Vesuvius, Indonesian Erruptions Rothschild Central Banks PISO Christianity Frauds TEA & TAMBORINES

Vesuvius Stromboli and the Ring of Fire Volcanoes MASSIVE ACTS OF GOD
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I am a Professor of Neuroscience but that topic is BORING and underfunded.  My research now is BREATHTAKING cos I am focussed on acts of god in response to human behaviour that has lead to the disappearance of the world's democratic funding.  We start with the mountain Vesuvius overlooking NAPLES where the christian bible was written by the Arius Calpurnius Piso family between 50 BC & 140AD.  The BIBLE was written so its authors could encode their role plays in the story and that this is our joke Alfred Hitchcock.  First though we take you to the volcanos near LAKE TOBA in Indonesia which led to one of the most lethal erruptions that took out 75,000 humans and many other species.  But just rounfd the corner you find a lake and a waterfall with the PISO word in it (the BIBLE Fraud authors). So Jakarta Indonesia is listed as one of the biggest quakes ever. The Piso Siposo Watrrfalls tell you that it is just part of the globalised PISO religious fraud. The most famous in Naples was in 79 AD and the first 200 years AD....when the PISOs were hard at work and friends of HEROD's family in the Roman Catacombs.   The 2nd largest quake in the now totally christian places in the South Pacific  occurs in 1815 inB ritish Colonial  Indonesia  RECENTLY won back from the DUTCH Colonial interests and the quake that year is about the defrauding of the Bank of England....the ABBA Waterloo joke.  

So lets look closely at Vesuvius and when /why it errupted and how scary it can be. Highlighted recently by the massive lightning storm that hit Britain last week.....focussed on the locations where my persecutors and the asset strippers of our society live.  Even the british Govt has engaged in positive policy making this week with a BUDGET that favours the poor and raises the minimum wage....Osborne and Cameron get the credit for that.  The policy change is covered by Murdoch's fascist media and he was trained by Geelong school (like Prince Charles) in Aus then gifted a US citizenship by NUGAN HAND bank and the CIA.  I reveal the false news treason teams that release the trivia but ignore the world ownership issues.  The Seismic and volcanic activity is unique to Italy and the Sardinian coast region where the false terror news has been released this week (that policy needs to change soon) is warmongering and covers their massive financial crimes against the electorates.  We explore Naples & the Villa Pignatelli PI and the Villa Rosenberry for the Scottish UK PM Roseberry married into plump HANNAH ROTHSCHILD...out of KINROSS & DUNBLANE region and PM of the UK.  The CASTEL d OVO chicken & egg jokes on the PIER St Peter NAPLES (NEPAL jokes too).  The Stromboli region and Sicily are the places where the Pinochio jokes have GOD in the belly of the whale & the PISO menagerie in the Magic CIRCUS tent. When vesuvius explodes in 79 Ad the cloud was 20.5 miles high;  1.5 Tons per second of molten rock,  releaseing 100,000 x the energy of the HHiroshimo bomb. Only Pliny lived to tell the tale and the lies about the rampant christianity fraud now into Britain and Ireland as the NI nI NI Ninian and anni Anici Nerva Antonine dynasties.   Many of the quakes in the world confound the predictions of the scientists in the sector. The Lararia shrines launch the jesus myths...from the catacombs & the underground mythraea.   The locals believe Vesuvius is a tool for the god jupiter.  OSCARS is a restuarant in my town and is derived from SCANS in Napoli.   Naples is the GREEK Neo POLIS jokes and on the front page of the papers Michael Mathieson is sharing a laugh as Scottish Justice SEc who ignored the TRIDENT scandal by leaving car crash victims in a car on the roadside for several days before they take any affirmitive action.  NONE has been taken on the crimes I have reported in 450 videos and my explicit/referenced website.    NAPLES is over where the African Plate and the Eurasian plates grind out their horrible truths about human evil.  Mount Etna is the biggest and least stable on Sicily.  ALBA lake near Rome is Quake prone too and that is where NAZI pope Ratzinger was retired to THE HITLER YOUTH German pope BENEDICT like the WW1 Pope that is too sad to desrcibe. PLINY tells the story up to 200 years after it occurred.  IN Feb 62 AD they had a quake in a very unstable period when Mathew Mark Luke and John were being written as lies. The deaths of 600 sheep in 62 AD (600 is JESUS in PISO CODE).  The Italian Med is full of Volcanoes on islands and just under the ocean.  Pantera, Aquilla, Stromboli (the Pinnochio Joke) Lipari, Vulcanella Ferdinandia are massive threats that have been blowing their top.  We mention Woody in the Irish rugby commentary team who swears his understanding usin the word PANTS as a swear word (his dad died of a cardionmyopathy).  ETNA on Sicily is legendary for its massive acts of God.Just to the south you have the SCIPIO croime scene which becomes the SKIPPY the bush kangeroo in Australia.  Italy is the only hub for activity in vulcanology on mainland Europe.  Pliny & Tacitus are false news experts for false religions (CHRISTIANITY).  The terror always covers my exposes and the TUNISIAN beaches can be seen from Naples and VIce Versa. 472 AD ash falls from Vesuvius fell on the BYZANTINE  EASTERN HUb for the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE.....this ties into the East West & CEntre launch of the christian factions. There are many many eruptions since "CHRISTIANITY" was launched...1944 was co-incident with WW1 "kill the returning troops as communists" replay.  Like all the Genocides in WW1 & WW2.  

We then analyse the explosions of Vesuvious 472 AD to the present day .....the DIRECT LINKS to the Demonisation of ISLAM which is also invented by the PISOS in Rome LAUNCHED in MECCA in 610 AD using BYZANTIUM as the Eastern HUB for both Christianity and the new TURKISH religions (THE RED FEZ FRAUDS and FEARMONGERING.  The list is endless but the 1944 revelations are made by US Airmen in the Monte Casino massacres and the killing of returning troops by LUCK LUCIANIO and the US teamsters led by a young NIXON and US mafias with auto weapons as the loyalists give up their guns and their lives as THE COMMIE MENACE.  In 1908 the Quake was cos NAPLES was host for the Olympics like the White City and Crystal Palace in LONDON.  Berlin got the Olympics in BERLIN in 1936 to project hatred and fear all over Europe.  The 1944 Eruption still has jokes about OTTO and the PISO family/ OTTOMAN EMPIRE BELLY LAUGHS.....MARS HILL to CALVARY HILL it is all a human tragedy. The 1822 VESUVIUS ERUPTION in NAPLES was 1 yr after CALMMAN Carl Rothschild was sent to NEO NAPOLIS  to launch the Italian Central Bank De FIGLI  the Fig Leaf eruption.  ROTHSCHILD is inducted by AUSRIAN Emperor to the ORDER of St George and makes the FIVE ARROWS BARONS.  1823 The Rothschilds take over the financial affairs of the Church of rome & the Vatican ALL OVER THE WORLD of the Christianity that is the merger of Religious and Banking Fraud. 

The 1815 Quake at Mt TAMBORA the happy clappy religious instrument is the TAMBORINE CHRISTIANITY MISSION.  So Mt Tambora was formed by the COLOSSAL 1815 eruption when the WATERLOO NEWS was shared & the ROTHSCHILDS took over all those central banks.  This week Cameron and Osborne have issued a relatively decent BUDGET and are pledging pay rises.  The Tambora Colonies are owned by the DUTCH but by 1815 the British have it in their massive EMPIRE......they also claim in WIKIPEDIA that this erruption was the biggest the two CHILEAN events John Paterson and I have discussed (the SANTIAGO St John QUAKES in the hispanic Spanish Profiteering) these eruptions are phenomenally powerful with the fallout of ASH all over the world.  The Whole of the RING OF FIRE explosions are massive and I end on the tragedy of the greed and dessertion of the working men and women/press people that Interlock with Fred Goodwin in the 1990s RBS frauds. So the 1815 explosion in INDONESIA was in British East Indonesia under Baron MINTO. Minto is a village in TEVIOTDALE where Queen Vics only legit husband was the DUKE. This takes into the leadership of the Tea Plantations (T is the Christian cross joke) by CHARACTERS as famous as RAFFLES in the EMPIRE of BRITISH Brutality.  Locally,  Mike Minto is a decent bloke who lives in my home town and I am intruiged by how the gods keep all these secrets which daily are being exposed as my DESTINY to take the Globalised world back to decency and prosperity.  The ROXY Cinema Fred Goodwin crimes can be found elsewhere BUT THANKS TO THE LOCALS For rallying round and talking about why all are children now face a life in debt.