The Papacy WW1 & WW2 (word Limit on You Tube)

THEY WILL NOT LET ME SHOW THE IMAGE OF THE PAPACY WW1 War Graves and the PAPAL admin team in London born in the Spanish Embassy (ABOVE) .  The text below was censored when I tried to post it on my own you tube channel.  The other videos in this series of three will be posted ASAP.

The BLACKADDER team are RUTHLESSLY FUNNY when it comes to jokes about genocide. Like the Monty Python Team on religious martyrdom, wars and Arthurian legends about civilised kingdoms.  SO THEY INSPIRED ME TO MAKE THIS VIDEO about the war dead in engineered conflicts since writing was invented in canaan STRICTLY FOR PROFITS.  We start with the trenches genocide in WW1 but they quickly laugh at Pope Gregory IX who killed witches, decent religious clerics, Jews, Black Cats and then sparks the death of millions with BUBONIC PLAGUE.  Those are massive culls AND MUST BE LAUGHED AT by the inner circle cos they have a sense of duty to steal everything from their conscripts and their children.   SO I Explain all these shady characters in world history who become characters in the Lord of the Rings movie and it is really really sad that WW1 was run and ignited using the same methods and the same vatican teams as WW2.  Which takes me to religion and turning water into wine.  All the messianic religions are for mind control and to control THE MASSES .....this video is largely on Catholicism and the church of Rome cos they were first to own the world using these really clever methods.....But run by the money lenders that "JESUS" warned us about. The MOTIVE is MONEY, Fields of Gold and massive elite EMPIRES.  I introduce the themes first WHICH is useful cos they crashed this video half way through.  So we explain the UN involved, through the Lucis/Lucifer movements & the Science Fiction FEAR MONGERMONGERING.  I explain the involvement of F1 racing, Elite hotels, Pascal Candle Jokes (Jesuit Black popes called Kolvenbach).  All the participants become knights of the realm or Knights of Malta.  The Mobil OIL company and the popemobil are jocular elements of the story.  The popes & actors get to change their names several times, RT (Russia Today) are money launderers and employ the SUCHETS who become the Belgian detectives in POIROT who attend JFKs funeral.  THE MOTIVE IS FINANCIAL CRIMES GLOBALLY.  Hollywood do all they can to cover their tracks starting with Pinnochio (son of a Schoemaker JOKE) which is also the WARNER Bros story.  That then explains ODESSA (the XMAS Dream JOKES by Lloyd Webers), Fields of Gold, Val D'OR  projects.  Then they Launder narcotics & use Hawkeye, Hawkins, WWF, Abel Danger (Kane & Abel Biblical JOKES).   The puppet theme takes us into Hollywood cartoons, Hannah Barbera Cartoons and ALWAYS the PISO, Pi , Pie, Chi Rho jokes that are supposed to be 2000years old but the Garden of Eden became YEMEN in the 1960s for the BP plant in ADEN. Pope Benedict XV was appointed by people out of L'Aquilla which gets more quakes that anywhere else in ITALY (cos its right next to PAGANONIA).  Rafael Monaco Valetta helped appoint WW1 pope Benedict XV (which is why Benedict who was in HITLER YOUTH was appointed THEN RESIGNED prematurely.  The Pegli joke becomes PEG LEG in the Holywood film Ryan's Daughter....about sectarian violence WW1 & marital infedility.  It is really funny if you understand the genocidal characters who run it.  This takes us into the ETHIOPIAN genocide by the Italian armies & the cover up of the Lion of Judah jokes in the bible.  Canon law was introduced in the lead up to WW1.  The participants names mean PEACE and EUGENICS  and Pious XII is the really infamous NAZI pope who is all over the ODESSA file (in league with Cardinal HUDAL from AUSTRIA in INSBRUCK (which is the birthplace of Hitler and the No Room at the INNSBRUCK Jesus joke.  Gregory IX imposed the condemning of the JEWISH nation since the thirteenth century UNTIL JUDGEMENT DAY!   Which has been postponed COS I AM REVEALING the horrible truth about how these fakey stories have been used to OWN the WORLD by ELITE WRITINGS & GLOBAL ARMIES for HUNDREDS of fraudulent years.  I INTRODUCE Abelard Reuchlin's exposure of the CHRISTIANITY & OLD TESTAMENT?mesianic Islamic FRAUDS.  None of these iconic messiahs ever lived.  All of these crimes justify the SURVEILLANCE of MY HOME as the most informed religious fraud researcher still alive in this long list of DEAD VICTIMS.  Rafaelle is a Jewish Angel then becomes the RAF in WW1 & WW2.  The people that elect the pope, then become the WW2 popes are focussed on in great detail.  THEN WE get crashed when we mention the Cardinal called MERRY from ENGLAND (Bournemouth actually) but he just happened to be born in the SPANISH EMBASSY IN LONDON.  I explain the Gladiator Roman Navy FEAR of SAILING out of OSTIA JOKES. The Lord of the Rings makes Belly LAUGHS out of  ALL THE JOKES in the story.  That is Merry,  Boromir, Fr ODO and Bilbo.  The ZULU movie is a cover for the Spanish Ambasador's wife's LONDON BANKING empire....that is the ZULU/Merry/Banking/Jewish/Marital/Spying Commitments that the Jewish Nation have used to dedicate their lives to the twelve tribes ALL OF WHICH HAVE been killed in genocides and holocausts since MOSES was inspirational but wanted slaves in his team AND THAT WAS BEFORE SOL (the sun god displaced) became SAUL & the KING was launched but not in uncle Samuel's American "democracy".  The Genocidal leaders & those who pick them become SAINTS, KNIGHTS & LORDS and I cant get a job until I have brought this to its knees but it is FUN to tell the truth and to win the hearts and minds of those real GODS.   They watch every video I make and are REALLY SEVERE CRITICS ....SO PLEASE BECOME GODFEARING BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!   None of this CRASHES my Computer but when I search for ZULUETA on company Check (this is the Link to Rafael MERRY del Val  the English Cardinal, the Spanish Embassy in London & Bournemouth which is near the Isle of White where Queen Vic was not a virgin after she married Blind King George of Cumbria.  The Serbian Concordat and the killoing of the Archduke does not crash my computer either.