Freemasonry 1, Salmond's Temple Swastika Mt Andy Mt Moray Lambs Piny WAR DEAD

ALL DEMOCRACIES now mupett shows with the USUAL Treasure Hunters and GLOBALIST Mobsters....LED BY CRIPPLES like the usual suspects & David Murray and Ian Flemish's "CHRIST"ian Sectarian MASTER RACE

FREEMASONRY Blackadder War Dead Auf Weidersein Jokes Mobile Labour RIP GODs' power T mobile cross BRIAN OBrien B ARRIAN Long John Silver PEG leg D. Murray Mount Moriah ISRAEL Hiram Abiff King of TYRE Gerry Built.JPG

Sadly freemasonry unites the elite inner circle with the ordinary working men: THEN SENDS THEM TO THE WARGRAVES & the rough end of the wealth divide project we are embroiled in.  They believe that Mount Moria in Jerusalem is the Arrian Homeland but it is just a fruitless dessert which is why the Grand Masters get to laugh at the SHEEPLES in their lambskin Pi Pi Pinafore Pinny's.  The piny's then become the Kilt and the Moray becomes the massive number of derivations for Andy & David Murrays SIR name all through Burkes Pie Pie Peerage.  The ICKE disclosures are the ICKNIELD WAY roman roads and all of them leading back to Rome.   The Masons are just slaves to the monarchy who run their REGAL LODGE out of Kalpurrnius Piso's (KP's) Kensington Palace.  The Salamon Rothschild Kuhn & Loeb Bear Bauer names adopted then dropped by the Red Schild BAVARIAN Roth & Rockefeller dynasty are now ever so difficult to find.  The story is the same story as Long John Silver's TREASURE ISLAND, the pirates of the caribean & the usual suspects THE LEAST expected outcome is the truth and the cripples get the treasure by lying and deceiving their colleagues & friends. FORTUNATELY GOD HAS NOW REMINDED THEM ALL OF THE BLACK SPOT....the fear of heavenly death or amputation for David Murray and so many.  So David Murray gets the treasure as the cripple with the prosthetic limbs SEE VIRGIL KINT in the usual freemasonic.  The Tabs are Morravingians/Icke spacemen, Grail & War Graves (some church of scotland churches have no , Touchadam in Polmaise STIRLING.  The religious Celtic Rangers divide is explained in a sectARRIAN context that portrays David Murray as the crippled profiteer using his & HAUGHEY of IRE TROUBLES interlocks' to Todd Blackadder, Julian Callum Lamont, sporting money launderers who work in financial services.   So do you get the reason for the launch of the para-olympic games.  All the ordinary people are poor but fit to be enslaved and  are worshippers/victims in the false religious or sectarian hatred.  The masons are catholic protestant, jewish (lubawitchers), jehovas, Hary Chrisnas.  The cornerstone Hiram concepts are on my website but ICKEs spacemen/corner stone story is funnier for all the 250pounds/yr masons but they are not allowed to laugh on remembrance sunday as they celebrate their GRAND MASTERS' MIGHT.   The 7-8 christian CRUSADES are exposed in the holy lands.....RED CROSS out of GENEVA strictly neutral for the NAZI LOOT.  The Moray distillery is right next to SPEYSIDE where Lord Kerr of Kinlochart Craig Whyte of Gers & An Yung Su Ki lived in her safe house for global fascism (she was Lord Patton's visitor to both chambers at Westminster and her dad was a tank commander in BURMA when Dennis Thatcher was director on Burma OIL). The Acts of God that regulate the bloodlines fizzling out in UTERO is now overcome by the adoption scams GLOBALLY.  Then we take the piss out of the LAMB OF GOD joke from Christian Jerusalem.....the life of B Arian and the GARDEN OF ADEN being EDEN.  The Robert the Bruce HEART of GOLDEN treasure stories are written in the LODGE but the massacres & quest for other peoples TREASURE being FLEECED.  The sheves and GOD's scattered seed becomes Bill Gates Monsanto Genetic crops so all the poor  stay lean till death in do they know its XMAS's BIAFRA.  The Pillar of Bronze is really quite crude like all the Nelson's column Peniel Heugh Waterloo jokes.  The  architectural plan for Solomon's temple THE WALLS OF JERICHO (Jerry Built) jokes.  All the elite families residences and palaces mimic it with the pond out front: VERSAILLE and the White House perfect examples.  The PIE PIE vagina joke is the vulva joke for Dave Allen and American PIE for Don MCLean.  High Noon & the House Called the Rising Sun in New Orleans is the real GODS' universal residences.   They are the light of the waorld.  Then the JUDICIARY Lords make the rules and the SCALES of Justice are just another RIGHT WING JOKE.  The Beth who died young was a WOOD. The knock on wood touch wood in the "Christ"ian ceremony.  So the HOMELAND is not the dessert of ISRAEL it is the SKI LODGE in Bavaria.  Jacob Nathan Rothschild and the Evelyn De-Rothschild MAFIAS  Kissinger, David Rockefeller (tom Hanks bloodline), Ben Bernanke  and all the FED & Central Bank thiefs are the HUMAN GODS who are funded by all the  war dead, all the false messianic false icons including ARRIUS CalPURRnius PISO's "Jesus" in the fictitious bible.  The CEDAR WOOD (erection) becomes the English/Scottish  church roof sourced BY CRUSADE in the LEBANNON where Gadaffi was killed  because he was popular with the people he led.  The HARE with the  AMBER EYES little red Rothschild crystalnacht jokes are replayed and GOD's HARE is HARE Chrisna ALL JUST for profits.  The ZEBRA is the Rothschild WILD ASS (Jesus in the PISO bible & the Donkey for BUTLINS run by HARRIS the Arrians' of Hemel Hempstead.......that is GOD in HEMMEL Gotten Himmell (God in Heaven) JOKES.  The LABOUR party PI PI PISO pipe ADEN jokes & the Rothschild Monarchy BASTARDS all over Europe. The Yemen Ye Ye Ye men replaced ADEN is the SALAMON ROTH schild & the SNP boss.    So the Masons in the Lodge are subservient  to the monarchs dictators & Emperors right into TOKYO & PEKING (where the rising sun is now Murdoch's papers).  The cornerstone is still the MAFIA death threat and their philosophical poetic decisions are the MILLENIUM JOKES like the Herfordshire Freemasons PICNIC with no food jokes that one finds under Humphrey Duke of Gloucester in wikipedia but only if you look it up quickly.  That is where the Rothschilds rule the roost Herts Beds & Bucks.  So we get onto the NAZI/Russian/US led Nuclear arsenals enough to extinguish LIFE on this beautiful GODS'  EARTH.  The media cover all the Horrendous IRAQ war crimes and Blunt the treasonous spy WW2 Op Winnie the Pooh.   So the poetic ending is THE TREASURE  will be buried and never be found LIKE SCOTLAND's FREEDOM.  It is bigger than that but and JOHN JEAN St John SINJOHN is Saint Iago   (that is Santiago or LAGOS the rabbit which becomes the V sign for the WW2 profiteers led by "CHURCH"Hill, FDR the mayflower  Dutch family & Stalin Rothschild trained in Britain with Hitler Rothschild ).  It becomes the Swastika, Tumbler Sand Dancers joke and everybody who \laughs at it now gets cancers or amputations.  The Sound of Music is in the masonic mantra. Finally in ePISOde one  we get onto the GODs' elements and the LEVEL DEAL that is the scales of Justice.  The PLUM Scales joke led to the premature death of many of the working men in the Auf Weidersen Pe Pe Peso Pet cast.  Hosted in Germany & demonising the ISLAMIC Erics.  So  the SWASTIKA also uses the RAYS' of Gods' SUN but not his NON EXISTENT son.  So the Masons the Rotary The Probus slaves all worship the same ages old enslavement tool that sees dictators thrive and run all wars all sides all the P2 masonic banks and all FAKE DEMOCRATIC treasuries & EVERY MAFIA democracy op totally in the hands of the 13 illuminati families  and the ROTHSCHILDS POOR who have not yet made it onto the FORBES Rich List......but are content to gaze at Jesus' ASS in their chariots in TRING MUSEUM.  The Gods are onto it now and the perfume in SOLOMON's fairy story are the NERVE GASES from Rothamsted whos funding now is to study GLOBAL WARMING (and all the acts of god that mean we have hundereds of LONG JOHN SILVERS & CRIPPLES LIKE DAVID MURRAY with their donkey field opposite the Scottish borders Council & Robert the Bruces's HEART in the ABBOTSFORD crime scene where Lord Sanderson of Bowden (and the Walter Scott club) run their fanscist plots as solvent millionaires but run their enslaved countries as Billion-Trillion Dollar debt pools.