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WORLD OF BUSINESS and Politics all run as SS Secret Societies since the Bible was faked by PISO in Naples

We are not allowed to smack our kids but WORLD leaders still run all their wars and corruption for profit BEHIND LOCKED DOORS and in secret societies which are led by the bloodlines that take you back from Bush Windsor and FDR to the Roman Emperors and the CREATORS of the bible fraud: PISO "the MAN" in Naples and every golf course round the globe. I start with the BORDERLINE issues and the demonizing of PUTIN to keep us fearfull of WW3 same day as Hammond released the SORDID lies on the budget WITH FLOODING ALL OVER THE UK, but not reported in the news. The secret societies FINANCIAL scams let by Canadian Carney Gov of BofE, Director of BIS in BASEL with all the folk who lead the FED CENTRAL banks at liberty after crashing the Banks in 2008 and creating the "LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS" sovereign debt crisis all across the PRIVATELY OWNED WORLD.  the religious frauds continue pan continentally and Archbishop RUNCIE pope Benedict et al steal all over the world as CARNEY's PRUDENTIAL Regulators have nothing at the BANK with massive celebs all over the boards. PUT IN Putin is cover for my last video on the Pi PILGRIMS sailing from Leiden where the first golf course was launched in Loenen Brucklyn Flemish Amsterdam. The usual suspects is a joke about former residents of ROME/NAPLES like Vergilus PISO Virgil KINT Kin to the Cross T Story authors. REPLACEMENT of heavenly GODS by "JESUS"  who is DELANEYS Donkey and Brian's mum's ASS for the Pythons.   The USUAL SUSPECTS movie typifies how we launch scare stories about MAFIA leaders and Arrius Calpurnius PISO is the "MAN" who scares every global mobster. In the movie he is NICK NAMED Kaiser Sauzee from ISLAMIC/HUNGARIAN SARAJEVO, AKA all wars. Postelthwaite a GEORDIE died young in real life cos he was AGENT to the man and played FOSTER parent to PERSIUS the GOD who is the PERCY bloodline of GEORDIE Alnwick, narcotics and the Poison Garden BROS murders by Narcotics OD then Harry Potter movies by W W Warner Bros.   PP got testicular cancer then PANCREATIC cancer FAST & incurable affliction and POSTUMOUSLY got an award for THE TITANS joke about human GODFATHERS displacing the GODS.  Donald Trump son of Fred Christ Trump is Royal dutch Shell director and Exon Mobil too. Musselburgh is 1st GOLF and PISO horse racing venue in Britain.  NAPLES is BIC Puteoli and the French pen company.  The actor Giancarlo Esposito with PISO in the name play Baer  a cop and his dad was a CARPENTER in NAPLES.  The youngest hollywood Stephen Baldwin bro plays McManus on the PISO bloodline as Kings of Jerusalem and owners of ODESSA (the Putin XMAS dream covers).  Archbishop RUNCIE and John Major interlock with HRH's Jubilee directors and determine the future of Russias religions, cold wars and their mates on the board cover the COMMUNIST menace magazine that was PRAVDA (Mr PRAVDA being the director with John smith head of Labour & Whitelaw of Irish sectarrian fame.  Stalin was trained in London SIDNEY STREET in Tottenham and Hitler was trained in Tavistock then Liverpool and both were Rothschilds.  STALINgrad was where 1.5 million died then the 3 wise men changed the name to St Petersburg for the first POPE who like Jesus never lived (PATHE Cock crows three times) It is LETHAL for 2000 yrs.  John Major is on the boards at centrica & for Mervyn King his BofE boss.  Keaton as in the GODFATHER trilogy is the reformed corrupted cop and Dianne is Godfathers indignant wife who wants decency and divorces him. Kint and Kobyashi tuck away all the cash and leave in a JAGUAR like my bro in law and the ordinary working Scott relatives in scotland ride around on all the cats PANZER regiment KP KalPURRnius piso jokes into FDR's secret social clubs Pythians & PYTHONS from the elite UNIS immune from bombing.  Putin is just a NWO plant trained in the KGB with Helen Clark and Travolta (also NAPLES family & friends of JP Getty who lived in Villa Payrii like PISO) then GIFTED NZ like Stalin then Putin got USSR).  Travolta now lives in NAPLES after making the MAFIA films.  Now we turn to FDR's secret clubs and the Little Sis website KP Pythias is the brotherhood myths and the KNIGHTS of Pi Pi Pythias.  FDR was born in Hyde Park which is the Jekyll and Hyde two sides to friendly bro myths that people are prepared to be executed in place of their MASONIC friends that become all FDRs war dead. in britain it is walter Scotts Banatyne club which I was exposing the night I was forcibly arrested and jailed. ALL these secrets, private clubs, pulished on LITTLE SIS with the names of the BANKING MAFIAS & World Leaders who own all the LAND Globally and none of whom have been prosecuted for BANK RESETS in 2008.  The Pythians started in RACINE Wisconsin with the River Root running through it.    I profile the  TEMPLES, membership then the women and blacks who are allowed to join after they have launched WW1 & 2 as secret societies.  All leads back to Rome and FALCO becomes FALDO from Rothschold De-Gaulle's safe haven in Berkhamstead through WW2.   The GOLF, Horse, RACING and PISO Polis frauds are explained and it all becomes the PYTHONS since the 1970s all from the no bombing Uni cities of Oxford Cambridge Gottingen and Heidelburg.  Rathbone was the Irish masonic founder in sectarian Ireland still divided and all through the wars and religious  TERROR.  When the women get let in they become the GOD RA's sunshine girls and Victor Lownes's BUNNY girls before Harris of BUTLINS bought STOCKS mansion in HERTS next to Rothschild at TRING.   The PYTHONS openly proclaim that JESUS is a fake up by piso from the STABLE to no room at the INN INNSBRUCK Brooklyn for Mary and Joseph and JESUS the Butlins DELANEY'S  FDelanoR's Donkey.   Brian like Postelthwaite dies young for displacing GODS with humans.  We stay on Lill Sis to show you the CARNEY Mervyn King BIS Group of thirty BANKSTERS and find that Donalds propaganda regime have taken away much of the declaration of the RESET bosses is now an embarassment for him but nobody mentions his geneology linked to Hillary Trudeau and all the other usual suspects in QUEBEC where they are now pacifists like the abdicated King in WW2.  CENSORED HERE  The financial crimes against the people committed by Carney RB Canada,  Stanley Fisher B of Israel, Jacob A Frenkel, Tim Geitner , Lehman, Barclays and ALL merchant banks have never been brought to justice as the lead us to wars all through the holy lands, South East Asia, Balkans where only the local  defenders are found guilty of war crimes which all my persecutors from Jedburgh to BERLIN are complicit in WITH ROTHSCHILD VOLCKER KISSINGER MURDOCH  OSBORNE, & now PM May NEY Brazier  formerly of Bof England  too.   No prosecutions by the PISO POLIS globally and they get PISTOLS now to shoot down the innocent poor.   Carney is on Prudentials fundless regulatory board and now enhances the DEBT Pools by quantitative easing WITH THE APOLOGETIC announcements made from behind the PISO HORSE stable door at the bank in Cheapside.  They have a Footman on the boards and the secretaries are CROMWELL just as it was when Thomas Moore was betrayed then beheaded at the TOWER of LONDON.  Both King (massive Rothschild interlock) and Carney are both still directors at BIS in BASEL FAWLTY.  Bernanke is still on the Boards too and all the RESET has been forgiven so they are all billionaires.  The Jaguar cars in the movies and for my neighbours and bro in law OBE is explained.   So Little Siss will no longer let ordinary analysts onto page 2 of the30 page listings.  Donalds pre-election stories on grabbing lovers by the fanny is the Pi Pi PISO master-race joke PISO translates as vagina and it is the AMERICAN PIE & all through Roman history the fish is the penis and the COD piece for the knights and cricket MASONS.  The Prudential Board which Carney is on has a net worth of £0.  The footman/stable boy is John Richard Evelegh Footman!  So the TUCKERS have two reps on the PRUDENTIAL massive banking dynasties and like Barclay bruce et all they are in the Professoriate in Dunedin WHICH does not YET get quakes like "Christ"Church and the Dukedom of WELLINGTON the CAPITAL CITY for NZ  & the ROTHSCHILD TRUST in Parnell AUCKLAND.  Merv King lives in Petty France.  So Mervyn and Carney only hold 1 directorate but the PISO archbishops and the Pretjohn TUCKERS do the laundering.  We start with The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Richard John Carew Chartres of Ch of England has a DOZEN but possibly BAPTIST/Episcopalian.  The Carews of the borders are in LAUDER where PERSIUS Duke of Northumberland has some of his smaller SCOTTISH ESTATES...PERCY the Poet in Rome and the Clash of the TITANS movie that killed Postlethwaite!  Carew has circa fifty directors and Interlocks with Sir John Major who only has one for reputational reasons in case he gets COLLARED with the BISHPRICK see Runcey and Russia below.   They are both on Qu eliz II Royal Jubilee Trust TAX free.  They are Germans since George I so the jubillee company is in Hanover Square.  QEDJT is  the PONZI shelf for the 60 year celebration STILL TRADING Circa 19 months later (nov 2016 as i write).  The net worth for Carews religious company is £500M Crown Prince Catherine of Yugoslavia is on the board.  I list Carew Charteris's 12 DIOCESCEAN companies including College for all "SAINTS" Foundation (THE) St andrews Joke for donald & Jenny Geddes again. STOOL ANALYSIS in the Mad King George IIIrd movie. Bizarrely the story gets more sinister with ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury RUNCIE.  His multiple middle names inc KENNEDY are a waste of time and space and still there are no female POPES or ARCHBishop Maidens despite David Camerons great triumphs in CIVIL MARRIAGE.   I get diverted by the killing of 1.5million people at STALINGRAD again ghost town renamed "St Peters"burg.  RUNCIE is Director at the Britain Russia Centre & British East-West Centre, Friends of ANGLICAN CENTRE IN ROME, and the "st andrews" (ECUMENICAL) Trust US HE NEVER actually lived except on the GOLF and Vatican Logos which is Geddes' stool again and the cross keys CLUNY ABBEY Joke for PISO, SNP, Hollyrood, Constitutional Monarchy, Salmond & Sturgeon. Runcie is dir no 901391928 registered in BELGRAVIA owned entirely by Duke of Westminster Britains richest man and only FORBES indigenous brit who ran the British Legion Poppy scams amd like many other masonic traitors has vast estates in IReland. and CHESHIRE where Eton is now spelled Eaton and ECCLESTONE is a massive diversion from the name of his estate.  He died  in early autumn. Belgravia's trading address for RUNCIE and Russia is MAYFAIR ON THE MONOPOLY BOARD. Britain Russia centre is 55 years old PARALLEL to the COLD WAR and demonizing the COMMIES and RUSSIAN MOON SHOTS as TSAR Rothschild Nikolavitch Romanov rapes HEARTS FC and all of Russia Lithuania UKRAINE BORDERLINES are ENGLISH speaking CHRISTIAN FRAUDS. The Future of Russia fund is even bigger Rothschild Murdoch pr Charles Kissinger Osborne et al.  Directors with RUNCIE are Sir FRANK KP PISO Kenyon Roberts, Lord Johnston (maybee BORIS), Rt Hon John Smith of LABOUR Leadership who daughter I met last month as all this was reported to the BBC in Glasgow. They took my website details but they never report it & cover it up relentlessly.  Smith died on IONA.  Sectarian Willie Whitelaw, Prof Briggs, Ian Fleming Elliot , Lord george Robertson is director with runcie & signed the DUNBLANE gun licence for HAMILTON of Hess Cassel/ the race course boards. The Mortons on Russias board were BATMAN to butcher Haig in WW1 and Churchill in WW2 but this is not DESMOND man from uncle it is David Morton. Next we have a Harvard Uni commie called Baroness Williams of shirley Vivien Teresa Brittain Williams just above SECRETARY CROMWELL Again.  Crosbie is the BING lend lease FORT KNOX FDR & citizens GOLD for FLEMING/BOND. The T (jesus cross)in the park concert ( I mention the CATLINS NZconcerts) which opens the heavens every year has been junked in Scotland on the news less than 3 hours of me making the video & 24 hours before it was uploaded.  The Lib Dem that was Charles Kennedy died young cos he made a huge joke on have i got news for U about JESUS being the Ass led by  Frankie Howard in up Pompeii.  LOOK up Tony Blair John prescotts FISH.  Sadly the COMMIE USSR magazine  "PRAVDA" is just a cover for Dr Alex PRAVDA on Runcie's interlocks till 2003.  Caesar RICHARD BURTON is JC in Egypt who loved Clepatra VIIth on the PISO Arsenoe Pharoah of Egypt bloodlines.  That is Mrs VJ Lees who took me to the Stow on the Wold XMAS midnight service where all the ARSENAL players including Ian wright the black ATTACKER is the same Pharoah lineage out of EGYPT and into Highbury after Rothschild GUNNERSBURY became embarassing post war & BOMBER HARRIS flattens the mansions. None of the players at XMAS had Pi Pi Pineapples on their heads.  So even Pan Continental religion is run for profit by secret societies like the NATO Summits G8 G20 and now G30! So we go back to the Little Siss website and all the data up to page 2 of thirty has been replaced by Ordinary names that nobody has heard of and DONALD has planted 13 WOMEN in his regime.  Have you noticed how NOBODY talks about BRIAN COX of braveheart DUNDEE UNIVERSITY and 5 luxury mansions in the USA since the socialist COX woman was murdered by ISLAM just before Donald ($500,000 President day job salary) and Hillary Turned their GUNS on Alleppo and ANTIOCH where the christian hand grenade was launched by "St Paul" .  ENOUGH SAID all picked and edited for corruption by Rupert Murdoch & his SKY Empire where BUNJIE is the GOD OF SKY.