Fascism Globalism & False Sectarian Religion

I have now by July 2016 put together all the vicious frauds that lead to World Ownership and choatic governance by muppet Govt and local political bodies who are picked for their sins teir after tier. The monarchies are bastardised by the money lenders for centuries/millenia and vice versa to keep the insipid bloodlines going but THE GODS ARE NOW HOT ON THEIR TRAIL.  See the videos on THORS' displacement below and how ALL  HEAVENLY GODS have been totally ignored & become the humans at the top row at the OPERA or the GOD/DOG on the Leash.  It is a mockery that leads to Seismic Volcanic activity, biblical floods & weather oceanic storms.  So read the pages below & understand why & how our global societes are MAFIA run and the law enforcers are My Lord or Me Lud.  It is all changeing now.