Freemasonry & World Ownership

Sadly the Freemasonry, Rotary, Probus, Banking Cabal & "LAW ENFORCEMENT" JUDICIAL MAFIAS run the world under the GRAND MASTERS thrall.  Those are the ancient monarchy, Presidential, Christian, Jehovas, Catholic Hary Krishna, Jewish Faiths and the PI PI PISO family launched Christianity Hoax that launched the FAKE JESUS into world history out of NAPLES & the Villa Papyrii.  They are all relatives of the Egyptian Phaeros , the Roman Emperors & every AMERICAN President has been a mason: including LINCOLN Rothschild and in WW2 we had Hitler Rothschild Stalin Rothschild and FDR joining (from Dutch Pilgrim Father MAYFLOWER Flemish coast). 
The Pages below show the BLIGHT ON the potentially CIVILISED WORLD that this has now become. THE MAFIA familys number 13-15,000 and all of them defraud the issuance of money in every country & every continent & FUDGE THE ELECTIONS then kill or incarecerate the innocents who stand in their way. The fee to join the masons is alleged to be £250/yr and the net result is you cast your own children & grand children into a pre-planned debt pool for life & get them out of the RED balance sheet into Blood red War Graves.  The Poppy and the Banking sectors were launched by the PISO's too POPPEA is in the bloodline and married to NERO who they topped then pretented he was on the fiddle as Rome burned. Herod was the Great Grandfather of ARRIUS CALPURRNIUS PISO (THE "MAN" who wreaked havoc and eventually removed the heavenly GODS from the story & made MARY the VIRGIN their mum).  The GODS are wide awake now and man is now being called to account.  But they still KILL & STEAL from the POOR families & NATOs troops because they have the power & the numbers. AND I HAVE their director numbers & WAR CRIMES citations.