Heart of Midlothian FC: the Lithuanian Central Bank Scam

I bought my house from a hearts fan IT WAS A FAIR DEAL. 
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What the Directors/Auditors are doing in Scottish football is daylight robbery.....and if your next director pops across from eastern Europe in a submarine with dual nationality (Russian born/Lithuanian Business opportunity) and a bank of his own which has very close ties with the recently created Central Bank in Lithuania then you might smell a rat. Heart of Midlothian is on the west side of Edinburgh (near where Shaun Connery the tax exile used to be a working man before his iconic rise to riches and fame thanks to Ian Fleming of WW2 infamy see 1939-1950 on this timeline) and the Manchester United manager news was just breaking on the stock market.  The Squawk Box Stock market presenters on CNBC Sky TV have a great sense of humour so I sent them, the SNP, the Gorgie Road Police station and the Hearts Auditors in Abaddon where much of Rangers funds disappeared into David Murray's investment Trust within Aberdeen Asset Management (concurrently with their transition into the third division).  That is the Aberdeen Asset management who are now "sponsoring" Scottish sport like RBS have done since we became regular contenders for the wooden spoon and the coach CEO from distant lands or our better off together owners South of Mr Salmond's contested border.  I doubt the auditors in Aberdeen thought it was funny but here is the Email.  All the hearts fan clubs seem to use an intranet system where you may need a life insurance policy before you can fill in the boxes.  But the appeal for a cash donation to replace what has now gone offshore is sad.....the reference to the Petrie Jar (is just a wee heads up on the defection of the Chairman of the Board at Hibs....he has previous in the BIG FOUR auditing figures who now advise their international clients how to steal from the season ticket holders or privatise a potentially independent country's nationalised companies/utilities/energy providers/highly paid sporting celebs/director classes.  One wonders whether the THIRD DIVISION in Scotland will be big enough to host the diaspora of impoverished supporters.  There will be no loose change at the HMRC and the SNP do not have the word treasury or a currency which can be stolen in their 700 page plans.  Sean Connery gets his healthcare advice from David Murray (who just happens to own 2 vineyards in distant lands and a golf course with donkeys close by my local council who have a year on year multi-million pound debt problem because like Salmond they will not confront the private money lenders who fund democracy at interests and make even local auiditing companies complicit in cheap shot scams at the supporters expense) Each donkey costs 600 pounds a year to maintain and you dont need a season ticket to watch the spectacle unfold.  Connery will return to Independent Scotland if he gets the right deal....but I have no insight into his progress with the heart murmur because his web site has no contact details (possibly for tax reasons).  Nobody knows where Romanov is but the Tsars family of the same name was murdered on masse by the same money lenders that have stolen democracies funds.    

Peace of the action in Lithuania....Please do not mention David Murray or the PM (under the press lockdown)

George Lees 

1 May (4 days ago)
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Dear CNBC,
Some pictures for the IPO at the bottom.....I have a business proposition.
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I am an avid fan of your squawk box progrom and am increasingly interested in making a fortune based on your boost to my investor confidence.  I would like your advice on how to get my business plan launched (preferably on the AIM which I am led to believe gives customer satisfaction with minimal fuss and no paperwork).   I have an icon of a horses head next to my bed which I intend to use as my logo and my godfather is a Romanov.  The business will be based on printing Litas in my boiler room in Harley Street and I can get a Royal to make a speech about how we can refuse to share it with an Independent Scotland .  My references are peerless and I am going to approach the defected CEO at Hibs replacement prosthetics LLP (currently in a Petrie jar for forensic investigation) to ask him if he could borrow our submarine and threaten to storm the Isle of White so we can get the English protest movement mobilised for publicity.  I apologise for my English but the language barrier helps when we take our subsiduaries into Europe where we intend to operate outwith UK and any form of GLOBAL legislation.  So everything is looking good for the launch and our boiler rooms in Bristol are on flood alert.  The submarine will be driven by an experienced operative from the Central Bank of Lithuania, called Bet Victor and his dad is thinking about writing a song about the yellow river which we will use to engage Rob Ford in narcotics at our tea in the park.  So contact details for the AIM please.  PS is the robot from Oxford Brookes capable of sitting on your stools and can it sweat like Sir Martin Sorrell so it can pretend to have a conscience about re-offending in the Irish financial Crisis LLP?    Please put a stamp on your reply cos Don Vince Cable has cost me a fortune since he launched the Royal Mail.....and refuses to pay the postage dues at the Lodge.  I may be able to leverage sponsorship from the tax havens for an independent Scotland and actors who play golf with GOLDFINGERS  and links to Obamacare/Necker “I do drink red wine because of my friend David Murray, who owns two French wine estates. He showed me the evidence that it was good for the health,” the Daily Express quoted him as telling Wine Spectator magazine.  PS do not mention David Murray or Aberdeen Asset management to the serious fraud office until the press lockdown on the Rt Hon PM Cameron Carroll Foundation fraud has been fudged....it is bad for business.

ps if you need a more agressive approach I am holding an overlapping director at Lib Dems LLP and The Parliamentary Broadcasting Company ltd to ransome and I am quite prepared to release his details to Terry Waite (at the growth curve paradigm Inc) or the Islamic brother Jim Royal....who has a growing interest in couch potatoes.

Yours Loyally
Sir Jekyll Stockings
Hearts not in it LLP
Companies House Party
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1 Mitchell Lane, Bristol
44 Upper Belgrave road Clidton Bristol
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