing ample fresh air when the building is crowded.

"Nine rooms are allotted for the teller accommodations, some having shower and tub baths, hot water for these being furnished automatically."

"In addition to the hot blast system of heating for the degree room and entirely separate aspiration system of air removal has been provided for warm weather. An immense double sirocco fan located in the attic has ample capacity to change the air in the degree room every six minutes, eliminating all danger from impure air."

Items of Cost

"Among the other convenient equipment installations are the vacuum system of cleaning, house telephone system, a complete system of electric call bells and porcelain bubble drinking fountains.

"The complete cost of the building has not been, as yet, made public but it is expected to be close to $230,000. Other items not included in the building cost are:



Stage Scenery






Making an estimated cost of the complete equipment of about $350,000.

"It is expected that in the near future, the organ will be formally dedicated by an organist of National reputation in a series of two or three concerts at which time the public will have the privilege of inspecting the beauties of the entire building.


http://www.dallasscottishrite.org/img/subpagePhotos/blue/tiles01.jpgSome of the ICONS might be confused with those for RUSSIA (and the red menace). Or even the USA (in a flat spin)



The Supreme Council, 33°, S.J., U.S.A
http://www.dallasscottishrite.org/img/33%20eagle-clr1.jpgGOD AND MY RIGHT


33° Sovereign Grand Commander

The Supreme Council, 33°, S.J., U.S.A
Orient of T……..


33° SGIG

The Supreme Council, 33°, S.J., U.S.A
Orient of T…..
Valley of D…..


32° KCCH Personal Representative



32° KCCH  General Secretary



2013 X Lodge of Perfection
Ineffable Degrees 4° - 14°



33° IGH - Venerable Master

KCCH - Senior Warden 
KCCH - Junior Warden
32° KCCH - Orator


2013 Dallas Chapter of Rose Croix 
Historical and Religious Degrees 15° - 18° 



32° KCCH - Wise Master  

32° KCCH - Senior Warden
32° KCCH - Junior Warden
32° - Orator 

http://www.dallasscottishrite.org/img/degrees/30.jpgTHE ROSE CROSS LOOKS KINDA LIKE THE IRON CROSS & VICTORIA CROSS

2013 Council of Kadosh
Philosophical and Chivalric Degrees 19° - 30°


32° KCCH - Commander  

KCCH - First Lt. Commander 
KCCH - Second Lt. Commander
KCCH  - Chancellor 
32° - Orator

http://www.dallasscottishrite.org/img/degrees/32.jpgMINOR DISTORTION TO SWASTIKA ICON

2013 D……. Consistory 
Ceremonial and Official Degrees 31° -32°


 32° KCCH - Master of Kadosh

32° KCCH - Prior
32° KCCH – Preceptor

 32° - Chancellor  
 32° - Minister of State


 Officers Serving All Bodies

, 33° IGH - Treasurer 
, 32° KCCH - Almoner  
, 32° - Assistant Almoner

, 32° KCCH – Prelate

, 32° - Master of Ceremonies 
. 32° - Captain of the Host
, 32° - Equerry
32° - Assistant Equerry

 32° - Expert
 32° - Assistant Expert 
, 32° - Tiler
, 32° - Chamberlain
, 32° - Valley Photographer



This is the upper end of this particular Lodge but all members get a pinny/apron provided they pay those dues.

Freemasonry now is truly GLOBALISED


This popular song by GOTYE has a rather sour undertone but got 405 million hits on you tube and was top of the global charts for weeks….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UVNT4wvIGY

Much less colourful: this is how the freemasons celebrate communion on Maundy Thursday  http://john80202.tripod.com/FMASONRY/MAUNDY13.JPG

As I had done so many times before, I said, "We meet this day to commemorate the death of our 'Most Wise and Perfect Master,' not as inspired or divine, for this is not for us to decide, but as at least the greatest of the apostles of mankind." 


The freemasons love to just do what their forefathers taught them and it looks silly but is thousands of years old and gets decent working men in a finely co-ordinated SPIN


It looks ever so silly but the working man loves to hop for the boss from the Northumberland mining towns to OXFORDSHIRE where the “sodoffs” symbolically dance for historic EMPIRICAL reasons.  Illmington Morris men (6)strut their stuff under a steep pyramid of three onlookers. EVER SO CLEVER.   Monastic traditions from France, Iona and Colum-ba.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z5b260wrFE STRUTTING IT BOSS!

http://rememberwhen.gazettelive.co.uk/Wilson.jpg https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSbyCe1kK48BYrlaoMPsGMwANUtRKSFXafPnRqhukGy9u0ZXHF1QA 

SHRINERS & SANDANCERS AT PLAY (and groucho uncovering the secrets of Lydia where George slew the Dragon!) Harpo (typical freemason) refused totalk about it!

Very long winded but the whole façade revealed (with conspiracy theory out clauses & BLACKBALLING EXPLAINED here) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7cF2uKDb_I&feature=endscreen&NR=1 3 hrs long


Netanyahu is closely associated with Solomon’s Temple on the mount but nobody has ever had the temerity to excavate it!!!!!!! Wonder why:   Wiki “By 2006, the Temple Mount Antiquities Salvage Operation had recovered numerous artifacts dating from the 8th to 7th centuries BCE from soil removed in 1999 by the Islamic Religious Trust (Waqf) from the Solomon's Stables area of the Temple Mount. These include stone weights for weighing silver and a First Temple period bulla, or seal impression, containing ancient Hebrew writing which includes the name Netanyahu ben Yaush. Netanyahu is a name mentioned several times in the Book of Jeremiah while the name Yaush appears in the Lachish letters. However, the combination of names was unknown to scholars.[20][21] 

Despite the lack of evidence models and theories have come forward from Grand Masters of Science from  England-Australasia who then as scientific leaders of MEN then get endorsed by the ESTABLISHMENT.   Many  were or are active masons http://www.lodgestpatrick.co.nz/famous1.php     http://www.lodgestpatrick.co.nz/famous2.php…. e.g. Sir Isaac Newton (1642–1727), the noted English scientist, mathematician and theologian,studied and wrote extensively upon the Temple of Solomon. He dedicated an entire chapter of The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms to his observations regarding the temple. Newton was intrigued by the temple's sacred geometry and believed that it was designed by King Solomon with privileged eyes and divine guidance. Freakishly from Newton (studied the fall of the apple in the mystic garden) to the founding fathers of the EUGENICS movement….the ROYAL SOCIETY became an extreme right wing think tank for masons, scientists, medics/psychiatrists and politicians/businessmen with an interest in indoctrination, a new world government and reducing global population/human fertility and weeding out undesirable bloodlines, races or simple-poor people, often referred to as hungry eaters.  Ironically several generations of the Darwin family were proponents of this SURVIVAL OF THE FATTEST/RICHEST hybrid (Batard is a polite expression) principle.  Former-colleagues of mine are caught up in this peer-esteem rat race.  They move between continents (because socio-economic factors or terrorism at home drove them away) but their mission is to destabilize society by creating chaos across a potentially peaceful and technology competent “COMMONWEALTH”…. Professor Frank Griffin, Former Chair in Microbiology at Otago University and FRS NZ (Lodge St Patrick No 468 I.C. NZ and the assistant Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ireland) was a colleague of mine at Otago University.  Frank talked openly about how the troubles in Ireland were improving in parallel with socio-economic welfare but that was before Ireland went over their own fiscal cliff in 2008-9: engineered entirely by the New World Order (and bailed out by the vicious sovereign debt ponzi scheme that is impoverishing many innocent European Nations aligned to the Euro).  Frank got his NZFRS since we left in 2010 and poor jobless migrants are flooding out of Ireland again (as so often before): the troubles gladly are now much less severe but every now and again ritual flag flying sparks a riot.   Blessedly Obama has shaken hands with HRH and HRH (formerly Mrs Windsor….nee Saxe –Coburg) has shaken hands with IRA leaders who are much less aggressive.  One has no idea how many migrants looking for work overseas are freemasons but NONE are illuminatti (all have grown up divided and torn apart as part of the GRAND PLAN plan since Cromwell visited and Hitler teamed-up-with the republicans; across those artificial but violent divides).

Frank Griffin  http://www.lodgestpatrick.co.nz/famous.php  Frank is a very good scientist and a very genial person.

Many Global  Presidents/PMs and prominent politicians have been freemasons and the design of grandiose buildings including  the Vatican, the White house and the  house of the temple in Washington (depicted above with Sphinx like creatures Guarding the door) have been along the lines and angles of the home of the Masters of Masonry

The master of Masonry can only become a master  (only if they are already masters)…..I personally cant understand the math on this but it has very close conceptual links to the concept of the “electoral college” (outgoing power-brokers who make the call on incoming aspirants and at least 4 times have put presidents in power who did not win the majority of US citizens votes)

The reason is that those who are given the rank of 33rd will be selected from those who have already been 33rd degree masons. They want to be sure that they are choosing someone who will be "one of the boys". Source  http://www.bibleprobe.com/freemasonry.htm


Freemasonry is ALIVE AND SUPPORTIVE of the good old guys in the SHRINER MOVEMENT i.e. Islamic worshippers….it is all encompassing and the shriners can sign up provided they have the subs….

Most Shriners are decent guys, who do bow to, 

and make pledges to the pagan Islamic god Allah

And you get to wear a sand dancers hat!    And Turkish Saracen icons (see comments on Leamington Spa…the Saxe Coburg Hanoverians and who can make it all the way to 33 degrees and GARTER status!

ALL COMERS WELCOME no matter what the White House and the CIA say about the Islamic threat


This sword emblem originates from 7th century Arabia when the Moslems, under the leadership of Muhammad (aka: Mohammed), slaughtered all Christians and Jews who would not bow down to the pagan moon god Allah. It is a symbol of subjugation.


William Florence

Walter Fleming

The Shriners appear to have begun innocently enough; except for their link to and allegiance to the pagan moon god (note the crescent emblem) Allah. This messianic religion emerged later than Christianity  

The Americans do not always understand the enemy or the middle/near East  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvj6zdWLUuk and specifically the recent threats of Iraq & Iran, Egypt and now Syria! But Al Quaeda and the Islamic menace is a creation of the G8 superpowers and their media propagandists but the advantage of having masons of all creeds and faiths is obvious in Woolwich as fascist movements protest against their ethnic neighbours whenever the right wing leaders beat their drum and release their feeble news bulletins on slaughtered patriots or state-murdered commuters/ UN workers or travelers.


It is very disorientated (see earlier rituals from European religions and hopping/morris dancing) Oh how the elites love to mock the commoners.  Just READ THIS

When a freemason is first initiated into the Third Degree he is struck on the forehead in the dark.  Next, he falls back either into a coffin or onto a coffin shape design. Then his fellow masons lift him up When he opens his eyes he is confronted with a human skull and crossed bones. welling on the earth. In the Masonic Legend of Hiram Abiff, that day will be marked by his resurrection to rule the world.  According to the Bible, Hiram Abiff will most certainly rule. He will come as Hiram Abiff to the Mason, Crishna to the Hindu, Imam Mahdi to the Muslim, or Sosiosch to the Zoroastrian.  But in the Word of God, he is called the Beast (Antichrist).

History of Masonry:


Freemason theology, like Knights Templar theology is not compatible with Christianity.  Although Masons will admit to a history only as far back as 1717, research indicates that the same Masonic rituals and beliefs were in use by the Knights Templers. The Lodge idea came from a fraternal beginning.  For a period of 700 years (900 A.D. to 1600 A.D.), England went through a period of cathedral building. Masons (men in construction trades who specialized in brick or stone) formed guilds or craft organizations for self protection. In current terminology we would call them "unions." At that time structures called "lodges" were used by workers as shelter. Later this became the basic unit of Freemasonry. It is for this reason that most symbols are founded on the tools and practices of the building profession.  Their rituals are mostly occult, with building trade rituals mixed in. These stonemasons were called "free masons" because they were not indentured servants which local guild masons were at the time.  Before the Enlightenment years masons were Christian. That all changed with the formation of the English lodge in London in 1717, however.  Two early documents Harleian MS. No 1942 and the Antiquity MS. documents of 1670 and 1682, respectively - included prayers invoking the Blessed Trinity.


The modernist revisionists beyond Mayer Rothschild’s vision of a New World Order

The actual character of the society was determined by its traditionalist enemies to be an elaborate network of spies and counter-spies, though with the high goal of ensuring virtue. Each isolated cell of initiates reported to a superior, whom they did not know, a party structure that was later effectively adopted by some later groups, including more recently by the early Ba'ath party in Syria and Iraq. 


Weishaupt was initiated into Freemasonry Lodge "Theodor zum guten Rath", at Munich in Bavaria. He worked at first to divest Freemasonry of its pseudo-historical mumbo-jumbo and reform it. 


A book by Father Adolf Faroni of the Society of Don Bosco cites historical records indicating that the inner circle of the Order "was structured around the pentagram", the symbol of the blazing star Sirius. It was initially made up of five men: Kolmer, Francis Dashwood who founded the Satanic Hellfire Club, Alphone Donatien DeSade from whom the word "sadism" was derived, Mayer Rothschild, and Weishaupt. NO MONARCHS FLAWED HYPOTHESIS???????


Then they began recruiting members initially referred to as "minerval" who could advance to the order of "illuminati minor". The latter would have to prove absolute devotion to the order to be able to advance to the top-most circle of initiates called "illuminati major", a position just below the Rex which, soon after the order was founded, was held by Weishaupt. 


It came to a point that entire France was in chaos. The freemasons felt it was time to have a "man on a white horse" to reign again over the country and eventually spread his power over the rest of Europe towards the creation of a Universal Republic. Napoleon Bonaparte was thus initiated thrice into Masonic French lodges. 

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2a/Isaac_Newton%27s_Temple_of_Solomon.jpg/200px-Isaac_Newton%27s_Temple_of_Solomon.jpgIsaac Newton ARChitect no evidence

The model below was

File:Solomon's Temple, Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte, Hamburg, Germany IMG 5846 edit.jpg

  The GRAND LODGE of JERUSALEM has less than 0.25M members but it is EVER SO INFLUENTIAL  and full of NAZIrites……..(as it was written)….

 Freemasonry has always planned to gain control of the Temple Mount, so they can rebuild Solomon's Temple. As soon as they rebuild this Temple, their Masonic Christ will appear on the earth, claiming to be the Jewish Messiah for whom Israel has long been awaiting. This "Christ" will be the Biblical Antichrist.  Christian writer Texe Marrs writes: On the heap of its ruins, the Masons intend to build a Jewish Masonic temple where they and their satanically energized messiah shall worship and pay homage to the Egyptian double-headed eagle deity, Mammon-Ra, the god of money and prosperity (Daniel 11:37-39).


WAS JERUSALEM BUILDED HERE IN THE UK as in the words of the famous hymn……you bet your bottom dollar and your dead man’s boots on it…….

The Quest to Rebuild the Temple


Two weeks after the 1967 Six-Day War which saw Jerusalem and the Temple Mount brought under Israeli control, there occurred the greatest freemasonic meeting in history in London, celebrating 250 years since the founding of UGLE  (United Grand Lodge of England), at which the Duke of Kent was installed as the new Grand Master.  THE WHOLE UGLY STORY HERE




Like religion academia philosophy one can become an expert and title holder (AND USE UP A LOT of TIME and DUE MONEY) from YORK to NEW York…….http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/freemasons-and-the-york-rite-system.html……it works even for DUMMIES who cant find friends any other way than buying in.   

It endorses…ISLAM & TURKEY and the redcapped armies nr Constantinople   thus Shriner

Shriner StatueShriner Statue
This statue to the charity of the Shriners stands in Portland, Oregon. 
Photograph: Copyright © Jami Dwyer 

‘Shriners’ are Freemasons who have reached the rank of Master Mason, and are men of good repute who volunteer themselves to assist this charitably focused body: The Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, usually abbreviated to A.A.O.N.M.S.
The seed of the Shriners was established in 1870 in a Manhattan restaurant that was a regular meeting place for Freemasons in New York, and the A.A.O.N.M.S. is an appendant body to Freemasonry. The organization is best-known for the Shriners’ Hospitals for Children that the organization administers - and for the red fezzes that its members wear! - a terrific ‘ice breaker’ at parties. The organization’s HQ is in Tampa, Florida. Shriners International describes itself as a fraternity based on fun, fellowship and the Masonic principles of brotherly loverelief, and truth. There are about 340,000 members from 193 temples (or chapters) in the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, the Republic of Panama, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Europe and Australia.


Zapruder took his footage of kennedy’s assassination straight to dallas newspaper AND secret services.....he took his film from concrete blocks nearby....The book depository has 7x7 windows (see Hallett on controlling sectors of societ and 6 sub-themes.....pyramid on bridge..... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham_Zapruder  The policeman murdered that day (by the Patsy)was TIPper.   The New World Order ritually killed then mutilated JFK….and CONNALLY a long term ally of LBJ then Nixon was seriously CONFLICTED….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLiF4Jwvb0o (see ONE NOTE……NAVY-TREASURY OFFICE kinda like Winston & Beaverbrook!!!!!   PERMINDEX nowhere to be seen….but who was driving the car?    CONNALLY ……raised debt ceiling changed parties and courted NAZIs….In 1971, Republican President Nixon appointed the then Democrat Connally as Treasury Secretary. Before agreeing to take the appointment, however, Connally told Nixon that the president must find a position in the administration for George H.W. Bush, the Republican who had been defeated in November 1970 in a hard-fought U.S. Senate race against Democrat Lloyd M. Bentsen. Connally told Nixon that his taking the Treasury post would embarrass Bush, who had "labored in the vineyards" for Nixon's election as president, while Connally had supported Humphrey. Ben Barnes, then the lieutenant governor and originally a Connally ally, claims in hisautobiography that Connally's insistence saved Bush's political career because the then former U.S. representative and twice-defeated Senate candidate relied on appointed offices to build a resume by which to seek the presidency in 1980 and again in 1988. Nixon hence named Bush as ambassador to the United Nations in order to secure Connally's services at Treasury. Barnes also said that he doubtedGeorge W. Bush could have become president in 2001 had Bush's father not first been given the string of federal appointments during the 1970s to strengthen the family's political viability.[15]   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoiTf8M64i0 watchJFKhit

Post on facebook  “This caught my eye” http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=4122.......BLACK PHALLUS.

More on DALLAS book depository 7x7 (with 5 arched columns)

Man with the white hat looks like LBJ not Connally…….Hollywood actors all through this sad story


2.    Walter Cronkite Interviews LBJ on Kennedy Assassination - latimes ...





Jul 17, 2009 – May 3, 1970: Walter Cronkite interviews former President Johnson about the assassination of President Kennedy. Johnson said he was ...

3.    Douglas Brinkley talks Cronkite : Columbia Journalism Review




Jun 13, 2012 – (“If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost the country,” LBJ supposedly said to an aide after ... as an anchor was the announcement of JFK's shocking death.

4.    Insidetexasprisons Blog: 40 years ago today: Cronkite breaks news ...




Jan 22, 2013 – On January 22, 1973, Cronkite held the phone receiver to his ear on the CBS "Evening News" and said he is talking to Tom Johnston, LBJ's top spokesman. "Can you hold ... Writer: LBJ changed "in a moment" after JFK death ...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xd1wuXrVPjo LBJ conscience.   



The British Forces have a LODGE SINCE 2001 and Jim Davidson of trivia fame defects from Chelsea to lead it


KU Klux Klan hard at work replacing the slaves with tractor technology and petrol/diesel products   DRIVEN By people like Senator Bilbo (see throat cancer as act of god)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodore_G._Bilbo   See the celebs like Al Jolson in the freemason movement (fifth columnists all over the slave trading centres of the world including London…..Greengrocers/Thatchers (in LONDON & GRANTHAM)!


BILBO wanted the slaves to be distributed in the cities of the FED!

Great Migration (African American)

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African American topics

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This box:

The Great Migration was the movement of 6 million African-Americans out of the rural Southern United States to the NortheastMidwest, and West for most of the 20th century. Some historians differentiate between the first Great Migration (1910–1930), numbering about 1.6 million migrants who left mostly rural areas to migrate to northern and midwestern industrial cities, and, after a lull during the Great Depression, a Second Great Migration (1940 to 1970), in which 5 million or more people moved, including many to California and other western cities.[1]

Between 1910 and 1970, blacks moved from 14 states of the South, especially AlabamaLouisianaMississippi and Texas to the other three cultural (and census-designated) regions of the United States. More townspeople with urban skills moved during the second migration.[1] By the end of the Second Great Migration, African Americans had become an urbanized population. More than 80 percent lived in cities. A majority of 53 percent remained in the South, while 40 percent lived in the North and 7 percent in the West.[2]


Participants in this got throat cancer (chaired by vicar of dibley)…..eg the chair of Australian fertility movement   http://darkmatt.blogspot.co.uk/2005/02/film-review-chasing-god.html

Full list here Larry Hagman & Bilbo (above) lost their profoubdly influential voices….

In a 1991 interview, Korbach racially abused black players Bryan Roy ("een kleine rotneger", "a short fucking nigger") and Romário ("die koffieboon van PSV", "that coffee bean of PSV").[1]

Ever so subtle acts of god ensue…….Alan Landers (born Alan Stewart Levine) (November 30, 1940[1] – February 27, 2009) was an American male model and actor, best known as the "Winston Man", who appeared in advertising for Winston cigarettes.

FIVE VERSES>In 1970 MacKintosh went professional as a solo singer, accompanying himself on the long-necked banjo, and also playing the pipes or the concertina. For thirty years he toured Europe, the United States and Australia. His repertoire, which had never been confined to Scottish traditional material, broadened out, and he was credited with "impressive good taste in song".[4] He took most of his material from other songwriters, the late Harry Chapin and Glaswegian Adam McNaughtan being particular favourites.[5] Scottish audiences voted him Scotland's "Folk Musician of the Year" several times.[6] Of his self-penned songs, 'I Wouldn't Change A Thing', an account of his career in five verses, is probably the most popular; he recorded it for Stage By Stage.

Kabuki…..Japanese Ballet with gender reversal and translatable to themes of WW japan AND Shakespear.   Icon KINOSUKE died in 1996… Kabuki was inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists in 2005.[28][29]

McBAIN had hige number of pseudonyms…..GOOD COP bad cop writer and HITCHCOCK SCREENPAYS including the birds!  Ed McBain (October 15, 1926 – July 6, 2005) was an American author and screenwriter. Born Salvatore Albert Lombino, he legally adopted the name Evan Hunter in 1952. While successful and well known as Evan Hunter, he was even better known as Ed McBain, a name he used for most of his crime fiction, beginning in 1956.

Saval Hose Himenez like character…..played role in PRODUCERS….musical on corruption & fraud….trashed up to raise funds

Shibusawa….vice & sleaze ARTIST fascinated by De Sade and deviant Shakespeare/Juliet CRIMES & FINES

Springhall peri-war COMMUNIST ACTOR…..trained Lennin school and died preaching it China.

On June 2, 2010, Bobby Parks and his family moved back to the Philippines. Parks accepted a position as athletics director at National University in Manila.[7] During that time, he was in the middle of a battle with laryngeal cancer; his treatment was reported to be successful in April 2011.[8] In November 2010, Bobby Jr. signed a letter of intent to play basketball at Georgia Tech, but then disappeared from the view of both Tech and the American media for several months. Eventually, Luke Winn of Sports Illustrated tracked the younger Parks down, discovering in April 2011 that Bobby Jr. had enrolled at NU and was expected to lead the Bulldogs in the upcoming UAAP season.[8]

In 2011, the San Miguel Beermen joined the ASEAN Basketball League and named Parks its first head coach.[9] He led the team to a finals appearance, losing to the Indonesia Warriors.[10]

Rehman died (after 3 heaqrt attacks) in his 30s Indian Pakistanian BOLLYWOOD debauched, sauve sophisticated roles

Tony Sailor AUSTRIA SKIER died of cancer of throat 3 golds actor (trivia)…..last 3 golds from BAD GASTEIN. Sailer, nicknamed "Blitz from Kitz" (Blitz = German word for "bolt of lightning" or "flash"), was born in Kitzbühel.

On March 30, 2013, he died after a long battle with lung cancer, which developed from his previously untreated laryngeal cancer. Funeral tributes are soon to follow. To commemorate the legacy of the late Bobby Parks Sr., the PBA renamed the prestigious Best Import award to "Bobby Parks Award" to honor the legendary import.[11]


MILLAIS (Bloomsbury/Gower St set…..married wife of Ruskin (still virgin) and had 8 babies and several affairs

Illustrations [edit]

Millais was also very successful as a book illustrator, notably for the works of Anthony Trollope and the poems of Tennyson. His complex illustrations of the parables of Jesus were published in 1864. His father-in-law commissioned stained-glass windows based on them for Kinnoull parish churchPerth. He also provided illustrations for magazines such as Good Words. In 1869 he was recruited as an artist for the newly founded weekly newspaper The Graphic. As a young man Millais frequently went on sketching expeditions to Keston and Hayes. Whilst there he painted a sign for an inn where he used to stay, near to Hayes church (cited in Chums annual, 1896, page 213).

FREQUENTLY VISITED SCOTLAND (commissions to embellish Stain Glass windows anywhere the FISHING was made available (notably DUNKELD, LOCH LEVEN and Perthshire)  http://www.archive.org/stream/cu31924028080939/cu31924028080939_djvu.txt  (THIS CITATION shows how the Cof Scotland was freed of its wilderness by vistors and how the allegiance to crown, statues & memorials only found in Edinburgh in the early days and GROSS/SLEEZY foreign architecture imposed on the serfs who used to eat the salmon in times of hardship (pre-colonial pilgrimages)!

See EXAMPLE of one page of massive document covering GAYly marrying parishes…..in the renaissance led by Bloomsbury, Amsterdam, Bruges, and the quest to ILLUSTRATE THE NEW TESTAMENT n. Architectural and Ecclesiological. — This portion of the work is devoted 
to the actual condition, the past history, and remarkable features of Scottish 
architecture, illustrated by Slezer the Dutchman, 1693; Clerk, 1778-9; 
Heame, 1776 — 1804; Fittler, 1804; Gamett, 1800; Cordiner, 1795; Forsyth, 
1805; Adam de Cardonel, 1793; Britton, and above all Francis Grose, 
who by their labours drew attention to the fact that the national art had 
not been regarded in proportion to its merits ; although the efforts of 
such delineators fell far short of the exquisite poetical studies, the grace, the 
charm, and beauty of Turner's delineations of Kelso, Jedburgh, Melrose, 
Dryburgh, Sweetheart, and St. Anthony's Hermitage, backed by the " cou- 
chant lion " of Arthur's seat ; whilst we regret that we have no views of Dun- 
keld among its circle of wooded mountains, crumbling Arbroath or wind- 
swept St. Andrew's, Dunblane and its river, Elgin among orchards, or 
Glasgow on its hill, the very flower of the intelligence of centuries, and Kirk- 
wall on its stormy shore, which the Norwegians during their recent restora- 
tion of Drontheim selected as the proper school of the architect employed. 
Rickman concisely, but with considerable force and a clear appreciation of 
national characteristics, noticed the various buildings of importance. in detail, 
and after a long interval these were illustrated by the accurate engravings 
of Mr. Billings. John Spottiswoode, attorney of London, gave, late in the 
last century, a useful list of the various foundations, regular, secular, and 
charitable, using Macfarlane's collections without acknowledgment,^ ampli- 
fying the more meagre synopsis of Professor Myddleton (1677), whilst he 
borrowed largely from the manuscript collections of Father Hay, exhausted 
by subsequent writers and compilers. General Hutton's, collection, now in 
the British Museum, has lain hitherto unused. A comprehensive volume, 
embracing all these distinct features, and including the cathedrals, appeared 
to be a want in our current literature which it has been my endeavour to 
supply. With this intention each cathedral, monastery, college, and 
hospital is severally classified; cathedrals and hospitals in alphabetical 
arrangement, monasteries according to their religious order, and collegiate 
churches under the dioceses in which they were situated. The bishops and 
abbots of the principal religious houses are enumerated ; and in addition I 
have been the first to elucidate the constitution and internal economy of the 
Scottish cathedrals at large, and the distribution of the dioceses under arch- 
deaconries and rural deaneries, with the dedications of the parish churches 
in a connected list. The difficulties of identification have been increased by 
the mis-spelling or various forms of the names of places even the most 
familiar, such as St. Limervine or Kilkennie for Kilwinning, Abermonendi 
for Aberdeen, Arogathel for Argyle, Skaniskyvil or Camskenel for Cambus- 
kenneth, Striveling for Stirling, Darowghoghill and Deretoustal for Der- 
congal, Seynt Boyce for Holywood, Fermelodunum for Dunfermline, Meuros 
for Melrose, Chalhar for Kelso, Duquer for Sweetheart, Herwicernum for 
Whitheme, Hurchard for Urquhart, Dublin and Strademe for Dunblane, 
and all kinds of synonyms for Jedburgh. The drier details and technical 
terms of architecture I have modified as far as possible, so as to give an 
easier and more popular form of expression. But my readers will kindly ALL WITH A VERY AUSTERE EVEN GOTHIC APPEARANCE  http://www.archive.org/stream/cu31924028080939/cu31924028080939_djvu.txt  PAGE AFTER PAGE


The signs of the zodiac and the 30degree geometry play a role in the ancient JEWISH SYNAGOGHUE AND CHURCH OF SCOTLAND $$$$$$$$$$$$ icons (hearts of oak)….. MILLAIS died of throat cancer but he was an illustrator……  Millais was born in SouthamptonEngland in 1829, of a prominent Jersey-based family. The author Thackeray once asked him "when England conquered Jersey." Millais replied "Never! Jersey conquered England." (cited in Chums annual, 1896, page 213). His prodigious artistic talent won him a place at the Royal Academy schools at the unprecedented age of eleven. While there, he met William Holman Hunt and Dante Gabriel Rossetti with whom he formed the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (known as the "PRB") in September 1848 in his family home onGower Street, off Bedford Square.  Sometimes Millais dressed up as Dante and his Victorian mates wore aprons (and looked ever so silly e.g



And as noted above in the global media (particularly in the USA and UK): ZIONIST BBC lead for decades

The TEST CARD…from every angle…..& column in the newspaper


An amazing listing of presidential, PMs, Professorial Monarchies and Celebrity Masons (including W Churchill and Prof Frank Griffin……concludes with this statement  http://www.lodgestpatrick.co.nz/famous2.php#shriner

It should be noted that listed here are some of the more well known Freemasons, but it is extremely important to appreciate that for every recognisable name there have been, and are, tens of thousands, of ‘ordinary’ Freemasons who go about their particular work quite anonymously – and most prefer it to be ever thus.

DAGON is a PLACE name in Israel…..see proximity to St George’s birthplace in LYDIA links to MELON  see google maps. 

BNEI BARUCH (BB) is a heavy indoctrination psychological brainwashing methodology….in the Woody Allen Bloomsbury territory….sinister personalized slant here.  http://www.amotherinisrael.com/bnei-baruch-kabbalah-cult-victim/  Ancient JEWISH KABBALAH cult

The links into golf and the literary side of the secret services FLEMING/BOND tax evasion comes pouring out when you BEGIN to understand the icons…pair of bollocks and a putter 007!!!  Ever so childish & BRAZENED in the simple mind…..http://prorege-forum.com/forum_entry.php?id=2163  Tubal Cain equates to the god of masonry the human male sexual organ. 

John Dee was an interesting mathematician, alchemist and crystal ball mysticist….who was COMMITTED to religion….just after the reformation and was advised by angels……his predictions came true when he was close to QE1 but this link with the IMPERIALIST monarchy made it difficult to impact in Poland bohemia (chzeckoslakia) as the monarchs leaders there were wary of Western expansionism…..his mate Kelley ingratiated himself and played his cards shrewdly….his angels demanded that Kelley swap wives with JD….in her twenties….all of them succumbed to the plague when the    His Monus hieroglyphica…..is explained here…..tits bums horns arseholes/predictive bubbos (black spots)  and crucifixes!!!!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Dee

The allegiance of these movements to zion and their impact on the biblical old testament is unmistakable (these are the 12 lost tribes of Israel….hebrew or Aramaic speakers writers) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelve_tribes_of_Israel

The links to astronomy and east-west facing structures (all to reflect angles and elliptic/orbital geometry) are uncanny and the symbolism derived from the icons for the twelve tribes noted above are SPOOKILY SIMILAR since the corrupted BABYLONIAN regime fell……

Early history [edit]



Wheel of the zodiac: This 6th century mosaic pavement in a synagogue incorporates Greek-Byzantine elements, Beit AlphaIsrael.

Further information: Babylonian star catalogues and MUL.APIN

The division of the ecliptic into the zodiacal signs originates in Babylonian ("Chaldean") astronomy during the first half of the 1st millennium BC, likely during Median/"Neo-Babylonian" times (7th century BC),[3] The classical zodiac is a modification of the MUL.APIN catalogue, which was compiled around 1000 BC. Some of the constellations can be traced even further back, to Bronze Age (Old Babylonian) sources, including Gemini "The Twins", from MAŠ.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL "The Great Twins", and Cancer "The Crab", from AL.LUL "The Crayfish", among others.

Babylonian astronomers at some stage during the early 1st millennium BC divided the ecliptic into twelve equal zones of celestial longitude to create the first known celestial coordinate system: a coordinate system that boasts some advantages over modern systems (such as equatorial coordinate system). The Babylonian calendar as it stood in the 7th century BC assigned each month to a sign, beginning with the position of the Sun at vernal equinox, which, at the time, was depicted as the Aries constellation ("Age of Aries"), for which reason the first sign is still called "Aries" even after the vernal equinox has moved away from the Aries constellation due to the slow precession of the Earth's axis of rotation.[4]

Because the division was made into equal arcs, 30º each, they constituted an ideal system of reference for making predictions about a planet's longitude. However, Babylonian techniques of observational measurements were in a rudimentary stage of evolution and it was probably beyond their capacity to define in a precise way the boundary lines between the zodiacal signs in the sky.[5] Thus, the need to use stars close to the ecliptic (±9º of latitude) as a set of observational reference points to help positioning a planet within this ecliptic coordinate system.[6] Constellations were given the names of the signs and asterisms could be connected in a way that would resemble the sign's name. Therefore, in spite of its conceptual origin, the Babylonian zodiac became sidereal.[7]


Knowledge of the Babylonian zodiac is also reflected in the Hebrew BibleE. W. Bullinger interpreted the creatures appearing in the books of Ezekiel and Revelation as the middle signs of the four quarters of the Zodiac,[11][12] with the Lion as Leo, the Bull is Taurus, the Man representing Aquarius and the Eagle representing Scorpio.[13] Some authors have linked the twelve tribes of Israel with the twelve signs. Martin and others have argued that the arrangement of the tribes around the Tabernacle (reported in the Book of Numbers) corresponded to the order of the Zodiac, with JudahReubenEphraim, and Dan representing the middle signs of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio, respectively.[14][15] Such connections were taken up by Thomas Mann, who in his novel Joseph and His Brothers attributes characteristics of a sign of the zodiac to each tribe in his rendition of the Blessing of Jacob.  The fixation with NUMBERS IS STUNNING BUT LOOK AT THE ICONS FOR THE TWELVE TRIBES BELOW....... 

Some reflect the signs of the zodiac and many depict images almost identical to those on the stained glass windows of the Church of Scotland I attend most Sundays.....geometrical arrays  oak trees plants, crowns  & numerals that look like masonic symbols and NWO icons.....in English christian numerals..... 

The 12 tribes roamed around in old testament days 15th -6th century “BC”.......and were masters of mysticism and leaving a TELLING (sometimes PROfitPHETIC) legacy that now impacts from the fairground & magic circle to the Vatican and the UN summit!  Ancient history here  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelve_tribes_of_Israel   

Freemasons though are bigger than this THEY ENDORSE ALL religions faiths and historic mythology....(this year the new pope was welcomed from the jesuit underworld and the orthodox religious christians were fully endorsed and prominent politicians from Argentina to Zion came to party in great pomp.....all roads lead to ROME.  The Greek gods, and the Egyptian pharoahs are well capable of raising DUEs for this Universal movement.  Sad that christianity was invented (for geo-political advantage and the remnants of the roman Empire) in Naples by the PISO family who lived in the villa papyri (right under Vesuvius which may have influenced the act of GOD which errupted in 79AD. See files listing referencing this and the bloodlines derived from the elite monarchs emperorors, kings queens and concubines who bred for this over millenia and now have become the most powerful and wealthy families on the globe.  Popes cannot legitimately have families or engage in wars vendettas, inquisitions or terror campaigns but all the world leaders are obligated TO FEAR THEIR FELLOWS and ELDERs.....herecy or disloyalty can be fatal. 

As new religions sects branched off the lingo of Ra  Abba and scottish freemasonry began to infiltrate the emergent messianic religions (and the Torr wood,near where Wallace fought) and the Torrah became a popular joke for the Establishment who spawned all these secret societies)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genesis_Rabba.  The Sunny and the Shi-ite Muslims get loads of bad press but all the leading figureheads, muck rakers and icons for these movements have been trained by the west (like the communists that conquered the far east: notably China and Russia).  Even Ghandi and Mandela were hand picked for their role.  The wealth divide from party leaders to oligarchs is horrific and christian, islamic, Taoist, Budist, BAAist,Jewish and even Jehovah’s (who admirably reject violence and war) are running MISSIONS all around the divided world to see if they can bend minds and become as well funded as the bigger religious sects did. Armies of young people perpetually get slaughtered/martyred for these virtual causes while their secret society creators (and funders) just have a laugh as they engage in genocidal, vengeful crusades or plots to keep the world TOTALLY ENSLAVED by greed and violence.  The placement of death camps FEMA camps and the use of territory outside sovereign states (Guantanamo, Camp Sebastian) is horrific and is strongly tied to ancient masonic mysticism  http://www.informantnews.com/misc/33rdparallel.html.  In other cases individuals go to extremes of making human sacrifices then extorting even friends, relatives and relationships simply because they were indoctrinated by fear, participated in it and took life (or sex slaves) just because they know they have the power and the security services to shelter them from justice (delivered from the TEMPLE BAR in Israel and based on unrepeatable evil satanic oaths spawned by the Jesuit orders but ultimately compliant to those protocols of zion (that are cleverly crafted and seem close to the end-game….with Benjamin Netanyahu leading the “free world” secretly into an unholy war that threatens all our nations and faiths.


What goes around the world COMES AROUND if you plan your trip carefully

GRAND LODGES now host those elite TRIBES but the hungry eaters did not make it to the promised land

 Note the colours and the icons  ALL CREEDS AND FAITHS under the compass.....and entwined with the KABALAH.  As you can see if you read DANIEL in that very cleverly crafted new testament and look for Michael the Angel of Israel and his predictions.....you can see that what is happened in the middle east is designed to let the Jewish nation salvage its future by re-enacting old feuds that are to be ultimately victories for only SATANIC politicians.   Basically society has been dismembered by the new world order so only chaos and DIVISION can bubble to the surface....the themes that have been the focus of “post-war” policy have been focussed on what Greg Hallet depicts here

The details contained in the Jesuit produced, "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and many other planning documents to support this one plan is controlling the world events. The World Servers, controlled by a much more secretive society divided the world up into the following areas for control: Religion, Philosophy, Education, Science, Politics, Harmony/Beauty/Arts and Economics/Finance. Each of these specific areas have 6 sub areas also controlled by the "secret Society" in question and making the world divided into 49 different areas for control purposes and each has its own "Chronology of Events and Milestone" Not Speculation, these are facts and until people understand this reality they will NEVER understand why events are happening the way they are now.”

The protocols of zion (allegedly written in the late 19th century in Russia...(where elites were assassinated by warmongering money lenders for not taking their country to war)....are really scary and got Hitler all riled up.  http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/illuminatiprotocols.htm the protocols are really scary and suggest that the end game is nigh and you see that in all the sectors that Hallett highlights the world has been STUFFED UP DELIBERATELY....despite all those social and personal choices and codes of conduct we must comply with personally.  It is brilliant but most of you dont know it is there to take you and your family OUT of the vicious greedy game (regardless of your religion, sexuality, expertise).  This month it is to be refined in the UK at a Bilderberg meeting and the news media will not cover it but are desperately keen to cover it up because it conscripts sexual financial and millitary slaves to profit only super elites who have no shame on genocide, ritual killings, child sacrifices and cannabalism....BECAUSE the participation in these horrific crimes becomes a reputational cross to bear (because your peers or their quislings captured elites on camera indulging in these immoral habits, drug taking or fraudulent business deals.....as Al Pacino said in the film the Devil’s advocate “ the 20th century belongs entirely to me”.  With two world wars and 80 million dead satan declares he is a “fan of man”....this film was made in hollywood which has controlled minds and kept people on the edge of their seats for over 100 years.  The techniques are now used on the streets of our major cities to create virtual terror and perpetual strife and human suffering....the creators of this are in palaces, parliament buildings, or JUNTA green zones behind a heavily armed cordon....but still the police and millitias defend them....despite pay and pension cuts that are vicious.  The other motive is the diversionary and profiteering global conflict. It is not far away and if you are a mason or a working man who just takes the instructions without thinking and adheres to the protocols because your dad or your vicar/priest/rabbi or minister did then you must now be aware that those poppies and the british/foreign legions will be all your children get from you.  We are the luckiest generation (in western industrialised nations) ever to live on this earth but we insist on doing it like the establishment want us to (as it was written by a dozen rising star families way back 16 centuries “BC”).  If you are a parent (working, middle, and sub davos first-class) you must educate your kids properly on where the enemy are and why they want 7 billion people fighting each other on an ancient cause every 40-70 years.


So lets look ar some notable mason’s and how they fit in neatly into that universal system with brothers in every religion, race and greed!  Lets start in Europe/Asia where the Empires were established and working men were perpetually taxed and conscripted then they began paying their dues.  First though came the ruling elites: I hesitate to cite David Icke because he has been shunned by the sheeples as a lunatic fringe conspiracy theorist but his research on geneological pedigrees is compelling.  It explains how the elites, presidential candidates and celebrities make it all the way through from the Egyptian, Macedonian, Greek, Roman, German, Austrian/Prussian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portugese,  and British empireshttp://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_bush08c.htm. Just look at these lists and see how nicknames and derivatised pseudonyms have been used as hollywood disney/cartoon or fictitious literary characters over the last 100 years or so (the NWO like to demonstrate their power and lethality and they love to have a laugh or proclaim policy in advance at the people’s expense.   There are almost as many elite bloodlines as there are Empires. It is stunning to see that almost all US presidential candidates and many of the hollywood media celebrities are directly related to these wealthy families and how dynasties  like the Saxe-Coburgs (now Windsors) or   Scherffs (now Bush’s) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYBSEHoLmBQ .  The name changes are convenient reputational shields for families that deliberately fell apart to profit from inter-continental wars, arms manufacturing/ sales then money lending to fund nation states dragged into these needless but bloody conflicts.  German Nazi's 1

According to Otto Skorzeny, pictured is the Scherff family and a few friends (circa 1938). Holding “Mother” Scherff’s hand at left is Martin Bormann. In front is Reinhardt Gehlen. In back is Joseph Mengele and to his right is Skorzeny as a young man. At center right (in the German navy uniform) is George H. Scherff, Jr. and his father George H. Scherff, Sr. Bormann became Hitler’s second in command. Reinhardt Gehlen was a chief SS officer and assassin who was smuggled out of Germany under Operation Paperclip. Skorzeny was Hitler’s bodyguard and SS spy/assassin who came to the U.S. after the war under Project Paperclip. Skorzeny and GHW Bush were instrumental in merging Nazi (SS) intelligence with the OSI to form the CIA with “Wild Bill” Donovan and Allen Dulles. These guys were also part of CIA mind control experiments such as MK-ULTRA. SS officer and physician Joseph Mengele, the notoriously sadistic “Angel of Death” of Auschwitz, escaped Germany to South America after the war. George H. Scherff, Jr., became the 41st President of the United States as GHW Bush and George H. Scherff, Sr., was Nicola Tesla’s “trusted assistant.”   SOURCE:  http://eyreinternational.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/the-new-world-order-part-3/

Icke, Eyre and many others have written of the elite conspiracy which ties in Nazis, Communists, All American Presidents, Honoverian monarchies, and of course money lenders (often of jewish ancestry) who are heavily represented in the elite gene pools and as owners (or controllers lobbyists) of every central bank on the globe.  So these people are powerful and clever opportunists who plan everything carefully but why would the need to affiliate with the masons and billions of ordinary hard working middle and lower classes….it hardly seems credible.  But it has worked like a dream….fraternities, lodges and graduates of universities, trainees from city and guilds, professionals are pulled in to Masonic learning to give themselves friends, wealthy contacts and potential employers with similar high standards in business, understanding of the greater being (regardless of which religion you were born Into) There is a fee but if you read these articulate and ambitious goals for initiates and apprentice masonshttp://www.sacred-texts.com/mas/md/md02.htmit looks like a win-win deal and an ancient noble cause to follow then master. The elites lead it but ever so inconspicuously and when they make it to the top they are god-like and untouchable but have significant input into the lives and works of the global fraternity…..and their capacity to fail or succeed; live peacefully or die dutifully and even to become a god or be dead in an unmarked grave (somewhere in a foreign land that inevitably has links to masonry and the warlords that designed this) as a heroic dutiful and paid up follower of GOATU. 


So why has it lasted so long and created so much fear and suspicion?  Fear (by design) within the organization is a factor….to join people have to demean themselves by stripping naked and lying in a coffin ….but when you are in you can join your friends for a round of golf, a day at the races or a day celebrating the GOATU mystery and a couple of beers (but not Christ….as if the Grand Masters who created this mind control system knew that he was also their mystic fictitious creation).  This very morning the BBC are curtailing internet search engines because they know that right up at the top of the political and monarchy elite tree….the press occasionally released SNUFF film pictures of Royal/Elite Children (until Lord Leveson, Silvio Berlusconi, Conrad black, Rothschild owned REUTERS  and Rupert Murdoch/Rebecca Brooks  saw the risks of treating the demi gods like ordinary due paying members).  The snuff pictures behind REALLY scandalous crimes and SACRIFICES are ALL LOCKED UP now!  When news releases (on elite rituals/sacrifices leak out) an ordinary citizen (or mason) will be jailed to peer between those metal columns on the prison cell door. But the sex slave trafficking and ritual murders continue unabated despite the recent revelations at the BBC (on posthumous offences).  Prominent celebrities can be a sadly transient threat to this system….the names Cassius Clay/Mohamed Ali, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, John Lennon and more recently Amy Winehouse come to mind……if they getting vocal and articulate (or even INSPIRING)…then their bosses take them out or simply put them on “pay per view” or a plane flight (see the McConnell videos below).  These shocking revelations come from an ex-serviceman in the USA who understands the distress that these methods engender in mothers and 99% of servicemen who sign up to do NATOs dirty work (and strip countries all around the globe of their democratic sovereignty)…..his name is FIELD MCCONNELL and if you watch any of these shocking videos you will be very upset that your country and your children are dying for this vicious cause…..shielded only by secret societies and privately owned media propagandists (see protocols of Zion).


In the USA (once the greatest industrialized country on the globe).  It has been undermined by elites, empires and commonwealth’s, by money lending/central bank scams but also by its ruthless secret societies.  When you think of Bilbo you think of a simple ordinary local who wants to keep his ring of power but is surrounded by gossiping busybodies and neer do wells who are unaware of a threat to middle earth (source JRR Tolkein….formerly mertoun college Oxford: the richest college on the globe).  The real Bilbo is much more sinister…he wore a wizards had in the Ku Klux Klan and engendered hatred of other races and creeds as his life’s work.  The Masonic movement has tried to remove the links with both the Klan and the Illuminatti but these movements are intimately intertwined.  Slavery became redundant after the internal combustion engine (in the form of the tractor) and the Rockefeller oil empire emerged but the elites were compensated for loss of income and some native Americans or ex-patriot Africans became icons of emancipation very far from home.  Ignatius Sancho (“THE EXTRAORDINARY NEGRO” )became a celebrity (and a greengrocer like Baroness thatcher) after he was befriended by the Aristocracy of the UK and an ordinary chap (man of letters like ignatius) called JEKYLL (Westminster school, Christchurch College Oxford, Fellow of the Royal Society, and as Wikipedia explains…..Bencher at the Inner Temple in 1805, reader in 1814 and treasurer in 1816. He was appointed solicitor-general to the Prince of Wales and made King's Counsel in 1805.  Ignatius’s last job as a slave to the establishment was in Greenwich (near Woolwich….where ethnic hatred is being raised as a shield for Establishment crimes which include paedophilia on an International scale and all those SACRIFICES that should now be consigned to history). 


These celebrities became freemasons in America (one has no insight into what they thought of freemasonry but HARPO MARX was bound to silence…..as his brothers resorted to symbolism….others were famed for their sand dancing (in masonic hats)….for what the initiates thought was a NOBLE CAUSE (and it undoubtedly is led by the nobility & political elites).  President Obama is a man of letters but his ethnicity and American passport (and his wife’s affairs) have been questioned.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_EgXqKP0XKGM/S6Zbw-RSKMI/AAAAAAAABks/EqgBgJBDR-I/s400/Masons+dance+for+Obama.jpg http://politically-confused.blogspot.co.uk/2010/03/eric-dubay-on-freemasonry.html



Under these circumstances it is easy to empathise with those wanting to escape.