Schindlers Little RED RUBELLA threat from the GODS Bernhard DUTCH Lockheed Fleming Duke of Kent FREEMASONIC treason

Little Red is Rubella Gods' threat to the FASCISTS then the Royals use it on 9/11

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I need to get this out quickly cos I have 2 new writs threatening me with bankruptcy & homelessness in the next seven days.  It is the story of LITTLE RED and the GODS revenge attacks on the leaders of the fascists, the freemasons and the monarchies that run the warmongering world and all the genocidal messianic religions. So we look down at the christian massacres with Oscar Schindler on the PISO horses with the SWASTIKA Waggon Wheel Windmill vanes  & Sun Gods rays jokes on his lapel.  We see the girl in red amonst the genocide on the streets, Prince Bernhard of Germany became King of FASCIST Holland but the little red doll is GERMAN MEASLES Ruby red Rubella which in the early semesters of pregnancy produces blind deaf and deformed babies like Bernhard;s Princess Christina.  The whole movie is a Rothschild piss take same joke as the House of Roths movie going from black and white to colour when the get the Bof England and into the peerage,  The PISO horses and the aristo TWEED jackets are the giveaway that these are the WW Windsor Piso Presidential bloodlines and Schindler is a close IKE Eisenhower (the CIC for Bernhard in WW2) relative, The stammering King Windsor George VI youngest bro was Pr George  the Duke of Kent the Magii Magistrorum for the global freemasons and all the stories about KP Piso and Kensinton Palace being the hub for the Masons globally. The SWASTIKA icon was their's right up to 1939.  So German measles RUBELLA is used like the accidents in the Duke of Kents death are acts of god in the wars the masons & monarchs engineer like the Flemings strictly for profit. Now we see Alistair Campbell with the lions assett stripping everything that was amateur less than 30 yrs ago. Andrew Wakefield was the prof that got chased out of British medicine in the MMR controversy.  All the patholgies and fitness are in GODSs' hands & POLIO is what FDR got as a Family that are the PI PI pilgrims out of LEIDEN Holland. The Delanoy family that becomes FDR F Delany's donkey war dead & Jesus.   Lockerbie is a joke about LOKI In the norse gods & those are the replacement of THOR (the crown of Thorns & Thorbirds Jokes)by the non-existent Jesus.  So the Duke of Kent is covered by commoner Kate's son George Duke of Cambridge but he died early in WW2 .  I profile the working man drownings in the shipyards run by Sir Walter scott (now an extinct bloodline too)in Liverpool with the surrounding docks named Morpeth Northumberland after the dukes that were the PERCY Persius lineage in the Roman court & Bible fraud teams.  So Rubella Polio etc scare the fascists but Bernhard lives to 90 plus despite horrible accidents including a broken neck.  The Schaumburgs the Schomburg Scotts  of the Boer War German combatants and the Michael Ancram family that train in Lieden like the Pi Pilgrims.  So the stammering king is an idiot & the profiteers run by Fleming can kill all the double agents on both sides.  The Ancrams are the VON CRAMMS  in the Valkyrie film and they are Bernhards' mums name. Bernhard is a dead ringer for Kevin Spacey and Julliana is akin to a bulldog.  Jesus is just a joke for Hollywood so we show Spongebob. So Bernhard is a Lockheed profiteer at DAVOS & in 1954 the Dutch floods reflect the fact that the Royals were running narcotics out of Holland with the cocaine in Philips' light tubes. The myth that THOR has lost his hammer (the boomerang didnt come back for the masons) has been scotched every time I go to or am called to the courts and PM Holland Pope Francis & Pope Benedict of Innsbruck like Hitler get massive lightning storms like we had this week when I revealed the THORS OAK massacre everything that is pagan, or not-christian, like the witches. So Bernhard is appointed as a fly boy double AGENT & I reveal Hohenloe Honolulu Alpine German joke. Bernhard was German & Nazi till the war started but he gets to allocate the reparations as and allied appointee of ICKE the Allied CIC and schindlers cousin.  FDR the Pilgrim family are exposed & Bernhard names show you the blood lines that they bring together when he "was" German. The German Dutch and Scottish clans are all over the world history crime scenes.  The Black Douglas Buccleugh Bell Blake Douglas LOKI Logue Loxley clans are all treasonous and De Havilland plays maid Marian.  The Hofmans the McQuorcodales the Elliots the Thorburns & Thorntons are THOR JOKE Crown of thorns piss takes too.. That is PERCY & Persius in the Roman court THE POET.  The Mays of St Boswells married the Mcquorcodale family that is also Princess Di's elder sister but it may be a trojan horse to cover Theresa May's appointment as PM. As home sec she prompted for & signed off on my surveilance under RIPAS.   So the sums in Bernhard's Million dollar scams seem small now but at that time the Scottish footy manager earned a massive £4K/yr.  So Bernhard has bastards including LADY PENELOPE Mafie.  Bernhard launched WWF Bilderberg DAVOS total fascism and a strictly SS Op as if the press would ever release the truth.  The bastards he sired include the BEAVERBROOK Jonathan AITKEN dynasty.  He was Lutheran but converted to Protestantism in his death bed.  His name is Pr Bernhard Leopold Frederick Everard Louis Godfrett Julius Pieter Graff Von Beisterfield etc.  Educated at Brandenburg Berlin right up close to Polands death camps. He joined the Nazi party as a student and gets to carve up Europe.  He worked for AG Farben & BAYER ROTHSCHILD scam in PARIS.  He met Julianna at the winter olympics in the ALPS and she took a pre-nup and Beatrix the eldest daughter is the BEARS in the wood joke too and Christina was born blind with GERMAN MEASLES: Little red rubella.  The Erich Stromeyers revived Rothschild in Frankfurt. So spying and double agents is lethal run by Fleming & Churchill & the 3 wise men.  Montgomery the tank commander & FIELD MARSHALL are the Dukes of Buccleugh. Truman gets a mention & a massive bung for partitioning Israel.  So Fleming who still is part of the WW2 London Olympics jokes gets to pick Berhard as the profiteering mate. He gets photo shots with Suharto of Indonesia JFKs mate, the Dali Lama in NEPAL & the NAPLES PISO wordplay.  Royal Dutch KLM launder Nazis as well as drugs & the new Dutch Queen is Argentinian fascist with links to Pope Francis genocidal regime in the 1960s  The Schumann character  launched the EU and the Schuyler Schumakers Queenie jokes & acts of god are profiled so Christina was blinded by German Measles in the fascist dutch monarchy & marries into CUBA.  So we show you the symptoms and the NAMING OF LITTLE RED!  Little red is Fergies joke on 9/11 too but the Gods will have their way with them eventually.  All the vocal organs around the tonsils or many of them have the word PISO in it and the GODs timing is perfect.  Then the Holy Land war crimes that justify the GODS' greatest threats to the humans who created all the warmongering fake human messiahs.