Reading and writing: Just one very profitable book! AMEN

THE ONE BOOK I AM REFERING TO IS THE BIBLE (cited by all and sundry as the word of god).  I go to 3-4 denominations every Sunday to try and understand Christianity and the human condition.  Everything they are asked to believe has been written.....some of it is over 8000 years old but some is written in New York the week before it is engrained into the worshipers, elders' or child's mind. Last year there was a terrorist incident at a BRITISH Petroleum gas plant in Amenus Algeria (which, surprisingly, started a war of publicity with munitions provided from France and media terror out of Islam).  The BBC, thankfully for my study, had access to all the safe houses and training centres where almost all terrorists speak perfect well paid English.   I have been unable to find the word AMEN in the bibles, pamphlets or videos that are broadcast in these places of worship but I now know it relates to a MORTAL called Amenemhet III.....yes you have guessed it a king/pharoah who considered himself to be a god and created a pyramid through loyal slavery from an army of voluntary "followers".  One of Vesuvius's eruptions ocurred in 1800 BC long before the Piso's used writing so creatively for the "masses".  Writing, since then, and preaching, has begat ALL of those messianic religion fundraisers which thrive on poor parishioners.....1800 BC was the era when the alphabet replaced the pictorial Egyptian hieroglyphic system.  It also was adapted so the old testament in Hebrew had to be TRANSLATED e.g. Latin (for Rome) or a language evolved even closer to home (see Google translate which includes Welsh but excludes Gaelic and other celtic/pagan lingo: Yiddish was the language of elites from the Black Sea/Hungarian regions who became Bauers/Rothschilds and opted for the Jewish faith...they spawned the Swastika ABBA: celebrate the winning the war at Waterloo and the birth of the EU) see this page The EU fraud Once the global mission had captured the world's attention, the story had to be told in everyone's native tongue.   Martyrs can be counted in their billions because they were influenced by these holy books but rarely in times of peace they donated to the church because it is written that the poor soul will be delivered to heaven because Jesus Christ died for usFaking the New Testament: A masterplan for geo-political domination..   If you were a king, emperor or tank commander in the National Junta, then the need to pray was deferred until that near-death bedside get together where the joke was whispered to your children.  Particularly to the male firstborn who inherited what Piso created (or the younger child who got an advisor from the CIRCLE to help with the familicide fee or its execution.Accidents can happen even in the Jocular circle).  Elsewhere we will cover how tragic life in a Royal or Ruling family can be but lets stay with theological writing for now.

The Earliest writing from Canan (above) notice the T icon (the crucifixion, rolling stone, 2nd cumming jokes)and the owl......icons include the witch on the broomstick (bottom left)...the Harry Potter joke which revives many of the characters in the Roman Jewish community of the PISO family who wrote the new testament in Naples/Herculanium in the Villa Papyri under tonnes of lava/pumice see acts of god for human sins and false religions from L'Aquilla to the Ring of Fire and the philipines stormsFaking the New Testament: A masterplan for geo-political domination..

So the Amenhet story has been told hereCana(D)an in the Sinai PENinsula: the contract signed by the ordinary working slave and the SUN reader....and it is spellbinding.  As we flit from images to text the joke is potentiated and the worshipper just needs to buy the book, pay for the movie, laugh at the cartoon, or listen to the comic "stand up" (forlorn plea to the mythical Jesus, to do his duty for the scriptures, after the "rolling stone" has been published/rolled away).  You may use it to jive or be entertained by the inspiring music of Coldplay.....who like so many pop bands celebs know that Christ and his contemporary New Testament contacts/characters are capture poor souls and create a conscience for those who betray or condemn the boss (for just 30 pieces of silver).  All the Coldplay musicians studied Ancient History at UCL London...the vocalist got a 1st....he knows that St Peter will not be calling him to the pearly gates
Yellow is the colour for cowardice and the Rothschild dynasty (owners of central banks ocross the world)....just listen to the lyrics and know they know.....and that you are dancing to Ancient history's Tune.  HERE IS THE VIDEO

No entry at the pearly gates

The costs of Ancient history: deeply understood

  If you write science fiction (or poetry) you may get a job at the war office to scare people with technology (or as the National Laureate).  If you are gay or a lesbian (or a mother out of wedlock) you can use it to start your campaign to become a vicar or a bishop (or perhaps a nun so you can live the rest of your life in celibacy and shame for doing what the illuminatti are good at). I will now insert some pictures, because once you understand the 2000 year joke it is difficult to find words to describe it (and the tears for "humanity" cloud my vision perpetually).  I do miss the incense (shared with the poor):  they (the illuminatti) now use snuff films to persecute even their own spouses (and have the right to Prima Nocte, sex with the firstborn, in royal families which means that even elite princes and princesses are persecuted by the money lenders who now control "Jesus" warned us) and they have sparked an unprecedentedly dangerous constitutional crisis because they made the rules so they could infringe them.   That is power, and the humans who displaced god(s) on this beautiful world have it in plenty, but they have no conscience about what they do to their subjects, parishioners, missionaries, conscripts or even innocent football fans.  It is a JOKE (see the pages, above, to recognise the themesDecoding the New Testament and Quoran Jokes).   
THEY LAUGH at THE HUMAN DISASTERS, World/Religious Wars,  and FAMINES they create then raise personal/political funds from.  Poppea is an ancient friend of the elite Romans and the  "Do they know it is Christmas" Biafran/subSaharan genocideBRITISH/G8 POLITICAL CRIMES timeline (see FILES below for British Crimes and Private Security/mercenary MI6 rape of African continent) /famine, profiteering, tyranical funding cycle typifies the hypocrisyCreating it then funding the creatorsJust before the free press lost its freedom to Leveson,Around the same time .  
Once religion is established though, it needs REFORMATION or COVENANTING or SCHISMS (at one point, just before the great Plague, there were three popes in EUROPE alone) so kings can burn down religious structures that allows them to have only one or two wives.  Or it needs messianic competition, from distant lands, who eventually become a tool for Satan (invented like a Cloven, horned myth by the Pisos....and frequently coloured red like the communist menace the elites fear so much) to become the boogy man that took the blame for Royal Mass rapes and killings (the Jack the ripper concept) or the terrorist religion invented by elite Cambridge university visitors who became Bin Laden (he died once of kidney failure in 2001 then "rose from the dead" like a Christian might have done to be killed  again at the hands of evangelistic US navy seals who disposed of the body really quickly because the photos may have included flickering images of elites smiling warmly in the White House...only the president's men and women saw the body which was buried really quickly at sea).  The White House too, strangely for Uncle Sam, is built on the same architectural template as the elite vatican, central banks and royal palaces all over the 1001 Pilgrim's society's world (they thinly veil their ambitions for totalitarian and opulent ownership of the globe)Land Grabs, National Parks, WWF and killing everything threatened with extinction or just a poor local..  Pillars and domes....with hundreds of thousands of starving homeless protestors or students protesting that they dont know the joke or have been recruited by Greenpeace or the WWF to keep all the bosses laughing hysterically.  The whole thing is wound up to explosive levels now....America cannot afford to default on its virtual debt for the umpteenth time and they are sulking because the normal scenario of brutalising another country has been rejected because it cannot be funded (as in Caesars day, the illuminati fight and kill by stabbing the men of the people in the back).  In Pakistan, where "Islam now shoots young girls who go to school selectively" because they are working for Gordon Brown and the UNRaised from near dead terror into the heart of the genocidal UN NHS save excellent youthful public speaker from Pakistan then announce pay freeze for all its staff..Every christmas taxi drivers parade the streets behind those regal asses (hundreds of donkey carts...parodying the taxpayers road to Bethlehem).  If you live a long elite life you may get a requium mass (one memorable written allegedly, but several less well know shadow writers,  by elite conscript & child prodigy who died a pauper at the hands of his freemasonic grand masters).  The lyrics of Mozart's requium mass are in Latin but they are easy to understand.....particularly the Kyri.....where worshipper beat their impoverished chests for shame........while the elites sit in the balcony and smile knowingly.  When I went to school I was a bit of a numpty...proud of my simple roots....I sang the lyrics of Zadok the Priest (celebrating the crowning of a mortal king) without a second thought or a glimmer of understanding....but I know how it all works now. Sharing the joke is not funny for the poor but it must be done quickly so common law kicks in and armies fight the true should not take long.  Look how people have been taken in and how the victims of the JOKE behave at Christmas....a global phenomenon and the Nativity calendars are out of Zion....just a few weeks before the Easter eggs appear.
While we are on the theme of the power of writing and religion....and human persecution/suffering and the creation of a massive geo-political power base lets look at the GARDEN OF ADEN Story.  Aden was a British colony now called YEMEN and it is the route into Suez (then the Med and Continental Europe/the Bosphorus)....just look at this image created by GOOGLE MAPS and NOAA (Noah..get it) and the place names Ma Rib. Yemen has been fought over for thousands of years and the war crimes there outweigh the original sin of eating an apple (committed, of course, by the fair sex, as it was written in the ancient text).  Princess Dianna was UNLAWFULLY killed (no prosecutions...see King Henry VIII) by the freemasons in a tunnel called the Pont "L'Alma" in Paris which translates as The Apple from Turkish. It is all a huge joke explained by Jewish Rabiis who feel cheated by the wealth of the Church of Rome project....GENESIS EXPLAINED HERE.  Moses is needed to part the Feb flood waters in England as GODs LOOK DOWN on the the ancient joke  of human morality which is only now being shared by impoverished taxpayers who fight and die for the elites in "their country" please see 1916 and the Easter uprising Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes .  The COBRA committee on biblical flood emergency in England, today Feb 14 2014, get parcel bombs that are "typical of Irish terror" Quisling Media in Ireland just keep being quislings....COBRA let loose in the sectarian Gardens which is caused by religious strife and socio economic deprivation imposed on all citizens across the EUROZONE THEFT SCAM...European Union: how to steal from GLOBAL citizens in "Peacetime") This article with a focus on Irish wealth divide was written last night but has not been shared and hacking is now illegal in the UK.
  NOTICE that the Archibishop of Canterbury (an Oil executive, son of Winston Churchill's private secretary and on the Parliamentary Banking Standards Comittee with other criminals including Margaret Hodge nee Oppenheimer and Lord ThursoPeter Marks at the co-op: working class shelf packer to multi millionaire (by grand larceny)) does not have to sign a Sanaaty clause or explain the "do they know its XMAS charity fraud joke" that Groucho Marx used to sing about in Lydia (where the Red Dragon was put to rest by mythical St George). Just follow the money and you will find it takes lives ruthlessly....Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes  and with intent GLOBALLY Holocaust, World Wars, Cold Wars, Palestine & EU explained 
SOURCE TANACH & CHAZAL ancient jewish texts The poor Jewish Families struggle to survive by Rabii Brown & the Garden of Aden open to all......PLEASE notice the reference to the PISHON (taking the PISS joke/New testament author PISO dynasty). Links between religious fraud, automatic NAZI weapons, the MOD police in the UK can be found here....they frequently use the TAZER (see map above) to calm parishioners, students, taxpayers down at EU/NATO summits XMAS shopping for an MP7 in the UK MOD police gestapo  which are held in exotic parts of the privatised world at least four times every austerity year.  In South Africa (which is not nuclear free) they use the automatic weapons on impoverished blacks in the pay round for LONMIN (a Devlish creation like Lonrho from the city of London).  Yemen is still being persecuted by London and the G8 to spark more religious hatred, then WW3, to hide their financial & war crimes against the innocent people....FLOODS RAGING ALL AROUNDWar on Islamic terror in the Garden of Aden that was Westminster's colony

The Power to deceive and bend minds for profit and power is now used daily by the media....some samples on how they joke about everything but now even Dame Edna Everidge and Australian stand up has become an elite member of the Roxburgh book club a 16th century elite grouping prepare to create libraries of beautifully bound and ultra expensive books.
You can tell when your are getting close to exposing the truth...they try and lead you into the world of spies and pussy riots.   Here is a sample of what they have done since we revealed the religious and quisling press fiction writing.....
But the elites are persecuted too and this case history is becoming a tragedy and an immediate constitutional crisis that may well end in WW3 unless the decent people can capture HRH's attentionPleading with the Royal Household Feb 2013
It has been escalating for years but it is really dangerous and sad for even the inner circle now....Id much rather be an honest and informed commoner and get some time to think about your legacy and your Nation's future.... and the way you treat your own children or close relatives.  It may well be a conspiracy theory but you can make up your own mindGreg Hallett: stripped of his PhD by Auckland Uni and gets death threats for revealing world history objectively.....I want a better future and an honest/prosperous alternative to what we have now.
The only reason it is sleezy and brutal is because it is lucrative and powerful but humans can surely do better than this after 4000 years of writing and now GLOBAL COMMUNICATION between educated people. 
The ELITE INNER CIRCLE IS HUGE NOW but it is looking down into its very own creation....the fiery pit (fueled by virtual gas and oil).... from the top of the multi tiered fiscal cliff... with the markets (meercats) waiting to plunge whenever the private money lenders....who fund stock markets, democracies and monarchies everywhere.  We are all paying a historic price.  BUT THE SECRET IS OUT NOW AND YOU NEED TO DO THE PATRIOTIC THING FOR YOUR COUNTRY.  When they call your kids to war again the guns need to be turned at the tyrants.