FDR Churchill & Royals run DOPE & the World Genocides with a dog Called MURRAY of FALA

FDR and his dog FALA G8 profiteering all through WW2 Ian Fleming gets Hitler & Braun out of the bunker

FDR Churchill stalin WW2 Yalta FALA the dog Drug running triumverate Prince Phil Onassis Royals Andy and david Murray Braveheart Warner Bros Fleming Bond Hitler braun Escape.JPG

Full Descriptor for videoat the top  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFiDcr5Ccsw is BELOW it is CENSORD WORD LIMITED on youtube.

Much of Greg Halletts' painstaking work has been taken down by the G8 Governments for SHAME and TODAY the same sad BASTARDS have decided to brutalise SYRIA SO LOOK AT THE HIGH RESOLUTIOON IMAGES BELOW THE TEXT & See all of our Genocidal treasonous war crimes & the RELIGIOUS FRAUDS MOTIVES transitting round the world.

More on the World owner bloodlines with a focus on FDR and his uncle Teddy.....Philip Delanoy (new Deal joke) who sailed with the pilgrim fathers on the MAKE A FORTUNE (the second ship to sail out of Lieden with the christian soldiers from Holland & Plymouth...elite christian fraudsters all).  They now run all the United Nations NATO genocide teams. The focus here is on WW2 then Vietnam. FIRST in Pearl Harbour then in the Deer Hunter movie......YOUll  be there now that your job is done on culling the indigenous PAGANS, every conflict, treason on all sides (all the inspiring songs laugh at the culls). That is the lend lease profiteering too & the G8 , INCLUDING china, are still the Christian Soldiers (my favourite hymn when I was a boy cos its about heroism in the face of all the races GOD created). We get comfy with the locals in central America & Corby (a hub for steel TANK manufacturing Both)   The Vietnames are portrayed like the JAPS as the villains & that is the Warner Bros & BBC role in life. De Niro was my favourite actor because of his tough guy stance....& his capacity to turn the tables against the bad guys in the Russian Roulette games. FDRs family sailed out of Holland on the Fortune and made their fortune from the OPIUM trading (that is the CHINESE & Glolden Triangle projects run right into the Nixon LBJ eras). That was the Eleanor side of the family & they have a fragile female gene like my wife. The Pilgrims were led out of Europe by the greystokes, the Lutterels of LINCOLN INN, the CLINTONS/Fiennes and HellARRIAS  of Marstoke, de Morvilles and tier after tier of the Murray family.  The Uchtrechts of Cumbria Galloway lived in KirkOswald (within 25 miles of Hexham where we lived before the move to NZ).  I explain the Boroughdon Borodin Music jokes about the vast tracts of beautiful lands that god planted the natives in NOW ARE PRIVATELY OWNED by the PISO/HEROD/Pharoah descendants that are FDR NIXON HRH. I mention the PARIS christianity scams again and conscience issues in the Hunchback film, the Roman Empire & the ARTHURIAN myths written by the POPES in ROME.....invented by the PISOS. The Mason is the Duke of Kent & Harris plays the priest who murdered ESMERELDA the female tool that is now Madonna, Britney and the POLE DANCERS Globally.  THATCHER is still the greatest.  SO why are they sectioning me & why did they kill Greg Hallett.....we show how Hitler & Eva Braun in her little blue dress are led out of the Berlin Bunker Murdering people in the tunnels/air raid shelters & makeshift Hositals......led by ian Fleming, Ms Saunders, Ainsworth Davis, Hanna Reisch and the Beatles Yellow Submarine sails him out of the corpse ridden tunnels into the r SPREE then into Lake Mugglesea & the German/British float planes THEN HE AND EVA are in Barcelona till Churchill had him executed in the 1950s.  See empires by Shakira churches in Barcelona. .......Makow republishes all of it (and Makow is within a few Km of the Warner Bros home town in POLAND & next to treblinka ( the Warners were shipped into the US and all the other Jews in the region were murdered in the Anschluss) by the PANZER Division.  Halletts output on the Cheneys of Iraq and Leighton Buzzard that is the George W Bush war crimes with BLAIR.  So the Clinton & Lewinsky sideshow is about Clinton's parentage: he is half Bro to HRH and the Daugher of Pamel Digby Churchill who had the affair with Winston the wartime PM & the queen & princess Mgt were sired by artificial insemination (the CIGAR TUBE donation THAT is the BATMAN, Ordinance Jokes & the COLDITZ profiteering manservants. The Rabbit Joke is the ICON of LAGOS/St IAGO jokes about false christianity.  There are still 128 BAT Br Am Tobacco subsidies in the UK and they are global frauds.   ROBIN is the false socialist Red Red Robin and the millitary police . Baldriick (the Labour Party Fundraiser RED FLAG Flyer) was Blackadders Batman and the Br Am Tobacco Director now is the RABBIT JOKE TOO (Burroughs).  so Clinton uses the Cigar Holder & in the Right Stuff Moon Shot movie....and Clintons semen on the blue Dress for Lewinsky is RABBIT SHAPEd. The PENIS Romeo & Juliet CIGAR jokes are aired like PENIEL HEUGH and Cleapatras Needle.....and NELSONS' ERECT COLUMN......all on display in the Coliseum with the PISO tigers and Putnams Chariots of Fire.  So Warren (RABBIT HOME) Delano FDRs Granpa maternal runs opium & TEA empires.....SINCE I discovered that the family history is now written by UK LORD CONRAD BLACK  the Canadian Media magnate in 2005.  The Averill Harriman (also in the Hallett History) is the THREE WISE MEN on the ships on XMAS day in the morning & in the James Blunt songs (BLUNT is in the fleming Hitler op Winnie the Pooh too).  FDR died in spring 1945 dismembered by the gods 2 months after he planned WW3 with Stalin in YALTA.  Churchill Nixon, Onassis, Prince Phil and Plunkett Porchester run the Narcotics out of Vietnam (Coca Cola plants secret recipe.....Cocaine laundered in Philips Light tubes out of Holland). Mountbatten murdered by Phil (who he introduced to HRH) . The Fiennes Clinton are the schindlers List, Helen hirsche Rothschilds Joke.  Halletts photos are republished at every oppurtinity see Profgeorglees/Revelations. Cheney stats on Iraq are horrific too.....he was out of NORMANDY/HERTS/BUCKS and into Blackwater, Halliburton & brought down the twin towers & privatised the pentagon that took us to war in Iraq. The we cite Cheney’ war crimes stats (4.4K troops dead, 31,000 disabled, $1.1trillion spent,0 Weapons of Mass Destruction found, $39 Billion No Bid Contracts HALLIBURTON Cheneys’ “former company” that is Cheney & De Gaulle out of RURAL no bombing TODDINGTON BUCKS (where my wife worked in WOBURN) & we married in nearby Tring  where 2nd Baron Rothschild had the ZEBRA (Wild Assess JOKE about the PISO coins & Jesus in the Bible being the ASS) chariot of fire and THE GOLDFISH (Nathan Meyer Roths Penis that sired Hitlers and queen Vic) in the nearby pond.  Harpenden & Rothamsted were nerve gas experts and their funding for pesticides now goes to GLOBAL WARMINGSCIENCE (the summit held in PARIS days after my exposures on the False terror & the new Female TERROR boss at Oxford Uni Louise Richardson).   We get onto the FDR/Pilgrim War Crimes  scandals after we show all the beheading micky mouse icons  & all the WW W Warner Bros jokes….& explain the murder of Peter Sellers dad Mountbatten being murdered by Prince Phils MI6 funded by the drugs and Peter Williams QC.  Teddy Roosevelt gets a mention (and becomes TEDDY in the Andy Pandy ….childrens hour whilst Maswich runs BBC light entertainment & THE MUSEUM FILM where Pocahontas sells land to UK entrepreneurs.  Churchill Onassis and Phil the Greek are the triumvirate before the Porchesters & Plunkets move in.  The ORDINANCE Batman story is really sad, Blackadder & Baldrick & the two Ronnies in Colditz.  Brooks, Buccleughs all the feudal relatives have manservants in tow.   Delanoy on the Fortune  leads to warren Delanoy in the female FDR lineage and INTO narcotics.  FDRs dog FALA (1941 co-incident with PEARL HARBOUR)  is over there in America as a joke about ALLAH & the new menace & American troops being over THERE.  Like the Scots in Tyrol in Austria.  So that is the MURRAYS of FALAHILL and David Murray in 1745 who was let off if he could be cast from his country.  Elizabeth Murray is an FDR ancestor just 2-3 generations before & they are close to the HUTCHinsons too…many sons called WARREN. So FALA can be found on the Scottish History ELECTRIC SCOTLAND run by the man McIntyre with the iron cross and working for the Scottish FSA who ignore all the Fincial services frauds & the NAZI Gold.  FALA is right next to the TWEEDSMUIRS of PEEBLES GGs in Canada all through the war (they as the Buchans wrote 39 steps).  On the otherside of the Pentland Lauderdale road (you find my £32/day bosses for the PEASANT SHOOTING family that are the PERCYs Persius in the Roman Court and the Murrays link to Russia the Tsar and Hearts with the Romanov nomenclature.   The murrays are everywhere & that’s why David at Rangers is legless and Andy on the Fault line at Dunblane (with the TENNIS & all the other elite sports like F1, skiing and HORSEY events)  is so useful to the same tyrants since Braveheart. Both the Murrays, the FDRs and William Wallace were geurilla soldiers in ETTRICK forrest & Scotts Ivanhoe is also the Robin Hood Myth. Springwood was FDRs mansion in the US and it is an ELLIOT Black Douglas run estate just 2 miles from my home. It is FATLIPS of Teviotdale Minto and the Kynemont Murray Douglas Elliots & TURNBULLS run it and it has recently renovated by HISTORIC Scotland even though the Councils are In million £ debt pools but the Walter Scott Lords & Ladies are Millions in the Fascist Black (SRU same for the Burns Club).  That is where blind Prince George came from too.  Roosevelt got the rocket scientists out of Gottinghen & Heidelburg to make the nukes & warheads that did for Hiroshima and Nagasaki & REVENGE for the opportunity to take us to war....ELECTED AS A PACIFIST and to reverse the PROHIBITION of Alcohol, the Bronfsteins are on the Privvy council too. ....they were BOOTLEGGERs in Canada. FDR got the Polio in his youth (he married really young but had multiple affairs).  I was stunned when I learned about FALA the Dog & the SPRINGWOOD Links.......and the MELON landslide on his private lake.  That is MELON who put the GOLD IN FORT KNOX and we end with the declaration that RICHARD BRANSON is the drugs TSAR.  It is stunning and evil & protected by the peace loving Christianity fraud, NATOS armies, elite Unis, INTEL and fraternities/secret societies and WARMONGERING Unis like Princeton, Harvard Yale Oxford Cambridge and Schools that process PMs Presidents Chancellors and run the fees scandal.    The Maxwells get a mention and all the jokes are an abomination.   SO DO YOU GET THE MAGNITUDE OF WHY OUR SOCIETY IS DECREPIT & the MEDIA MEN are Murdochs slaves that was the MUIRDACHs before they were exiled…..MURRACHS and on and on it roles and LEVESON is LEVESON GOWER who is the SUTHERLANDS of the MORAY/MURRAY Firth now in the Borders & Caithness LIVING IT UPON VAST TRACTS OF LAND that are forbidden for the ordinary people who are condemned to be there troops OVER THERE and You’ll be there & Tom Hanks Private Ryan is a RCKEFELLER for a laugh.  The Summit last week on global warming was held in PARIS and I make the headlines in every paper every day it is PATHETIC but the truth will be outed.  HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES BELOW