Religious Fraud and Ethnic Hatred: Just Follow the Money, The Scriptures/News editors and World Leaders (all faiths, Creeds and political Parties)

This is breaking news on my home page but it has been blighting the world for thousands of years and has completely removed all indigenous pagans everywhere the GOD(s)? planted them on our beautiful world (and the Universe we were born into).  

Humans have displaced gods with messianic icons, and a religious mind control masterplan, who then write the rules that the leaders break (for profit) but the worshippers buy into, to secure their place in the "afterlife"?.  At the top of the food chain you find world leaders and their armies of dedicated worshippers who frequently get killed in religious conflict, political genocide, revolution holocausts and as martyrs for their beliefs.  SO JUST FOLLOW the money and understand the "deities" that steal from their people in "pin stripe suits" or on thrones, then chair the draft board to keep the numbers down.
Breaking News on Geopolitical RELIGIOUS FRAUD and the GLOBAL WARMING to profit from Iraq and even acts of God (like tsunamis and quakes in the charity scams THE SHOCK DOCTRINE profiteering)

El Ninho, Religious Fraud, Global Warming "Science" and the impending tax on BREATHING

If you think this is a theological debating page THEN REALLY SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU: 
Have you heard the joke about WW1 and WW2 being entirely for profit and how it is linked to Rowan Atkinson, Johnny English, Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, Mr Bean, Dame Helen Alexander and other University Leaders who now condemn their students to a life in Debt (£50K for a 4 years honours degree that they got for free)??????  All the INTEL agencies are now laundering vents for global fraud and the importance of false news and Phone Hacking is simple to understand when you dissect the profiteers long lists of non-executive directorships which make them billionaires/trillionaires in just a few hours work in the dirty tricks business.  MR BEAN was the war correspondent for Galipolli and what we are sharing is a massive BBC/media and Crown Templar joke at the war deads expense SEE opening ceremony of London Olympics.  They do not share the proceeds which is why all countries are in austerity and all professional sectors globally have their pay frozen and their pensions/savings crashed in shallow graves or pan-Continental Ponzi schemes 

Dame Helen Alexander, Mr Bean, Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, Profiteering at the War Deads' and Student's Expense

It will take you a couple of hours to suss out what Rupert Murdoch owns (and what it costs to the world...look at all the names in these lists that equate with comedic JOHNNY ENGLISH (Sir David English  the Director) or heroic stars on our TV screens or the BOLGER child murder)
Rupert Murdoch's daughter Elizabeth is in PM Cameron's Chipping Norton set with the moment they are all immune from prosecution because they control the worlds press and the issuance of democratic funds to the impoverished world.  They have profited from those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our countries GLOBALLY and they laugh at their might and their cleverness, even in massive geo-political and religious frauds (see next video) .

It is ever so clever but now we have been globally educated, taught to read and write and analyse the world around us. They have been so greedy that 7 Bn victims are in austerity now and the educated people (research professors and post-graduates with a £50K overdraft) are now being cast onto the streets as the Leaders tuck the loot away using methods that were devised in Babylon and refined in BASEL!