FREEMASONIC World leaders for Genocide Wealth- & Religious-Divide

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Freemasons Stole World Churchill Stammering George VI Chief Rabbii Brodie Ataturk Mustafa Kemal Bradman WAR Burns Colt $15M Pistols Jim Davidson Forces Lodge Charles II Shriner Fez Chrysler Citroen.JPG 
I forgot to put Silvio Berlusconi in the picture!!! He was chucked out the masons, allegedly, but was PM in italy for another 30 obscene years

Episode 1 of 4 A-D World Owning FREEMASONS

These are only the masons we are allowed to talk about. Every American President has been a MALE & a MASON which is why Hillary lost as a 42nd cousin of Donalds out of Normandy & Germany, respectively.  So we start with the Grand Master Mason George VI the stammering King WW2 joke but his SS ID is much further down.  He was Prince Albert till he became king BERTIE in the movie.  The Windsors adopted the new name after the cull of all their global cousins citizens in WW1.  As the master mason he made the lucid empire exhibition speech without therapy  at IBROX the Italian Bros joke with the SHRINER masons' FEZ icon on all the masonic slaves to the murderous monarchs from hanover & Saxe Coburg & out of the Rothschild breeding chambers.  Beamish in County Durham is at the top of the listings and the masons celebrate the squalid killing of the WW1 victims & the Light Infantry museum in that town.  First Abbot & Costello (they did not sing the rabbit run song that was Flanigan & Allen) but many of the profiteers on the lists are mindless comedians. The SS list includes ISLAMISTS like Abdal Qadir al Jaziri, JEWS, Catholics Protestants MOORS Bhudists & the whole spectrum. and the RED & Black fezzes for the ATATURK are vicious and worn in Gallipoli and WW1-2 in the spark point for those conflicts and now in Allepo Syria and all over the needlessly TROUBLED SECTARIAN WORLD.   The men who "went to the moon" are false news MASONS and the Scottish Rights Masons flag was planted in the Holywood FOX news Warners studio. Tony allcock, leo amery, Rabbi Raymond Apple, Appleton the physicist are profiled as are the scientists from the NO BOMBING Unis who invented the NUKES for Japan.  Thomas Arne wrote the lyrics for Thomsons Rule Britannia song for the Better of Together mod. Hap Arnold, Ben Franklin the lightning conductor TAMED THE GODS  Lightning strikes.  We show the HQ in London and the UGLE Lodge jokes.  Prince Arthur, Queen Vics son was an Irish mason.  Elias Ashmole was the earliest English mason on the books all matured in Germany Ireland then Scotland first NOW ALL OVER the GLOBE. Robert Moray and Charles II are founder members then we SEE THE ATATURK mutapha Kamal of Turkey/Sarajevo and the enemy of all the ANZAC war dead like Winston Churchill who BOTCHED it but is back as PM by WW2 and head of shipping profiteering.  Stephen Fuller austin was involved in the Mexican revolution. Gene autrey, Johan Seb Bach, Baigent was another GG in NZ, Hockey Bowls Tennis Cricket racing are all run by freemasons to manipulate society and divide conquer so the monarchs have no serious threats of revolution or insurrection.  Bledisloe was a mason and one hopes that Richie McCAw of Otago Boys school  where my kids went was not!.  My boss at Otago Uni in the Royal Society was SIR David Skegg.  Sir Joseph Banks sailed with Captain Cook to discover NZ and Aus. then he banged up mad king George III.  Sir Henry wellcome assett stripped treasures from all around Africa and hoarded it in museums thousands of miles away.  Bortoldi & Eiffel design the  Statue of Liberty and the  phallic symbol in Paris's abdication rest home for warmongering monarchs and Mrs Simpson.  Barton was Aus PM &  Count Basie the musician WAS A SHRINER with the FEZ. Lawrence Bell was an aviator plane designer and the test pilots then get picked to be "ASTRONAUTS".  Irving Berlin is ahead of Silvio Berlusconi who was thrown from the masons for bad behaviour but for 30 yrs he was allowed to disgrace Italy as its PM and Summit delegate raping kids and the economy then replaced by Rensee with no election.  Sir Walter Beasant of Dalhousie Lodge makes the sun go in and it is the jack the ripper Met Police scams involving Met Police Superintendent Sir Charles Warren....who shields the Royal serial killer who cuts out the fannies as PISO pies....symbolic of the lethal PISO Windsor bloodline. Next up Mel Blanc BUGS (Polish Death camp region) BUNNY , Barney rubble and dozens of other Jokes on world history.  Simon Bolivar is a Latin american land grabber. Jim Bowie invented the knife.  General Omar Bradley was commander to 1.3 million men and was a mason in WEST POINT LODGE.  Don Bradman, Brearley Sir israel Brodie Chief Rabbi with First Baron Brougham who contested SLAVING from Stornaway Scotland. are mentioned.  Then Bruces on the standing council of British Chiefs, Knights of the thistle, GRAND MASTER then Bruce of Kinnaird who brought back "religious texts" in the form of the book of Enoch.  The Fleming Bankers & war time double agents do not get a mention but Sir Alexander Fleming of Penicillin  & Imperial college London does. Next the BARD from ayrshire RABBIE BURNS Scotlands greatest hero by poll but just a NWO diversion from the English & ARISTO stranglehold.  Edmond Burke was a conservative whig politician.  Billy Butlin launches holiday camps then sells to Harris ARRIANS   next door neighbors to Rothschild.  CENSORED BELOW 
Notable names only & roles.  Burton, Sir Richard Francis (1821-1890) –Burton was a British explorer, translator, writer, soldier, orientalist, ethnologist, spy, linguist, poet, fencer and diplomat. COVERED by Richard Burton,  Vannevar Bush MIT Godfather of the INTERNET. Campbell, Sir Malcolm (1885-1948) first man to drive a car faster than 300 MPH (Piso code for the cross).Donald Campbell killed at 320MPH on Conniston water in WORLD BLOODLINE Cumbria. George Canning millitary "opponent" of Napoleon shortest lived UK PM at 119 days(see Lewis Hill Churchills replacement written out of history HANSARD in the 1950s).  Israel iskowitz AKA Eddie Cantor  OVER THERE joker 1892 -1964. Kit Carson indian cull Latin American enslavement. Giacamo Casenove touring Pan European religious Gigolo.  King Charles II Cromwellian sectarian conflict son of executed father & first to grow Pi Pi Pineapple in UK & concubines from protestant Nell Gwynne and Catholic faith, Kersdale bints.   Clair LeeChennault US General and pilot. Walter Percy Chrysler Buick car magnate 1875-1940 highest paid exec in world.   Lord Randolph Churchill was not THE FATHER of Winston.  But Lady Randy Churchill had 200 + lovers including Winstons BASTARD sire King Edward VII (SOURCE HALLETT).  This gave Churchill enough royal blood for him to sire QE2 and Princess Mgt and Bill Clinton too.  It is entirely appropriate that Churchill was initiated at STUDHOLME Alliance Lodge 1591....but as one of the worlds greatest warlords/killers he opted out of the masons in 1912 NOD NOD Wink Wink See no evil speak no evil hear no evil. Andre Gustave Citroen another car magnate from France. General Peugot committed the first killing in WW1 right next to the CLUNY ABBEY biggest church before the Vatican later built.  Couple of Clarks, then MARK TWAIN, real name Sam Langhorn CLEMENS.  The launch of Clintons whiteboard jokes from Tom sawyers bros painting the fence ARRIAN white.  Buffalo Bill Cody, soon no buffalos left due to white mans excesses and firearms. Cole Nat King Cole back to the It Bros MONA LISA song. Carlo Collodi,  Pen Name Lorenzini Pi Pi Pinnochio boy with no strings JESUS joke. see ePISOde 3. Samuel Colt (estate worth $15M dollars in 1862) the pi pi piso PISTOL inventor launches production line schindler & Henry Ford jokes.  Dennis Compton & Don Bradman war time ENTERTAINERS on cricket field see Jimminie  Cricket in Pinochio. Spencer SPENNY Compton WORLDS RICHEST Buddhist is incredibly 7th Marquess of Northampton.   Harry H Corbett is Teptoe and sons dad with the PISO horse still in the SCRAP YARD. Roger De Courcey Prison camps AUSWICH, let the chosen ones out hero still alive he and Churchill the mass murderer are the only 2 in history to get ISRAEL PEACE MEDAL.  Davy Crocket dies siege of the Alamo where Mexico still use PESO currency into Butch Cassidy and Sundance scams from W W WBros hollywood.  Erasmus Darwin Rocket scientist out of killwinning  CannonGate Edinburgh lodges 1731-1802 Granpa of Charles geneticist. Jim cameron Davidson JOKER on the Telly Master of Chelsea the BRITISH FORCES LODGE to brutalise Iraq etc. Dixie Dean the Everton footy legend. Henry De Burgh ADAMS provincial grand mast NZ Lodge god gets him at age 39,  De Courcy VENTRILOQUIST speak no evil,  Cecil B DeMILLE of Hollywood, Jack Dempsey World Champ BOXER. We end on John Desaguliers Royal Soc member and lab assistant to Isaac Newton chief firemaster at ARSENAL Arsenoe London next to Rothschild mansion 1683-1744 redcoats gunpowder inc vs Scott-French CULLoden joke in the lodge & across the channel. 

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FREEMASONS Stammerin King Edward VII & VIII Logue Earl Haig Poppy John Glen B Hershey Grissom Shriner Conan Doyle WC Fields INRI Ford Model T Mrs S Hitler Rothschild George IV FBI Hoover Griffin FRS.JPG

EPISODE 2 D-L Masons who stole the world.

EPISODE 2 Masons D to L on the list of world leaders & sport traitors who have stolen our world.  We are near to REMEMBRANCE Sunday for their greatest ever triumphs.  Profs Griiffin and David Skegg are both Royal Society Quislings working for HRH to carve up NZ under the GG's thrall. Unelected GG Governor Generals all through these lists. Desagulliers who we start on is lab assistant to ISAAC NEWTON and linked to the SAYER Madame in commoner Kate's Brothel KILLING KITTENS & the ARSENAL ARSENOE Rothschild dwellings. We skip the Gattling gun profiteers.  Edward VII flashes by as the murderer of Marcos Manoel Qu Vics only NON Batard kid which led to the silencing of Greg Hallett who revealed the ROTHSCHILD parentage of all her other kids except John Browns bastard. Speculative freemasonry is PROFITEERING. They run the P2 Lodges which run the NWO banks Santander & all the Canary Wharf Finchley Notting Hill FRAUD centres. Bob Dole WW2 veteran TAZE RUSSEL Jehovas lodge member. Jimmy Doolittle was a FLY WRIGHT aeronautic pioneer in the 1930s DR James DOOLITTLE for the Harris actors who can talk to the PISO animals & the Bombing raids on Japan since 1942 Pearl Harbour Pi Pi Pilgrim FDR & Emperor class masonic scam. Arthur Connan Doyle and the solving of crime JOKERS now permanently out of BAKER ST since I revealed all the SOE Sp Ops exec and MI5 scams run with the MET from there and the WATSON, HOLMES, RIMINGTON mafias in todays financial services LEGAL mobs. Next Dunant 1st NOBEL Peace prize winner . Joey Dunlop (RumanianCharity man) is the TT (christs crosses) motor bike tax haven joker with the 3 leg icon for Rolf Harris & the Isle of Man. God got him in a biking "accident".  Next Winston Churchills real dad Edward VII or Wittin had one of many affairs for LADY RANDY CHURCHILL.  So that is why Churchill had the Royal Blood that MASON George VI and queen vics grandchildren were devoid of. GRAND MASTER Ed VII was a champion for freemasonry which kept the SAXE COBURG German lineage going albeit by murder and pan European war. The abdicated hermaphrodite Mrs SIMPSON lover was actually Edward VIII who gave the throne to the STAMMERING GRAND MASTER of Ibrox real kings speech. Logue is further down the MASONS ranking for ANZAC war dead memories.  Next the DUKE of KENT the Wimbledon Trophy WIMP & the Andy OUTLAW Murray covers Jacobites-roosevelts of Selkirk.  Cliff Richard is the same diversionary tool as TENNIS. Pr Andrew of the World Trade delegation and FERGIE on the 111th floor of the twin towers want more cash and false news from the TREASURY. So the test pilots become the RIGHT STUFF for astronauts and they profile most on these lists with the "moon landings".  Astronauts Eisel, Schirra & Cunningham of Rob Roy McGregor treason are pictured in SPACE suits. Talking of treason thee BRUCES are earls of ELGIN and they intertwine with Kennedy of Trumps AILSA CRAIG Turnberry.  The Russian OIL price Space race is all explained in the COLD WAR era.McCartney of Liverpool & India (the money lender for Mohamed Ali & the RAJ)and earl Grey get a mention with ELLISON of FORBES Rich lists. Douglas Fairbanks Jr ALIAS for MASON HERR ULLMAN sexes up the hollywood stories.  Next Water Closet WC Fields of Hollywood.  The cross religious scam requires archbishop FISHER of the Austrian NOBILITY bloodlines to get under the MITRE for World Council of churches. Remember POPE Benedict on the FIDR re-writing the Bible, Quoran & Talmud with Bush revealed by me the yr the pope resigned. ONLY one FLEMING can be exposed as an SS MASON & that is Alex of PE PE penicillin. All the Presidents are MASONS including GERALD FORD who gave MURDOCH his citizenship and FOX news from the WARNERS in the wake of SPIRO AGNEW/PISO scandals. Glen ford CANADIAN ACTOR. Henry FORD of MODEL T paint itFASCIST BLACK car fame was Belgian and IRISH but not as legendary a mason as printer BEN FRANKLIN who invented lightning conductors to protect popes, Presidents and French Socialist HOLLANDes.!  The dictators General FRANCO family are listed as MASONS RUNNING the REGIME.Frederick the Gt FREEMASON king of Prussia and bully boy for Napoleon the BOURBON rich list member of Versaille.  Viscount French of YPRES for the war dead is just above CLARK GABLE who made gone with the WINDS from GOD in 1939 and launches covers for BUTLER inquest chairs into the Blair regimes. Garibaldi is revolutionary cover for the BALD Baldwin bloodlines of ODESSA on the PISO Marcus Aurelius Windsor bloodline. President James GarfieldMASON was murdered by his BROS then turned into a comic pussy cat by the WARNERS. Gables wife died young and she is a LOMBARD out of the ALPS and into the LOMBARD banking dynasty that become Barclays and the P2 banks out of Lombard st & into CANARY WHARF.  Then the Shakespearian BURNS club Acting mobs for the NWO David garrick Dr Samuel Johnson's mate possibly in the sexual sense. John Gates founded TEXACO oil company now a subsiduary of Donald Trump's Big four OIL GIANTS & marketed BARBED WIRE.  CENSORED FROM HERE  Next Gattling guns since 1861 Richard john's massacre tool to "see fewer soldiers on a battlefield".  King George IV of "UK" KING of HANOVER  too1762-1830 who knighted Nathan Mayer Rothschild POST Waterloo and added colour to the HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD down on left knee movie ALL jewish MASONS like Rothschild "from the ghetto". Now the poor taxpayers fund every democracy with Kings and chancellors issuing the fed bank cash to themselves. NEXT up the stammering imbecelic King George VI who was profiled in EPISODE 1 for launching the war, delivering the EMPIRE speech at IBROX It Bros SHRINERS then winning an oscar for the W W Warners WW Windsors just to let them know it was us BERTIE for the Robertians since CHARLEMAGNE.  Lady Bowes Lyon is a MAID from downstairs but the infants died on the GURNEY so CHURCHILL the Royal Batard had to put his semen in the Br Am Tobacco cigar tube to sire HRH QE2 & Princess Margaret the nymphomania with a preference for 2 negro lovers on Bransons NECKER. Next freemason GIBBON the classical decline & fall of the ROMAN EMPIRE BLOODLINE.  Mrs Simpson's sins launch HOMER SIMPSON who is the most influential man on the globe launched in SPRINGFIELD where the PONZI crimes were invented.  Gillette safety razors evolve out of Wilkinson's swords and we cannot smack our kids now. John glenn the BOLSHY astronaut in the Right Stuff movie who challenges the German Rocket scientists from Gottingen and Heidelburg who invented the BOMB for hiroshima and "took man to te moon". His middle name was HERSCHEL not Hirsch or Hershey who survived the TITANIC disaster and was picked by GOETHE in Schindler EISENHOWER family jokes in the ROTHSCHILD family tree that now includes MERKEL the scociasit daughter of Hitler Rothschild nee Schukelberger from downstairs too like QE2s queen mum "Bowes Lyon" gin & GG addict .  GOETHE in real fascist life is also a MASON dealing with the devil from 1749-1832 and writer on the master race like Profs Grimm from no bombing Gottingen too. Omar Sharif in the Dr Chivago and last valley movies on Holy roman Empire  is part of the same globalist myths and he played bridge with my boss Prof David Jones in Auckland.  Goldwater of anglo Jewish ancestry CROSS religious mason too. Sir George Grey of IMPERIAL expansion in Spain ORPHANED by god then GG & PM  in Aus ,NZ, CAPE Colony RSA & the launch of EARL GRAY tea the Model T Jesus cross joke again. Ron Greenwood footy manager of England is on the list. BELOW we have Prof Frank Griffin Irish troubles joker and my "friend" at Otago University slaving tool for HRH 's colony and in her Royal Soc for stealing millions of pounds/NZ dollars for Lisbet in Windsor.  Pi Pi pickering medal winner for St JOHNS' IAGOs Jonnes disease. Wellington of Waterloo Rothschild BofE is "their" NZ  capital city.  Gus Grissom is the Austronauts' botched campaign joker and he is played by the great escape actor CHARLES BRONSON who panicked in the tunnel.  They call botching shooting the pooch DOG is God backwards in the hebrew texts joke.  Even the scientist Guillotine and Butcher Haig were masons, the latter was a horse fanatic and Desmond Morton was his Batman in WW1 then Churchills batman in WW2.  Next Paxton the spaceman.  Warren Gamaliel Harding 29th US President Rabbit and Jewish Rabii in the bible joke. Laurel & Hardy are related to HARDY of Alnwick owners of most expensive fishery in the world and they are freemen of the Frankfurt ING Thors oak region.  Hogarth the painter and J edgar HOOVER that ran the FBI who have investigated Hilary's emails in the election sideshows.  Harry houdini the escapologist like uri Geller St Cecile Lodge 568.  Len Hutton the Gt Batsman.Sir Henry Irving actor joined JERUSALEM lodge in London.  Colonel Irwin and test pilots  later embroiled in Prince Berhardt the NAZI, who became Eisenhowers diplomat's, bungs from LOCKHEED post-war. Burl Ives the actor. Andrew Jackson Viith President who wanted to keep the FED banks for the people.  Jesse Jackson the vicar.  Harry S Trueman got $2m to Partition ISRAEL for Rothschild, Balfour & Churchill.  douglas Jardine bodline bowler on the dangerous cricket pitches which let you avoid the war and console grieving families. don Bradman the threat to ENGLAND again in cricket. JJ John Jeffries a cross-channel ballonist, millitary surgeon and not the Scottish rugby traitor. Admiral Jellicoe of Jutlands naval battles became GG in New Zealand. Edward Jenner FRS medical pioneer & father of immunology & the smallpox vaccine. Andrew Johnson 17th President THEN the Jew Black man lampoon that was Al Jolson out of Poland like the Warners real name ASA Yoelson jokes at the troops over there and makes the first movie with sound JAZZ SINGER. John Paul Jones father of US Navy out of Scotland. Awards from french then fought for Russia in CRIMEAN.  Benito Juares President in mexico with PESO currency. KEAN is covered by pop bands and Man Utd hard men from the Irish Lodge.  Glen King discovered Vit B & C with no bloodshed a NICE MASON. Admiral King CIC of US fleet 1942-5 abrasive but brilliant.  Rudyard Kipling NWO author for EMPIRE. Born in Mumbai the massive squalid home for 80 million wealth divided people.  Kipling launches the BABAR jungle book religious scams. Kitchener was killed by Churchill cos he was a professional soldier & could end wars quickly. Kitchener fought SHRINER Mad Mahdi in karthoum at the head of the PISO NILE Pishon in earlier days. Knox first sec of war under US constitution. Otto Kruger actor in 30s and 40s made High Noon with Cooper.  Sir Harry Lauder high road and low road joker a Portobello man never out of the news recently. Scotlands greatest  ambasador according to Churchill the MASON and the Queens dad.  Robert E Lee the REB is next up 1807-1870 fighting to keep the slaves near TRUMPS Augusta golf course.  Sorry Lemon is actually Lennon of Celtic. Lindbergh is another aviator. List the composer and Robert Livingstone US founding father of USA. GRAND MASTER in NY  & got washington to SWEAR on the Bible that he would be a leader of democracy by being a leader of the SS in the Lodge.  Hillary as a woman lost the election as an obligation.  Next the escapologist Harold lloyd wo list bits of his body as "accidents". Clive lloyd and finally the stammering Kings THERAPIST Logue is the  Loki Norse god of humour and treason and that is the launch of WW2 by W W W Windsor just to let them know it is us BERTIE George VI.  Logue is Aus treason against the ordinary people. Longfellows song of hiawatha refers to Lagoe and that is LAGOS the rabbit of Macedonia preceding Alexander the Great and all the MASONS are inducted with awareness of the PISO bloodline from him faking up JESUS and that is what john WAYNE bemoans on calvary hill in the Greatest Story every told is a LIE for us MASONS in the know.  Ian Fleming may be the actor who played LOGUE in Kings Speech & BAROSSO in the Pirates of the Caribean.  So the launch of the cull in WW2 saved the Monarchy reputationally ONLY UNTIL THE TRUTH GETS OUT.

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FREEMASONS 3 UGLE Lodge man from UNCLE Pete SELLERS FDR DELANO's Donkey Jesus Boy with no strings Pinocchio Cecil Rhodes de Beers Horatio Nelson Murray Craig Otago HARPO Marx Newton Apple.jpg

ePISOde 3 FREEMASONS L-S who stole the world

We start ePISOde 3 with the author of the Pi Pi Pinocchio but only after I have explained the LOGUE, loki, Lagoo Lagos the Rabbit of Macedonia in the song of the soon to be culled Hiawatha and her Indian tribes.  Pinocchio is jesus the BOY WITH NO STRINGS and that story is written by the PISOS which all the leading masons understand. They can read in write in Greek & Latin and that puts them in the inner circle for over 2000 years now.Hillary was not allowed to be female president. Logue the speech therapist for George VI and the woman who pretended to be Bowes Lyon played by Bonham Carter in the movie is where we ended part 2. Pinnochio creator Carlo Lorenzini's pen name was Carlo Collodi 1826-1890. Remember that Stromboli was pinnochio's mentor in the cIRCUS and that is the volcano that perpetually erupts at the toe of ITALY as the GODs vent against the JESUS fake up. jesus is the ASS in the bible & the Asses are the PISO coins so they launch the BURAttino like BUTLINS on the holiday beaches. BUTLIN was also a leading mason. That is the INVESTEC zebra THE WILD ASS for Rothschild in WW1.  Hilary Clinto was supported in the election by Katy Perry KP for Kalpurrnius Piso whos family faked the BIBLE.Lorenzino died in 1890.  Gepetto the Shoemaker is the father god in the joke and all that has parallels for SCHUkelberg and Angela MERKEL being Hitler Rothschilds daughter which is why Prince Harry is dating a MARKEL woman.  Harry was today, Saturday before remembrance Sunday at the rugby with the rain pi pi PISSING DOWN on them. Do you get the Virgin Marionette joke now. Next the Duke of Orleans in Mississipi and the selling of 1/3rd of Americas land mass by NAPOLEON of FRANCE  in the Bourbon bloodline: the LOUISIANA settlement fixed by the HOPES /Rothschild of Amsterdam and my home town car salesman. We start the M-Z list, for the St Patrick lodge and is the LOL Lodge numbering joke for Cameron and rebekah Brooks.  Next John McADAM of TAR roads & General Douglas MacArthur CIC in the Pacific Battle Zone in WW2,  He botched things too and the massacres are horrendous but he loved the Filipinos cos they, even today, still use the PISO currency. I had coins & notes in my collection before I was forcibly arrested from my house.   Mc Arthur  (manilla Lodge number1)for a time in WW2 was in charge of the EMPEROR's JAPAN after he had bombed PEARL HARBOUR so the war could be ignited globally.   Master MaSon Harry S Truman booted Mc Arthur out then Partitione Palestine for $2M from Balfour/Rothschild. Alexander Majors founded pony express and reading the secrets in the mail. Roland Hussie (1822-1877) US Quaker launched the dry goods store called MACY's. Alfred Marks was born close to UGLE lodge in London & today the man from UNCLE actor  Robert Vaughn who played Napoleon Solo died today.  Alfred Marks became PETER SELLERS the bastard kid of Lord Mountbatten & launched the GOONS Pink panther lampoons and the "being there" cover for Queen Vics only legit child Marcos Manuel filmed on the Isle of White just days befor sellers FATAL heart attack. George Marshall of the MARSHAL PLAN soldier & diplomat is the PISO masters of the horse and the sheriffs' deputy.  HARPO MARX (1809-1964) is a MASONIC legend, hear no evil see no evil speak no evil he pretended to be deaf dumb and mute and that is perfect for all the scams they run.  Murray Craig Otago Uni and magician on my staff gets bungs from JOBs' APPLE computers. Marx was so evil he and his wife had to ADOPT kids. Next  Raymond Massey & the Massey Ferguson tractors that were my first XMAS present toys BUT ESSENTIAL on the farm.   Metro Goldwyn Meir Mayer MGM movie empire. William McKinley (HIRAM buried in the cornerstone EAGLE MASONIC LODGE)was assassinated by an ANARCHIST,  but "died" in hospital so Teddy Roosevelt could be President out of the woods where he was shooting BEARS (the Rothschild lineage name).  Sir Robert Gordon Menzies was GG in Aus. Mesmer was a performing monkey who could defy gravity and a spiritualist who invented hypnotism and casting people into mesmeric states. Joe Mercer English footy manager and formerly Man City boss, Jackie Milburn from Ashington like the Charlton bros (who may not be masons)?   Edgar Mitchell was on apollo 14 after the 13th NASA  disaster of technology turned  to adventurers dream.  That was Gus Grissom who died young in case they let the truth out about "landing on the moon"  Mix was a rodeo celeb THEN i have a technical hitch like Apollo 13. Another Mitchell was SPITFIRE plane designer.  BOB Monkhouse comedian from CHELSEA LODGE. James Monroe was involved in the Louisianna sell off too.Jacques Etienne Montgolfier & his Bro JOE was cross channel into Paris air balloonist THE LILLY ALLEN joke about Jesus needing such vehicles to get home with no strings: 9 sisters lodge Paris. Sir Robert Moray was spy double agent see episode 1.  MOZART may have been a mason in Grand Lodge at 35 yrs of age. 600 is PISO code for Jesus,  In the movie he may have been killed by his rivals in the lodge. Neru Pandit Ghandi et al in INDIA all tainted despite their profiles prior to execution (the bros frequently turn on their "friends").  Admiral horatio Nelson always hand over the wallet and I read his letters to Lady Hamilton at the British museum CENSORED HERE Nelso was famous after Trafalgar then up on top of the erect Penis in Trafalgar Sq.  Thomas Nelson Jr Gov of Virginia TOBACCO Empires. Baron Newell was chief of air staff in WW2 then GG in NZ.  Sir Isaac Newton FRS & head of Royal Soc the legend flashes by like the apple in the garden. Comedy & Magic for David Nixon d 1978. Paul Revere was Lodge of St Andrew and the SALTIRE Cluny abbet cross keys jokes.  Arnie PALMER from Pi Pen Pensylvania (1929-)is mason too in the gentlemans' sport. Richard Parson Earle of Rosse, first Grand Master of Irish freemasonry into the JACOBITE wars. Rear Admiral Robert Peary claimed to have reached the North Pole first. John Penn of Pensylvania all a laugh at the Bible story by Ja(w) or in writing. Matthew Perry NAVAL commodore imposes US will on JAPAN.  Jim Peters Londoner Marathon runner & Prince PHIL who has strpped out Britain's competence as explained by Lyndon B Larouche a candidate for the US presidency too. Phil the Greek runs the narcotics scams with Porchester Plunkett & he taking over from Churchill Onassis and Mountbatten wanted to be in the triumverate so was murdered by MI6. Pi Pi Picket was a REB and Albert Pike is a legend in freemasonry who wrote the PROTOCOLS OF ZION. The Clinton evil is revealed but neither the queen or Bill Clinton could prevent their SIRING by Winston churchill before or after his semen was taken from the cigar tube into "Bowes Lyon"''s whipping boy replacement's PISO fanny.  Hallett did not reveal the name of the gynocologist. Churchil is a bastard too of Edward VII and Lady Randy churchill.Joel Poinsetttraveller who discovered pools of crude oil in Baku Iran & that was in early 19th century and was OIL recovery lodge Charleston. Next James Knox Polk fromTenessee Naval Academy . I briefly explain renewable oil for all the SIMPLE folk that get dinosaurs made from OIL PLASTIC for "XMAS" presents. Alexander Pope is in the Da Vinci code sideshows & the MASTER MASONS satirical POET. George Pullman invented sleeping cars on trains which I sed to secure my first job with HENRY WELLCOME's PHARMA firm.  WELLCOME was a MASSIVE MASON & COLLECTOR of other people's African treasures.  The Purdy's lived on the borders farm I was born into, run by the Balfour estates & they WERE ANCIENT KINGS of ITALY & ETRUSCA now cleaning windows.ISRAEL PUTNAM one T American revolutionary who fought at Bunker Hill.  Dont shoot till you can see the whites of their eyes.  Louis quezo y Molino was junta boss in the Pi Pi Philipinesrunning the MASONIC lodge since 1917 in middle of WW1. Raffles and Kipling wreak havoc in the Empire in Java Singapore upon which.  Next BRONZE is of Alf Ramsay who won the world cup for England in 1966.  The image below is just like BUD ABBOT but is actually PAUL RIVERE industrialist.   Don Revie of Leeds Utd gets England manager job. If I were a betting man I would say he know the SWASTIKA stone on ILKLEY MOOR and why the YORK masons & pension crashers sing those songs. Cecil rhodes of the rhodes Trust the Hotel Cecil and the fascist meetings 100 yrs before OLYMPICS 2012. Rhodes owns De Beers Gold & diamond mines.  The circus is run by the RING RINGLING bros. Rt Hon 1st Earl roberts of Khandahar India & Kimberly RSA/Rhodesia.  The ADAIRS marry Rothschild.  FDR is one of the worlds biggest killers and DELANOY Delanys donkey JESUS pilgrims on the MAYFLOWER in 1620.  FDR scammed Pearl Harbour and brought in the rocket scientists & Nuke physicists from GERMANYs Heidelburg and Gottingen.  A few years apart TEDDY ROOSEVELT SHRINER  comes out of the woods to BURY McKinley and gets his place in the MUSEUM FILM. Teddy is from OYSTER BAY PEARL HARBOUR and BROOKLYN for INNSBRUCK.  Truman partitions Palestine and delivers ISRAEL as the promised land for a $2million bung. James Mayer Rothschild became te 5th arrow in PARIS banking in 1811 just in time to manipukate stock prices and the millitary stealing Bof E at waterloo. James had circa 5x what Bill gates has now.  The christian vs PAGAN scams and weatherstorms in the philipines are profiled again.  John Rusk conscripts using UNCLE SAM poster campaigns but the leading masons stay home in pinstripes and the treasury/war office munitions sector. KFC is Colonel Sanders legend and they are pivotal in Hitlers escape down the river Spree and into Lake Mugglesee.  the alamo and Mexican revolutions use the PESO currency like the Philipines. We end with HEROD in the JESUS fake up and Savalas is likely to be HERODS descendant,  john Wayne is the biggest hit in the freemasonic acting pool,  Finally I SAWYER collecting on the street corners for the Salvation Army launched & run by ROTHSCHILD SS on each side of the brass neck. END OF ePISOde 3.
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MASONS Herod Telly Savalas Warner Bros Moses Wonsal Smeagol Treblinka GMINA duck Fox News Wellcome Geo Washington J Ripper Warren Met police PISO Bible Wayne Wodehouse Arsenoe Gunnersbury Weishopt.JPG

YouTube Masons who stole the world ePISOde 4

FREEMASONS who Stole the W W Warner & J Ripper Pie World S to Z ePISOde 4
the UNCENSORED story 
That tiny bit of the Jack the Ripper in Hell movie you heard was me practicing my ventriloquist skills and it takes us into the Prince Eddy murders in Cheap-side London which meant the leading masonic met police Warrens on the MASONIC lists are able to make a vegetative prostitute, who was Eddy's,  lover incapable of revealing what he did to the SCARLET LADIES who had their PISO PIES (Fannies or vagina to their ordinary working men clients) cut out on the pavements and in the Brothels of London.  PISO ( the bible fraudsters name) translates as Vagina and that is the 2000 yr old bible fraud that JESUS never lived.  Mason Aristotellis "Telly"  Savalas  is almost certainly a descendant of HEROD the jew who was in ROME as the PISOS faked up the bible in Naples (in the Villa Payrii under Vesuvius which erupted in 79 AD when the bible was ready to launch). Prince Harry has ditched MARKEL (Merkel of Germany's links to HITLER Rothschild) and took the Princess from MONACO to the rugger at Twickenham yesterday.  That is the murdered Princess Grace lineage.  Pippa Middleton, Ellie Goulding (how long will I love you)and the Cressida Dick cover in the MET police keep the sheeples from the truths of the murderous corrupted royal BATARDS. Harry is the son of James Hewitt and Wills is King Juan Carlos' BATARD.  All almost certain to be masons like the cops who "solved" the ripper case by rendering the Windsor lovers MUTE By LOBOTOMY.  Sir Charles warren (Canadian Lodge member) is the corrupted MASON who did the lobotomy as Inspector in Met Police & he is the BILBO Baggins actor in Lord of the rings Ian HOME.  We left off in ePISOde 3 on Sawyer the boss at the Rothschild Salvation army so onto new MASONS. Sir Charles Warren Met Police Commissioner was also an archaeologist like Home in the fifth element movie and he profiled King Herods temple FOR A LAUGH.  Aristobulus is the son of Herod in the PISO bloodline  which I show you AGAIN.  Warren comes just before Z in the alphabet but you can find him here SOURCE
The Met Police cover up their history by blocking the web site. So on with the MASONIC GLOBALIST leaders.  First my NEY NEY neighbor Scott, Sir Walter – 1st Baronet (1771-1832) the ABBOTSFORD links to Nichola Sturgeon's LORD ADVOCATE James wolffe on the ABBOTSFORD TRUST.  The Joanne Paige lobotomy victim is Mrs Shipman in Gavin & Stacy.  Depp looks at the Grapfield evidence that the culprits are WINDSOR HRH the poppo of Grapfeld the Stammering WW Windsors. Pr Harry was pictured naked by BERLUSCONI's press that is the disgraced Italian CELTIC region rapist and G8 summit world owning MASON.  Berlusconi was replaced as It bros PM  with no elections by RENSEE, cover for Jeff Rense the big oil analyst. TRUMP is on two of this big 4 oil giants. Savalas is Aristotalas now dead and as HEROD the actor convicted "jesus"to death on the cross.  The sun gods that I worship now are just a joke for the masons and the TRUMPS who now own the oil fortunes they gave us. Seddon from Duke of westminsters Ecclestone was PM in NZ for longer than anyone else & Grand Master for HRH to 1900.  Walter Scott, the Raeburns and Prof Don Roberton, the Dean that chased me outof OTAGO,  are next on the list . Scott (Davids Lodge Edin) is the Ivanhoe author and IVAN is PM cameron and Ivan Dymetrenko's disabled/deceased children.  Cameron was Camerinus when Herod was in the Roman Court helping the PISO jews write the christian bible. Rob Roy Archy  & Dundee treason all from Scott's pen but featuring genuine turncoat clansmen.  Ecclestone is home to the Westminsters of FORBES and is the ecclesiastical joke for Eccles in the Goon show MASONS featuring Sellers who is actually Lord Mountbatten's son. The Duke of westminster died at 60 and will not see another remembrance Sunday as the Billionaire Br Legion profiteer. The Goons were heroes for Ted Hancocks Stephen his Rotary Club  Masonic son and my in lawsw in Hemel Hempstead who had Buble sing for them before his son got cancer. Mountbatten, sellers Bastard dad, was murdered by Prince Phil for trying to get into his NARCOTICS syndicate with the sires of HRHs babies LORDS  Plunket and Porchester. Sellers was star in "Being There" set on Isle of wight to cover Queen Vics only legit son Marcos Manoel sired by Prince George of Cumbria and Teviotdale where I was Jailed recently in SQUALOR for revealing these treasonous truths. Clinton is Winston Churchill's batard like the Queen.  Shackleton & Scott botched their campaign to find the south Pole.& died as heroes as the Great wars consume the globe. Walter Scott;s lineage now takes in ordinary working men explained to me by Gav Brooks OF COLDITZ & the BNP fascists. CENSORED BELOW  Oamaru is where Nisbett was to remake TREASURE ISLANDS but I met him at Dunedin airport with Adam errington another treasonous student whos mum works for Michael Morre and Bush's P& O Empire.  Bobby Service's family are friends of mine but they are not the BARDS of YUKON or the Canadian lumberjacks doing OK on the take.  Russell Simpson has McCaskill as his middle name. Red Skelton, Joseph Smith of Ch of Latter Day Saints is in the same "CHRISTIAN" team with  a PISO Windsor relative called MITT ROMNEY. Admiral Sidney Smith enemy of Napoleon FRS and knighted by German Mason William IVth "of Britain" (Hanoverian ancestor  of Cameron & Boris). Composers like john Philip Souza are on the Masons list.  Sir Bernard Spilsbury was a forensic crime investigator (launch the Pillsbury doe boys) and scientist (they have again re-opened Moira Andersons; case TODAY AGAIN after 50 yrs and the launch of Arnot Manderson & Stephen House's crooked career). The space astronauts are all trained to FLY Far RIGHT. Sir Fred Arthur Stanley 1841 -1908 Earl of DERBY where the Dukes of Devon live was GG in Canada in 1888 when we defeated the mad Mahdi in Khartoum all combatant CICs SHRINERS both sides and Kitchener murdered by his mates before he ended WW1 too quickly. The  raeburn relatives got me Jock Steins autograph when I was a boyish celtic fanatic and thought the MASONS were Rangers fans!!!  Stein is an Austrian nobility surname so no surprises why Stein died young in a world cup qualifier.  The Celtic regions of ITALY are the master race McAlpine Al Pacino jokes shared by Rick & Colin Stein too.   Stukely was a mate of Newtons in Physics and that leads to RUTHERFORD of Nobel fame inventing the NUKES out of NZ which has had a massive quake today THE ANZAC war dead memorial day. Harry Stutz is fast cars BEAR for rothschild cats in F1 racing..  Arthur Sullivan UGLE Grand Lodge London mason, of gilbert & fame. has his top hat & cane  and the compose Pi Pi Pirates of PE PE Penzance HMS Pi Pi Pinnafore jokes. Swift of Gullivers travels launches the giants into the clouds as BADDIES in the religious clouds that is the way the gODS in the NORSE myths were defamed too and they are portrayed as the EVIL killers in QUAKES Erruptions Landslides when the humans break their rules!!!  When Jesus did replace them then we can sin relentlessly and be SAVED by the immortal son of the VIRGIN, now GODS' mum.  The SWITZERS who sectioned me are masons too and pro dog breeders. T is the christian cross &  Taft was a masonic president as if any of them were not.  Thomas Telford the Bristolian slaving, like Liverpool, and money laundering hub built bridges IRON and Bailey design.  NBC was workplace for Lowell Thomas who found LAWRENCE of Arabia in the dessert.  Several Thor replacement THORNHILLS are masons.  Admiral Tirpitz has a cloven beard.  Col Travis but not the inquest chair in Nuremberg. He was the TEXIAN Alamo soldier. Tommy trinder comedian in war launched by the stammering MASTER MASON king.  Anthony trollope is next and he frequently visited Ferdinand Rothschild at WADDESDON where thenpublic now pay to see "JESUS's" RELICS. President Truman got $2 Million to partition Palestine after loosing the NUKES on Japan. Mark Twain is a pen name for Sam Langhorn CLEMENS. Voltaire was a philosopher of VEDANTA which is now one of the corrupted defrauded companies led by world leaders who steal from all their countries and create the debt pools.  His history is in the musee Carnevalle in Mark Carneys ALPS.  Wainright is an army officer but not the Hee Haw Sam Wainright  in Its a wonderful life. Next one is pop star Rick Wakeman a charitable man. I rnow reveal the Angela MERKEL daughter of Hitler insemination story and it takes us into the mysterious ancestry of STURGEON (a fish called Schnapper in NZ and that is Schnapper Rothschild rigt at the top of their family tree in the Frankfurt Ghettoes).  Merkel is Austrian nobility name and the Rothschild Schukelburg story has been outed by Hallett and several Blogspots since Pr Harry started dating MARKEL.  Now the WARNER BROS being masons and shipped out of Karsnosielc at Treblinka in POLAND.  Another part of the joke is Gmina being the 100 Acre Gemima Puddleduck jokes about the LETHAL interplay of the duck/goose with FOX which is the WARNER News Empire still but now in MURDOCH's world owning hands. When Hitler Roths Panzers swept into Krasnosielc the population dropped from 3000 to 150 in days and they go to CA Hollywood as sons of Scumakers like Pi Pi Pinocchio and Hudal also out of Hitler And Pope Benedicts INNSBRUCK.  So the Warners change their YIDDISH names from Moses Wonsal and Wonsolaker & Cliff Worral  clearly has a conscience whenever I reveal the WW WB story.  Do you remember Berty Stammering on the W just to let them see it was us Logue. Albert Jack Sam and Harry Warner started the motion picture MOVIE industry in Hollywood CA (CALVARY HILL and the Cavalry that culls the INJUNS). The WB menagerie of cartoon characters like Hannah Barberas is massive.  Olive Oil (their LODGE in CA) can be VIRGIN like GOD's mum in the PISO bible. Bugs is a death camp soggy region in Poland too and the bunny ears are carefully displayed in their top pocket signifying HITLERS friends in WW2 Op Winnie the Pooh.  The Fox news team understand all of that: Brett Bauer, Dana Perino,  Bob Becles lobbied by me and write crtiques on religion too.  They are secretaries to two warmongering  CIA bosses Bush regimes. Jack scammed the two surviving bros in shareholding scam and became big boss.  The Murdoch SKY takeover is no better for the twisting of world news. Sam was named first Schmuel Wonsal , Smiagol the boogy boy in lord of the rings trilogy about lust for GOLD & power.  BILBO was the Warren Police inspector and Herrodian archaeologist refered to at the begining in the ripper murders.Sir Charles Warren.  Next President George W Washington (A rothschild) with the masons trowel.  Next another boyhood hero James Watt of the steam engine and my first UNI Heriot-Watt, The campus now adjacent to the EARLS of Morton Polo players on the PISO horse & friends of prince Charles next to Dalmahoy.  Almost finished on WW Wayne who played the grieving Roman in "Jesus"s crucifictionin greatest story lie told out of Naples and Hollywood.Captain Webb first swam the channel as did Liz Taylors mum in the Pi racehorse film: REVERENCE TO PI PI PISO..  Adam Weishaupt MUNICH Lodge with the Goldsmits and launched the global illuminati and replacing indigenous monarchs with inbred German syphilitic bloodlines & Sep Blatter. The links to Goethe Saxe Coburg Gotha are massive that is Ralph Fiennes the actor genes out of Bedford like Dick Cheney. Wesley the Methodist  gets a wailing gust of wind.  fiennes used AYE EYE in the in Bruges movie for reverence to Jimmy wheeler real name Ernest Remnant 1910-1970. All the divisive masons who become SHRINERS now must fear public displays since Tommy Cooper died under the ISLAMIC Menace red fez at the London Palladium. Paul Robeson is cover for the Robeson settlements for Rothschild for the PANAMA Canal.  Almost at the bottom a NWO author/poet and POOF CELEBRE Oscar Wilde. You should see who interlocks not neccesarily in a sexual sense with the former head of ETON school but that is the story of Nichola Sturgeon;s LORD ADVOCATE James Wolffe QC.  Gay marriage is arguably David Cameron's greatest achievements covering up his CAIRN Vedanta Bof E Grand larceny.   Run Rabbit Run was Flannigan & Allen/Allah not Laurel & Hardy. The Earl of Sandwich exemplifies the global web of sporting thiefs and salary earning politicos all of whom are friends of Israel and extreme right.  King William IVth FRS inducted as mason in Pi Pi Plymouth  son of mad George IIIrd was a master mason in England and King in Hanover too, William IV RELATED to either Cameron (LOL LODGE number Joker)or Boris. The WIND howls again when we get down to PG Wodehouse the cross Atlantic wartime financial magnate & author who is a conscientious objector and Hotel Owner Pi Pi Pig showing fanatic.  donald Trump Hotel magnate and golfer but not as in your face as donald who owns the scary religious TAJ MAHAL hotel chains. So the video ran out before we got to these.
Steve Garry Wosniak was a computer entrepreneur and is dead ringer for my mate Steve Kerr in NZ Otago but the Wosniak label makes him WARNER -like APPLE designer with Jobs. William wyler directed Ben Hur and changed German-Jewish name too.Paramount Pictures are a similar story and this could be Zuckerburgs line at Facebook Originally from the village of Ricse in Hungary, Adolph Zukor emigrated to NorZukor, Adolph (Born: Adolph Cukor) (1873-1976 aged 103) . Howls of wind forZanuck, Darryl Francis (1902-1970) – Darryl Zanuck was a writer, actor, producer, and studio executive who, in 1933, became a co-founder of 20th Century Fox. Films such as ‘The Jazz Singer’ (1927); ‘The Longest Day’ (1962); ‘The Sound of Music’ (1965) We will stop with the CAN CAN Silk stocking back room in wartime  Ziegfeld, Florenz (1867-1932) – A Broadway impresario, Florenz Ziegfeld created the famed ‘Ziegfeld Follies’ that were based on the Parisian ‘Folies Bergère’ and ran from 1907 to 1931. Several actors and comedians (many of whom were Freemasons) experienced their first successes within his lavish shows, men such as W.C. Fields, Eddie Cantor and Will Rogers (see all above)Oh how I miss being a country boy as an exile from my home town for telling it as it is.

THE SOURCE for all the MASONS listed here gives contacts so you can uPDATE the info as loyal masons who die for their bosses quite frequently  THIS bit is quite alarming and may account for the force 8 Quake which occured in NZ Today on ANZAC day/remembrance Sunday   Shriner
                                            PHOTO OF A MASON IN FEZ WITH MONKEY ON SHOULDER & RIFLE IN ITS HANDS 

This statue to the charity of the Shriners stands in Portland, Oregon. 
‘Shriners’ are Freemasons who have reached the rank of Master Mason, and are men of good repute who volunteer themselves to assist this charitably focused body: TheAncient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, usually abbreviated to A.A.O.N.M.S.
The seed of the Shriners was established in 1870 in a Manhattan restaurant that was a regular meeting place for Freemasons in New York, and the A.A.O.N.M.S. is an appendant body to Freemasonry. The organization is best-known for the Shriners’ Hospitals for Children that the organization administers - and for the red fezzes that its members wear! - a terrific ‘ice breaker’ at parties. The organization’s HQ is in Tampa, Florida. Shriners International describes itself as a fraternity based on fun, fellowship and the Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth. There are about 340,000 members from 193 temples (or chapters) in the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, the Republic of Panama, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Europe and Australia.
The United Grand Lodge of England. The UGLE was founded in London in 1717 and, as such, is the oldest Grand Lodge in the world. Since the 20th century, its HQ has been in Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London, and it is the governing body of English Constitutional Freemasonry in England, Wales, the Channel Islands, and the rest of the world. The UGLE meets four times a year. The Annual Investiture, which is followed by the Grand Festival, is held on the last Wednesday in April. Currently the United Grand Lodge of England has in excess of 250,000 members, meeting in over 8,000 lodges, and these are grouped as follows: Lodges meeting in London (within an area generally of 10 miles (16 kilometres) radius of Freemasons’ Hall), are administered by the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London, headed by the Metropolitan Grand Master. Lodges meeting outside London, and within England, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, are grouped into 47 ‘Provinces’ with each headed by a Provincial Grand Master. UGLE affiliated Lodges that meet outside England, Wales, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands are grouped into 33 ‘Districts’, with each headed by a District Grand Master. In addition there are five ‘Groups’ (currently too small to make up a District), each headed by a Grand Inspector, and there are a further 12 Lodges in other countries, directly administered by Freemasons’ Hall.
The brethren of Lodge St. Patrick No. 468 I.C., Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand are                                                 grateful  for the assistance provided by the following individuals and organisations.

Professor George Lees was HOD of Pharmacology at OTAGO Uni Dunedin SEPT 2004 to Dec 2009 he is shocked by the running of the world this way and the subservience of the working man to the ARISTOS throughout world history. 
My lobbying Emails and FB posts have gone to the RSA LEGION in Dunedin since 2011 TODAY ANOTHER QUAKE HIT THEM BUT THAT COULD JUST BE A COINCIDENCE on ANZAC DAY.  Mr Bean who opened the London Olympics as a comedy was actually Charles Bean the WAR CORRESPONDENT FOR GALLIPOLI & it would be interesting to know whether Charles Bean and Rupert Murdoch who directed a Gallipoli movie are MASONS.  It is an abomination that the world can be run by SECRET SOCIETIES and demonization of the SHRINERS FEZ to spark all wars for profit.